Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boko Haram Attacks

6:48 AM
Q. Are the people doing the attacks and terrorist behavior citizens?
A.  It looks to me like a group of men that are from many different locations (mainly Nigeria, but not only Nigeria) that have aligned together to evoke fear and try to gain control of an area.  I see they operate with random behavior (never even a clue where they will pop up- that that is part of their tactical behavior because you can't protect everything all of the time).  Keeping people caught off guard is part of the fear.  They are operating in this way to over power people, and cause fear and terror.  I see the word renegade and rogue when I think of the group- and get the impression they were once affiliated with some kind of military group or organization at one time.

I also see in the end they will step forward and have some kind of demands in order to get this terror to stop. This group has a goal to take over a geographical location when this is done.

Q. Who is funding this? Politicians from within the country or a different country?
 A. I somehow feel it is coming from within Nigeria itself and that is why they cannot protect against the attacks because they know the weaknesses (and again, you can't protect everywhere all of the time).  But I also get that the corrupt politician within Nigeria is teamed up with a person of power in a neighboring country (or in close proximity). There is some kind of group vision going on with regards to Nigeria. I also had one final thought on this- the country affiliated with the corrupt politician would come as a surprise (and then my train of thought stopped there....)

As soon as I thought about this situation I also got that the people being kidnapped are being sold into some kind of human trafficking situation (and the image I got is them being loaded into shipping containers to either be sent somewhere or housed there during their capture.).. This wasn't the main objective of the attacks, but the kidnappers view this as some kind of opportunity.. Some people are killed right away, but some looked to be saved for another purpose.

Q. What is the benefit?

There are a couple things going on.  One, they are making money in this corrupt deal. Two, they are evoking fear which allows government to gain power. Three, this terrorist group is setting themselves up for a larger takeover and the ability to request demands. When the terrorists come forward (and I get the main spokesman will not be the person really heading this.  It is as if the face shown is a puppet for the real person in power) people will give them almost anything to make the terror stop. 

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Fuji Bougie said...

You said benefit #2 is "Two, they are evoking fear which allows government to gain power."

How is the government gaining power where terrorists operate?

Also, I'm like the Original Poster, I think the people who made up Al Q are the same ones who "made up" this Boko H to cause chaos in an oil rich country. Guns are always supplied by the West.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Fuji: I see they will gain power because they are causing a problem that they will eventually be able to go in and "save" them from. Once they figure out how to "save" the people, they will have more power because people will give up and do what is necessary to survive. I can also see how your ideas surrounding the "who" are associated to this.

Fuji Bougie said...

Forcing people to submit through terror. Create a problem, then provide a solution = Order Out of Chaos. The Latin words added to our dollar bill by President Roosevelt in 1933. Thanks for the additional insight.

Mariam Eluma said...

Exactly what I was thinking with regards to where you stated " they are causing a problem that they will eventually be able to go in and "save" them from". I knew it. However, I'm thinking the(or one of the) countries affiliated with the corrupted Nigerian politicians causing this problem is the US. I know you said can't see which country is affiliated with this problem,but what do you think?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Miriam: I think that you may be right. In fact later yesterday this question came into my mind. I then flashed to something I had seen on Netflix that described how the US will go in and destabilize a government or cause problems, so they can later come in, "save them" and set up the government they want and also take resources. My images are sometimes literal (this is exactly what is happening) or sometimes symbolic- someone else is doing this and this is the "process" that is occurring.

Mariam Eluma said...

Hello PsyFo! The Boko Haram has just kidnapped 234 girls and it has been revealed that they have actually been forced into marriage with these men. Please could you look into this horrific situation. Someone made a good observation about how the Nigerian govt has not released the names or pics of the girls at all, implying this could be a 'believable' hoax. Even the president of the country has not made a public statement about the issue. Please my questions are these: Where the girls really kidnapped, who really has them? What really is happening to them, are they okay? What is the Nigerian govt actually doing to resolve this issue? What can the Nigerian govt do to find them? Also the 'Bring back our girls' tag on social media, do you think it was intentionally started by someone malicious so that unsuspecting citizens can take it up and start a riot? What can be done for the girls to be found?

Thank you very much for answering these questions. I understand that suspecting the situation to be a hoax may be insensitive, but the great lies that have been concocted in the past makes me believe anything is possible

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Mariam: I wanted to look at this for you… Regarding the names and pics not being released- I get the government is tied to this. They don’t want to release names and pictures. I still see these girls being taken into a form of slavery (possible sex or physical). I see that in a sense there is another government that is corrupt with this government and that other government is buying these girls. They don’t want to make announcements or give photos, because it hurts their own cause. They don’t want it in media. I don’t even see these girls still in the country- I see shipping containers (like they are being moved inside them). I see the social media site as being done by someone sincere because no one is doing anything, and the people feel very vulnerable. I also get that the citizens know that something isn't right with how this is being handled, and they too are very suspicious of their government.

MJ said...

What are the ways the girls can be saved?