Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Question on the US Financial Problem...

6:50 AM

Q. From several sources, I keep reading that there is going to be a financial problem hitting the US between April 1st and April 15th. Can you see if this is related to the stock market or seizures of bank accounts and/or retirement accounts? Is there anything a person can do to mitigate any damage? Thank you.
A. I realize that it is now beyond this time frame, but I still thought the issue was worth addressing and I wanted to tell you what I see....

When I focus on the economy, issues and the dollar, I have been seeing a Christmas tree.  This image is consistent when I look at this topic. It looks to be around either Christmas of 2014 or early 2015 that some major changes start to happen with regard to the dollar, its value, and who (or what country) is accepting it as a form of payment.  

I see that we in the US are growing a huge debt by the the day to China.  A debt that we cannot pay and barely are able to make the interest payments. As things remain uncomfortable with Russia over the Ukraine, I see China taking Russia's side and assisting them as we issue various punishments.  I see a time will come in which China (because they will be on Russia's side) will want their payment in full.  In addition to wanting their payment, they will want it in gold.  The US doesn't have the money OR the quantity of gold necessary to fulfill such a payment.  The US credit rating will take another hit, and the state of the financial situation will be under a close eye. 

In order to make it right with China, I see China demanding land rather than payment (since that is something the US cannot do).  They will demand either land, or real estate at a discount in order to resolve this debt (this may be happening now on a smaller scale??).  I see a huge turnover in land happening in the Midwest, where food can be grown.

Meanwhile, China is stockpiling huge amounts of gold (I always see dump trucks filled with gold- huge amounts) and China is positioning themselves to be the next administrator of currency.  To back up, as the financial system of the US is being analyzed a new currency is being formed.  The dollar cannot sustain at the rate the money is printing, and the inflation of the dollar devalues the true value of the dollar almost by the minute.  It is inevitable that the dollar will fall, and the "world" can see this.  I see the UN stepping in and issuing a world currency because the dollar effects so many other things that if it were to fall, there would need to be an entire reset, and issuance of new currency.  The UN (or other global organization that many countries are apart of- I always see the UN) will back the new currency with gold and other precious metals, which China will have an abundance of, therefore, be allowed to be the new "ruler" of the new money.

Q. What happens to the stock market / 401ks, etc?
I see the stock market as falsely inflated right now.  It almost looks like a magic show and what you see in front of the curtain is what everyone is made to believe, but when you look behind the curtain, it is all tricks and illusions (much like the Wizard of Oz).  The people in the know realize what is happening and are doing three things.  One, they are buying low and selling high, trying to make there last bit of cash they can. Two, manipulating the stock market with paper stock of silver the drive the price low while they buy the physical (tangible silver) and three, hiding money in overseas accounts off of US soil.

Q. Why hide money? 
A. The US will made attempts to bounce back, but I see it as too little too late.  What I see happening is them skimming money out of accounts of the top wealthy folks.  They do this as a way to "buy in" to boost the economy and make promises of tax cuts or deductions for the next ten years (or so) in an effort to replay the taken money.  The wealthy have some knowledge of this and start to hide money off shore, as money that is not on US soil cannot be touched during this "buy in."

Q. Is this overnight or phased in?
A. I see this is phased in.  What I see is an encouraged "new form" of money tries to enter the market (I see it as electronic based and formed around the idea of credits??).  Rather than use the dollar, this electronic currency will be introduced.  Once this happens, people realize the dollar is in trouble.  The thing is, I cannot see this "electronic" form of currency sustaining either as it is back by nothing- it is just credit floating around electronically.  Once the UN (and China) realize this, they step in and work on a solid backed new form of money and China will eventually print / issue it.. 

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 7:21 AM. 


a2k said...

Well many a time,you have said these things: (1)Economic crisis happens(2)US going bankrupt (3)China becomes the economic power.Now my question is:Are government in different countries aware of what's going inside US?(I mean are they being given intel by agencies)Are people at international forum like IMF,UN aware of coming economic disaster and they have planned ahead? What is their plan for average mass?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see that they (the UN, IMF, etc) do already know and they are already planning on a new currency (I seeing it is already being created and heavy discussions being had). The US knows and is trying hard to come up with a solution to avoid this. The US will then try to promote some kind of digital or electronic currency to slowly shift people into something else that they still control, but I cannot see that working either as it is backed by nothing. Ultimately the new currency will be used (especially in international purchases first - like countries have to convert their personal currency into the new form before making an international purchase). It will eventually spread to the citizens, but that is how I see this going down.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi!! After the dollar falls, what will happen to the other currencies such as Euro & Japanese Yen??? Down or up????

Elle M said...

Hi, i really enjoy reading your blog. I would like to know, will the US dollar be rendered useless, and how will it affect other currencies? What can an average person outside of the US do to safeguard his fortune?

Er Wee said...

I also want to point out how funny it is that more and more banks are pushing us to do online banking or using mobile phone payments, so no "real" money is involved. They even got it so far you can now use your card just by moving it at a sensor and no use of pin number is required.
Albeit to a maximum of 25 euro.
I don't know if I'm the only one who is aware of this.
But in a video of Ian Xel lungold he already said that physical money would disappear.I even catch myself on this doing less with money.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Baku and Elle: I see there being a transition period when all of this happens. It isn't as if one day we wake up to an announcement and find that we aren't using the dollar. Things will happen first with international sales (especially oil!) It will happen quick, but not overnight. Stores will accept both payments for a long time. People will have a chance to exchange currency and you might not "feel" that the exchange rate is much less because it would be like exchanging (just for example sake) 3 apples (dollars) for 1 orange (new currency)- it just has an odd feel to it, but we figure it out. Using a new money changes the perception of what you are really paying (for a short while). Anyone who has traveled understands- you may do the currency conversion in your mind, but using other currency has somewhat of a different feel to it when you are perceiving value. Instead of milk being $3, it may cost you 2 oranges (going back to the previous example).

International currency....Other currencies will be effected some, but honestly I see other countries see this happening too and are safeguarding their own economy (China is in a great position with all the gold they are stockpiling) and many other countries have their own version of solid currency or have great natural resources that are valuable (such as oil). It will definitely be a little shaky, but I see other countries doing just fine in the end.

As a citizen, tangible assets, previous metals and food (do what feels right to you) are things you can buy now to lessen the effect.

I hope this helps, but if not let me know. Love and light-

Baku Matsumoto said...

Thank you, it is a great help for everyone, I guess.
I appreciated a lot.

RFK Pope said...

You've stated that China plans to takeover financially.I can't help but think that Red Dawn could not be carried out without people on the ground providing intelligence. I've noticed Chinese have dry cleaners, nail shops, and chinese restaurants littered across every town and city in the US. Especially here in DC they have real estate and shops on every block. Are Chinese dry cleaning shop owners etc. really spies providing street layouts and city maps to China?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@RFK Pope: I don't necessarily see them as spies (some may be) but there is something going on with China to allow special breaks, maybe even creative financing in order to obtain property and start business. I see it like a preferential treatment because of the situation we are in with China.