Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crabs and Lobsters

The following are a list of several questions, so I will break them down individually: 

Q. What exactly do crabs and lobsters go through physically and mentally when they're boiled in water to be eaten? 
A.  I get as the water gets hotter, the protein components (muscles and protein coating surrounding nerves) start to slowly swell.  As this happens, their neurons become inflamed, causing a numbing effect.  I understand this is why the do not try to escape the boiling water, and the longer they are in it, the more docile they become because they lose their sensations (both motor and sensory).  Mentally, they feel as if they are falling asleep.

Q. Did they agree to this life and death before birth / have a contract? 
A. All living things, including crabs and lobsters agree to their life.  

Q. How aware are they of their life, that they're about to die for food, is it similar to how a human would experience it? 
A. I see as their spirit leaves their tiny body, it looks to expand as it moves upward.  I can't see that they look at the "why" part of why they died, but instead they look focused on the next thing.  They look to be constantly moving forward, and don't stop to look back (or even down).

Humans have a different perspective at death because they experience emotion (even in a spiritual sense).  Humans also expand (like the 3D body holds them in, and once the pass they can finally stretch their being out), and that expansion looks to fill (most times) with love, which is the highest vibration.  This vibration is healing and comforting at the time they pass, and is the reason that some stay behind to guide and protect.  

Q. I think because they can lose a leg and grow it back people think maybe they don't experience pain like us, is that true? 
A.  I hear that pain, in part, is a sense of perception.  To them, it is life.  But, if you were to put a human in that situation, we have different set of metrics in which we gauge pain, so it would be horrific.

Q. Do crabs and lobsters have empathy or just some basic survival skills? 
A.  It does feel very basic.  This life path involves the beauty of survival without the clouded distractions of anything else.  I hear to some this sounds very primal (and would be miserable), but image living life for the purpose of just living.  It is your only goal, the only worry you have.  No distractions, no judgement and no rational mind telling you that something cannot be done. I actually see their life as very peaceful.

Q. Does being a meat-eater put any kind of negative karma on you especially if the animal died in fear or sadness?
A. You can take in the animal's emotions that they experienced during their death.  It is important to also realize that you can take in the energy of someone processing fruits and veggies too (for example, if you have an angry worker yanking down bananas, or if a person in the strawberry field got into an argument, etc).  Regardless of what you are eating, give thanks and gratitude to the food that gave up it's life force to nourish your body.  Doing so allows you to put positive intentions into the food that you are consuming.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Puffy Biggles said...

Very interesting and uplifting, thanks.

wendy tascione said...

I loved this one...cus im a vegan...i always wondered about lobsters...

wendy tascione said...

But do meat eaters pick up bad karma because they are hurting animals????

Alex said...


All animals have different evolutionary level. The ones higher up like mammals(cows, pigs, goats, dogs) with five senses do feel a lot of pain when slaughtered. The ones lower down like insects, oysters with less than five senses feel much lesser pain. Humans are just an intelligent ape/monkey.

Meat eaters do pick up some bad karma and absorb their fear/terror when the animals die. But it's less than someone deliberately hunting animals for fun or torturing them before they die.

A Man Called Da-da said...

If I might be allowed a rare redirect... The CATs had a complementary post a week ago:


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments. :-)

@Wendy: It really is about the intent. You are exchanging one life force to feed another (even for plant based food). The big thing is not to be wasteful, and have gratitude for the nourishment. I don't see bad karma unless your intent is bad, or you do something malicious (like kill for sport) in the process.

@dada: This is a great article! Thanks for suggesting it. :-)

Robert Schoen said...

This one first made me laugh and then I started to think of other questions, like do they fall in love, and do the shells get in the way when they do, do they relate to other hardened beings like turtles and armadillos, and what passes for humor down there? Do they look on contempt with soft shelled crabs? Boiling live things really does seem barbaric. Go to a crawfish boil if you want to see a real caveman activity, but at least it beats deer hunting.

A Fox said...

Very interesting. Thank you.

Anthea said...

Interesting! Have you done a reading for dogs who have passed on? Like where do they go when they die and do they know if we miss them? I lost my dog last year and I miss him every day.

Bee E-lightened said...

I really liked this reading....thanks for your time and effort Lynn. Your blog have helped me grow tremendously. Gotta have my daily dose of your blog.

BoboSixx II said...

"Q. What exactly do crabs and lobsters go through physically and mentally when they're boiled in water to be eaten?
A. I get as the water gets hotter, the protein components (muscles and protein coating surrounding nerves) start to slowly swell. As this happens, their neurons become inflamed, causing a numbing effect. I understand this is why the do not try to escape the boiling water, and the longer they are in it, the more docile they become because they lose their sensations (both motor and sensory). Mentally, they feel as if they are falling asleep."

I have bought live lobsters in the past and when I have them cooked by the seller, the lobsters do scream and bang their claws against the pot. I've heard them do this and I spoke with the employee cooking the lobsters and she verified that they all do suffer before they succumb to the boiling water.

That's why I don't buy live lobsters anymore.


Blimpy Peach said...

Do trees feel pain when we trim them or pull their leaves or is it like cutting human hair where it's painless? I always say sorry to the trees just in case :)

Serene said...

I went to a Chinese Restaurant once and the table next to me ordered a lobster and it was ALIVE when they brought it to the table, it was moving around and the idiots at the next table we're eating it. My God when I think about how non-human living beings are treated it causes me great sadness and anxiety.

Dan Walker said...

@BoBoSixx II I have boiled lobsters and heard them scream and kick and can't bring myself to do it again. I was wondering about that while reading what Lynn wrote. She did allude to the lobsters acclimating to water being brought up to temperature so I wonder if she meant them being cooked that way, although I can't imagine how rubbery and over-cooked they would be.

Chefs claim you have to knife them in the back of the head before insta-boiling to kill them immediately, but that doesn't seem to work either. They squirm and still scream when you drop them in.

Alice Liu said...

You need to put them in boiling water head first to knock them out faster. Tail first is a terrible thing to see. They have to be cooked alive because they build toxins quickly after death if they are not cooked. That's why I don't eat them anymore.

Alex said...

I don't quite agree with Lynn's reading that they are numbed. Why don't any of you jump into boiling water and see whether you will be 'numb'.As some of you have observed and posted here, lobsters do feel a lot of pain when being boiled alive.

As for the part that Lynn said that animals have to be sacrificed just to 'save' humans' lives, that is also not true because humans can live on grains, vegetables and fruits alone.
That's what the cannibals (man-eater) said too when they killed humans just to 'survive' and won't inflict any bad karma.

In Buddhism, this is called killing karma. An Indian spiritual guru said that animals can be categorised based on how many senses they have. The ones with all 5 (eyes, ears, nose, smell, taste) senses as humans suffer the most.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Anthea: I have done one similiar to that. If you can't find it, let me know and I can do some searching.

@BoboSixx: Wow, that does sound horrible. I have never bought or cooked one, so I haven't had the experience to witness that. I do understand why you don't buy them anymore.

@Blimpy: I do that too, or even when I repot plants and disrupt them I talk to them. They feel something, but it isn't like pain..

@Alex: Thanks for the comments. I do appreciate your point of view.

Thanks to all of you. :-)

jake travis said...

Can you do a reading on the kardashian curse?

Craig said...

Lobsters or other invertebrates can't "scream", they don't have a throat or vocal chords. What you are hearing is heated air trapped in the shell escaping through small openings causing that shrill sound. Their experience of pain is most likely not like ours as they don't have the nerve pathways or brain function that we and others in our species have. Not saying it's right or wrong to do this to lobster, or to eat it, that's everybody's personal choice, but you may be putting human characteristics on a creature like this that is so different than us.

Serene said...

Craig I hope you are right. Trouble is we don't know what they're feeling. I really hope you are right that they are not being hurt.

Bee E-lightened said...


T White said...

Very interesting Craig. If they dont have nerve pathways like us then they would not feel pain like we do. And they may tap on the pot just as a basic reaction to get out of the pot. Makes me feel alot better to see it this way. :)

Great reading Lynn! And yes, we should always give thanks to what sustains us, no matter what form it comes in <3