Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Operation Stargate and Remote Viewing

The CIA and KGB/FSB have pursued psychic research for many years.  You might be interested in Operation Stargate. It was an Army program supervised by the CIA that used Remote Viewers to gather classified information. It was operational for about 15 years.  Several interesting books have been published by the people listed on Wikipedia at especially Joe McMoneagle, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann. There are many others as well, but those are among the most prominent.

Penetration by Ingo Swann was the most recent book I read about remote viewing. It is quite interesting. It is available on SCRIBD for free.  

Q. Could you tell if the CIA, FBI and KGB as well as other intelligence agencies use people like you for their work? Wouldn't that conflict with the gift received? Do they still use it?
A.  I do get that various intelligence agencies use remote viewing to aid in planning and executing their operations.  They don't use remote viewing as their only source, but rather as support to confirm what they have picked up (and sometimes it works in reverse where a remote viewer will see something, and then they investigate what was found to confirm or deny what the viewer saw).  I hear the phrase "Two is one, and one is none" which I understand to mean that two confirmations of something happening means it is valid, and only one confirmation isn't enough to completely act on..(?)

This could create a conflict in which a viewers looses the ability to see clearly and accurately if they are working under malicious intent.  If they are forced to perform or know they are doing harm, their source could alter what is shown to them.  If the person feels they are working in the greater good, helping or saving people, the information can be very accurate, and their abilities can even be magnified to show more detail to allow their positive work to go on..   

I also get that for that reason (being blocked due to the viewer's perceptions of the intent behind the operation) many psychological situations are created to form the viewers reason behind what they are doing.  These intelligence agencies are master manipulators to make people think and feel a certain way and really get into their subconscious.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, September 28, 2015

Refugees Flooding to Europe

Could you please do a reading about the high number of refugees, which are now flooding into Germany. It is estimated that this year alone are coming 1 million refugees, next year 2 or even more million.
Already now, there is not enough housing space for the 1 million refugees. They already have occupied sport arenas, military barracks, business rooms etc. Many refugees have to live in tents and winter is coming....

There are mainly coming men (over 95 %). Do they want to bring their families later? I just heard about the "Hooton Plan":  The Harvard University professor’s proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. “The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”

This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. “During this period,” he went on, “encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”

Q. They whole situation is really crazy and does not look good for Germany future, IMO. What do you see? Why is this allowed?  What will happen?
A.  I see that this is a manufactured situation created by the US, Britain and Israel. These three powers have combined efforts for many reasons in order to strengthen their political foothold to try to maintain control... 

Right now there are tensions brewing between China / Russia and the US.  North Korea is also angered, but they are a secondary concern as of right now.  The US needs a foothold in Syria to monitor what is going on between China and Russia, and also form some kind of barrier to make trade or interactions a little more difficult (especially now that China is influencing the stock market with their tactics, which was in part "pay back" for the manipulation of oil prices).  The best way to do that is to destabilize Syria, make sure their fighting forces (the Syrians) are depleted so they cannot be recruited to fight, and put US (and British) soldiers on the ground in that area.  As I tune into this situation I see the movie Confessions of an Economic Hitman come to me as a clue as to how this plan was established and executed.

I also see that Europe doesn't want to fight with the US (should the tensions with China and Russia escalate).  They will ally the US as a "safe haven", but don't want involved in a war or confrontation.  These countries have created question in the eyes of the US, and there is concern as to what side they would pick if Russia were to show some dominance or force.  Creating financial struggles to make sure they cannot fund a war and having a huge influx of people creates a situation in which there is no way they want to side with anyone.  It is like Europe has a dormant feeling with regard to fighting.  They have far bigger concerns right now, which is how this was planned.

There is a focus on Germany with this as well.  Germany has to "play nice" and act as a team since it was blamed for World War, but deep down Germany holds a lot of resentment because the facts that were relayed and handed down through the generations were manipulated and changed.  Germany wants to break away, but won't be allowed.  The Germans also wanted their gold back, which is a huge threat to the US because as long as the US holds their gold, there is some hold on the country.  In looking at this more, I also see the current Volkswagon scandal tied to this as well.  This VW situation now coming to light, and push back will be directed at the German company which will be costly and also effect their reputation.  Germany needs us to sell their cars, and I see some kind of barter or deal being forced out of this situation.  I see a cartoon play out in which a character representing the US is talking to a German character, and the US is saying, "If you won't play nice WITH us, we will force your hand in ways you cannot imagine."

I ultimately see the US occupying Syria, and they will fight off some of the radical groups in the area that don't like the US and can see what is really happening.  Europe will be in a major financial crisis, and I see the wealthy going in and buying things for pennies on the dollar.  The wealthy look to get wealthier, and the poor look to pay the price.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sun, Black Holes and Time

Q. Is the Sun a boiling pot of exploding gas and nuclear explosions or does it have a solid interior ? Let's pretend that you had a spaceship that could withstand the heat and gravity of the Sun. If you sailed towards the Sun, would you fly through it like it was a bowl of water or a room full of gas and exit the other side without damaging the spaceship? Or would you be stuck in the center forever like a black hole considering that a black hole is a dead Sun? What would happen when you entered the Sun? Would time stop, would you see multiple dimensions at once? Would you be able to communicate across space - (and not because you are 
A.  I get that the center of the sun is an incredibly dense, very heavy, ball of gases.  The more you go toward the center, the more solid it gets (it looks like a gel of gases versus a complete "true" solid). The pressure and density of the center would crush you instantly if you weren't in this "magical" space ship (I see references to diving to the great depths of the ocean).  

Regarding time and how the sun would effect it... I don't see time stopping, but I hear it bends (??).  If you were to go to the center of the sun and come back out your experience of time would be different.  It could seem to fast forward or rewind, and it feels off (I keep hearing the word "bent")  You wouldn't have control of what time line you came out on, and where on the time line you fell.  This looks to be involuntary (at least at our human vibration).  I do get the impression that higher evolved species can use the energy of the sun to aid in specific jumps in time and time lines.

A black hole feels very different than the sun.  A black hole feels so dark and lifeless, whereas the sun feels full of life and positive energy.  The surrounding of the sun looks to feed a person, and a black hold looks to extract energy (like a vampire).    Very different, very opposite experiences.

Q. I read earlier posts that you have written and you said that when you RV'd a black hole that it was ominous and that if you entered absolutely nothing could escape. Do you think that this is where evil spirits go ? Is this why you had a bad feeling about Black Holes is because they are filled with evil? 
A.  Black holes do feel very dark and negative. It came to me reading the question that black holes do hold a certain amount of lower vibrational energy.  I am reminded of a phrase I use when saging that "energy (good or bad) cannot be created or destroyed, but lower vibrational energies can be moved to where they are better served" and I send it on...  When I ask where it actually goes, I see this dark hole, i.e. a black hole.  I do see a black hole being filled with much negativity and darkness.

Q. Supposedly, time only exists on Earth. But I have seen references to Universal Time. Apparently it is used between ET's and other worlds. What is Universal Time? What is the unit that they use to measure 'time'. Instead of measuring the minute hand on a clock, is it something like the degradation of a star or the rotation of a galaxy? Something spacey? Thanks for the time you give to this blog!
A. I keep hearing the term solar time, but I cannot see anything related to universal time.  Our own system, and things coming to our system use our sun, and the light beams given off (photons) to measure time.  The light from our sun is the base of reference for interactions here.  

I also get that all "worlds" have some kind of sun in their system, and when a being travels to those other "worlds" the light from their sun is what serves as their measurement of time.  I don't see it as universal time, but rather a universal way of time measurement.

The last thing I get is light beams (photons) travel the same speed regardless of what "world" you are in, so even though the systems are independent, there is some consistency in how the unit of time is measured.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Who are the Watchers

Q. Who exactly are The Watchers/Watchers and where did they originate?
A. I see the Watchers as being ETs that went against some kind of code or ethics to come here and protect humans.  It looks like at one time there was a group of ETs that left earth.  I see them as having characteristics of Greys, but they were taller, and gave off a white glow.  There was some pact that they could be around earth, watch over earth, but could not interfere with humans or effect life paths.  This group of ETs did watch over earth, and observe humans from afar, but it looked like the path of earth was heading in a bad direction, and these ETs knew that with some interference, and guidance humans could evolve (share technology, inspire through innovation, inspire leaders to emerge, etc).  It became hard to just sit and watch, and a group of ETs that just "watched" became "doers" and came down to earth to help guide humans through a more direct interaction.

Q. What does a Watcher actually do and what does being a Watcher entail?
A. Some people know they are a Watcher, and some have a nudge for the inside that they are meant to be here to guide or help people, but don't know why.  As people / humans incarnate here on earth, the DNA from the original Watchers is somewhat diluted, but as they (the incarnated Watchers) become in tune with their higher self, and act from what resonates within them, they begin to realize why they are here.

The true goal is to recognize the nudge to help society with whatever gifts you have been given at birth (nurturer, mentor, leadership, teacher, etc).   A Watcher will know they need to do something, the real challenge is to figure out what by listening to themselves and paying attention to the signs.

Q. How does one become a Watcher? Is it something one just is, a part of them, or is it something one chooses to do?
A.  I see a Watcher being chosen for you at the point of incarnation.  You have to be specially chosen to handle the burden / responsibility.  You have the choice to act upon fulfilling your destiny, but you are who you are on the inside.

Q. Are there a lot of Watchers spread across many beings, or are there only a few of them currently incarnated, or are they only currently incarnated as humans?
A.  They are here in our vicinity as both themselves, and here as humans.  There are several thousand of them here, but not all of them realize their importance and act on it.  

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, September 21, 2015

More Medical Questions..

Q. I have come across these DIVINE HEALING CODES some time ago and I wanted to know if you pick up truth to the codes and them actually helping oneself and certain areas in a person's life. If you feel that they are real and can be used for ones highest good, please share with others on your blog if you would like because we are in a time that much love and light is needed to be expressed toward earth. Thanks much.
The spaces between the numbers are IMPORTANT--be sure to copy them exactly as written for them to work.
There are three ways to use the codes:
  • write it on the part of the body, or on a sticker and stick it on the body anywhere in the aura.
  • write it in the air over the part of the body 
  • pull up anything that has the numbers on it online, on your phone or tablet, make the number big on the screen, and hold it over the body part or food item you wish to apply the code with the intent to use it.
A. I do see these working, but the person applying the "numbers" and the person receiving the "numbers" both need to believe and visualize the the "numbers" working.  This is energy work in which you are calling a guide to heal you.  I see these numbers creating a vibrational output that strengthens the intent of their effectiveness (and sort of "pings" a spiritual healer to help).  The belief and intent work in unison with the energetic output from the spiritual guide to create a healing.  

Q. Hello Lynn, Could you please explain what it means for people that experience Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)?
A. I see this as heightened nerve reactions.  I get that people with this cannot handle loud or sudden noises.  I see anxiety and over stimulation occurring when too much noise or too many distractions are around.  

When things are soft, or quiet, they are very in tune with their body and how their body reacts.  It is as if their nervous system is very awake, and a stimulus on one part of the body can travel (looks like a ripple) to other parts of the body, and when the ripple reaches an endpoint it sort of "spasms" to release the energy.

Q.  Hello Lynn, Today I have one question. It'll be helpful if you read about " fluoride mouth-rinsing". I heard that the teacher of the kindergarten where my daughter goes told about it. They will start to have children do it at the age of 4 years old. However, I worry about that it'll do children harm.
A.  I get that fluoride in general is not good for your health and that is why there are poison control numbers on tubes of toothpaste if large amounts are ingested.  High potency of fluoride can also leave white looking spots on your teeth.  If the fluoride is accidentally swallowed it can lead to the calcifying of the pineal gland (depending on where you live it is most likely in your city's water supply too).  

Be cautious and as a parent you should have the option to opt of this if it does not resonate with you. 

Q. Are bluetooth devices bad for ones health? Like bluetooth headphones or headsets? 
A.  When I visualize bluetooth devices, I see that when you have a earbuds or a phone receiver in your ear it messes with the normal hertz of your brain.  The brain works at a certain vibration, and bluetooth things interfere (like noise) with that normal function.  I can also see that prolonged use can even cause "strange" neurological issues such as weird sensations in the hands or odd pains because the hertz gets out of sync.

Q. Hi Lynn, I am wondering about anorexia. What is the best way to help those afflicted with this devastating condition? Are those with anorexia under some sort of psychic/spiritual attack?
A. In some way they are under an attack, but it comes more from the programming of society.  Eating disorders manifest from an internal issue (low self esteem, confidence, feelings of neglect, etc).  The way a person copes with those internal issues is by wanting to look a desired way that they think is appealing or accepting to society (they think it will counteract those internal issues).  

The idea is highly skewed because much of what we see and watch is photoshopped or fake, but to the personal dealing with internal struggles that doesn't matter and they strive to be what is seen as desirable. They start to live and try to be in this fake reality that becomes their real reality (which is why they are often blinded by their sometimes startling thin appearance and see something that isn't there).  This is not the reality that their friends, family and people in their circle live in.  This fake reality is where the programming occurs which does grab a hold of them in a more psychological way. 

To help these people they first need to deal with what the underlying issues are, and begin working on those.  Once those issues are addressed, then they can start to be coached, loved and supported to shift back into the reality of those around them.  It is work, requires patience, and is a very serious condition both mentally and physically.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you do a reading on what effects does coffee actually have on the human body and whether coffee is actually beneficial in moderation?  
A. I get beneficial and non-beneficial reactions to coffee, so I will just start listing them out... I see coffee can "wake up" the nervous system, give people the ability to focus (I see someone staring at a pinpoint), boosts mood, looks to circulate the blood and creates a detoxifying feeling.

Depending on the strength and quantity, I see it can adversely do things too.. I see someone with anxiety having even more anxiety, heart palpitations and creates an acidity that could lead to a sensitive bladder, stomach and kidneys... 

Overall, in moderation, everything looks to counterbalance out, and it looks fine to drink, but please listen to you body and do what resonates well with you. 

Q. Is drinking cow's milk healthy (both for kids and for adults)? Other species don't drink milk that is not from their own kind, and consumer milk is normally processed. There is also a book called "Got Milked?" that discusses the misconceptions about milk.
A. I don't see milk as being healthy or unhealthy.  I don't see that it provides the nutrition that we are taught it provides.  I get that many dairy farmers are subsidized by the government and there is a lot of money made between lobbying and politicking that keeps the rumors alive that we need cow milk.  I also get that they best milk for humans is human milk.  If humans don't have the availability (or desire) to drink human milk, they can drink cow milk or almond milk for the taste, but calcium and vitamin D are best absorbed by other means.  I see a picture of the sun for vitamin D and green vegetables / spinach for calcium.
Q. The medical world wants us to believe cancer is genetic, which I highly doubt. I believe its more environmental than anything. People are dropping like flies due to this horrid dis-ease. What do you see the cause of cancer and why are the rate increasing alarmingly?!
A. Cancer is slightly genetic, and I need to explain this.  I see that certain people have sensitivities to certain toxins, and that sensitivity can be passed on genetically (just like eye or hair color).  Several decades ago the sensitivities still existed, but the environmental toxins weren't there that sparked the mutation of cells to grow.  Now with chemtrails, manipulation of food, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and constant bombardment of EMF waves, or systems are on overload to process this stuff.  Some people can process it and not have a problem, but others react by growing mutated cells that form a cancer.  

The way you mentioned "dis-ease" is also true.  Many diseases and forms of cancer are manifested by a "dis ease" or something in your life you are not at ease about.  The discomfort is held in, not processed, and manifests into something else.  It may or may not be environmental, but realize the importance of letting things go, keeping your body in balance, and focusing on a healthy mindset.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wave X, Magnetar and NASA

Q. Lynn, I recall reading a few years ago (not sure where I saw it, so I cannot give a link) a report of some guy who works for NASA as an audio/visual specialist.  He sets up AV shows for the bigwigs and makes sure all the sound and images work correctly for whatever presentation is being given.  Anyway, he reported (probably on Godlike Productions) that he witnessed a presentation in which the audience was told that NASA had discovered something deep in space that was coming our way.  He said that this was treated as supersecret and they gave no more than a few details in the meeting, but it was apparent to him that this scared the hell out of those present.  It was not a planet or a sun, it was more like (for want of a better term) a large dust cloud, but it was obviously much more dangerous than that.

As I was reading about the magnetic forces approaching us from space, I thought back to this item.  I never saw anything else about it.  I wonder if that is what this magnetic force is that is coming our way.  I wondered also if the approaching force is what is called a magnetar, which, as I understand it, is like a sun but it is a great ball of magnetic energy instead a ball of fire.  A magnetar does not show up in the visible spectrum, so you cannot see it coming.  The description that I read said that it could slam into earth and never be visible, but when it hit it would wipe everything out.  So, one minute you are there living your life and the next minute you are gone, like someone turned a light out.

Does any of this resonate with you and what you have been sensing?  I may not have properly described a magnetar because I am not a physicist, but that was the gist of what I read.  I am wondering if what the NASA guys detected in deep space that is approaching us is something like a magnetar.

A. When I tune into this I do see waves of energy coming toward us, and they look to be coming from the sun.  I hear the word "burp" as if the sun is burping out these energetic blasts that go out in all directions, some are powerful, and some are not, and occasionally earth is in the location to receive some effects from these "burps"  

The thing that these scientists saw and discussed look to be wave X related.  We are currently going through some wave X action in which this ripple of energy lands on us like a blanket and it is then absorbed.  This looks to come from outer space, and as we (the solar system) spirals through space like a corkscrew, we approach these wave X pockets, and we are encountering it now.  It isn't a steady "beat down" on earth, but more like ripples onto earth.  We get a blanket of this energy, it absorbs, we get relief and then the cycle starts all over again.  

This wave X is partly energetic and partly magnetic (this was discussed some in the last Five for Friday reading). Many of you are feeling the effects of this wave X action.  It can create fatigue, nausea, and feeling like your mind and body are not in sync.  The more intense the wave, the more you will feel it (I also hear that many of you that NEVER feel headaches, are getting them now too as a result of this).  In more severe (or concentrated) interactions, I get you will hear a humming noise (like you have never heard before) and if you do get to the ground and lay down.  

I get we have been through this before, and it doesn't kill the earth, but rather stunts it for a short time. I get things are on "pause."  Plants don't die, but rather go dormant (don't really grow).  Electronics will behave strangely too, batteries die faster, and electric seems to have odd surges.  People can survive this, but you may encounter feelings of not feeling yourself. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Happened at the MTV Music Awards..PTB?

Q. Hi Lynn, Every once in a while I feel a need to mention some of what I cannot ignore. Caught some of the MTV Music Awards. The glorification of Kanye West and the air time he got was so disturbing to me. Taylor Swifts part in all this seemed odd and her standing by Kim Kardashian. Can I assume the majority of this or all is part of the brain washing agenda of our youth. I've always enjoyed award shows but this one made me particularly uneasy. It seems so obvious to me but I'm sure not to kids and young adults. Illuminati?
A.  The Illuminati and PTB are saturated within the media.  The way to reach the youth is through their role models, so the PTB know they need to use these icons as a means to deliver their message.  Many people (that can't recognize what is going on) see these role models and want to look / act / have / buy / live like them.  What people don't realize is that for the famous people that participate in the "Illuminati Club", it is great, but I get the analogy of a loan shark, if you are on good terms, things will go great, but if you mess up, you have to watch your back for a long time. It may even cost you your life.  

The goal of all this is for those in power to make money and increase consumerism.  They are trying to sell the altered body appearance, fashion and even behaviors.  If you do all those things, you are being "like" your idol (while feeding the system).  What people don't realize is that many of these idols aren't actually happy.  They do what they are told, and have to compete with one another to stay in the fame, so there is always some kind of outlandish behavior on the brink.

I get that, for example, Kim Kardashian, provides no real valuable service to help people. She is famous because she has money and has altered her body in such a way that people are drawn to her.  Then I hear, "is that the way you want to be known?  In many ways there is this feeling of sadness that encapsulates her.  This is true for many famous people.  

I hear that the ones that refuse to subscribe eventually faze out, have trouble getting work, and end up on commercials for random products (I see a bag of dog food).  If the PTB deems you ineffective, your career is at risk.

Q. Now Lynn for laughs do you actually see Kanye trying to run for president in 2020? I want to think he was joking but knowing his arrogant attitude it does seem like that would be the type of stunt he would pull.

A.  He will talk and joke about it for publicity sake, but I do not see that in any time line that is presented to me. 

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rupert, Idaho Horse Abduction

Warning:  The following is very graphic and the purpose is to provide assistance and justice.  This is the most horrific animal crime I have ever heard of... 

Q. This happened in Rupert, Idaho last Saturday night (9-5-15)

A Shetland Pony, Patches, was drug behind a car for 1 ½ miles before going to work on him with knives and blunt instruments. They cut off all of his genitals, and huge patches of skin from his sides. They punctured his gut in the right flank. They beat his head and eyes with a blunt object. A neighbor down the road heard ‘animal screams’ that night but could not tell where it was coming from. The family found their beloved pony the next day…still alive. He was standing there with the life literally flowing out of him. He had to be euthanized

Here are two of the news stories:

Justice for Patches- RIP Facebook page:

There is a gofundme account to raise a reward for the arrest of those responsible. 
Thank you for any action or assistance you can offer regarding this egregious attack on a sweet beloved children's pet that was loved by the small community in which he lived.
A.  First, I get the people that did this knew the victim's family.  This was a lashing out at the family, and I get the male figure of the house was the one it was directed at.  There was some kind of jealous anger tied to it, as if they felt this male figure did something wrong.  I keep flashing back between the male figure being either a father or an older boy/teen that lived there (my mind won't stop toggling between the two). 

It was thought out, and viciously planned.  I don't see it as a "spur of the moment idea." The young men that did this ( I want to say late teens or early 20s) knew this male figure of the house... These men feel like bullies, like they have have been in trouble with the law before. I also see a bunch of beer cans, and they look to be drunk while doing this..

When I see the early events, I get an image of three shadows approaching the barn/field area where the horse resided.  The horse looks to approach them as if the horse knew them.  The horse even smelled one of their hands, and my impression was that there was some kind of familiar scent (like they visited or worked there in the past??).  They look to quietly lead the horse off the property before they begun this horrific act.. 

[I cannot even go into what happened as I feel sick watching them lead this poor horse away from its' home... I am sorry, but I need to redirect myself to what these men looked like and more details regarding them as people...]

I see things symbolically, and also literal, and when I ask who is the leader of this I get an image of a man that reminds me of the actor (Alfie Allen) that plays Theon / Reek from Game of Thrones.  He has dark hair, very similar facial structure, small gap between his teeth and similar body type. The name Theon, Greyjoy, Alfie or Allen may play a part in this.  This "Theon" person looks to be the leader, and also the link as to who knew the owner.

As I ask for more clues, I cannot connect to the other two guys, but I see an image of all three of them riding motorcycles together.  I then get a flash of the Harley Davidson sign.  It looks like they guys all ride bikes together.

I can't seem to get anything else, but I will read the comments and if anyone has any leads or wants to redirect me, I am happy to do what I can to help. 

Love and light-

Saturday, September 12, 2015

National Press Club, Christine Lagarde, Secret Message in Speech

Hi Lynn,  In January 2014 at the National Press Club, Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary Fund, gave one of the oddest speeches I have ever heard. In it she spoke about numerology, the magic number 7 and magic years. She threw out a lot of numbers and divided and multiplied them. It seems very clear she was giving a message to others as she starts out with “I do what I am told”.

Excerpts from her speech:
"Now I'm going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven"
"Most of you will know that seven is quite a number"
"2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven"
"It will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF"
"And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, 25th."
"It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters."
"After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile."
"We have seven strong years."
"Now I don't know if the G7 will have anything to do with it."
"The global economy and what we should expect for 2014."
"So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects"

Q. Anyway what was the message? A date? If so what happens on that date? Who was the message for?
A. I have seen that we are going to go through a monetary global reset, and right now people (and countries) are positioning themselves for that moment.  She is speaking out to key players (and the PTB) to let them know that the plans are in motion, and things are moving along.  She is advising them of the current timeline (since things change constantly due to the free will of others), so they can plan accordingly. 

I also get that as she speaks, and the right people pay attention, political and military movements will happen as a result.  The causes of these political and military actions will feel unfounded and weak, but necessary to keep some financial strength (or a stronghold on natural resources that are of value).  I also get that around this time gold and silver prices were not reflective of a true supply and demand value as the PTB began to falsely inflate the market with silver certificates (that cannot be honored, but serve the purpose of devaluing silver allowing those in the know to buy the physical silver cheaper).

At the time she gave the speech, the date was set for July 20, 2014.  This looks to be the date that the underlying work was being set up. The plan for the reset looks as though it was supposed to be in effect (and used in the population) around Christmas 2014 (I always see Christmas trees tied to this), but it is now being put off until this year.  I get "something intervened to buy them more time."  The "them" being the PTB.

As I quickly apply the principles of numerology (as I understand it, and may be wrong), to Christmas of this year, I get (12-25-15) 1+2+2+5+1+5=16, which then equals 1+6=7... We are back at the "7"..  Working with this "rule of 7," I see this manifesting into something around Christmastime of this year. (May be a strange synchronicity??) 

Investors, please watch your accounts.  Money can be made if you are cautious, watch for trends, and have the ability to pull out of the market if need be. Just stay on top of where your money is, and if you do invest in precious metals, keep a hold of the tangible investment.  I see saw teeth in reference as to how the markets will flow, so if you can buy low and sell high, you could be safe.. Just please, please do what resonates with you to keep your and your family's assets safe. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[Note:  Here is an interesting link to activities occurring on 7/20/2014:]

Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday #19 (Double Edition)

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special DOUBLE edition of Five for Friday #19, doubled-up as we're including some images that turned out to be fake/staged. I've been giving Lynn more images to start out, as many are fakes, but then thought you might like to see the fakes, so this has turned into a special double edition. This edition also sees our first WARNINGS IN BOLD we've ever issued. Please follow the advice.

Image #1: 60,000 Dead Antelope in Africa
So, what killed these poor antelope, recently, en masse?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing an image of antelope running, then there was some kind of magnetic pulse that came down, accompanied by a strange noise (like a slow, deep MWO-WO-WO sound) and... it gave them a heart attack. Their hearts just stopped. Like an opposite charge hit their hearts and they just dropped in their tracks. I never thought of Wave X as being dangerous, just intense... BUT, I do think this is associated with it. I get that the pulse created an intensity in the magnetosphere, at that specific spot, as it penetrated though toward earth. I get that if you went there with a magnet you could not detect north and south right after it happened. All electronics would be screwed up there because the charge in the batteries wouldn't or couldn't flow properly."

[Lynn and I talked about whether or not we should release this information, and obviously decided it necessary.]

[WARNING: Should you be out and about, especially in an exposed area, and you hear a deep, throbbing MWO-WO-WO sound as described above, Lynn suggests you get as close as you can to the earth. Lie down flat if you can. Get yourself as low and grounded as possible. This looks to take the shock away. You will still have one heck of a headache, but you won't have any permanent damage. She saw that the antelope just stood there on their little stick legs (of very little grounding value) and it shocked and killed them. You are not an antelope, presumably, if you are reading this. So, take heed.]

Image #2: Moon Shot

Is this a real pic of them faking the moon landing, or is it a movie still??

What Lynn Saw
"I feel like this is a real shot! I'm shocked that this image is out there."

Image #3: Rocket Launch in Florida
Anything odd going on in this recent early morning Florida rocket launch? NASA claims that the rocket engine dumped a bunch of water in the atmosphere, but why would it do that?
What Lynn Saw
"It has something to do with the fuel they used. I get that they were trying to test something that would burn cleaner or more silently. Obviously it failed, but they're trying to find a stealthier way of keeping their weaponry more cloaked."

Image #4: Mystery Time
What do you get off this guy?

What Lynn Saw
"He had some kind of mystical background, like a priest, but more than that. He was a truthseeker. He was blind, and that helped his other senses. He was also born disfigured. Some of his fingers were fused together. But his physical limitations enhanced him, spiritually. I didn't see him as a person of power, but rather a mystic/religious person. A priest or monk... born with a disfigurement that he hid in robes. He used his senses to tap into the spiritual side. The dating may be right, but I didn't connect to him being a leader."

[Note: This was a blind reading. That is, I didn't tell Lynn who this was till afterward. It's supposed to be the head of Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II, currently in the Cairo Museum, but according to what Lynn saw, it looks like this was someone else. After I told Lynn this, she added...]

"I do think the museum isn't labeling this correctly. This priest was in the same tomb as Rameses to guide/protect/advise the pharaoh in the afterlife, but looters took the real head (it had gold around the teeth) and put this priest's head in its place."

Image #5: Bird Head?

Speaking of heads... this is just a chance snap of a bunch of birds that accidently made a head shape… or is it?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a photoshop job. Something about it feels off."
Image #6: ISS Beam of Light
This image was recorded by the ISS space station cameras before the feed went dead. What’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"Looks to me like a portal opening. But as something was traveling through the portal... as something travels through the portal, an energetic wave bursts out the end with a kind of EMP-type event -- one that I see here temporarily knocking out the camera. If the camera had stayed on a little longer, we would've seen what came through."

Image #7: Real, or Fake?
A lunar pic, allegedly from one of the Apollo missions. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"Hm. I don't think this is real. So how did they do it? I get that it has something to do with the special effects. The background is just photo manipulation, and the foreground staged. I see that we've never actually set foot on the moon. We went around it, but something scared the crap out of us and we never went back."

Image #8: The Power Plant
This is a blue-glowing anomaly in a lunar crater called Aristarcus. The glow suggests some kind of power plant. If so, who’s using the power? Can you tell how the plant was constructed?

What Lynn Saw
"Here's what I get. When you dig deep enough into the moon, there's some kind of metallic ore deep down. A lot of the craters we see are ETs digging out the moon. They use this ore; they liquify it and use it for some energy process, some nuclear process. They can break this metal down and create this energy. The blue thing looks like a ship they flew in above the crater and landed there, then physically attached it to the moon. Like a big mining machine. There's a big deep hole beneath this thing, the whole of which creates a base of operations."

Image #9: “Airglow” Event in Chile
This time-lapse shot taken the same time as the antelope deaths, when the earth was struck by a burst of cosmic energy. What’s causing this? Is this image also due to Wave X energy striking the earth? This image suggests said energy pulse is coming from the galactic center. Is it?

What Lynn Saw
"Wow. Great picture. This is definitely related to Wave X. Where is it coming from? Hm. I do see it as coming from the galactic center."

Image #10: Great Pyramid Anomaly
This is the great pyramid from above. What’s the purpose of those lines/channels on each of the four faces? Did there used to be a wire or conduit along there, perhaps underneath the pyramid’s original crystalline casing? Or is it a remnant of the original construction assembly?

What Lynn Saw

"I keep seeing water run through those channels and it had to do with creating a charge. It wasn't wire that was the conductive source, but water (salt water??). It wasn't used all the time, but I feel it was connected to channels that were dug around the pyramid to complete some kind of circuit. I am trying to see how the water got there, and I see some kind of pulley system working to get it there. I also see that this wasn't the everyday way of making it work; they only did this when the charge was low (like the electricity wasn't able to be pulled from the atmosphere). I hear this system was like a 'backup generator.'"

That's it. I'd encourage folks to heed the warnings at the top of the post, and please spread it to your friends and loved ones as much as possible, especially since the mainstream media will never do so, unless it was by way of fomenting the spread of fear. There's certainly nothing to fear, so long as you take some simple precautions. Anyway, join us Friday after next for Episode #20.