Monday, June 26, 2017

Triangle UFO Patents

Q. Hello Lynn!  Some days ago a post about Triangle UFO Patents begun circulating among the alt-news community.

An inventor called John Q. St. Clair registered some amazing patents going from energy production to Triangular Ships in the early 2000s. As you can see here: and here

I've done some research and found out that this guy went under the radar since then and nobody (even his family) knows where he is now. His FB page isn't updated since 2012.

Could you please do a reading on him and his inventions? Did he really created this technology or was he channeling it? Or, maybe, it's just a hoax. 

Thanks in advance!

A.  I do get there is some truth to this.  This man, John St. Clair, looks to have been born with the gift of a brilliant mind.  He feels a little different, and I want to use the term "Asperger."  It looks like his way of thinking enabled him to see things, and understand how they work (a natural mechanical engineer).  I also see him as introvert, and he is his most creative and relaxed when he is able to be alone with his thoughts.  

I then see that when he was younger, maybe 12 or 13, he had an experience with a UFO, and hear he has been on a science NON-fiction path ever since.  He was in a wooded area (feels like a camping or boy scout thing???) and through a clearing of pine trees he saw a craft.  He watched it, and the image of the movements and the craft itself burned an image in his mind that he would never forget.  He was determined to create a craft like that at some point in his life.  

I get in the early 2000s he was able to recreate what he saw as a child.  It was such a huge accomplishment that he shared it with everyone.  He didn't think about the unintended consequences of his discovery.  Almost immediately he was approached by the government (using the military as their strong arm).  It looks like at first they wanted all his research, but he couldn't give up his life's work, so they took him AND his research.  He looks to have gone willingly to save his work

It looks like he is being held on some island to the west of California.  I hear there is a research / military base, and this area is ideal because test flights can be done over the Pacific and no one is there to witness.  In many ways he is happy, as he is doing what he loves.  He is respected, and he is treated well, he just cannot leave.  It feels like some kind of odd psychology where he is a prisoner, however, he doesn't feel like one (hard to put this into words).  

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


Chatty Cathy said...

The government probably convinced him to stay on the island where he was safe and not in the US where others with nefarious goals could kidnap him for his knowledge.

Chatty Cathy said...

And I meant to put "safe" in quotations because we all know who we're dealing with, with the government.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you, I can't tell you how glad I am about this reading. Actually I can, because...


It was at night, flying very low, very slowly, at an oblique angle whereas most vehicles move symmetrically forward, and was absolutely enormous. None of that put together made sense according to our everyday physics. I looked on local social media and I hadn't imagined it, there were several other witnesses.

I knew these things had been videoed and snapped all over the place, but there was some sort of D notice silencing the MSM. I looked it up and found it to be the TR-3 type, 'Black Mamba' (great name!) and very real. Whatever I think of US stealth operations or whatever they were doing with it, it was genuinely awesome to see something which was so obviously at the far frontier of technology. It was like seeing a real life Tardis. I have saved those links to read later. Thank you!

It's nice (wrong word, but I don't know what really fits) to read of the inventor, and that he's in it for the joy of manifesting his genius, even if he lives in a gilded cage, basically owned by the government. He sounds like a modern Tesla. Lynne, can you see if this kind of technology will reach us in the civilian world soon? The military can't keep it to themselves forever.

By the way, this thing has been very keen on flying over built up areas, and what I had read previously said that they had tried to make it appear invisible. So why do they have all the big lights screaming 'look at me I'm a UFO?' They could make it look invisible at night by switching the lights off!

I suppose the only other question is, what the hell were they looking for or at over my city, and did it register me standing at the window gawping at it, like some sort of furtive futuristic Google Street View? (I'm on GSV too, lol).

Oh one more thing. Lynne, what do you see concerning the Anonymous leak about an impending NASA announcement about ET contact? Is this the real deal now? Is disclosure upon us?

Mikey said...

I've seen one of these craft before as well twice in the same week when I worked security in Cape Girardeau, MO at a manufacturing plant a few years ago. I looked up and saw the distinct triangular shape with the exact pattern of lights as the picture you have depicts. It was gliding through the night sky above some cloud coverage around 11pm but you could still easily make out it's distinct look and it didn't make a sound.

On the question as to whether or not disclosure is upon us, has everyone seen the Nazca Mummy that was unearthed in Peru which has been covering? The being has three toes on each foot and three fingers on each hand and is believed to possibly be alien and female. There appear to be 4 similar mummies that have been found and are now undergoing DNA testing to verify it's authenticity. There has been a couple updates done so far with one being free: Do you get the sense that this is real or could it be an elaborate and expensive hoax for some purpose?

Also on that topic, I've heard that based on some recent new intel (that is supposed to be elaborated on soon) provided to whistle-blower Corey Goode, there is apparently a benevolent human looking ET race that has recently voted to repeal the long standing ET Non-Intervention policy that kept them from openly interacting with humans. Supposedly, they are now because of that repeal, making more direct contact via dreams before making advancing to making open contact ushering in disclosure which they plan to do soon. Does any of that resonate as having any truth behind it to you? Thanks Lynn! Always enjoy your insight and readings!

Kalamota Kook said...

Black Manta, not Mamba, sorry.

Thank you for the link, Mikey. Even more to digest. What an exciting summer!

Mikey said...

You are most welcome Kalamota Kook! I forgot all about a couple other disclosure related items that have come out recently as well such as a potentially new Majestic Document which reveals the US had diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials and identifies 5 different types they knew about. This document is covered in an article on but this fascinating document is also free to download on Heather Wade's website at Heather Wade is host of the radio program, Midnight in the Desert.

Also one last exciting tidbit to digest, according to an article on popular mechanics and I've also seen this on one of the mainstream news channels, a couple of members of congress including Mike Rogers, R-Ala., and Jim Cooper. D-Tenn., the top representatives of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, which oversees military space operations; have proposed legislation to create a "new" branch of the military called, "Space Corp" to protect our national security space programs. If the Nazca Mummies, Corey Goode's intel on the benevolent human looking ET race, and the majestic document are all authentic and genuine, then it would seem we may possibly be in for an exciting year ahead indeed!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and info. Also, thanks for sharing your experiences!! Hugs!!

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn.

So who put the "patents" online? The USPTO has a system to divert applications for "disruptive" technology into black budget operations, never to see the light of day outside of covert technological applications. Is this a patent that would have been hacked out of the USPTO system? The question is, if this is leaked information, and not something deliberatly "leaked" to muddy the waters, who leaked it?

Serene said...

A friend of mine told me that years ago when she lived in Turlock, CA (USA) and one of these triangle shaped crafts with lights flew very low right over her home, and it did not make a sound. Many people saw it, but it never made the papers or TV...