Thursday, June 15, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Tupac Shakur

Q. June 16th is Tupac Shakur's birthday can you go into detail into his life? Does his movie, All Eyez on Me, detail about his life or is there more to it?  Who and why was someone after him?  Is it because he was full of light? And, were they were scared of light? How is he doing in the afterlife and does he still perform over there like he would here?  I would appreciate every little detail that you could give us.  Thank you very much for what you do.
A. As I tune into him, I get that he endured a lot in his life.  At a young age he saw both the good and the ugly in people, but rather than get discouraged, he used his experiences as a reason to work hard.  I get that due to his vast experiences he had a skill set to relate to all kinds of people, and even though he may have disagreements (I hear he was passionate about his feelings), he was liked by many. I hear the phrase, "He felt he lived a very "rich" life."  

I see the yin yang symbol, and get he struggled with seeking internal balance.  His whole life looked to have a theme of finding and maintaining that balance.  In keeping with the "balancing" theme, it looks like later in his life he had an eye opening experience that could only be described as an awakening.  (I see a Shaman, and a Reiki Master which could be symbolic, or he may have literally met with someone with that spiritual background).  I get this awakening had to do with some adverse interaction with the PTW (Powers That Were), and some kind of deal they offered him that his conscience wouldn't let him take,  

This "awakening" left him feeling angered.  He felt he could see so clearly, and realized just how manipulated the system was.  AND this was a system that he had to fight through, as well as his "brothers and sisters" (phrase I hear) that earned what they worked for honestly.

After this "awakening," Tupac used his anger and was very outspoken on his beliefs towards the PTW (or his term, Illuminati).  I get he was warned to stop, and he didn't.  He conveyed his thoughts through his music, and wanted to inspire the underdog. 

The PTW decided to use the feud between him and Biggie to their advantage and sacrificed Tupac to make a point.  The PTW have a strong belief that if you aren't with them, you are against them, and he (Tupac) didn't hide his feelings.  I see a group of "Biggie supporters" being hired to see this through, and I even hear something regarding what types of bullets were to be used (hollow point versus full metal jacket, etc..).

I am not familiar with his movie (haven't seen the previews).  Intuitively I get the emotion of compassion toward Tupac, and the message feels tied to gang violence.  I see this being directed more toward guns and the amount of crime that goes on in this country versus the agenda behind the crime itself.  It does feel well done, but definitely a subliminal message about gun control.

Regarding the afterlife... He feels very much at peace.  I see him smiling, and hear him say "hot, diggity, dog" and then begins to laugh (???).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Follow Up Questions: 

Lynn can you explain the different timeline that you saw in 2015. And why did you see him still alive at the time compared to the timeline you saw yesterday thank you very much
A. When I focused on him a few years ago, I did see and feel he was alive and in hiding.  As I did this current session on him, he came to me much differently.  He was much more spiritual in his communication (as if he was floating to me the whole time I saw him).  it could be he was protecting me from seeing the depth of the PTW involvement until i was ready (that was an answer I was given).

Forgive me but I do have one final question. Tupac talked about not coming back reincarnated to this world.  I know you have a segment on people coming back.  When do you see Tupac coming back if he comes back at all? 
A. I see him coming back around the year 2040 (or so).  He looks to be incarnated as an Asian boy, and I see him in a orphanage.  I get that his parents were too young to raise a child, and their strict religious beliefs (and shame tied to his mom's pregnancy) led them toward the path to adoption.  He didn't stay in the orphanage for a long time, only a few days.  It looks like an American couple adopted him and brought him back to the states.  His upbringing feels very proper, and he learned several languages.  He also had exposure to several musical instruments, and the piano was something that really connected with him.  He doesn't look to get famous in this life, but music was a part of who he was (just in a different way).  


Puffy Biggles said...

I've been thinking that rap music is one big psyop to keep the blacks down. They probably want to write his music for him and he said no.

carlos armero said...

Wow thanks.

Tracy said...

Puffy Biggles, you may have already read this, but 5 years ago an anonymous letter from a music industry insider describing a secret meeting and agenda was sent in to the website below:

Anonymous said...

Hi all! Jim Rogers predicted a week ago a huge market crash for later this year/early next year. Lynn, what is your take on that? Thanks!

wendy tascione said...

You know what occured to me...since ive been studying short for negitive grow...i feel like its a curse the title. I hope im wrong.

Lucy G. said...

Hey Lynn,

This reading doesn't seem to match the one you wrote prior on Tupac? Your last reading made it seem as if he is alive and hiding. In this one you say he's dead?

Bee E-lightened said...

Tupac - the most prolific rapper ever. I love him and totally see through him being misunderstood. Love and light to his brave soul. I thought he was alive in another country though.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Tracy: That is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

@Wendy: Our words are powerful, and this is really insightful. You may be onto something.

@Lucy and Bee: Thanks for the comments. I really went around in my head with the alive versus not. I realize there is speculation he is in another country. I know I did a reading awhile ago, and even felt he was alive. I may have seen a different timeline, or maybe since the reading he really did pass. I cannot be sure, but I couldn't seem to tap into him currently being alive.

Thanks again for all the comments! Happy Birthday Tupac!! Hugs, Lynn

Anneki said...

Lynne,can you please just do a reading on the fact(in my opinion)that we actually can change timeline,even physically.People are doing just that right now.Willingly or unwillingly.
It does not happen just in the mind,right?

AL233 said...

I always felt something strong emanating from Tupac that I didn't feel from Biggie or his other contemporaries...Tupac had something special inside him. It makes sense that he had woken up or something like that. He seemed so smart and so perceptive. The more I learn the more I realize people who see the truth and could become the leaders of some sort of awakening or truth movement are taken away from us...Martin Luther King, JFK, John Lennon, Tupac...just to name a very few. We really do all have to wake up together and do it en masse. Thats why I love all of you on this board :)

PS Speaking of Tupac (who many thought didn't really die) it makes me think of Paul McCartney. After your readings a few years ago I looked into the whole issue of his possible death...I think maybe there was a stand in at some point and perhaps a contrived story put out there as a red herring? Perhaps he lived but walked away from the fame or was ill and a replacement was put in place? Do you still feel he died in an accident? Just curious on this Friday, for some reason that whole thing really got to me :)

Puffy Biggles said...

@Tracy: I read the article. It's sickening, and no doubt, true.

carlos armero said...

Lynn can you explain the different timeline that you saw in 2015. And why did you see him still alive at the time compared to the timeline you saw yesterday thank you very much

Domestic Goddess said...

You may also check out this channeling by some mediums from Psychic Punx, who channels musicians, rockstars, and thr like... They channeled Tupac last year and here is the session

AL233 said...

@Domestic Goddess, what did you think of the Psychic punks? I watched a few videos and couldn't quite decide how I felt.

Domestic Goddess said...

Wise Intelligwnt on youtube saying exactly the same thing of music labels also owning and building private prisons. Check it out here

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the comments and sharing. I just did a quick followup with the submitter and added it to the bottom. :-)


carlos armero said...

Thanks Lynn.

Charlie the Tuna said...

After musicians pass to the other side, do they still make and perform music? Do they seek out other musicians that maybe they did not get to perform with during their life on earth so they can perform music together in the afterlife?

Maybe like Jim Morrison (the doors) and Beethoven? Something like that.

Anthea said...

When you wrote "I see the yin yang symbol, and get he struggled with seeking internal balance. His whole life looked to have a theme of finding and maintaining that balance" I thought to myself, hmmm. That sounds a lot like Gemini energy. So I decided to search what Tupac's zodiac is, true enough he is a Gemini! Haha. I'm a gemini myself. I know what that seeking balance thing feels like.

On another note, years back I heard an audio of one of Tupac's raps played in reverse to find subliminal messages. I forgot where I found them, but when the audio was played in reverse, it his voice saying something like "I'm still alive and I'm watching you"?? Something along those lines, I forgot the exact words.

Domestic Goddess said...

@AL233 I've seen a few videos too and I think it's legit because I've read the book Conversations with History which is similar but in bookform. She channelled Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Marie Laveau, etc. and it does have the same feel or the same way this lady was channeling them. They would just appear sometimes also uninvited. I dream of people who have passed and it sends me messages in the same way, through visions (like showing me photos or videos) and I get what they are saying telepathically.

Amelia said...

Tracy, thanks for posting. I thought of the same article in response to Puffy's comment. I have no doubt that likely happened.. such a shame, because rap music has never been the same since. I have yet to hear anything recent that has meaningful lyrics or isn't full of auto-tune. They all sound the same now.

I was down the street when TuPac was shot.. close enough to here the gunshots. He was an intelligent person with a lot of things to say, and a lot of things said in the music released after he died. I have no doubt he was outspoken and pissed the wrong people off.

I have always been curious if Eazy-E was given the same fate under different circumstances? He reportedly died of A.I.D.S. but I have always felt the story around his death didn't fit.

Dr. Dre makes no secret of his feud with old friend Eazy E in some of his music produced after N.W.A. but the recent movie released, Straight Outta Compton, didn't represent the split between Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, Dre, and Eazy E the same way the feud had been represented through their lyrics and music published. Why is that? Did Eazy E really die naturally of disease, or were there intentional players involved?

Clark said...

I hope we know we let puffy get away with killing our last hope