Monday, January 30, 2017

5 Strange Videos

Q.  I found this Youtube video that was just made a few days ago called "5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Some Explaining". I have never seen any of the videos listed in this video and the ones that really interest me are one about a flying object in Chile and the last video about a guy sending an RC car with a camera on it into a Pyramid in Egypt, and it actually shows the video. I'll withhold my impressions about any of the videos so that I don't influence you but I would really love to see you cover these. It's rare that I find decent videos like these that I've never seen before.

Here is the link, the video is 13 minutes: 5 Strange Videos

1. Whisper sounds deep in a mine.  (This is an old mine, and upon investigation voices were heard and recorded). 

A  I get that there are spirits deep in this mine.  Something about the texture / properties of the stone of the mine gives this feel of entrapment of these spirits.  There is a lot of energy tied to deaths that occurred either in the mine or near the entrance (there is a dark history tied to this location).  It feels like there is a need to clear these spirits and move them on.

2.  Mysterious Disappearance (This was the last time this gentleman was seen.  No one knows what happened to him). 
A.  I get that he did go outside of the shop and was spotted by some gang members.  Unfortunately, his identity was mistaken, and the gang thought that he was someone that he wasn't.  The members pulled up in a dark blue sedan (a Mercury Topaz looking kind of car) and put him in the back seat.  It looks like they gave him some kind of "beat down" before he was able to prove he wasn't who they thought he was.  The gang knew they couldn't just release him as their cover and location would be blown (the beat down looks tied to some kind of initiation that wasn't going to happen), so they did end up taking his life.  I don't see this actually being solved. (Please send some love and healing to his family).

3. Navy UFO Footage (This footage of a UFO was taken by the military and they were never able to explain it). 
A.  I do see this as legit.  I get there is some dark energy controlling this craft, and I hear the word "Archon."  I also get this dark smoke is some kind of toxin that has a short half life and is designed to effect memories.  The craft looks like it was going to and from an earthly base, and was seen and chased (which they didn't like), so it emitted this "black memory smoke."   I also get that there were some massive neurological issues endured by people in a close proximity to this craft.

4.  Writing in a Language that you Cannot Read or Understand (After a man heard of Princess Di's death, he began writing in a language he could not understand or read). 

A.  I see this as an intense automatic handwriting session.  It looks like the trauma of hearing about Princess Di's death awoke something in his subconscious that was related to a past life (one in which he too was effected by the Powers That once Were).  Hearing of the current event triggered that past trauma from a past life, and his automatic handwriting was unstoppable.  I also hear that his message is a story that matches one on the inside of a pyramid in Egypt.  Specifically, it looks like the story of the Reptilians and how they got so much control.  I also hear that he isn't supposed to learn the truth (our of protection), but he is to serve as a messenger. (Let's hope this gets deciphered someday soon!).

5. $5 million or else.. (A man took a remote controlled car with a camera and drove it into the pyramids.  After he obtained the footage he put a demand online that either he gets paid $5 million or the video gets released).
A.  I get this video was just a game or hobby.  I cannot see or feel anything significant coming through. [dang it]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Look Around the World

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you again for your answers. Here in Colombia there is a TV program that sometimes shows paranormal cases, They were investigating an abandoned neighborhood in Bogotá where atrocious things took place. The video below shows what "supposedly" happened during the filming of that program, it is in Spanish, sorry about that but please watch the last 3 minutes of the video it will show something that seems to be a creature or a being that climbs a wall, later something falls on reporter from the top of the building and then when he focuses the camera to the top a kind of hand or claw is trying to hide, is that real? what is that? it is human?

Thank you again, love and light

A. I get there wasn't just atrocious activity, but people were tortured and killed either in that building or very close to it.  It feels like a popular location where gangs would hang out and carry out their intimidation tactics.  It feels like between the trauma and negative energetic activities, some attachments have connected to that place.  It doesn't feel like the entities that are attached are malicious, but rather seeking some kind of justice (for the criminal activities they endured), and then later peace.  The place is in desperate need to be cleared to encourage these entities to move to where they are better served (as this resting place in not one of peace).   

Q. Hi Lynn, I just want to know what will actually happen in Indonesia under the governance Jokowi as president. I got the feel that he doesn't really get any sufficient help from the people in the cabinet, but rather being repressed by the political party that used to support him.  He looks to be losing track on how to rule the country. Can you see how long he will endure as president and what kind of obstacles that will bring the great impact to the nation because I sense that he is becoming weaker and the opponent is trying as hard as possible to bring him down. Thank you.

A. It looks as though he got into office due to his promise and goals he had for the country.  The people felt he would be refreshing, and guide Indonesia toward a vision that they wanted.  After he got into office, it seems as though there is a layer of corruption that is beneath him.  This "layer" of government says they also share in his vision, but their actions don't match (because they don't truly share in the vision and want more aggressive approach of governing).  Jakowi's biggest challenge is the passive aggressive behavior of his underlying government.  It looks as though his opponent will will succeed in his takeover because Jakowi starts to get worn down which translates into a lack of confidence from the people. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have asked you about this before, but due to ongoing events in Poland which seem connected to this event, I want to refresh this topic. Perhaps it will be worthy of your analysis. Some years ago, an airplane carrying aboard most of the Polish government crashed at a site in Russia killing all aboard.

The mystery remains pretty much unsolved. The president and his wife died and today, his twin brother rose to power in Poland. Jaroslaw Kaczynski rose to power based on his very conservative views and with the Catholic Church as pretty much the platform for his decision making. He's now changing many laws in Poland to criminalize abortion and contraception, antagonizing a very Catholic nation against anyone non-white, non-Polish and non-Catholic. He even wants to bring back the death penalty. I think he manipulates people based on fear and religious beliefs. He's replacing all in power, including judges, with his own people, all in the name of 'sovereign' nation and 'god'. I think this is very scary. He's also decided to exhume the bodies of the people who died in the plane crash to 'get to the bottom' of what happened in Smolensk. As you can imagine, this decision is also very controversial. Needless to say, the nation is divided, and many people are very, very angry. I can see a civil unrest happening.

What do you think was a cause of the plane crash? Was the twin brother currently in power involved? What is the trajectory of the current government? Is there hope for Poland to move forward instead of backward? Any and all insight would be tremendously appreciated. I come from Poland but I haven't lived there in over a quarter of a century, yet, I care and I follow the news and belong to some interest groups who passionately discuss various topics. My own family is very divided, my mother, an avid Catholic, supporting the current government, me... well... not at all.
Lots of love from awesomely egalitarian Sweden :)

A. When I tune into the accident itself, I see an image of a pilot. I get that the pilot was under the influence of something that led to poor judgment.  I cannot see what he was on.  It does not feel like an illegal substance (feels more like some kind of prescription medication he had a reaction to). I get combining the meds with the altitude fluctuation created "unclear" thinking and poor reaction time.  The impaired thinking and inability to react led to the crash.  

I do not see the brother being involved.  I get that he does not like the rumors, talk and speculation of the accident.  He wants the mystery of the crash put to rest (and that is what is driving the investigation.)   

He has a dictator type of feel, and wants to take Poland in that direction.  He feels he could make Poland very strong if he had more control and could pull everyone together.  He is working hard to get people to follow him (even if it is through fear).  I see Poland going more in that (controlling) direction before a full revolt occurs.  Then I hear that "things will have to get worse before they get better."

Q. The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, the longest and deepest tunnel in the world, was fully operational in December 2016. What's the true purpose of this? Is this related to CERN? Is this a portal to another dimension? Is this a door to the inner earth? The opening ceremony performance last June 1 has a lot of references to the powers that were:
A. I do not get a connection to CERN, but I do see this as a pathway to some underground bases (used for ceremonies and sacrifices).  This opening ceremony was a "blessing" of sorts. The Powers That once Were (PTW) look to use the tunnel to access "secret" rooms and I hear that it is "private and sound proof."  I look to see times when the tunnel is "shut down or not operational" when these ceremonies / sacrifices are going on. There is also something about the fact that the moonlight never shines in these "rooms". ??  

Q  People are acting unlike themselves in my town in Australia. I have woken up doing the strangest things and have even stranger memories from my past.  I did not go outside for a good 12 months plus for no apparent reason. I also believe I was unconsciously involved in a laser war of sorts. Can you please tell me who is behind these things affecting me (and these strange memories)?
A.  People that are sensitive, are very sensitive to their environment.  I get the constant heavy spraying of chemtrails in the sky combined with energetic shifts are really affecting people.  Each person reacts differently depending on their sensitivity and their exposure.  Some people feel ill, and others are tired, but in your case it is awakening your subconscious.  You may want to consider focusing on meditating to harness what feels like an uncontrollable subconscious behavior to provide insight and clarity on who you are and even your past.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Long Lives the Queen

Q. Can you describe what's happening with Queen Elizabeth? During the recording of her recent annual Christmas Message speech, she attempted to expose "dark Illuminati forces" that were "threatening her children", according to a BBC insider. She has been under house arrest since, and wasn't able to attend the Christmas service "due to cold".

The Royal official website recently published an article about her death: "Death of Queen Elizabeth II" Statement appeared before being removed ( If she really passed away, what is going to happen next?

A. I first hear that she is "having issues with clarity."  Many people experience memory issues as they get older, but this feels extreme.  She is forgetting things, and making statements in normal conversation (both public and private) that have people (The Powers That once Were) concerned.  I cannot see that she passed, but I do see her quarantined to portions of the Palace.  The "powers" near her look to be concerned enough to have her checked for a stroke, etc because this did feel to occur abruptly.

In a rash decision to do "damage control" on her current health situation, someone leaked that she passed (and got in A LOT of trouble for it).  They quickly retracted the statement, and regrouped to evaluate the best way to deal with this since they do not trust her in public. 

I then get that they have her death "event" planned to occur when she is 92 (alive or not).  That gives them time to plan every step of the process, and get new "associates" in position.  In the meantime, they will use a body double when absolutely necessary, and avoid appearances enough to keep the plan "safe," but not so much that it ruins the "illusion."

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- Lynn

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mandela Effect.. Revisited...

Q. Lynn,  I know you've talked about this before on your blog but the Mandela Effect is getting out of control. I first heard about this years ago, probably around 2012-2013, but it was only 1 or 2 examples and I wrote them off like anyone who first hears about the effect. I know, for example, that the one that stood out to me was the Berenstein Bears because I read those books when I was a kid, and it was definitely spelled how I just spelled it. It's easy to ignore one or two things, but all of a sudden there are literally hundreds of examples that apply to me.   I think this is important, like reality changing.  

Here are just a few that came to me: 
  • Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer
  • Looney Toons is now Looney Tunes
  • "If you build it they will come" is now "If you build it he will come"
  • "Momma always said, life is like a box of chocolates" is now "Momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates"
  • "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" is now "Magic Mirror on the wall"
  • The bible passage about the Lion laying down with the Lamb is now the Wolf laying down with the Lamb
  • We Are The Champions by Queen no longer ends with "of the world", it's just "We are the champions"
  • Your kidneys are now way higher up in your body and your heart is almost completely centered. Seriously, look that one up.
  • South America is now much further to the right on a globe, it used to be barely off center from the US.
  • Japan is much further north, China is much smaller, Cuba is huge, and all of the islands north of Australia are almost touching it now.
  • There is now no such thing as a North Pole, like a location. I remember that used to exist as a physical thing with a barbers pole.
  • There are real bats as big as dogs and animals I've never seen in my life, like big obvious boars and cat type animals.
  • Coke Zero is now Coca'Cola Zero and Coca'Cola used to be printed on the cans and bottles as Coca-Cola.
There are way more examples than what I've listed here, these are just the big obvious ones that I'm recalling right now. This is insane! A few of these examples are easily dismissed as miss-rememberings or things that have been changed by the companies like Coke or Looney Toons, but in this timeline, they never were what we remember them as. The more of these you hear and look up, the more obvious and insane this gets. 

How is so much of our reality different now? Are you seeing this as I am? I know that not everyone remembers all of these examples as being the way they were but I'm being hit by almost all of the ones that I've seen, with only a couple that don't apply to me. People are trying to figure out who this is affecting and why. I've heard that a lot of us experiencing this may have a lot in common. Some of the commonalities I've heard are that a lot of us seem to be empathic, (which as you may remember is very interesting to me),  we are all spiritual, regardless of religion, and we strongly distrust the government.

There are a lot of theories as to why this is happening so often now. It could be related to Cern, time travel, some relation to end time biblical events, or some connection to ascension as we've known was drawing near for a while now. Cern has some very creepy connections to this if you really look into it, like Bohemian Grove cultish style stuff. I'm also very intrigued as to why some of us see this and remember more than others.  Some people have a theory that we all died or were going to die in our reality and that we were moved to this one en mass for some reason. This feels like a dream. Things like this don't happen in real life, but there is too much evidence to ignore at this point. (this one is 14 minutes but it doesn't really get into it until 3 minutes in so I started you there)  [Please excuse the profanity.] (this one is 10 minutes and lists 100 examples. This one was huge for me) (this one is a bit tangential but I wanted you to see it. It's 12 minutes but it repeats after about 6:35 so stop there)

A.  I read this question, and had to let it soak in my mind to allow things to come to me (and not be biased as I have witnessed many of these items on a personal level).

This  is similar to what I saw.  The circles being memory differences of the
same item / event.   Then, the image split, just like a split of realities.  One
reality contained one version of truth, and other contained a different version.
The first image I saw was an image of the Earth, and there were circles overlayed all over the top of the image.  Then I saw the image split into two images, one with the Earth, and one of the overlayed images (I will try to sketch this out in paint when I am done).  I am seeing that the Mandela Effect is indeed a split in reality.  There is what is labeled as real (what we find when we do research and fact find), and what is a perception of reality that is grown and strengthened through a collective mind meld.  The later is harder or nonexistent when we go to find it.

To explain this a little better, I need to use an example to illustrate.  This also helps to understand why some people (or groups of collective consciousness) remember the way things "were" and while other people do not remember a difference (on some events).  Out of 100 items, you may only dispute 20 in your mind.  Let's use the Kellogg's Froot Loops to illustrate... It looks like in parts of the world (in one or some of the circular "overlays") our mind sees, hears and feels "fruit" so clearly.  It becomes part of our conscious and subconscious minds, and those minds meld into a collective conscious of "fruit" versus "froot."  That collective conscious becomes our new reality, and at that moment a new reality is born (specific to "fruit" vs "froot" in this example).

I get that people that experience alternative realities are sensitive (which often translates to being empathic).   I hear they also have the capability of expanding their mind "beyond black and white, and see many shades of gray."  [I don't read astrology, but hear a phrase that it "has to do with the 9th house of travel"????]  I also hear something about "these experiences are often felt by people who are able to expand their spiritual self beyond the confines of the human 3D body.  I'm shown an image of the spiritual mind being much larger than the physical mind.

It looks like inevitably a trigger will occur to sync the two realities together.  It may be days, months or even years before this happens.  This is due to the need for our 3D reality to be merged and balanced.  I get living multiple realities would create "mental mayhem."  Our physical 3D bodies cannot handle living multiple realities in unison without frying our systems, and occasionally a "reset" has to occur.

And that is all I have for this reading.  I know at times this may sound a little confusing.  In my mind it feels so clear, but is difficult to verbalize.  I am happy to address questions in the comments.  Love and light-

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Few Random Topics....

Hello Lynn, I love reading your posts. Thank you for what you do. I have a couple topics for you and was wondering of you could look into them for me. 

Q. At the Serapeum of Saqqara there are these huge Granite coffer stones weighing tons that were cut with extreme precision. They are very old and could not have been made without precision tools. The Egyptian pharaohs discovered them and re-purposed them. What was the true purpose of these massive granite blocks? 
A.  I get that this location has always been energetically intense due to the earth's natural ley lines.  I see that an ancient civilization lived there at one time (before Egypt was even Egypt), and ETs would often visit them.  The energy there was a beacon for the ETs to find them over and over.  I see that the granite blocks were constructed to create some kind of "grid."  Then, I see an image of someone using crystals to grid their home (to clue me in).   (Note: Please don't do this on your own until you have fully researched the proper way to do it as this is very powerful).  It looks like the ETs gave them knowledge on gridding their space, taught them the power behind it, and assisted them in crafting a grid from these granite blocks. 

Q. The stone Moldavite is supposed to have strong psychic energy and can open a persons 3rd eye if they are holding it. People wearing it have gotten headaches. Could you please provide some insight into this green stone?
A. I get this stone has intense magnetic properties.  It isn't magnetic is the way of a north / south pole, but magnetic in that it can change energetic fields (flip them around).  I also hear that it isn't from this solar system, making it a tangible form of something from where a portion of people have DNA connections.  I get an image of Orion's belt, so it looks as though this originated from one or all three of the star systems there (??).   If someone with a DNA connection (a link to an ET race from one of those star systems) comes into contact with this crystal it can have PROFOUND effects in waking intuitive / psychic abilities.  The energetic properties of the stone create a physical connection that awakens the subconscious on a very deep level.

Q. My daughter, Sarah, is 11 and she and her friends have been talking about getting a Ouija board. She wants to buy it. I don't like the idea of her playing around with one and definitely don't want one in my home. 

I've heard they can attract negative spirits and I definitely don't want one attaching itself to her. How do you feel about Ouija boards? Can they attract negative spirits or if you set the intention, can you attract positive ones? OR are all the stories, about Ouija boards, just stories, not real and they are harmless?

A. Even though these are marketed as a toy, they are NOT toys.  If someone were to approach using one without setting proper protection, a negative entity could present itself.  On the other side spirits just want to be heard, and if they find a way to reach through to this side, they will do so.   Protection and clear positive intent would need to be set by everyone involved in the process.  With the proper guidance these boards are very useful and be a positive experience, but they should be taken very seriously and respected for what they are.

Q. When someone reincarnates, do they have the same soul and Guardian Angels that they had in the previous lifetimes?
A. I do get that when a person incarnates they do have the same soul, but sometimes souls (for lack of a better term) split off and create a "twin" soul that carries residual subconscious memories and karma. The birth of a new soul can come from the Source consciousness (rare), but most times it is a "splitting" effect that can lead to a new soul. 

We do not always have the same Guardian Angel.  They are assigned based on what lesson or challenge you are meant to learn during that specific lifetime.  I see we are born with one guide / Angel that stays with us from birth to death, and other guides / Angels come and go as life changes and different obstacles / experiences are in our path.  I get each guide / Angel is a specialist (so to speak) in an area of your life, and together they create a very powerful spiritual team.

Q. What exactly is a Soul? Is it a life form from Heaven or is it an energy source for the body like electricity or gas for a car? 
A. When I focus on a soul, I see this image of an intense, bright, yellow and white light.  It is so brilliant that you cannot even look at it for more than a few seconds.  My impression is that it is the energy radiating out from the Source Consciousness / God / Universal Consciousness.  The actual source of the light is too much to be seen, but the energy surrounding it takes the appearance of this bright light. Circling this bright light is hundreds if not thousands of people and animals.  As I watch a beam of light shines out from this Source Consciousness (sort of like a laser beam) and touches each being in the chest (heart chakra area), and at that moment their heart starts to beat and they take a breath (basically come to life).

I am being shown how a soul is the spark that starts life.  Without a soul, we are just matter.  A soul is the electrical spark that makes the heart beat and keeps the electrical rhythms in sync.

I then see that our souls are how we are all connected to one another.  This life force, whether new (split from another soul or born from the Source) or continued on from a past incarnation, is tethered to the Source Consciousness.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day is Upon Us... Misc Questions..

Q. You did a reading on Trump's presidency and that he is a positive change, but when you look at his administration - I do not see any change. They are the same elites who run big corporation. Mixed signals⁉️
A. I did see Trump as being better than the alternative, but there will be struggles (like with any administration).  I do see him addressing those issues rather quickly, and he also looks to be "unconventional" and feels to use creativity to accomplish goals (very different from any other president).  Initially, i see him working on mending foreign and domestic relationships (I hear you it is difficult to negotiate with someone that has little respect for you or what you stand for).  Even if he doesn't agree with the apologies given (sometimes life forces you to take the higher road to get the desired result, which does have sort of a manipulative feel), he sees them as necessary to be able to work compromises.  I also hear that he will have to "choke on some of his words" as he expresses them in attempts to undo some of the damage that has been done.

I also hear that Trump sees the "long game" in things.  His ego is a huge driving force and motivator (which looks like a good thing now as long as things and people go along with his vision). Many of the people he has chosen are "elites" but I hear they are "elites with a good resume."  Trump has thought this through and put people in position that will ultimately help to propel him.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I just saw an undercover investigation that gave evidence of groups planning to sabotage the inauguration and festivities. Do you see any of these schemes playing out? Is there any danger to be in D.C.?

A.  I cannot see the inauguration being sabotaged, but I do see LOTS of protests (some violent) breaking out.  The protests make DC feel like an unpleasant place to be for the next few days.  I get the media will instigate fear and put ideas in people (which keeps the anxiety energy flowing).   I also see the media honing in on protests to keep the country stirred up (and people divided).  

Then I hear "this division is the long game being played by the Powers That once Were (PTW)"  Rather than giving Trump a chance (it is like the the PTW are afraid he will do well), the PTW and media are going to do what they can to keep tensions high.  Then I hear a phrase about "accepting the things we cannot change, courage to do what we can, and wisdom to know the difference."  I hear that no one is going to stop the wheels that are set in motion, and Trump was elected.  Unifying and moving forward makes us stronger, whereas, the constant division makes us look weak and divided.

Q. I don't know if you want to address this issue again, Lynn...but why the heck is Pres. Obama moving so many troops and military equipment into Poland and Germany in just the last 4-5 days? Some point to the Crimea annexation by Russia/Putin putting some of the smaller countries in NATO at risk, but that annexation happened in March 2014 and Russia has done nothing further. Particularly, Obama leaves in just a few more days...why the massive NATO offensive deployment? I have considerable confidence in Putin's coolness under pressure, but I do worry about "a mistake"--a provocation by the U.S.--occurring which triggers actual military hostilities on the Western Border. Someone wants war and the subsequent instability in the U.S. while one hundred quazillion people worldwide do not.
A.  I get that Obama only has a few days left, and he is trying to leave a lasting impression.  Clinton would have started a war, and now that is not going to happen, so the pressure is on Obama to get it going.  I see the PTW putting some serious pressure on him while they still have some influence.  They are hoping that enough instigation will occur that a war will be inevitable.  The PTW want the US overseas to stake out some oil producing land.  The PTW are scared the the US will lose that type of control.

I then hear a voice (sounds like Trump) saying "We have so much to undo.  So, so, much." and then I see him shake his head back and forth in disgust.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Access Consciousness Bars

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you for all of your blog readings, I love them all and look forward to them!

Wondering if you could see if you think Access Consciousness Bars are a scam or real? So many for and against (some even say cult) but I just did a course and it had some energetic feel to it.
A.  As I tune into these Bars, I see them as a very real and powerful thing.  

I get an image of an ancient time (at least a few hundred years ago).  There is a huge line of people waiting outside of a oriental woman's hut.  It looks as though people travel from all over to get help and be healed by this woman.  She looks to talk with her client for a few moments before she begins her session (to make a spiritual connection), and then begins to work on their Consciousness Bars.  

I hear something about this being an ancient healing practice that was discovered and used in the Orient.   It was first used on people with mental health challenges (to purge and process past traumas and karma), and then later evolved into a physical and spiritual therapy as well.

It is also coming to me that depending on the person, and what they are dealing with or wanting to purge, you may not want to do all 32 bars or areas at once (it is too much for the system to process).  It is better to pick a few areas to give a more intense focus, and then quickly go over the other areas and build up to a full system purge.  After a session you may go through intense emotions (cry, be angry, recall memories, etc) and that is a GOOD thing.  That means you are processing ideas, subconscious thoughts, past life traumas, feelings, etc that have been suppressed, and from there purging and healing begin to occur.

Overall, these Access Consciousness Bars feel like a good and positive thing.  Be cautious of costly courses (I hear there is lots of free stuff online to get your started).  If you do chose to connect with a teacher / mentor, trading a fair wage for knowledge and support is very reasonable (but be careful of those that want to charge a large sum).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, January 13, 2017

Five for Friday #41

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our first Friday Five installment for 2017… on Friday the 13th, no less. Buckle up, this one’s eye-opening. As always, Da-da's questions and comments [are in brackets].

Image #1: Backstage at The Big Show, Part 1
Q: WHAT is this object, called 1991 VG, first spotted by a U. of AZ astronomer back in 1991? Apparently,  there were two other mysterious objects coming to earth around the same time. Anything interesting there?

What Lynn Saw
A: "I think it’s some kind of spacecraft. Don’t panic, but I see something like George Lucas’ Death Star, with this planetary army heading here. It looks like these ships came here through a portal near Neptune. When I look on board, I see all these pods, like they’re in some sort of hibernation. I have never seen that ever. It’s almost like the ship is smart and it knows what it needs to do w/o a crew. Feels tied to Disclosure. There’s nothing fearful at all. Looks like they’re coming near, but not TO earth." [Pods?? Yikes. Can you see what's IN the pods? These are *positive* beings, right? What star system did they come from? This ship exited that portal sometime back in the early ‘90s, I think. Why have they been waiting so long to do something?] "Pods, yes. I can't see in the pod. I only see the outside shell. They do feel positive, like they are here to rescue us or something. I don't know the name of the system, but the point of entry was somewhere near Neptune. They are waiting on what I hear as "timing." In part due to an energetic shift (the Event), the next dimension has to be ready to receive this much energy (it is a balance there as well), and party a Disclosure thing.” [No wonder spirit guides were calling this point in history, ‘The Big Show.’]

Image #2: Backstage at The Big Show, Part 2
Q: Speaking of that, here's a 2-D magnetograph of the earth from last October, where you can see the earth’s bowshock (where the sun’s energy meets the earth’s magnetic field) and the earth. So, are those two (huge!) round circles behind the earth Sphere Being ships??

What Lynn Saw
A: "Those are Sphere Being Ships." [Are these the same ships as the 1191 VG ship, above? Can you tell which Sphere Beings are in each ship?] "I do feel it has to do with the 1191 ship. I can't see what is in them, but it does feel like a good thing!" [Wow!]

Image #3: Escape From Alcatraz
Q: Speaking of mundane mysteries… did any of these guys really escape from Alcatraz? [From left to right we have Frank Morris, and the Anglin brothers, Clarence and John.]

What Lynn Saw
A: “(Some 13 years ago, I went to Alcatraz. It’s a VERY energetically overwhelming and creepy place. I couldn’t walk into some of the spaces as it was just too much.) I get the guy in the middle really DID escape. He had some help from the outside. He was in the water for a short time, and was rescued by a rickety little boat. He made it." [Who helped the middle guy? One of the guards? And where did he wind up? What happened to the other two guys? Did they drown?] "The other two died in the process. A guard who was threatened by an outside group helped him. He got to the coast, and then ultimately fled to Mexico where he’s stayed ever since.” [So Clarence Anglin was the only man to  escape from Alcatraz.] 

Image #4: Ok, What ISN’T Buried in Antarctica?
Q: You’ve touched on this recently, but I wanted to drill down a bit. Here’s a structure on Antarctica seen via (increasingly dubious) Google Earth. Is this anything? And are there actually ruins there that are really 1.6 billion years old? And giant stasis pods with 30-foot-tall ETs waking up? Do you ever see this being a big Disclosure thing (and if so, will it be before or after “The Event”)?

What Lynn Saw
A: "I want to say yes to the 1.6 billion-year-old ruins. Some ancient ancient ruins and clues to earth and who we really are are buried there. There’s something really mystical there. I see these ancient intricate pyramids, which were created long before Egypt was ever Egypt. I DO see some pods and frozen ETs there, but i don’t see them waking up -- or 30 feet tall. They could never have survived this frozen state so long. I get a lot of this stuff is gonna come out AFTER The Event, but no one’s going to really tell you. You’re just going to get this telepathic download of all this information and just KNOW the truth, but you’re not going to know why; it’ll be like a part of your subconscious, your wiring. Disclosure will be more subtle and pervasive than people realize. Parts of our DNA are just gonna turn on and people will just KNOW things.” [So, is that thing in the picture anything, or just some ice?] "I get it is a partially underground pyramid.” [Tangentially, when you see 'The Event,' do you see part of it involving a rush of energy that brings people INTO SOURCE for a moment, with people perhaps passing out for a brief period?] "I see that happening to some, while others just get a dazed feeling that sort of stuns them for a moment (like you short circuited and then came back)."

Image #5: The Caldwell Mystery Thread
Q: What was the “Caldwell Mystery Thread”? Alas, there’s no pic of it, anywhere.

What Lynn Saw
A: "Wow, I’d never heard of this. What I get was that, in that area there were some UFO sightings... I see UFO activity, 3-4 ships flying around, then they left. Then the thread showed up a day later. I get that the way that the ships went through the atmosphere caused these threads, caused by the ships (older tech UFOs) creating this chemical reaction in the atmosphere. The result was this hanging thread that naturally broke down and then vanished. Weird."

And that’s it. Jeez, that’s enough. Join us sometime in the near future for the answer to life, the universe, and everything in... Episode #42!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hypnopompic Hallucinations and Twilight Sleep

Q. Many people, or even most people, who experience hypnopompic hallucinations (hallucinating right before falling asleep) see spiders and shadow figures. Why are spiders and and shadow figures so prevalent in hypnopompic hallucinations and the spiders and figures actually entities as opposed to just hallucinations? Thank you 
A. Our reality is composed of several layers, and some of those layers are not able to be seen due to our physical 3D constraints.  That doesn't mean that those layers are not there, or that those layers don't impact or influence us, they just aren't readily visible. I get that in the process of going to sleep our mind is relaxing, and our rational mind is starting to quiet down.  This allows an opportunity for some of the other layers to be seen.  The other layers contain lower vibrational entities (that take the appearance of spiders, etc), and higher vibrational entities such as angels and peaceful beings. 

At the sleepy, semi conscious and more active subconscious state of being, it can be easier to pick up on the lower vibrational beings, making them visible (and even memorable).  The higher vibrational beings are there to protect, and balance out the energy, but may not be as memorable.  We tend to focus on the negative part of an event or memory (as part of our flight or fight defense).  

I do see these spiders and shadows as lower vibrational beings (that manifest into this shape).  I also get that if you do have this experience, tell it to leave just as you would any other being.  You can do this mentally or out loud.  You can also call on your guide to escort it out of your space and direct it to where it is better served.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

George Lucas / Star Wars

Q. With Carrie Fisher's death (I loved Princess Leia btw) I figured I would post a Star Wars related question.... 

It was mentioned a while ago that George Lucas was "in the know" or given partial disclosure and that's how he was able to develop the Star Wars Trilogy. How was the information given to him? Indirectly or directly? Did the PTW encourage Lucas's production, or was it the good ETs wanting disclosure? Did he share the source of his inspirations with any of the actors/actresses like Carrie? 

Thank you for all of your wonderful readings!!!

A. I get that George Lucas was in the know.  I see that information came to him in a variety of ways.  At first it started subtly, and then it was in his face until he was able to finish his work.  It looks like he always had a very creative and artistic mind.  When the concept of Star Wars came about he was interested in sci-fi, wanted something new, but also was searching to find some truth of his own.  I see an image of him brainstorming and jotting things down, and he would go through spurts where he would write and sketch ideas, and then have slow spells trying to connect things together (or make it feel fluid in his mind).  During the slow spells things would come to him (either in dreams, conversations, and even objects / artwork, he would come across) to keep him inspired and moving forward.  

George Lucas looks to have two main guides that sort of directed him to find information, and they also connected to him through his subconscious (providing dreams, inspiration, concepts).  One guide looks to be a Native American, late 50s, male, and a chief of some sort with a HUGE headdress.  Other other is an ET, looks like a Grey, but is all white and emits white light from all directions.

The PTW (Powers That once Were) did know what he was doing, and monitored him closely.  He was allowed to proceed in the name of his work being "sci fi" even though it touched onto the truth in a very real way.  I also see that an "ah ha" moment went off for a lot of people wondering how this story line parallels to our reality.  It also looks like as the collective consciousness rises, and more people open up, the PTW started to get concerned, and that was why Disney was encouraged to get involved (since they are controlled by the PTW as well).  

He did confide in some of the cast of Star Wars.  He wasn't sure what he knew or even exactly how he knew things, but it all made sense once he started to put his ideas and concepts together.  He used symbolism to illustrate concepts, and help people to understand.  He respected his actors / actresses, and would bounce ideas off them in order to get the best effect.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Random Q & A

Q.  There are some people who claim to have seen a comedy film in the early 90's that apparently does not exist: "Shazaam" starring the stand-up comedian Sinbad (David Adkins) as a genie who grants wish. Is this a timeline glitch or a deliberate suppression of the movie? Note: During that time, there was also a similar movie with Shaq, titled Kazaam
A. I hear that a group of people did not make this up.  This did happen, Sinbad was in a movie, and the memories of this movie are an example of the Mandela Effect at work.  There were two different timeline memories, that are now syncing up.  The majority of the population did not experience the movie Shazaam, bur for those that did, it was very real.   

[Previous readings on Time Line and the Mandela Effect: ]

Q. If I have a certain question (e.g., a personal decision to make, like whether to stay in your country or go abroad), what are some effective ways of asking for "signs" from the universe?
A.  I get that most important thing is to place the intent for a clear sign and watch for it to manifest.  Consciously put effort into thinking about receiving (do it daily and you can even set up reminders like a post-it by your toothbrush or a vision board), and believe and feel confident that the answer will manifest.  Then, make yourself open to receiving.  Don't discount the signs or rationalize them away.  I hear the phrase, "if you ask, and you believe, you will receive."

Q. Around Christmas time, I recently started practicing short daily meditation (guided with audio instructions). Some days later, during a moment where my sleep was not that deep, I heard a "hello". It felt so loud that I physically turned my head to my right and woke up, but at the same time I knew that I did not hear an actual sound in the room. Am I just trying to make sense out of my imagination? Is it an initial greeting from my higher self or maybe another spirit trying to connect? How will I know which one was it?

A.  You are opening up and becoming more in tune with your higher self and the guides around you.  Through meditation your clairaudience feels to be strengthening.  During your next meditation ask to see and / or hear the voice again, and then take that opportunity to ask who is communicating with you.  Everyone has different and unique experiences, and this looks to be the path your growth is taking.  (As a side note, always remember to set protection).

Q. Lynn, you are a fascinating individual and I read your blog daily. My question is about families. We are in our 60s and have raised responsible, educated, hard working young adults. They are struggling to find opportunities that earn a livable wage. Do you see a future with financial freedom and satisfying work? Thank you for sharing your vision.

A.  When I focus on jobs and the economy, certain jobs emerge as providing more financial freedom when compared to others.  Even though there looks to be a lot of money being made in the medical field, alternative medicines are on the rise (energy workers, chiropractors, reflexology, acupuncture, etc).  I see more and more people seeing out alternative therapies because the traditional methods are costly and failing them.  The legal fields (attorneys, paralegals, etc) also feel secure and growing is necessity.  Technology also feels big (engineers, scientists, inventors) in regards to job security.  

Overall, I see certain fields emerging in popularity, but the concept of "satisfying" is really tied to the person working it.  For example, if someone studies law because they want a stable job, they may dislike it and be better suited to be a teacher.  Someone else may be satisfied being a lawyer because they enjoy the challenges.  People choosing the wrong field for the wrong reason is the biggest contributor to be unhappy.  

I am reminded that if you study and go into a field you love, the wealth will follow.  I hear that most importantly remember that wealth isn't always measured in dollars.  Some of the people that consider themselves the richest don't have much money at all.

Q. Can you comment on this? It seems to describe a dream I had a long time ago. 

I was walking in the city and suddenly there was a massive energy pulse. I felt to the ground in slow motion, felt a full body orgasm, then time sped up again and it was as if nothing happened, but I knew it had. Every last ounce of darkness had been cleared off Earth and was to set the wheels in motion for monumental change. I am feeling so frustrated by the control matrix, I hope it is true and happens soon.
A. We are going (slowly, with occasional bursts) through an energy shift.  It looks to happen spiritually before it happens physically.  It is and has been occurring for a while.  Many of us (especially if you are sensitive) are feeling the effects.  

I am attaching a link to a reading I did on how I see this divide occurring in more detail.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,