Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boston Bombings... Further Follow-Up

7:44 AM
I have had many questions surrounding the Boston Bombings, and I wanted to do another quick follow-up.  

Q. First off can you please explain how the fake actors were approached? Like were they just handed a pay check and told there would be some drills to be participated in and not to be alarmed because it wasn't real? Or, were they convinced it was real and told Jahar & Tamerlan were the bombers?
A. I see they (the actors) were approached with this "opportunity" with a large sum of money.  I also get that some (if not all) of the "main actors" that were publicized had some sort of military affiliation and were in a sense vetted prior to being approached. They were aware that some kind of event was going to happen (I hear it being referred to as "the event") but they didn't know of the specifics until moments before it happened.  I see that they were told they were part of some kind of entrapment or sting operation to capture known terrorists (ie Jahar and Tamerlan) and this was a "top secret" sort of operation.  If they agreed to share or leak any details or their involvement or  prior knowledge, their families could be in harms way because of the known connections Jahar and Temerlan had with their home country.  

I get that after this happened, some of the actors had some moral dilemma and doubts, but fear has kept them silent.  There is some regret, and a feeling of selling out, but they are too afraid to speak out about what they suspect. They have never been given the full circle of truth, but rather bits and pieces of what they needed to know at the time.  This is how they kept initial reactions (referring to the first few minutes)  looking real, but after "the event" things started to emotionally break apart.

Q. Can you get an idea or some sort of figure of how much each actor was paid and how many people were paid?
A. I get it ranges in the millions, like $1 to $2 million a piece and down from there.  I see that there was a sliding scale of sorts and the most public people that were in the public eye got the highest payout. I can't get a specific number of how many were paid, but it feels like a small controlled group.  Maybe 5 or 6 main people..

I see the guy with no legs getting the most.  I also get that after a certain amount of time he will be given a new identity and relocated (if he hasn't been already).  I also get an image of the cowboy hat guy- I see he got some money for his involvement, but I will say there is a purity in his soul- something feels honest about him- so I feel that this situation is a real dilemma for him that he doesn't know a safe way out that he can feel good about...

Q. How come nobody from these phony actors past lives have come forward to tell the truth. These people were already missing limbs before the bombings? There's not many photos of them or any from the past until recently,were they told to get rid of them?
A. Some have, and they are always debunked as crazy, and people in power are quick to shut it down.  I see a lot of Internet traffic has been stopped to certain sites, and certain things have been removed. I also get an image of YouTube playing slow or choppy on clips dealing with this topic- which is an intentional block by people in power to dissuade people from viewing the evidence. 

I also see fear being used too.  They will first make the person out to be a "traitor" of sorts, and then I see them getting a visit from some sort of official to scare them or their family and encourage them NOT to pursue this debate.  They are told to leave it in the hands of authorities. 

Q. How do these actors feel deep down,any shame,guilt,embarrassed that they secretly "know" that they are frauds? Do they not feel bad and want to come forward,were they told to keep quiet for the rest of their lives?
A. They do feel guilt and shame, but then I hear that "fear can change a person a lot and don't underestimate how powerful fear can be." I also get that "fear can alter good judgement and people have a natural feeling of self preservation for themselves and family." Some (not all, but some) want to rid their conscience.

I have done several readings on different aspects of this topic.  The following are links to other readings you may be interested in:

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a2k said...

Dear Psychic,For us,we can see now that US-shadow-govt. is the main culprit behind every false-flag/propaganda done to harm nation & humanity as a whole.I wonder if the govt. of other nation,their intelligence agencies,also get bowled over by their propaganda or they are smart enough to figure out all these horrible gimmicks? Do they fear US so much that they never take any unified action or are they too involved in all these dirty practices?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ a2K: They do to an extent fear us, but I feel a lot of anger too. In the end, I see Russia and China teaming up to take down the US because they feel like for too long the US has gotten away with horrible things.

Anonymous said...

Dear PF, I am wondering about how much President Obama knew about the nature of this event? Who was the main person responsible for planning the Boston bombing? Thank you.