Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day is Upon Us... Misc Questions..

Q. You did a reading on Trump's presidency and that he is a positive change, but when you look at his administration - I do not see any change. They are the same elites who run big corporation. Mixed signals⁉️
A. I did see Trump as being better than the alternative, but there will be struggles (like with any administration).  I do see him addressing those issues rather quickly, and he also looks to be "unconventional" and feels to use creativity to accomplish goals (very different from any other president).  Initially, i see him working on mending foreign and domestic relationships (I hear you it is difficult to negotiate with someone that has little respect for you or what you stand for).  Even if he doesn't agree with the apologies given (sometimes life forces you to take the higher road to get the desired result, which does have sort of a manipulative feel), he sees them as necessary to be able to work compromises.  I also hear that he will have to "choke on some of his words" as he expresses them in attempts to undo some of the damage that has been done.

I also hear that Trump sees the "long game" in things.  His ego is a huge driving force and motivator (which looks like a good thing now as long as things and people go along with his vision). Many of the people he has chosen are "elites" but I hear they are "elites with a good resume."  Trump has thought this through and put people in position that will ultimately help to propel him.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I just saw an undercover investigation that gave evidence of groups planning to sabotage the inauguration and festivities. Do you see any of these schemes playing out? Is there any danger to be in D.C.?

A.  I cannot see the inauguration being sabotaged, but I do see LOTS of protests (some violent) breaking out.  The protests make DC feel like an unpleasant place to be for the next few days.  I get the media will instigate fear and put ideas in people (which keeps the anxiety energy flowing).   I also see the media honing in on protests to keep the country stirred up (and people divided).  

Then I hear "this division is the long game being played by the Powers That once Were (PTW)"  Rather than giving Trump a chance (it is like the the PTW are afraid he will do well), the PTW and media are going to do what they can to keep tensions high.  Then I hear a phrase about "accepting the things we cannot change, courage to do what we can, and wisdom to know the difference."  I hear that no one is going to stop the wheels that are set in motion, and Trump was elected.  Unifying and moving forward makes us stronger, whereas, the constant division makes us look weak and divided.

Q. I don't know if you want to address this issue again, Lynn...but why the heck is Pres. Obama moving so many troops and military equipment into Poland and Germany in just the last 4-5 days? Some point to the Crimea annexation by Russia/Putin putting some of the smaller countries in NATO at risk, but that annexation happened in March 2014 and Russia has done nothing further. Particularly, Obama leaves in just a few more days...why the massive NATO offensive deployment? I have considerable confidence in Putin's coolness under pressure, but I do worry about "a mistake"--a provocation by the U.S.--occurring which triggers actual military hostilities on the Western Border. Someone wants war and the subsequent instability in the U.S. while one hundred quazillion people worldwide do not.
A.  I get that Obama only has a few days left, and he is trying to leave a lasting impression.  Clinton would have started a war, and now that is not going to happen, so the pressure is on Obama to get it going.  I see the PTW putting some serious pressure on him while they still have some influence.  They are hoping that enough instigation will occur that a war will be inevitable.  The PTW want the US overseas to stake out some oil producing land.  The PTW are scared the the US will lose that type of control.

I then hear a voice (sounds like Trump) saying "We have so much to undo.  So, so, much." and then I see him shake his head back and forth in disgust.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Buddhist Lady said...

Thank you so much for the reading, Lynn. I only just began reading a day or so ago people/columnists/writers who think that President-Elect Trump may well be assassinated, and I was shocked. The continuing vitriol absolutely stuns me. I'm left speechless.

I guess hoping that we can somehow regain a calmer and less divisive country is a pipe dream.

I was also concerned about the Russian Western Border. I even emailed Putin to encourage him to apply enormous restraint if some U.S.-instigated "provocation" arises. His staff probably thinks I'm a nut job.

Da-Da Man!! I need your help. Where did you read about the Sphere Beings remarking on the energy bubbles and the converging timeline? Corey Goode's site is so big now; I've surfed a little, but honestly (more power to him!), I don't want to have read everything.

Robert Schoen said...

I think it's important this country regain a semblance of the "freedom of the press", that is free from Corporate Globalist Illuminati interests and rampant ignoring of horrendous facts like the almost 100,000 wounded US soldiers during 8 years of Obama's elective wars, the mass government culture of pedophilia, and the media's unfailing efforts to beat the drums of war every opportunity they get. It's getting so I have to look at Al Jessira or RT to get honest reporting, which is pretty pathetic.

One of my favorite MEMEs of all time was a picture of a bunch of college guys at a football game with their team letters painted on their torsos, screaming in unison with the caption saying, "Imagine if all this energy could be put into something that really mattered." That's how I feel about the climate of Trump hate, over people unhappy they didn't get HER??? Please hurry up the Event!!!!

Freestar said...

Argh, I lost my reply! Oh well... this all feels very on point to me and I'm feeling Trump may skillfully redirect much of the divide and conquer critics, to less powerful forums.

Do you see anything on Assange? I feel that he may have found his way into the hands of the counter coup against the PTW somehow, and that perhaps they've developed a grudging working relationship.

Do you also see anything on the corruption and paedophilia aspect of government and politicians surfacing?

Alice Liu said...

Thanks for this reading, Lynn. Also, as per @Freestar's question, what do you see being revealed in terms of corruption? Many people won't be convinced until the truth actually surfaces and, I admit, I'm impatient.

Alex said...


Why is the Trump's administration risking a World War 3 by trying to deny Beijing access to new islands in the South China Sea? Shouldn't the new administration be less war-mongering than Clinton's administration?

Unknown said...

Pray for Trump, whether you like him or not, whether you voted for him or not. It is vital that he succeed in defanging TPTW, and he needs all the help he can get to stay on the right track and not get distracted by constant sabotage his efforts will face. This is an entirely non-partisan initiative.

Serene said...

Please everyone send Mr. Trump our positive energy.

Buddhist Lady said...

Alex--I'm hoping many of the positions Trump appointees have adopted during their confirmation hearings involved, as your article suggested, simply navigating the confirmation waters. I know Trump has always had a problem with China devaluing its currency thereby making Chinese manufacturing unbelievably cheap, so I wonder why he would derail that commitment for a focus on this, I agree, unnecessary detour. I've had the opportunity to talk with people whose businesses have either Chinese manufacturing connections or actually establish manufacturing bases in China. They tell me that they can ship raw materials to China, manufacture there, and then ship the finished product back to the U.S. cheaper than manufacturing here. Something's wrong with that equation.

Bee E-lightened said...

Thanks. Politics is so nasty....clinton supporters clearly do not respect democracy. Love & light to President Trump

Anonymous said...

Two days ago there was rumor of a skirmish between NSA an CIA in New York. Something to do with Trump calling the CIA out on lack of evidence about the Russian hacking scandal.Trump was tired of the run around he was getting from the CIA. Told them to put up or shut up. CIA tried to plant evidence of Russian hacking at a NSA location. The CIA in the process of doing so got caught. Shootout insured with one CIA guy getting shot.Supposedly the shooting played out in the street ending in the guy getting shot. Just a rumor though.???

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. I agree with many of the comments directed at putting energy toward good and we need to come together. I thought about this a lot after the reading, and that quote was so true. We cannot change that he is going to be president, so let's move forward together. Sometimes life may not give us what we want, but rather what we need. I am hopeful that the Trump situation is the same way.

Much love-

John Casey said...

Well said, Lynn. I would also add that I believe one reason for rushing troops to the EU, particularly in the case of Germany, is not to deter Russia, but to keep the important vassal states (France, Germany) in line, just in case they get the idea that their might be room now to maneuver out from under NATO.

leia franc said...

What a ceremony! Sending all the positivity out to Trump. And Hilary.. she looked happier, and lighter. I almost liked her. Seems like losing was the best thing that happened to her.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@BuddhistLady ~ I got the bubbles thing from talking to my own contacts.

@RobertSchoen ~ Right on.

@JohnCasey ~ That's exactly what I was thinking.

Take heart: The "Work Together, Work Together" day is coming, and that right soon.

anne s said...

Lynn do you see us going back to the gold standard ? And the currencies resetting-revaluing soon ? Thank you ❤

Camryn Villarruel said...

So far Mr Trump continues to make horrible decisions for the regular folk. How can Ms Lynn say he is good for the country is beyond my humane understanding. But than again, according to Ms Lynn, Hitler was a good individual

corto said...

I am with you. It is hard to fathom.

I noticed she said he picked people that would help propel him...? Not us or the people.

I am curious about what long game he is playing as a person that has never been a public servent in any capacity for the people ever. That's a major uturn. And quite a change of complete being.

I also am curious about these elites with a good resume. Lol. Many appointed to fields and service areas with no previous resume experience. Sure they are smart, but to what end? What do they know? Believe? What will they decide for all of us with all this new quick study...

And the thing I find most ironic is that we should rush! to support him when these statements were never made about the previous administration. Curious if Hillary had won would be the narrative be to support? If this egalatarian view would be spread in that case... If I felt it would have been these statements would be so much easier to swallow.

I am intrigued by his disruption and lack of care for tradition. I do think America needs change. But his history of dismissiveness leaves a cold energy.

Concerned that his propensity for chaos is not a vibe that creates homeostatis or promotes togetherness.

I think he will be changed by this. I think he has no idea who or what or how the majority of the country lives and what their needs or best interests are as he has only ever been concerned about himself, his familiy and his business.

The ego could create some interesting developments... Narcissism for the greater good, I guess is what I'm reading.

Freestar said...

Hi Lynn,

Any idea what Trump is referring to here? Or is it just something to do with Israel?


Check out @EarlSinclairDR's Tweet:

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious. Candidates with good resumes? Where exactly? I think you must be both a white supremacist, xenophobe, and a homophobe to continue to insist this man is for the people as he has already helped destroy so many lives in only a few weeks. I don't know where you are getting your info from of what spirits you have aligned with you giving this info, ancestral or ET, but I don't trust them and at this point I certainly can't trust you. It was nice following your blog but I'm done.