Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Few Random Topics....

Hello Lynn, I love reading your posts. Thank you for what you do. I have a couple topics for you and was wondering of you could look into them for me. 

Q. At the Serapeum of Saqqara there are these huge Granite coffer stones weighing tons that were cut with extreme precision. They are very old and could not have been made without precision tools. The Egyptian pharaohs discovered them and re-purposed them. What was the true purpose of these massive granite blocks? 
A.  I get that this location has always been energetically intense due to the earth's natural ley lines.  I see that an ancient civilization lived there at one time (before Egypt was even Egypt), and ETs would often visit them.  The energy there was a beacon for the ETs to find them over and over.  I see that the granite blocks were constructed to create some kind of "grid."  Then, I see an image of someone using crystals to grid their home (to clue me in).   (Note: Please don't do this on your own until you have fully researched the proper way to do it as this is very powerful).  It looks like the ETs gave them knowledge on gridding their space, taught them the power behind it, and assisted them in crafting a grid from these granite blocks. 

Q. The stone Moldavite is supposed to have strong psychic energy and can open a persons 3rd eye if they are holding it. People wearing it have gotten headaches. Could you please provide some insight into this green stone?
A. I get this stone has intense magnetic properties.  It isn't magnetic is the way of a north / south pole, but magnetic in that it can change energetic fields (flip them around).  I also hear that it isn't from this solar system, making it a tangible form of something from where a portion of people have DNA connections.  I get an image of Orion's belt, so it looks as though this originated from one or all three of the star systems there (??).   If someone with a DNA connection (a link to an ET race from one of those star systems) comes into contact with this crystal it can have PROFOUND effects in waking intuitive / psychic abilities.  The energetic properties of the stone create a physical connection that awakens the subconscious on a very deep level.

Q. My daughter, Sarah, is 11 and she and her friends have been talking about getting a Ouija board. She wants to buy it. I don't like the idea of her playing around with one and definitely don't want one in my home. 

I've heard they can attract negative spirits and I definitely don't want one attaching itself to her. How do you feel about Ouija boards? Can they attract negative spirits or if you set the intention, can you attract positive ones? OR are all the stories, about Ouija boards, just stories, not real and they are harmless?

A. Even though these are marketed as a toy, they are NOT toys.  If someone were to approach using one without setting proper protection, a negative entity could present itself.  On the other side spirits just want to be heard, and if they find a way to reach through to this side, they will do so.   Protection and clear positive intent would need to be set by everyone involved in the process.  With the proper guidance these boards are very useful and be a positive experience, but they should be taken very seriously and respected for what they are.

Q. When someone reincarnates, do they have the same soul and Guardian Angels that they had in the previous lifetimes?
A. I do get that when a person incarnates they do have the same soul, but sometimes souls (for lack of a better term) split off and create a "twin" soul that carries residual subconscious memories and karma. The birth of a new soul can come from the Source consciousness (rare), but most times it is a "splitting" effect that can lead to a new soul. 

We do not always have the same Guardian Angel.  They are assigned based on what lesson or challenge you are meant to learn during that specific lifetime.  I see we are born with one guide / Angel that stays with us from birth to death, and other guides / Angels come and go as life changes and different obstacles / experiences are in our path.  I get each guide / Angel is a specialist (so to speak) in an area of your life, and together they create a very powerful spiritual team.

Q. What exactly is a Soul? Is it a life form from Heaven or is it an energy source for the body like electricity or gas for a car? 
A. When I focus on a soul, I see this image of an intense, bright, yellow and white light.  It is so brilliant that you cannot even look at it for more than a few seconds.  My impression is that it is the energy radiating out from the Source Consciousness / God / Universal Consciousness.  The actual source of the light is too much to be seen, but the energy surrounding it takes the appearance of this bright light. Circling this bright light is hundreds if not thousands of people and animals.  As I watch a beam of light shines out from this Source Consciousness (sort of like a laser beam) and touches each being in the chest (heart chakra area), and at that moment their heart starts to beat and they take a breath (basically come to life).

I am being shown how a soul is the spark that starts life.  Without a soul, we are just matter.  A soul is the electrical spark that makes the heart beat and keeps the electrical rhythms in sync.

I then see that our souls are how we are all connected to one another.  This life force, whether new (split from another soul or born from the Source) or continued on from a past incarnation, is tethered to the Source Consciousness.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


JJ said...

Brilliant reading

Chatty Cathy said...

It is always fascinating to learn about the innate power of crystals, stones and rare minerals. Even the iPhone would not be possible without rare earth minerals such as Europium and Coltan. It's so amazing the Creator buried within our Earth all the raw materials we need to achieve amazing accomplishments, and perhaps left it up to us to achieve the knowledge as well.

Alex said...

It would be interesting to know what is the advantage of soul splitting and why do they split. If a soul split into two, wouldn't that made the two souls weaker than the previous one because energy can't be created nor destroyed.

Sean Nash said...

Thanks Lynn for the download trigger of information again from Oversoul. Now I have to wrote it all down lol. Amazing as always.

A Man Called Da-da said...

NO Ouija boards! Esp for kids. Good grief.

Raymond G said...

Lynn, Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it.

When God 'beams' a ray of light into a newborn's heart, does that happen in the womb while it is still developing or the moment it is born?

When Spirits choose the person they are going to 'supervise' do they pick and select the one they want or is it an agreement between the person and the Guardian Angel before they ever return? Do they get 'extra points' for supervising someone with a hard life like a criminal as opposed to someone who lives a good life and never gets into mischief?

Thanks for the time you give to this blog Lynn.

Alex said...

@Raymond G

You misunderstood what Lynn said. 'God' doesn't beam any light into existing souls every time they are reborn. Lynn has said it is rare for new souls to be created. Most (around 99%) are existing souls that have existed for million of lifetimes.

God' doesn't arbitrarily give someone a hard life versus a good life so guardians don't get extra points for supervising different people.

Most of the concepts that you read from the bible are wrong.

Whether someone has a hard or good life depends on their karmic lessons, what they have done in past lives and also the life lesson that they need to learn to evolve their soul to higher states.

Read 'Journey of soul' from Michael Newton and also Buddhist sutras.

Anonymous said...

I picked Moldavite this last summer to be the one item in the crystal bible to learn about . Visited rock and mineral shows , crystal shops and read information on line about it.

Moldavite more then any other item I researched so far from the crystal bible has such varying degree in price and questionable authenticity that I still have not purchased a pie

A piece the size of a quarter was priced $40 to $400 and when held in had it felt like light weight plastic.

I really had to question if authentic Moldavite is even available after seeing a piece of aqua colored glass at the local rock and mineral show this year that the owner of the piece said was Mt St Helens ash that he melted down.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Erin: That is good to know. After the reading I was super curious about this crystal and wanted to seek some out. I figured it would be expensive, and I also wondered about getting some what was "real." I need to do my research on this. :-)

Ralib Allen said...

So how do you see our soul being connected to our brain? Does our soul also have a brain? Because isn't everything we see or do, or think in this physical plane of exsistence controlled by our brain? I just get so confused.

Like when we die how do we process information without a brain unless our soul also has some sort of brain. Or are our memories even really stored in our brain at all?

They Live said...

Beautiful regarding guardian angels and souls💕 Many thanks for these readings 🌷

Raymond G said...

Alex....Thanks. I reread her comments and it made me wonder...if light enters our body to create life then that means everyone of us has a piece of God within us. Part of His DNA. Assuming that God has DNA.

I bought the book Destiny of Souls that your recommended a few weeks ago. I am still reading it. I am part way through three books and that is one of them. It's interesting so far though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Were the granite blocks at the Sarapeum of Saqarra cut and moved the same way they were done to build the Pyramids in Egypt and Machu Pichu in Peru ?

Craig said...

Ralib think of the brain like a part of the body, the mind as part of the soul, but the soul and body are interfaced so each instantly communicates with the other. The brain is like a complex machine that has subconscious functions. So you can think of something that your soul (higher self) is trying to tell you and you can also use your will to indicate a thought as to How you would like to be assisted by your soul energy. That's how I see it anyway. It's a constant dialogue. But when out of the body, the soul can tap into all knowledge. No physical brain required. I think we are learning how to bypass the brain a little to let that knowledge and information flow more freely.

SB said...

Lynn, this is probably the only dealer I would trust with getting the real deal. I have bought from them and find their stuff amazing.

Robert Schoen said...

I was really touched by Lynn's description of the soul and we need constant reminders of our "Godness" in this culture. I had some moldavite I completely forgot about that is on my bedside. I think learning from Lynn's example and how she says that everyone already has the answers within is an even better way to connect to your own psychic ability. Crystals are maybe like training wheels to help you get there or to tune in or focus intent.

A very good source for crystals from a very spiritual person from New Zealand I can recommend is Ehani who is also on youtube