Friday, June 30, 2017

Five for Friday #46

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Friday Five #46. Here we go.

Image #1: The Coventry Spectre
According to The Horror Tree: "On January 22, 1985, the Coventry Freeman organization were having a dinner event at St. Mary's Guildhall in Coventry, U.K. Everyone in the group had her or his head bowed in prayer when this photo was taken -- including a towering, mysterious figure standing top left.“ What is that thing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it’s a spirit, but it feels really off and dark. I feel like some of these people had been dabbling in the dark arts earlier and later collected at this event -- and this thing following them from their previous rites. It has a really creepy vibe to it. Check the guest list.”

[Here’s some backstory.]

Image #2: Show Me the Mummy
Yet another ET mummy, found in Nazca. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is real. This mummy is hundreds of years old. It’s a child. Feels as though it’s related to the tall whites I’ve described. Somehow this ET child became ill and passed away here on earth, and when it did, I keep hearing “flash frozen.” Oh, I get that the other ETs flash-froze this ET for some reason, and this mummy sat on an altar for a looong long time before it was buried."

Image #3: The Sliced Boulder of al Naslaa
This is the ancient "precision cut” boulder of al Naslaa in Saudi Arabia. How was the cut made and by whom? What was the puv
What Lynn Saw
“I’m seeing that this boulder is actually gigantic. [Lynn didn’t see the bottom pic till later.] I see this person (who looks like a tour guide!) telling me something about this boulder in some language I can’t understand. Then I see these ET craft fighting some kind of limited battle. I’m seeing this laser aiming at another craft, but it missed and cut this boulder in half, then I’m hearing that light saber noise. Cut through it just like butter. I can’t see the beings, but I can see their ships. The ones in the air are trying to chase away the ones on the ground. It wasn’t a malicious thing, they were just trying to scare them off." [And that’s a Toyota Landcruiser in the pic, folks.]

Image #4a: Hampton Court Ghost #1
This is the famous Hampton Court ghost which appeared on a security cam a few years ago. Real or fake? If real, who is that?
What Lynn Saw
“Real. I get that this place was built on top of another site, another castle, and on this land or structure there was a keep where prisoners were held. I get that there are several spirits that roam the grounds there, innocent people who were either hung or killed in some brutal way because of whatever political stuff was going on at the time; they were blamed for something they didn’t do. Gruesome torture there, dark and creepy. Feels like these spirits need to be guided on." 

Image #4b: Hampton Court Ghost #2 (3, 4…)
Yet another Hampton Court ghost. Real or fake? (Actually, there might be three ghosts in that one pic if you include the orbs.)

What Lynn Saw
“Real, very real. This place gives off an ominous vibe like that hotel from "The Shining.” It’s the place, not the spirits there. The activity was caused by terrible things that happened on the grounds there way before there was ever a castle."

Image #5: This is CNN Fake News
Is this really the same little girl in all three “refugee bombing” shots shown on CNN? If so, she’s even wearing the same jammies!

What Lynn Saw
“Yes, she's a crisis actor. I hear someone laughing that only CNN is dumb enough to do that! Then I get that some of these networks do this intentionally to see how stupid we really are. They’re doing this blatantly to laugh at people who can’t see that the truth is being so blatantly flouted."

And that’s it. Jeez, that’s enough.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mid-Week Mix-Up [Short Answer Group Posting]

Q.  Is it possible to be physically invincible (nothing from outside your body can harm you and you can still grow old and die) or physically immortal (nothing will ever harm you from within your body and you can live forever)?
A. I do see it as possible to prolong life in our physical 3D world, but eventually all things age on our linear timeline.  You can prolong life by enhancing health (eating pure, promoting mental balance (meditating, prayer, etc) and keeping a positive perception on life (our perception becomes the reality in which we live).  

I do see a darker side to this too.  I get that people that dabble in black magic can extend their life force, but they too aren't invincible.  I hear that in doing this the phrase "making deals with the devil" are somewhat true.  It is like you are welcoming a karmatic attachment, or taking an advance (that is the phrase I hear) on a future life.  

We as beings, living a human experience, are not invincible; however, we have so much more potential than what we think we have.  Your spirit though, is invincible, and will come back time and time again.

Q.. Are there any alien spaceships on Earth's ocean floors?

A.  Yes.  I see that there are alien crafts and entrances to underground bases on the ocean floor (specifically the Atlantic).  This domain looks to mainly be controlled by the Reptilian / Archon species.

Q. If a person finds a way to 'time travel" and tries to change an event in history, would that create a paradox of any sort or would that person simply go to a parallel universe?

A. There are several realities running in parallel timelines.  I get that every variation of every event exists somewhere.  If a person were to go back and relive or participate in making an alternate reality, they would just live in that alternate timeline (and not really know the difference).

Q. When will aliens make themselves known to all of us and come out in public?

A.  To be honest, I get this has been happening for a while now, but our media chooses not to televise it.   I do see other countries taking the leap and confirming their existence, and then the US will follow suit.  I get that there is some conflict with the church or religion, and they will need to ease the minds of their followers before the media will be allowed to disclose their existence.  

The ETs have become impatient, and will be more and more blatant.  They will continue to cloak as needed to defend themselves from attack, but will be more brazen in their appearance.  Disclosure has been meant to happen for a while now, and I see some kind of radical event happening in the next 12 - 18 months.

Q.  Hi Lynn. NASA have made an interesting announcement today about the discovery of a solar system which could most probably hold life:

I feel quite strongly that extra terrestrial life exists and wondered what your thoughts were on this recent discovery

A.I get there are pockets of life all over our Universe.  I also hear that life can take many forms, and be of all shapes and sizes.  I get Orion's belt is a key to our current life on earth.  I also get a connection to the moons of Jupiter.  It is great that NASA is investigating outward, but somehow Orion and Jupiter feel very significant.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you and happy Wednesday!  Love and light- 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Triangle UFO Patents

Q. Hello Lynn!  Some days ago a post about Triangle UFO Patents begun circulating among the alt-news community.

An inventor called John Q. St. Clair registered some amazing patents going from energy production to Triangular Ships in the early 2000s. As you can see here: and here

I've done some research and found out that this guy went under the radar since then and nobody (even his family) knows where he is now. His FB page isn't updated since 2012.

Could you please do a reading on him and his inventions? Did he really created this technology or was he channeling it? Or, maybe, it's just a hoax. 

Thanks in advance!

A.  I do get there is some truth to this.  This man, John St. Clair, looks to have been born with the gift of a brilliant mind.  He feels a little different, and I want to use the term "Asperger."  It looks like his way of thinking enabled him to see things, and understand how they work (a natural mechanical engineer).  I also see him as introvert, and he is his most creative and relaxed when he is able to be alone with his thoughts.  

I then see that when he was younger, maybe 12 or 13, he had an experience with a UFO, and hear he has been on a science NON-fiction path ever since.  He was in a wooded area (feels like a camping or boy scout thing???) and through a clearing of pine trees he saw a craft.  He watched it, and the image of the movements and the craft itself burned an image in his mind that he would never forget.  He was determined to create a craft like that at some point in his life.  

I get in the early 2000s he was able to recreate what he saw as a child.  It was such a huge accomplishment that he shared it with everyone.  He didn't think about the unintended consequences of his discovery.  Almost immediately he was approached by the government (using the military as their strong arm).  It looks like at first they wanted all his research, but he couldn't give up his life's work, so they took him AND his research.  He looks to have gone willingly to save his work

It looks like he is being held on some island to the west of California.  I hear there is a research / military base, and this area is ideal because test flights can be done over the Pacific and no one is there to witness.  In many ways he is happy, as he is doing what he loves.  He is respected, and he is treated well, he just cannot leave.  It feels like some kind of odd psychology where he is a prisoner, however, he doesn't feel like one (hard to put this into words).  

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, June 23, 2017

Otto Warmbier

I have received lots of requests on this topic, so I wanted to share some of those requests and focus on what exactly happened.  

Q. Was the Otto Warmbier story real or a psyop? I've researched his backstory for hours, and found some signs of a psyop, but I also found some signs that it was real. If it was real, it's a very sad ending.

If the Otto Warmbier story is true, my profuse apologies to his family, but this wreaks of psyop. They didn't want an autopsy, which seems crucial considering the delicate nature of our relationship with North Korea. Also, he was buried in a pine box although his family is affluent, his father owns an aerospace/defense company, and they laid out his iconic belongings AGAIN at the funeral. They also did that on a TV interview. The North Korean central newspaper website mentions him as if he was really there, but how do we know we aren't being shown a mirror image of the real North Korean website, doctored by the CIA? They certainly have the technical capability to do that. And isn't it convenient that the public just learned of the NK website back in December? Also, his father was conveniently/coincidentally written about in Forbes magazine three months before Otto made the national news. Every time I'm willing to ignore my doubts, a new article comes out that makes me suspicious.

I'm curious about this kid, Otto Warmbier, the University student from Ohio, on a school trip in N. Korea almost 2 years ago, who got arrested for tearing down a poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. He was released and sent back home a few days ago in a COMA with "severe brain trauma and neurological damage". It's all over the news. N. Koreans claims he'd been in a coma almost the entire 15 months he was imprisoned due to Botulism and a "sleeping pill". Something fishy here. What happened to this kid? What do you see? Did they torture him? Why? Is this entire story fake? Will he wake up? So so so so sad. Here's the story:

Another Otto Warmbier request here. He was a Universtiy of Virgina student traveling through China when he decided on a short side-trip to N Korea with an organized tour for New Year's Eve. On the way back, at the airport, he was pulled aside by N Korean security and taken away. He was later accused of taking down/stealing a propaganda poster in his hotel. The video they provided as 'proof' looks completely staged and so dark you cannot make out who it is at all. Was he set up and why? And what happened to him in NK that caused him to be returned in a vegetative state with all areas of his brain having suffered some loss? What really happened to Otto? Thank you, Lynn!

A.  When I first tune into this, and focus on Otto, I see that he and his spirit is at peace, but he doesn't like the news and how his death is being handled because of what it is doing to his loved ones.  He wants his life to celebrated, and not tied to this negative media event.  I also get that his passing is very difficult (understandably) for his mother (or a close female mother figure in his life), and he wants the happy times remembered, but they are being overshadowed by all this North Korea stuff.  

I do get that when Otto was on his trip a few years ago, he really did remove the poster.  He wasn't singled out by NK, but once he was on their radar, NK was extra harsh on him to send a message to both the US and also because of his father's connections (??).  I hear the "punishment did not fit the crime."  

While in custody I hear he got an infection.  I hear the infection evolved into "encephalitis" (I am not a doctor, so this may just be pointing me in the right direction), which untreated led to a neurological shutdown.  I hear that in general, prisoners are neglected, and by the time the seriousness of this was realized, it was too late.  His death was due to an infection in his brain, and not due to physical harm.  

I get his family knew this, and that is why an autopsy was not done.  (I also get that he was cremated, so there was nobody in the "pine box."???)  I hear his dad was furious (along with many other emotions) and used his connections to make his son's death public.  Politics and the media went wild with it.  Part of the "show" to get the people more emotionally involved was to televise the service (which is why the pine box was needed?).  I get that the facts were manipulated to create an even further distaste (and fear) of North Korea.

This young man really did pass, and much love and light should be sent to his family.   There is a lot of emotion and hurt that still needs to process, and they need all the positive thoughts they can get. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Power of our Language

Q. Has the PTW deliberately manipulated our languages (particularly the most popular languages) as a mind control component? In what ways should we change our languages? I also noticed that some negative words became more positive or at least neutral and socially acceptable, and some positive words are now turned into negative.
A. The PTW (Powers That Were) have absolutely changed our language.  I get that there was a shift sometimes after Shakespeare's time (his language and wording has an authentic vibe).  I see that many powerful people practicing in black magic met with the monarchy of England (huge PTW history rooted there).  At that time a realization was made that our words subconsciously altered our reality of what we felt was right, wrong, true and false.  I also get that this thought is similar to how subliminal messaging works.  

I see these people (or consultants) advising the current nobility of England that subtle changes, if used and accepted would essentially be a form of spell casting (and more powerful as a collective versus an individual).  The constant usage reinforced the spell on a consistent basis  The goal was to create a docile society, of people so they could be manipulated and controlled.  

I hear that one of the first changes was to change the word use of "Thee" to "You" (aka Ewe, a female sheep, aka a society of sheeple).  From there, other subtle phrases and slang were introduced, still strengthening the original intent power and control.  Telling people to have a good "weak end" followed by "Monday mourning."  Constantly promoted a weaker society.  Then, the govern (control) ment (of the mind) gained even further control as an instrument to guide and influence people to do the "right" thing or be punished.  

As we learn the new language, we practice "spelling" (casting spells) through world meanings and usage.  In business deals, we create contracts (from the word "coven").  We tell people to break a leg for luck (why?) or say we would die to obtain xyz (would you really, if not why say so).  

Our language is full of words of negativity and ill intent.  It is almost impossible to escape, BUT you can chose not to participate through your own will and intention.  People that are unaware and just repeat phrases with no further thought (I get) are viewed as casting a spell in a chant.   If on a daily basis you take a brief moment and ask your guides, higher self or the Universe for protection (you can do more than a few moments if you prefer), you will be protected.  They want to help you, so ask.  You can also request that you work in the greater good, and express that your actions are to be done and viewed with positive intent.  If you have positive intent and request protection the words of others can be seen, felt and experienced as just words.  In the event you feel you are having an emotion and are unsure why, ask yourself, does this belong to me or was it projected on you by something else.  If it is some else's, it needs to leave- tell it!.  Your higher self, guides and the Universe will protect you with some mindful action on your part. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, June 19, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Dirty Politics in Atlanta

People with a background in engineering/construction scratched their head as they saw the video of the Atlanta 85 HWY collapse (within an hour of the fire's start).

Everyone is scratching their heads again:

Atlanta faces a runoff election on Tuesday -- it is the MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE CONTEST in history. The conservative candidate who was a shoe in, faces huge opposition by a liberal 30 year old who has never held any public office and who does not live in the district that he would represent.

The conservative candidate who was originally favored to win has raised around $4 million in the last two months and the liberal candidate has raised Over $15 million in the same time period.

Thank you for your time.

Q. Where is the BIG $ coming from? Individuals/small donors? He was an unknown aide and he DOES NOT LIVE in the district he would represent!!!
A. I get he is being supported by an anti Trump organization.  I hear this organization is tied to "big oil."  I keep getting an image of Cheney's face (can't distinguish if this is literal or symbolic).  This anti Trump group is trying to help offset the House and earn a Democratic / Liberal seat.  

I get some kind of deal or opportunity to make money is in the works, and those affiliated with oil stand to make lots of money.  This group wants some kind of tax tied to this offshore money to be dissolved, therefore, they want to promote "their" people into an office of influence.  If they used their Republican people to instigate this tax removal, it doesn't look to go as smoothly (people are voting against many Republican / Trump / tax reduction proposals just for the sake of voting no) if they use their Republican connections.  They need a Democrat in the office.

Q. What is at stake? (Why is so much $ pouring in?)
A. There is a dual purpose here.  It looks like one is to get more Democrats in the House to attempt to gain more control over the Republicans.  The Democrats are doing what they can to get controlling influence.   I get that rather than making peace with having Trump in office, they are plotting strategy to get a Democrat in office at the next election, and that starts with getting a Dem in every position possible so they can start to try to turn their state before the next general election.  Red states in general are going to be hit hard to try to get them to flip.

I secondly see that there is a big transaction coming down tied to big oil.  It looks like they (PTW / Powers That Were) are trying to get money back on US soil, but the taxes to do so are rather high.  They want this modified or granted a "one time" conversion (some kind of tax break like this) and they are hoping this will be the guy to start a movement to get it to happen (in the name of stimulating the economy and bringing money to the US).

Q. Is there anything the general public needs to know about the runoff election? 
A.  The main thing is to realize there is an agenda.  When things feel suspicious, it is your intuition telling you to pay attention.  Lastly, you have to look at the root of the money because they are the ones controlling the spokesperson for their cause.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Tupac Shakur

Q. June 16th is Tupac Shakur's birthday can you go into detail into his life? Does his movie, All Eyez on Me, detail about his life or is there more to it?  Who and why was someone after him?  Is it because he was full of light? And, were they were scared of light? How is he doing in the afterlife and does he still perform over there like he would here?  I would appreciate every little detail that you could give us.  Thank you very much for what you do.
A. As I tune into him, I get that he endured a lot in his life.  At a young age he saw both the good and the ugly in people, but rather than get discouraged, he used his experiences as a reason to work hard.  I get that due to his vast experiences he had a skill set to relate to all kinds of people, and even though he may have disagreements (I hear he was passionate about his feelings), he was liked by many. I hear the phrase, "He felt he lived a very "rich" life."  

I see the yin yang symbol, and get he struggled with seeking internal balance.  His whole life looked to have a theme of finding and maintaining that balance.  In keeping with the "balancing" theme, it looks like later in his life he had an eye opening experience that could only be described as an awakening.  (I see a Shaman, and a Reiki Master which could be symbolic, or he may have literally met with someone with that spiritual background).  I get this awakening had to do with some adverse interaction with the PTW (Powers That Were), and some kind of deal they offered him that his conscience wouldn't let him take,  

This "awakening" left him feeling angered.  He felt he could see so clearly, and realized just how manipulated the system was.  AND this was a system that he had to fight through, as well as his "brothers and sisters" (phrase I hear) that earned what they worked for honestly.

After this "awakening," Tupac used his anger and was very outspoken on his beliefs towards the PTW (or his term, Illuminati).  I get he was warned to stop, and he didn't.  He conveyed his thoughts through his music, and wanted to inspire the underdog. 

The PTW decided to use the feud between him and Biggie to their advantage and sacrificed Tupac to make a point.  The PTW have a strong belief that if you aren't with them, you are against them, and he (Tupac) didn't hide his feelings.  I see a group of "Biggie supporters" being hired to see this through, and I even hear something regarding what types of bullets were to be used (hollow point versus full metal jacket, etc..).

I am not familiar with his movie (haven't seen the previews).  Intuitively I get the emotion of compassion toward Tupac, and the message feels tied to gang violence.  I see this being directed more toward guns and the amount of crime that goes on in this country versus the agenda behind the crime itself.  It does feel well done, but definitely a subliminal message about gun control.

Regarding the afterlife... He feels very much at peace.  I see him smiling, and hear him say "hot, diggity, dog" and then begins to laugh (???).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Follow Up Questions: 

Lynn can you explain the different timeline that you saw in 2015. And why did you see him still alive at the time compared to the timeline you saw yesterday thank you very much
A. When I focused on him a few years ago, I did see and feel he was alive and in hiding.  As I did this current session on him, he came to me much differently.  He was much more spiritual in his communication (as if he was floating to me the whole time I saw him).  it could be he was protecting me from seeing the depth of the PTW involvement until i was ready (that was an answer I was given).

Forgive me but I do have one final question. Tupac talked about not coming back reincarnated to this world.  I know you have a segment on people coming back.  When do you see Tupac coming back if he comes back at all? 
A. I see him coming back around the year 2040 (or so).  He looks to be incarnated as an Asian boy, and I see him in a orphanage.  I get that his parents were too young to raise a child, and their strict religious beliefs (and shame tied to his mom's pregnancy) led them toward the path to adoption.  He didn't stay in the orphanage for a long time, only a few days.  It looks like an American couple adopted him and brought him back to the states.  His upbringing feels very proper, and he learned several languages.  He also had exposure to several musical instruments, and the piano was something that really connected with him.  He doesn't look to get famous in this life, but music was a part of who he was (just in a different way).  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Atlanta Burning..

Q. What is being planned for in Atlanta? Below is video that talks about the burning bridges that are randomly occurring in Atlanta among other things. Many thanks!

A.  I see a couple issues going on with the recent bridge burnings in Atlanta.  I first get that there was a group of people contracted by the local government to start fires that would destroy key elements in their infrastructure.  The blame for these fires would be tied to a small group of patsys, but in reality it was the government looking for a way to renew, reinforce and solidify some of the bridges (and other items) in the event of an attack.  People of Atlanta need a way in and out of town, and if a military event prevented commuting, the town would be in a chaotic crisis.  I get due to local budgets, the funding would not be there for their Department of Transportation to tap into, but with a "crisis" occurring some kind of federal funds would be made available.  

I see some kind of military connection to this area, which also puts Atlanta as more of a target (?). Local governments are highly concerned, and they want to be ready if and when something happens.  The key people in power feel to have a military connection, which makes these concerns feel very real.  I do get that local politicians are paying close attention to international affairs, specifically what is brewing with Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.  They also have little trust in how Trump will deal with these sensitive issues, and are looking to form their own protection (take matters in their own hands).

The secondary thing I see is there is money to be made from the rebuilding.  Not only does federal funding look to step in and at least supplement the reconstruction, the money stays local and stimulates the economy.  In many ways, Atlanta looks and feels to have made out with this, even though the town endured some concerning press.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Mixup

Q. Why did the average height in Europe (particularly the Netherlands) increase throughout the decades?
A. I get two things with this.  I get that height (and being tall) is a recessive gene tied with Pleiadian lineage.  Due to the mixing of cultures (the DNA isn't as pure as it once was), the recessive gene of height has the ability to show and express itself easier. 

The second thing I get (which I am not sure I fully understand) is that our sun is (and has been changing).  It is brighter, hotter and more intense.  Something with this shift of the sun is promoting this gene to be move "alive" (the word I got when I focused on this).  

Q. Is skin color a product of our DNA or our environment? If a group of black people live in a cold place (like Scandinavia) for centuries without mixing with white people, will their future generations eventually have white skin?
A. I get that skin color is tied to genes.  Environment plays little role.  The shade may be more or less intense (due to melanin reactions with the environment), but a darker skinned person's ancestors would remain darker skinned regardless of where they lived.  

Henry Cavill

Q. Why do some people have a high and wide forehead? Does it mean anything? Celebrity examples for illustration purposes: Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer

A. I get this is genetic, and most times (not all) is tied to having a larger frontal lobe.  I also get that many people with this physical characteristic have the ability show greater self confidence (a challenge many of us have, but some have an easier time overcoming it) and are more extroverted. 

Q. How does the concept of taste/flavor work outside the 3D earth? Is it exactly the same or different? 
A. I get it is much different.  We are bound to variations in taste based on our 3D body.  Things can be sweet, salty or bitter for example.  Outside our body I see we have many other variations, including tasting things that appear to not have a taste (such as the color blue or the smell of a season).  Our expansion of ourselves as we know it upon passing (I get) is incredible and difficult to put into words.  (Then I hear, "How do you explain the taste of a color?")

Q. How can you explain the doppelgänger phenomenon?
A. I see this as a sharing of similar DNA sequencing.  Most times it is due to a shared lineage or crossing of lineage at some point.  I get it is very random, but not uncommon.

Q. How did Nostradamus see the future? Did he just write vague lines hoping that it will match future events?

A. I get he saw many things in terms of visions.  His challenge was to put his visions into words in order to convey the knowledge.  He did what he could with the skill set and knowledge base he had, but it is often hard to verbalize new concepts or images of things that feel incomprehensible. 

I see a specific image of a silver, bullet shaped UFO, which wasn't something common or known, but it was both common and known for the time he was viewing.  Putting clear wording for what he was seeing feels like he tripped over his words many times to explain what it is he experienced in his minds eye.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Happy Monday!  Love and light- 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Life Detective: NEXT #3

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Life Detective NEXT, special SOURCE edition, where Lynn looks primarily at the NEXT (dominant) future life of various people who need no introduction. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. You’re gonna love this one. Here we go.

1. Bush Sr
“This is interesting. In his next life he’s brought up in a very religious, Christian household. As he gets older, he looks to go to different religious schools, elementary, middle, high school, etc. By the time he leaves high school, religion and spiritual contemplation will be the only thing he knows. He eventually becomes... a monk! His parents and strict upbringing drill into him the deep-rooted importance of being humble and giving, and having empathy and compassion for people. Looks like he has a karma reset in exchange for (re)learning these deep-rooted lessons.” 


2. Henry Kissinger
“This is different, too. I see him being incarnated into an African American man living in South Africa. The image I get is... he’s barefoot and wearing this long white caftan thing, beaded around the neck... he’s standing in front of this group of people and he’s trying to convince them of the importance of... peace! He’s like... an African hippy (!) who’s trying to assemble peace protests! Like a future Woodstock in South Africa! He feels like an integral, leadership part of getting this event together. He’s very anti-war, a pacifist, a very different person than who he is now. But that’s how karma works: you often have to have an opposite lifetime to fully understand what’s really important, in order to ascend. You have to see and experience the good and the bad to give you a full scope, in order to feel the balance necessary for ascension. I see the yin yang symbol as I talk this through."

3. Dick Cheney
“Wow, another different one. I get this image of a world map. I hone in on the waters around the horn of Africa. I see him as very poor, barefoot, tattered clothes... then i realize that he's a pirate. But he doesn’t enjoy it. He sees all these very well-to-do, entitled people out there, and since there are no jobs out there for him, he feels he has no choice in his actions, doing this in order to survive. He took from people in his most current life, and he’ll do it again in the next, but this time for survival, desperation; he’ll have no power at all in the next life. He’ll have to live at the whims of others."

[What does Bush Sr’s *in-between* life look like? How bout for Kissinger and Cheney? Lots of counseling? How is this done for them?]

"It looks like, while in spirit before they are allowed to even come back, they have to somehow "earn" the opportunity. Like they have to sit, observe, understand, etc., before they're allowed to incarnate again.” 

['Defending Your Life: The Cabal Years.']

4. Princess Diana
“She’s still in spirit. I get that she’s not going to incarnate for a while in order to guide and influence and protect her children and grandchildren. And Kate, I get she really likes Kate. It’s like she’s trying to counteract any negative influences coming from... other members of the monarchy… which is easier for her to do in spirit, to better give her loved ones this positive energy and protection. What’s really cool is that I keep seeing these blue birds. There are two of them and they’re singing. They're a spirit sign for her loved ones to know and feel that she’s around; all they have to do is look for blue birds, or the chirping sounds they make, all around them. If they see blue birds or hear them, that’s symbolic of Diana."

5. Carl Jung
“I see him coming back and being a writer. It looks as though he publishes books that are very… mind blowing. He takes these broad subjects and makes then these strange and incredible sideways analogies from them. When you read his ideas, you just say WOW. His words are magical. People love his books and are drawn to them. As a person, he’s incredibly introverted, but when he starts writing, he can impart feelings and depths he could never do verbally." 

[Is he alive today? Can you get anything on one of the titles? Or where he lives?]

"I don't think he is alive right now — he’s not back quite yet -- but I get when he does he will be born in Europe, and then later travel to Boston, MA. He will be able to observe nature and make mind blowing comparisons. What I saw reminded me of someone I heard recently say that moss under a microscope looks like mini trees, so maybe we are like ants moving about our version of "mini trees" toward something larger. He’ll point out how our reality is really an illusion of our thoughts of ourselves."

[Reading the all of the above, and seeing the love and perfection worked into the individual threads of our universal weave, all the fear headlines and political separation of today become so meaningless — not to mention totally obliterating people's fears of judgment, hellfire and brimstone. There is such caring that exists just beyond.]

And that’s it from Lynn and Da-da. Join us next time for another segment. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crabs and Lobsters

The following are a list of several questions, so I will break them down individually: 

Q. What exactly do crabs and lobsters go through physically and mentally when they're boiled in water to be eaten? 
A.  I get as the water gets hotter, the protein components (muscles and protein coating surrounding nerves) start to slowly swell.  As this happens, their neurons become inflamed, causing a numbing effect.  I understand this is why the do not try to escape the boiling water, and the longer they are in it, the more docile they become because they lose their sensations (both motor and sensory).  Mentally, they feel as if they are falling asleep.

Q. Did they agree to this life and death before birth / have a contract? 
A. All living things, including crabs and lobsters agree to their life.  

Q. How aware are they of their life, that they're about to die for food, is it similar to how a human would experience it? 
A. I see as their spirit leaves their tiny body, it looks to expand as it moves upward.  I can't see that they look at the "why" part of why they died, but instead they look focused on the next thing.  They look to be constantly moving forward, and don't stop to look back (or even down).

Humans have a different perspective at death because they experience emotion (even in a spiritual sense).  Humans also expand (like the 3D body holds them in, and once the pass they can finally stretch their being out), and that expansion looks to fill (most times) with love, which is the highest vibration.  This vibration is healing and comforting at the time they pass, and is the reason that some stay behind to guide and protect.  

Q. I think because they can lose a leg and grow it back people think maybe they don't experience pain like us, is that true? 
A.  I hear that pain, in part, is a sense of perception.  To them, it is life.  But, if you were to put a human in that situation, we have different set of metrics in which we gauge pain, so it would be horrific.

Q. Do crabs and lobsters have empathy or just some basic survival skills? 
A.  It does feel very basic.  This life path involves the beauty of survival without the clouded distractions of anything else.  I hear to some this sounds very primal (and would be miserable), but image living life for the purpose of just living.  It is your only goal, the only worry you have.  No distractions, no judgement and no rational mind telling you that something cannot be done. I actually see their life as very peaceful.

Q. Does being a meat-eater put any kind of negative karma on you especially if the animal died in fear or sadness?
A. You can take in the animal's emotions that they experienced during their death.  It is important to also realize that you can take in the energy of someone processing fruits and veggies too (for example, if you have an angry worker yanking down bananas, or if a person in the strawberry field got into an argument, etc).  Regardless of what you are eating, give thanks and gratitude to the food that gave up it's life force to nourish your body.  Doing so allows you to put positive intentions into the food that you are consuming.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, June 5, 2017

Wave X and the Event

Q. A number of people/groups say a Wave is coming which will change / bring a new frequency to humans ... ( positive ).  Is this the same as your "EVENT"?

Could you do a short reading / update on the event? Timing and any other feelings?

I think the PTW know its coming and want to pull the dollar down before hand to keep us busy / distracted. 

Thank you.
A.  I do see the Wave or Event (they in my mind are the same thing) happening.  Every time I focus on it, I hear sounds much like a baby's heartbeat as heard through a doppler (found an example here).  It is like the Wave is and has been coming, and the main function is to help ease our individual vibrations to a higher density, so the collective consciousness as a whole can elevate.  

I see this transformation as a slow and gradual process because our human 3D bodies cannot take all the energy shifts and upgrades to our frequency all at once.  It may be called a Wave or Event, but in reality, it looks to span over at least the next one to two years (then it hear it is similar to how people will refer to a War, but in reality it was an event spanning over several months or years).  

The PTW (Powers That Were) are doing what they can to distract us to keep the vibrations low.  Things like false flags, negativity in media and now Hollywood (entertainment for many) has become a source of lower vibrations.  This is because the PTW are scared, and they know that if the collective consciousness rises, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished, and things will be seen for what they are and NOT what they creates with illusion.

Since the PTW realize their time is slowly coming to an end they are trying to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible in hopes that it will help to carry them forward.  This is the reason for the suppression of precious metals and I see a newer electronic currency being created (doesn't feel like bitcoin though).   They also see the value in resources, like oil (aka "black gold"), other minerals and farm land (but I will say it looks like GMO companies are working frantically to try to alleviate this concern). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Sick to your intuition, and try not to get pulled into the illusion.  Question everything, and if it feels off, it probably is.  Love and light-

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Random Mix Up..

Q. Why do some cultures promote female genital mutilation?
A. I see it as a way to try to disconnect the pleasure portion from sex.  Sex is seen as a tool, rather than for enjoyment.  Women pair with a man, and bear children to procreate.  In many ways with the pleasure removed, I see the temptation of infidelity decreased too. 

Q. Why is the average age of first menstruation becoming earlier and earlier? Is this a good or bad?
A. This looks to be tied to the food we eat.  Most everything has some form of hormone added, especially things derived from animals (meat, dairy, etc).  The added hormones on top of the naturally occurring hormones create an earlier maturing of our children.  I hear that food now is much different than how food used to be. 

I don't see this physically hurting them, but the emotional effects look tough.  It is like their outside is growing faster than their inside (emotions, conscious and subconscious), which can create a challenge and even bad decision making (sex before they are ready for example).  Constant talking, education and even watching their diet looks to be helpful until their internal maturity matches their outward appearance.

Q. Why do some people prefer being awake late at night while some prefer being awake early in the morning?
A.  I get that we are all unique, and being unique creates everyone to have slightly different circadian rhythms.  Depending on your "rhythm" you may be a morning person, or a night person. You will have a time of day when things feels clear, you are motivated and just seem to have a natural energy flow- and that is what works for you.

Q. Why do some couples consistently produce unhealthy offspring? Is this because of some alien DNA incompatibility, blood types, some vibration mismatch, etc.?

A.  I do see this like a genetic mismatch (or a chemistry mismatch).  Sometimes people try to force a relationship, or they know they aren't good for one another, and still chose to procreate (either don't protect themselves, or think they will "fix" a problem with a child, for example).  It could also be wrong timing (highly stressful situation).  In those situations, it looks like things during conception have a very challenging time lining up and forming correctly (and I see it has to due with an acidic change in the Ph balance of the environment of the egg which alters the quality of sperm).  

Q. What causes gray hair?

A.  I see gray hair as a natural process that occurs with aging and also the hormonal fluctuations that occur with aging.  I will say that if you have added hormones in your routine (either through food intake, or artificial like HRT, you look prone to age and gray faster.  Our aging and maturing (at any age) looks tied to hormones.  That is why teens develop and change so quickly into young adults (they are blasted with naturally occurring hormones during this phase of development). 

Q. If hair is important for the human body, do balding men lose some benefits?

A. Hair is important for protection (friction inhibitors) from the elements.  That is why we have it in places that rub (armpits, genitals, etc).  Men were typically hunters, and women were gatherers, so by design, men grew hair on their face to protect from the sun, and also when hunting (much harder to claw and injure a beardy man in the face).  

As we get older, men may lose their hair, but I don't see it harmful.  Hair is sometimes seen as spiritual (like antennae to the Universe), but in many ways the LACK of hair allow the crown chakra to be unobstructed, so baldness can be embraced and viewed beneficial in other ways.  

Q. Can a person change his/her eye color naturally?

A.  I cannot see where that can actually happen.  The shade may vary in different light, or even in certain situation that evokes an emotion (such as sadness or fear), but I can't see a permanent change to a totally different color.

Q. Is is dangerous to turn on your phone during a flight?
A. I get for a few people to have their phone on, the interference is so minimal it wouldn't be noticed.  However, if several people had on their phone, along with other devices, it may create an interference / static effect on the main controls.  I hear the main controls operate on a certain frequency / bandwidth, and the added devices on a flight create "noise" on that line..??

Q. There is a book called "Dogs that know when their owners are coming home" — can you do a reading on this phenomenon?
A.  i get that dogs have a strong intuition because they don't have a rational mind telling them them otherwise.  They do sense when their owners are coming home, and it comes from a sixth sense. 

Q. What's the difference between white vs. violet vibration/aura?
A. White light looks to encompass all colors (feels of a much higher vibration), and violet is unique only to the violet frequency. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-