Monday, January 30, 2017

5 Strange Videos

Q.  I found this Youtube video that was just made a few days ago called "5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Some Explaining". I have never seen any of the videos listed in this video and the ones that really interest me are one about a flying object in Chile and the last video about a guy sending an RC car with a camera on it into a Pyramid in Egypt, and it actually shows the video. I'll withhold my impressions about any of the videos so that I don't influence you but I would really love to see you cover these. It's rare that I find decent videos like these that I've never seen before.

Here is the link, the video is 13 minutes: 5 Strange Videos

1. Whisper sounds deep in a mine.  (This is an old mine, and upon investigation voices were heard and recorded). 

A  I get that there are spirits deep in this mine.  Something about the texture / properties of the stone of the mine gives this feel of entrapment of these spirits.  There is a lot of energy tied to deaths that occurred either in the mine or near the entrance (there is a dark history tied to this location).  It feels like there is a need to clear these spirits and move them on.

2.  Mysterious Disappearance (This was the last time this gentleman was seen.  No one knows what happened to him). 
A.  I get that he did go outside of the shop and was spotted by some gang members.  Unfortunately, his identity was mistaken, and the gang thought that he was someone that he wasn't.  The members pulled up in a dark blue sedan (a Mercury Topaz looking kind of car) and put him in the back seat.  It looks like they gave him some kind of "beat down" before he was able to prove he wasn't who they thought he was.  The gang knew they couldn't just release him as their cover and location would be blown (the beat down looks tied to some kind of initiation that wasn't going to happen), so they did end up taking his life.  I don't see this actually being solved. (Please send some love and healing to his family).

3. Navy UFO Footage (This footage of a UFO was taken by the military and they were never able to explain it). 
A.  I do see this as legit.  I get there is some dark energy controlling this craft, and I hear the word "Archon."  I also get this dark smoke is some kind of toxin that has a short half life and is designed to effect memories.  The craft looks like it was going to and from an earthly base, and was seen and chased (which they didn't like), so it emitted this "black memory smoke."   I also get that there were some massive neurological issues endured by people in a close proximity to this craft.

4.  Writing in a Language that you Cannot Read or Understand (After a man heard of Princess Di's death, he began writing in a language he could not understand or read). 

A.  I see this as an intense automatic handwriting session.  It looks like the trauma of hearing about Princess Di's death awoke something in his subconscious that was related to a past life (one in which he too was effected by the Powers That once Were).  Hearing of the current event triggered that past trauma from a past life, and his automatic handwriting was unstoppable.  I also hear that his message is a story that matches one on the inside of a pyramid in Egypt.  Specifically, it looks like the story of the Reptilians and how they got so much control.  I also hear that he isn't supposed to learn the truth (our of protection), but he is to serve as a messenger. (Let's hope this gets deciphered someday soon!).

5. $5 million or else.. (A man took a remote controlled car with a camera and drove it into the pyramids.  After he obtained the footage he put a demand online that either he gets paid $5 million or the video gets released).
A.  I get this video was just a game or hobby.  I cannot see or feel anything significant coming through. [dang it]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Meg Murray said...

Hi Lynn,Can you ponder the intent of Steve Bannon in the Trump Admin? I am all for draining the swamp and overthrowing the PTW, but they have a mandate and a majority. Why are they breaking the law and hurting innocent muslims? Please advise.

Alpha X said...

Thanks for posting this Lynn. I got the same (more simplified) impression as you for the two that I mentioned. The flying craft is definitely real and I can see how that spraying would be negative. As for the Pyramid video, I knew that one wasn't real but I was wondering what that last part of the video actually was, even though it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting as the real thing.

wendy tascione said...

Jacob Hollar said...

Those were good.

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for the reading... The mine was interesting. Shame he wouldn't stop talking and just let the machine record for a time. The one with the pictographs was awesome as well.

The enlightened one said...

@Meg Murray
As far as I understand, the ban is only temporary, until more secure vetting procedures have been put into place. According to Alex Jones, Barack Obama himself used temporary bans on people from specific countries during his presidency.

As for Steve Bannon, I think he is well needed as a counterweight to the more establishment-like people in the Trump administration. Well balanced is best.

Robert Schoen said...

I think you have another series on your hands! Doing readings on Top5s youtube videos because he seems to be an intelligent guy who's picked out the really interesting groups of videos that make people think. It was strange how the missing guy just vanished from the security video and his friend seemed to assume he was still there next to him, then acted confused over the money transaction as if his memory was wiped in a case of missing time, at least that's what I thought it was leading to. The automatic writer of the strange script was also compelling and your reading really makes sense. There was a youtube documentary on all the reptilian Egyptian artifacts they keep hidden away in the Cairo museum I thought might be bogus but now I have second thoughts.

Buddhist Lady said...

I second Robert's suggestion. I hope Dada and you continue your Friday series, and I also like this Top 5 series. All the questions were very intriguing. I wish the guy who was recording in the mine, like Mark said, would have quieted down so we could hear entirely what he heard.

Meg--I suspect Trump is surrounded by people who remain from the previous administration, thus, people who don't have his back. He probably needs people around him whom he implicitly trusts. I normally don't follow politics closely (because they have become far too devisive), but I have been following events closely since the inauguration because I felt that Trump was in very real danger. I hope we're past that danger now.

Meg Murray said...

Thanks everyone for your responses. I was concerned maybe the danger to our President and his gials maybe be coming from within instead if without.... and I dont think Lynn had weighed in yet on Bannon or Kushner or Miller and their true intentions toward Trump and his goals. Love and light.

Hope said...

This guy (youtube channel someguy827) extract the audio from the original video about the abandoned mine, separating the voices with filters.

From 2:00 mins; he made an unedited audio, no filters, no image.

From 13:19 mins; he made filtered audio, high pass, gain boost, slight EQ, and those creepy voices are more audible.

RE: Creepy Sounds Captured in an Abandoned Mine

SallyAnne said...

I can't understand not being able to see Trump for what he is....he only cares about himself...don't need to be psychic to see that.

Hope said...

Sorry, I meant

From 3:19 mins; he made filtered audio, high pass, gain boost, slight EQ, and those creepy voices are more audible.

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn, those were interesting. Especially the UFO and the haunted cave. That man's mysterious writing was interesting too. I wonder if he could be regressed to learn what he was writing?

Have you ever considered recording the results of these videos as well as Five for Friday and posting them on Youtube? I bet you would get a loyal following.

By the way you are only 15,000 clicks shy of 4 million hits. Do you have anything special planned for the event when you hit 4MN...... like a parade, fireworks, interview with 60 Minutes....Dinner at the White House?

Chatty Cathy said...

@SallyAnne - If Trump is the only person who benefits from bringing jobs back to America...and he is the only person who benefits from eradicating terrorism...then sure, I guess you are right.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the comments! Raymond, thanks you. Nothing special, but maybe I should plan some kind of interesting reading for that day... hmmm. :-)

Buddhist Lady said...

Hope--thank you so much for that link!!! The guy did a great job distilling the sounds--they are so, so, so creepy!!!

No more politics for me!! I determined last night that I would not review in depth anymore political matters, and this morning, a weird (very unusual for me) pain (not headache) I had been experiencing in my head for several days completely went away!!!