Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Mixup

Q. Why did the average height in Europe (particularly the Netherlands) increase throughout the decades?
A. I get two things with this.  I get that height (and being tall) is a recessive gene tied with Pleiadian lineage.  Due to the mixing of cultures (the DNA isn't as pure as it once was), the recessive gene of height has the ability to show and express itself easier. 

The second thing I get (which I am not sure I fully understand) is that our sun is (and has been changing).  It is brighter, hotter and more intense.  Something with this shift of the sun is promoting this gene to be move "alive" (the word I got when I focused on this).  

Q. Is skin color a product of our DNA or our environment? If a group of black people live in a cold place (like Scandinavia) for centuries without mixing with white people, will their future generations eventually have white skin?
A. I get that skin color is tied to genes.  Environment plays little role.  The shade may be more or less intense (due to melanin reactions with the environment), but a darker skinned person's ancestors would remain darker skinned regardless of where they lived.  

Henry Cavill

Q. Why do some people have a high and wide forehead? Does it mean anything? Celebrity examples for illustration purposes: Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer

A. I get this is genetic, and most times (not all) is tied to having a larger frontal lobe.  I also get that many people with this physical characteristic have the ability show greater self confidence (a challenge many of us have, but some have an easier time overcoming it) and are more extroverted. 

Q. How does the concept of taste/flavor work outside the 3D earth? Is it exactly the same or different? 
A. I get it is much different.  We are bound to variations in taste based on our 3D body.  Things can be sweet, salty or bitter for example.  Outside our body I see we have many other variations, including tasting things that appear to not have a taste (such as the color blue or the smell of a season).  Our expansion of ourselves as we know it upon passing (I get) is incredible and difficult to put into words.  (Then I hear, "How do you explain the taste of a color?")

Q. How can you explain the doppelgänger phenomenon?
A. I see this as a sharing of similar DNA sequencing.  Most times it is due to a shared lineage or crossing of lineage at some point.  I get it is very random, but not uncommon.

Q. How did Nostradamus see the future? Did he just write vague lines hoping that it will match future events?

A. I get he saw many things in terms of visions.  His challenge was to put his visions into words in order to convey the knowledge.  He did what he could with the skill set and knowledge base he had, but it is often hard to verbalize new concepts or images of things that feel incomprehensible. 

I see a specific image of a silver, bullet shaped UFO, which wasn't something common or known, but it was both common and known for the time he was viewing.  Putting clear wording for what he was seeing feels like he tripped over his words many times to explain what it is he experienced in his minds eye.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Happy Monday!  Love and light- 


Nessie said...

Thank you Lynn, as a Dutch person I found this very interesting!
Can anyone please explain to me what "Palaedien" are? I searched the web and Lynn's site, but only this reading came up.
Thank you in advance for your reply :)

The enlightened one said...

Nice to see someone else from Europe on here!
How old are you if I may ask?

When I read the article, I first thought Lynn tried to create an adjective out of "paleo-" which refers to anything prehistoric.
As in paleolithic. But after some consideration, I realize she might have meant to say "Pleiadian" (referring to a race of ET:s stemming from the Pleiades).

Which is it, Lynn?

Ethereal Resonance said...

Most definitely Pleiadian. There are many different species and races of ET life in the Pleiades also. You have avians, canines, felines etc spread out through out the many different stars in the cluster, as well as humanoids.

Kalamota Kook said...

Yes I read it as Pleiadians, a word almost guaranteed to attract typos! Try googling that, you will find plenty to read. They hail from the Seven Sisters constellation.

My understanding of skin pigmentation is that it is genetic, but pale skin in regions of strong sun leads to health vulnerabilities like skin cancer, while darker skins in less sunny regions are vulnerable due to lower capacity to produce vitamin d which means much more than just rickets. Natural genetic variations over generations would mean a gradual weeding out of the more vulnerable traits which would be less likely to successfully leave a genetic legacy in that region, so in the very long term a regional 'race' would develop that suited the local conditions. Of course modern life can deal with a lot of this.

tara said...

I'm also from Europe ,from the UK

Good readings Lynn

Alex said...
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Alex said...

Great readings from Lynn.

So does this mean that the popular out-of-Africa theory expounded by some genetics that our dark-skinned African ancestors went to cold climate and became fair-skinned has been debunked.

Is it true that different ET species i.e. Lyran, Pleiadian, and Sirians spawned the different major races like Africans, Europeans, Indians and East Asians.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I did mean Pleiadian. Sorry for the typo and confusion. Must have been in a zone. :-)

Nessie said...

@the enlightened one, @Ethereal Resonance, @Kalamota Kook, @Lynn

Thank you all for your replies, I will do a search to learn more.

oh and I'm in my 40s........

Iv said...

Out of curiosity talking about looks and what not . Now a days looks play a big role in society , will things such as Botox effect ones psychic abilities or lower your vibrations?