Sunday, January 8, 2017

Random Q & A

Q.  There are some people who claim to have seen a comedy film in the early 90's that apparently does not exist: "Shazaam" starring the stand-up comedian Sinbad (David Adkins) as a genie who grants wish. Is this a timeline glitch or a deliberate suppression of the movie? Note: During that time, there was also a similar movie with Shaq, titled Kazaam
A. I hear that a group of people did not make this up.  This did happen, Sinbad was in a movie, and the memories of this movie are an example of the Mandela Effect at work.  There were two different timeline memories, that are now syncing up.  The majority of the population did not experience the movie Shazaam, bur for those that did, it was very real.   

[Previous readings on Time Line and the Mandela Effect: ]

Q. If I have a certain question (e.g., a personal decision to make, like whether to stay in your country or go abroad), what are some effective ways of asking for "signs" from the universe?
A.  I get that most important thing is to place the intent for a clear sign and watch for it to manifest.  Consciously put effort into thinking about receiving (do it daily and you can even set up reminders like a post-it by your toothbrush or a vision board), and believe and feel confident that the answer will manifest.  Then, make yourself open to receiving.  Don't discount the signs or rationalize them away.  I hear the phrase, "if you ask, and you believe, you will receive."

Q. Around Christmas time, I recently started practicing short daily meditation (guided with audio instructions). Some days later, during a moment where my sleep was not that deep, I heard a "hello". It felt so loud that I physically turned my head to my right and woke up, but at the same time I knew that I did not hear an actual sound in the room. Am I just trying to make sense out of my imagination? Is it an initial greeting from my higher self or maybe another spirit trying to connect? How will I know which one was it?

A.  You are opening up and becoming more in tune with your higher self and the guides around you.  Through meditation your clairaudience feels to be strengthening.  During your next meditation ask to see and / or hear the voice again, and then take that opportunity to ask who is communicating with you.  Everyone has different and unique experiences, and this looks to be the path your growth is taking.  (As a side note, always remember to set protection).

Q. Lynn, you are a fascinating individual and I read your blog daily. My question is about families. We are in our 60s and have raised responsible, educated, hard working young adults. They are struggling to find opportunities that earn a livable wage. Do you see a future with financial freedom and satisfying work? Thank you for sharing your vision.

A.  When I focus on jobs and the economy, certain jobs emerge as providing more financial freedom when compared to others.  Even though there looks to be a lot of money being made in the medical field, alternative medicines are on the rise (energy workers, chiropractors, reflexology, acupuncture, etc).  I see more and more people seeing out alternative therapies because the traditional methods are costly and failing them.  The legal fields (attorneys, paralegals, etc) also feel secure and growing is necessity.  Technology also feels big (engineers, scientists, inventors) in regards to job security.  

Overall, I see certain fields emerging in popularity, but the concept of "satisfying" is really tied to the person working it.  For example, if someone studies law because they want a stable job, they may dislike it and be better suited to be a teacher.  Someone else may be satisfied being a lawyer because they enjoy the challenges.  People choosing the wrong field for the wrong reason is the biggest contributor to be unhappy.  

I am reminded that if you study and go into a field you love, the wealth will follow.  I hear that most importantly remember that wealth isn't always measured in dollars.  Some of the people that consider themselves the richest don't have much money at all.

Q. Can you comment on this? It seems to describe a dream I had a long time ago. 

I was walking in the city and suddenly there was a massive energy pulse. I felt to the ground in slow motion, felt a full body orgasm, then time sped up again and it was as if nothing happened, but I knew it had. Every last ounce of darkness had been cleared off Earth and was to set the wheels in motion for monumental change. I am feeling so frustrated by the control matrix, I hope it is true and happens soon.
A. We are going (slowly, with occasional bursts) through an energy shift.  It looks to happen spiritually before it happens physically.  It is and has been occurring for a while.  Many of us (especially if you are sensitive) are feeling the effects.  

I am attaching a link to a reading I did on how I see this divide occurring in more detail.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 


Robert Schoen said...

The Mandela effect again! Maybe we are all being gaslighted, thanks to social media. I just remember there being a movie back then with a basketball star as the genie, so I googled and found this
which has a doctored photo of an old VHS tape with Sinbad as a Genie, and this was being spread on social media as a fact. If they do things like daylight savings time switches just to get us off balanced, maybe creating all these social trivia changes to make people doubt there memory is a setup for something a lot bigger.

I told someone recently about the fake space station reading Lynn did and they immediately answered back they were friends with someone who lived up there. This immediately reminded me of after 9/11 when I'd talk to someone about how it was all faked, at least two people told me they knew someone on the plane that drove the plane into the ground before it could crash into the White House. Could these be planted false memories with the aim to gaslight or to keep people from questioning fake events?

The other thing is that all these Mandela effect things involve movies,music, books that are corporate owned where they can change or pull the plug at will. I'd like to see someone new on Mount Rushmore, JFK as an old man expresident, or Palestine instead Israel. That would make me a believer.

Buddhist Lady said...

I've read the previous posts on the Mandela Effect but, honestly, paid very little attention to the events and concept. I must admit, for some reason, this post "got" to me. I watched the referenced videos and posts and re-read Lynn's original account on the Mandela Effect.

I wonder, Lynn, what the group identification might in a case like this one. You said in your original post: "but occasionally there are "glitches" due to vibrational differences in a section of society or perhaps a very large group is evolving at a different rate" and that group might enter (temporarily) a different timeline that rejoins the dominant/current one at a later "time." Why would a group remembering a movie entitled Shazaam with Sinbad become a group with vibrational differences? I looked up the probable generational designation, and evidently, both Generation X and some Millennials might very well have watched this movie. I can only think that their vibrational difference centers around another factor but is far more easily pinpointed by a cultural phenomenon like watching a movie.

Also, do you think that the rising and/or various influxes of vibrational frequency with Ascension might be playing more havoc with various timelines appearing and disappearing?

A Man Called Da-da said...

I saw "Shazaam" with Sinbad as a genie... but really wished I hadn't.

Unknown said...

This is so strange because I totally remember that movie with Sinbad!!! I had to look it up for myself that it wasn't real. No way. No way! So bizarre.

Starry-eyed said...

There's a documentary on YouTube I found about 9/11 and the planes going missing.

I think either there were people on planes who were actors and they were fake "killed off" elsewhere. Or they planes were actually hijacked, grounded, the people read scripts and we're then actually killed off.

Raymond said...

I can identify with hearing 'hello'. I have meditated on previous occasions and heard brief voices like you suggested. Once I was meditating around 8:00 at night and I asked what would be the best time to meditate and reach my Guides. Then I heard a booming 11:30! in my right ear. I was startled to hear the voice. I meditated again at 11:30 that night but I did not hear anything else. There have been a few other occasions when I have had 'replies' but that was the first time and the most memorable. They have always been 1 word answers and always in my right ear, like it was coming over my shoulder. I don't know if that means anything, but it has always been consistent.

s7even said...

How exactly do you set protection?

Again, thanks for answering my questions! I have more questions (mostly generic and non-personal) and I hope you will be able to answer them =)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert and Buddhist Lady: It does seem like we are "supposed" to experience certain things, but factors dealing with vibration and ascension take groups of people elsewhere until we are able to sync back up. Daylight savings time is intentional to keep us out of rhythm, but that is a different agenda (sort of).

@s7even: There are different ways to do it. You can simply ask for it and visualize yourself protected in white light. People sometimes chose to strengthen the feeling using crystals (but not necessary). The biggest thing is to remember YOU have the power in your mind to protect yourself, you just need to ask for it. It is truly about the intent that you set. Ask for it, visualize it and feel it.

Starshine said...

Be careful about using Snopes to check "truth." Snopes was Snoped long ago...It is run by a husband and wife who "research" from their living room laptops using no true Intel and employing no verifiable investigation techniques. Many times they have been caught skewing information with an agenda and reporting something as fact without seeking confirmation from the actual source.

I remember this movie with Sinbad too! Luckily, I did not watch it, Dada :)

Unknown said...

Funny my son called me last week and asked me if I remember that movie and now you do a reading on it.

As well, I heard a masculine "hello" last week as clear as day but there was no with me so I chalked it up to crazy..well not anymore :)

Thank you Lynn..I enjoy reading your posts and everyone's comments.

Love and light all!!

Chatty Cathy said...

@Robert Shoen- I'm one of the people who remembers Sinbad starring in a movie called Shazaam and where he played a genie. Back then I was a fan of Sinbad from his role on the tv show, A Different World, and Shazaam is actually the only movie role that I can recall he played in. Sinbad is a light-complexioned man with freckles and a talented comedienne so I would never confuse him will the darker-complexioned basketball superstar Shaq. That snopes VHS tape does not look like Sinbad as I recall him because I remember his character was actually clothed in a colorful and elaborate genie outfit. He was never topless. The snopes article feels very disengenious.

They Live said...

What vibrational path are those who remember the Shazaam movie, Chic-Fil-A spelling, Bernstain Bear spelling, etc on as opposed to those who don't remember such things? Is one timeline of a higher vibration than the other?
Many thanks!

They Live said...


Buddhist Lady said...

I wonder how much we either remember, which many people would say never happened, or don't remember, which other people do remember, but because the event or "fact" isn't publically discussed, as the Shazaam movie we wouldn't know!

I finally got around to starting some of the Seth material. Seth said that, in actuality, we consistently create our own "reality" but that, sometimes, we might notice something "changed" (because we haven't given that much "intention" to "establishing" that reality) but we dismiss the "change" or variation as our imagination or something of inconsequence.

Robert Schoen said...

@starshine and Chatty Cathy, you're right about Snopes and I believe everyone about the Sinbad movie although it was off my radar. Maybe that means I'm with the dumb people. I do remember Frank Gifford being announced dead before. Let's hope they resurrect Joan Rivers so she can make more comments about the Obamas. I just hope they take his Nobel peace prize away.

One thing that ocurred to me, if this isn't gaslighting, is that these differences in memory could be signs of those who consciousness is shifting to a higher dimension and those who choose to remain in the present reptilian run dimension. Just look at the last election to see how two huge groups are viewing things completely differently.
I bet some Pleaideian channeling could answer some of these mysteries about what's going on.

RL said...

This is all so fascinating!! I also want to know more about the group of people who experienced the alternate memories, I am one of them who remembered the movie very well. I actually enjoyed it, there are a lot of other memories that I have that shouldn't be there. What does it mean for this group of people.. Generation x? My questions are similar to They Live.... I just want to know what makes this group so... Unique?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Again, thanks so much for the great comments. The sharing is great!

Chatty Cathy said...

I have another odd memory that I recently learned apparently did not happen. Many of you will not even know who I'm even talking about. I guess it's kind of macabre to share this but here goes. Over ten years ago I remember when a young musical artist named Teyana Taylor had an over-the-top birthday party on the MTV TV show, Sweet Sixteen. I remember that her mother was very involved in making sure the day was special. Fast forward a few years later and I remember reading that her mother had passed away from cancer, I believe breast cancer. I absolutely recall this because I remember being very sad for her losing her young mother at such a young age. And then fast forward to last year when Teyana Taylor was in the news again after her appearance in a Kanye West video, I saw a current photo of Teyana with her mother, alive and well. Shocked. I'm still perplexed about this one and have been wondering if anyone else recalled this as well. Again, many of you will be saying, "Who?".

Serene said...

I saw Shazaam too, but wasn't too interested in it at the time. Is it possible the movie was made on VHS however it's rare to find anyone with a copy today? Could Sinbad just be effing with us saying he didn't really didn't make the movie? (Maybe he prefers that everyone just forget about that early career movie) And with Berenstain Bears, I've seen them spelled both ways. I think it's a matter of people not knowing how it's spelled, so they spell it the way they think best. Also, I've seen Mrs. Clinton's name spelled both Hilary and Hillary.

I'm an outside the box thinker, however in this case I wonder if it's more a matter of people remembering things one way and that way catches on and before you know it, the "incorrect" way becomes part of one's history and thinking. (???)

Unknown said...

I remember it being spelled Shazaam back then and I live in Asia. I even remember that it was pronounced like an expression similar to Abrakadabra.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I'm loving reading these comments! :-)

They Live said...

I definitely remember Teyana's Mtv Sweet Sixteen appearance, I didn't follow her much after the show so I don't recall news of her mother passing; but the ways things are going news of her mom's death probably did occur. A similar situation occurred on channel 7 news when they announced Hillary Clinton's death and then chopped it up as a mistake not too long after hmmmmm...

A Man Called Da-da said...

I vividly recall (i have an eidetic memory, or had one before i had kids) that it was "Berenstein Bears" back in the early '90s (i remember wondering if they were jewish) -- then did a doubletake in the mid-2000s when I saw it spelled, "Berenstain." This is indicative of the eddies and currents and backwashes of the illusion. Just like "The Matrix," we are all actually asleep in a collective illusion, and are slowly being awakened by SOURCE. This is all a massive dream we're having, an escape if you will. (Those students of The Course know what I'm talking about.) Only a precious few have escaped the illusion. This is why maintaining a positive mindset is so important, as manifesting in the illusion is quite easy, which is why the PTW have been trying to get so many minds turned toward making fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh. Course-wise (since someone just asked me), here's an excellent precis of what I'm talking about:

Chatty Cathy said...

Something interesting I read and thought to share. The following is a comment that I read on a blog discussion about the Mandela Effect. Although I don't have synesthesia, her comment rings true to me.

"Hello. I have synesthesia, which means that I associate (in my case) colors with letters in the alphabet. I am not going to go into detail because I am not some neuroscientist who could explain, so please look it up if you wish to know more. Anyway, I specifically remember reading the Berenstein Bears when I was younger. The spelling was Berenstein, because the color of the word was Brown-Green-Purple-Green-Orange-Yellow-Light Green-GREEN-Pink-Orange. If it was Berenstain, it would have red in place of the green and the word would be brown red overall (because a is a strong color). The word, though, has always been brown green in my memories."