Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mid-Week Mix-Up [Short Answer Group Posting]

Q.  Is it possible to be physically invincible (nothing from outside your body can harm you and you can still grow old and die) or physically immortal (nothing will ever harm you from within your body and you can live forever)?
A. I do see it as possible to prolong life in our physical 3D world, but eventually all things age on our linear timeline.  You can prolong life by enhancing health (eating pure, promoting mental balance (meditating, prayer, etc) and keeping a positive perception on life (our perception becomes the reality in which we live).  

I do see a darker side to this too.  I get that people that dabble in black magic can extend their life force, but they too aren't invincible.  I hear that in doing this the phrase "making deals with the devil" are somewhat true.  It is like you are welcoming a karmatic attachment, or taking an advance (that is the phrase I hear) on a future life.  

We as beings, living a human experience, are not invincible; however, we have so much more potential than what we think we have.  Your spirit though, is invincible, and will come back time and time again.

Q.. Are there any alien spaceships on Earth's ocean floors?

A.  Yes.  I see that there are alien crafts and entrances to underground bases on the ocean floor (specifically the Atlantic).  This domain looks to mainly be controlled by the Reptilian / Archon species.

Q. If a person finds a way to 'time travel" and tries to change an event in history, would that create a paradox of any sort or would that person simply go to a parallel universe?

A. There are several realities running in parallel timelines.  I get that every variation of every event exists somewhere.  If a person were to go back and relive or participate in making an alternate reality, they would just live in that alternate timeline (and not really know the difference).

Q. When will aliens make themselves known to all of us and come out in public?

A.  To be honest, I get this has been happening for a while now, but our media chooses not to televise it.   I do see other countries taking the leap and confirming their existence, and then the US will follow suit.  I get that there is some conflict with the church or religion, and they will need to ease the minds of their followers before the media will be allowed to disclose their existence.  

The ETs have become impatient, and will be more and more blatant.  They will continue to cloak as needed to defend themselves from attack, but will be more brazen in their appearance.  Disclosure has been meant to happen for a while now, and I see some kind of radical event happening in the next 12 - 18 months.

Q.  Hi Lynn. NASA have made an interesting announcement today about the discovery of a solar system which could most probably hold life:

I feel quite strongly that extra terrestrial life exists and wondered what your thoughts were on this recent discovery

A.I get there are pockets of life all over our Universe.  I also hear that life can take many forms, and be of all shapes and sizes.  I get Orion's belt is a key to our current life on earth.  I also get a connection to the moons of Jupiter.  It is great that NASA is investigating outward, but somehow Orion and Jupiter feel very significant.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you and happy Wednesday!  Love and light- 


Bee E-lightened said...

Another interesting reading Lynn

Raymond said...

Are the underwater bases similar to what we might construct with a cave and an air lock?

Or is it something that allows them to pass thru the ocean's bottom the way they pass through the sides of a mountain?

Thanks for your time Lynn!

JJ said...

In re: to Question 3 on Time Travel: It's deleted now (I think), but the Channeler Bashar has a great video which used to be on Youtube that explains time travel quite clearly-- going back in time will create a new timeline where you have affected it. The other timeline in which you came from will still continue to exist as is (as a parallel reality)-- so no paradox will exist. In general, as there are billions of parallel timelines directly adjacent to each other running (from our perspective) linearly, theoretically one can jump from one timeline to another a billiion times per second just by focusing ones consciousness and attracting the version of reality you want (ie. Law of attraction).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!!

@Raymond: I do see it like a cave and air lock situation. :-)

Ma'at said...

Bashar is definitely one to learn from on the structure of the Universe and the conscious actions of beliefs.

Anonymous said...

hi, we have a QUESTION! is this possibly true? "Grand Solar Minimum - atmospheric compression - impact on food production, location and energy" (theyr point is, the low sun activity will exceed the usual 11 year cycle).
Thank You!