Monday, June 19, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Dirty Politics in Atlanta

People with a background in engineering/construction scratched their head as they saw the video of the Atlanta 85 HWY collapse (within an hour of the fire's start).

Everyone is scratching their heads again:

Atlanta faces a runoff election on Tuesday -- it is the MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE CONTEST in history. The conservative candidate who was a shoe in, faces huge opposition by a liberal 30 year old who has never held any public office and who does not live in the district that he would represent.

The conservative candidate who was originally favored to win has raised around $4 million in the last two months and the liberal candidate has raised Over $15 million in the same time period.

Thank you for your time.

Q. Where is the BIG $ coming from? Individuals/small donors? He was an unknown aide and he DOES NOT LIVE in the district he would represent!!!
A. I get he is being supported by an anti Trump organization.  I hear this organization is tied to "big oil."  I keep getting an image of Cheney's face (can't distinguish if this is literal or symbolic).  This anti Trump group is trying to help offset the House and earn a Democratic / Liberal seat.  

I get some kind of deal or opportunity to make money is in the works, and those affiliated with oil stand to make lots of money.  This group wants some kind of tax tied to this offshore money to be dissolved, therefore, they want to promote "their" people into an office of influence.  If they used their Republican people to instigate this tax removal, it doesn't look to go as smoothly (people are voting against many Republican / Trump / tax reduction proposals just for the sake of voting no) if they use their Republican connections.  They need a Democrat in the office.

Q. What is at stake? (Why is so much $ pouring in?)
A. There is a dual purpose here.  It looks like one is to get more Democrats in the House to attempt to gain more control over the Republicans.  The Democrats are doing what they can to get controlling influence.   I get that rather than making peace with having Trump in office, they are plotting strategy to get a Democrat in office at the next election, and that starts with getting a Dem in every position possible so they can start to try to turn their state before the next general election.  Red states in general are going to be hit hard to try to get them to flip.

I secondly see that there is a big transaction coming down tied to big oil.  It looks like they (PTW / Powers That Were) are trying to get money back on US soil, but the taxes to do so are rather high.  They want this modified or granted a "one time" conversion (some kind of tax break like this) and they are hoping this will be the guy to start a movement to get it to happen (in the name of stimulating the economy and bringing money to the US).

Q. Is there anything the general public needs to know about the runoff election? 
A.  The main thing is to realize there is an agenda.  When things feel suspicious, it is your intuition telling you to pay attention.  Lastly, you have to look at the root of the money because they are the ones controlling the spokesperson for their cause.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 


Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - I love how, on these political topics, you're able to break down their political smoke and mirrors and clearly see and explain what's really going on! It's such an amazing gift you share with us. Thank you!

Blaire Fellows said...

As a progressive I shouldn't be rooting for the Republican, but I am? What are your thoughts on tomorrow results?

Robert Schoen said...

It's like they have unlimited funds to bomb bridges in advance and then throw millions into the race at the last minute. They need to do a lot to overcome the fact people are wising up. Sides have flipped. It's not that Republicans are so great but that the democratic party has shifted to darkness. Fool good people by pretending to be one of them protecting them from the bad guys. Just look at the anger and hate that's come to characterize the "progressives." Sad.

Carlene said...

@robert. I agree. All that $ could be used to actually help people! It is becoming painfully obvious that it is not a conservative vs. liberal idealogy or anything like that. It really is the corporations(royalty) vs the people(commoners). It seems that no matter who is in office-the elite will take any opportunity to implement their cruel, earth destroying agenda. It makes no matter to them that it goes against mankind -- it is what they want. To make us AI and really bleed the life-force out of us. Each election cycle the hidden hand moves closer to implementing master plan. They do it little by little so that the sheeple do not notice. I noticed and once I "awoke" I see it everywhere. People who are for truth & change are stamped out by whatever means possible--threatened/compromised/gangstalked/doxxed/suicided and yes, murdered--just like in the movies. It has been hard not to get down as the topics and subjects are way darker and heavier than anything I could have imagined in my youth. I just keep the faith that each person sees their own truth at the right time and we realize that we are one. That is my 2cents anyway. Love this blog so thank you everyone-and a big hug to Lynn. I started reading "You are the Answer" and it has been very compelling.

Bee E-lightened said...

Great, poignant commentary. Most of us will strongly agree with you

Raymond said...

I wonder if the political culture is this bad in other nations?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments.

@Robert: When I was younger I could have never imagined what we would have become. These times are unsettling. It is more important then ever to trust intuitions. Things speak with actions and not words (hear with your eyes and not your ears). :-)

Mama said...

Ossoff lost. Women went out to vote for a woman. Money didn't pay this time.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

it was a very powerful message...

tara said...

Yes British politics is just as bad . We democratically voted to leave the EU and won but there have been attempts to undermine the will of the people and now we are all starting to see that. EU disgusts me. I love Europe don't get me wrong but EU is another evil soros PTW control freak entity for NWO