Friday, September 25, 2015

Sun, Black Holes and Time

Q. Is the Sun a boiling pot of exploding gas and nuclear explosions or does it have a solid interior ? Let's pretend that you had a spaceship that could withstand the heat and gravity of the Sun. If you sailed towards the Sun, would you fly through it like it was a bowl of water or a room full of gas and exit the other side without damaging the spaceship? Or would you be stuck in the center forever like a black hole considering that a black hole is a dead Sun? What would happen when you entered the Sun? Would time stop, would you see multiple dimensions at once? Would you be able to communicate across space - (and not because you are 
A.  I get that the center of the sun is an incredibly dense, very heavy, ball of gases.  The more you go toward the center, the more solid it gets (it looks like a gel of gases versus a complete "true" solid). The pressure and density of the center would crush you instantly if you weren't in this "magical" space ship (I see references to diving to the great depths of the ocean).  

Regarding time and how the sun would effect it... I don't see time stopping, but I hear it bends (??).  If you were to go to the center of the sun and come back out your experience of time would be different.  It could seem to fast forward or rewind, and it feels off (I keep hearing the word "bent")  You wouldn't have control of what time line you came out on, and where on the time line you fell.  This looks to be involuntary (at least at our human vibration).  I do get the impression that higher evolved species can use the energy of the sun to aid in specific jumps in time and time lines.

A black hole feels very different than the sun.  A black hole feels so dark and lifeless, whereas the sun feels full of life and positive energy.  The surrounding of the sun looks to feed a person, and a black hold looks to extract energy (like a vampire).    Very different, very opposite experiences.

Q. I read earlier posts that you have written and you said that when you RV'd a black hole that it was ominous and that if you entered absolutely nothing could escape. Do you think that this is where evil spirits go ? Is this why you had a bad feeling about Black Holes is because they are filled with evil? 
A.  Black holes do feel very dark and negative. It came to me reading the question that black holes do hold a certain amount of lower vibrational energy.  I am reminded of a phrase I use when saging that "energy (good or bad) cannot be created or destroyed, but lower vibrational energies can be moved to where they are better served" and I send it on...  When I ask where it actually goes, I see this dark hole, i.e. a black hole.  I do see a black hole being filled with much negativity and darkness.

Q. Supposedly, time only exists on Earth. But I have seen references to Universal Time. Apparently it is used between ET's and other worlds. What is Universal Time? What is the unit that they use to measure 'time'. Instead of measuring the minute hand on a clock, is it something like the degradation of a star or the rotation of a galaxy? Something spacey? Thanks for the time you give to this blog!
A. I keep hearing the term solar time, but I cannot see anything related to universal time.  Our own system, and things coming to our system use our sun, and the light beams given off (photons) to measure time.  The light from our sun is the base of reference for interactions here.  

I also get that all "worlds" have some kind of sun in their system, and when a being travels to those other "worlds" the light from their sun is what serves as their measurement of time.  I don't see it as universal time, but rather a universal way of time measurement.

The last thing I get is light beams (photons) travel the same speed regardless of what "world" you are in, so even though the systems are independent, there is some consistency in how the unit of time is measured.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


siketa said...

We'll have no Five for Friday #20 ?

PimpMyBrain said...

Damn ! You just reveal me that when i send " the low vibrational energy/spirit/entity" to where they are better served before my meditation ... i feed a black hole somewhere ? ^^

Hope my daily request doesn't bring apocalyspe to some worlds (not so) far away ! I am confused to do it know ! Thanks for the reading! :)

Oh! Since we are on space, sun, galaxy. You mentioned in others reading and here again, that every star, planet and galaxy are some of big consciousness on their own. It is maybe off topic, but some pretend that the big thing (maybe just one of) that is happen with (some higher level)ETs around their, it is a very special and rare thing (Ascension, whatever...) will happen on Earth. This will be the incarnation of the "Logos" (higher holographic galaxy consciousness) in a human form. Do you feel something about this ? I don't look to a "savior" about that, but maybe an interesting way for humanity to interact with our high holographic level of consciousness. :)

Love and light all ! :)

Beva said...

Hi Lynn, You wrote this comment about the sun "I don't see time stopping but I hear it bends." I was reading something and this seems related to it. 'Eddington was able to prove that the sun creates gravity by bending space and time around it.'

Read more:

PewPewPew said...

Lynn, can you confirm that the sun is actually extremely cold and not actually extremely hot?

Thank you

Dante said...

In Earth years, how old is the Sun?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is completely and totally off topic. My mind body and soul will not let me rest until I ask about an 18 year women who was hit by an Amtrak train almost literally outside my bedroom window. They labeled it an accident? They eventually gave her name, and where she lived. She died of multiple blunt force trauma and that was all the info given. Why was she on the tracks at 7:23 am. Why did she not hear or see the train? Why are the facts being hidden? Perhaps it's info not to be shared. I respect that. I hope she is at peace.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn off topic. What r ur thoughts on pope Francis. My boss is obsessed with him. Several ppl in the office think he is great. I feel I see a mask hiding something. Thanx

Truth & light said...

This is what makes Lynn so good. It is as if shes there on the sun and taking us for a ride. Kudos. I will always be a fan, since day one!!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: We decided to skip this week. There is a lot energetically going on, so we decided to postpone it. I am sorry that you were a little disappointed, but it will most definitely return. :-)

@pimpmybrain: No worries, the energy has to go somewhere, and it feels trapped in a vacuum, which is where the universe felt it was better served. You aren't doing anything harmful.

@Eva: Thanks for sharing this article!

@PewPewPew: I saw and felt it as very hot and dense. I didn't get any sensation of it being cold.

@Dante: It is so old (was here before earth was even set in an orbit) that my mind can't even wrap a time around it. I apologize. I tried to get a number, but it is like my mind cant even conceptualize it.

@Diane: I get this was something suicidal. She was on mental drugs and was not in a clear state of mind at all. I also get she was on experimental drugs, and they don't want it release what she was on b/c it will through off the pharma results in a "not desirable" way.

@Camryn: He is off... There is some underlying agenda here, and it is almost like there is something hypnotic about him that puts people in an altered frame of mind. I get it is some thing subliminal.

@Bee: xoxo

siketa said...

Thanks, Lynn! :)

Anonymous said...

I am head to toe goose bumps after reading your reply Lynn. Never got them to this degree. Does she want the truth known?

Raymond said...

Thanks, I love space stuff. Some people say that the Sun has consciousness. I guess that can be interpreted many ways but I wonder if the Sun is actually aware of itself, other suns and the planets and moons rotating around it ?

I think the Dogon people (Africa) said that there is another planet rotating around the sun, that is closer than Mercury. Is that true or is it just an interesting myth of history ?

Many thanks for this Reading and all the others that you do.

They Live said...

Speaking of low vibrations, I feel everything comes from God (one true conciousness/highest power) so is all this spiritual warfare, etc. God consistently attempting to balance God out?
One more question: A woman started speaking with me out of no where the other day about life perspectives and how focusing on the simple things of life is key. She was a blonde blue eyed woman from Poland. What was interesting about her were her irises were slits. Was she Reptilian or some other entity incarnated in human form?
Many thanks for your readings and answers as always :-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the sun. I happened upon a video about sun gazing. I haven't watched it but the trailer was interesting. Can you live off and be healed by the suns rays by staring at it? This would certainly explain it being worshiped since the dawn of man.

A Man Called Da-da said...

The PULSE is here now!

The enlightened one said...

I remember reading somewhere, don't remember where, that if you would travel into a black hole, you would find a completely new universe inside the hole. It seems entering a sun is similar... I wonder if space-time could be warped so intensely by artificial means that you could travel to a different universe? To do so, you would need to compress the natural time-bending capacity of the sun into say a football-field to be possible to construct. Given how fast Integrated Circuits have fallen in size, artificial time-travel could be possible soon...

The enlightened one said...

@They live the struggle between "good" and "bad" is similar to a person's immune system fighting an infection or disease. If you get an infection or a foreign object in your body, the body will try to reject it. This is similar to the dark or unbalanced forces being thrown out of heaven (into lower vibrational regions) by God, in order to contain and prevent the further spreading of the disease.

Your meeting with the polish woman was very interesting.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Diane: I do see the sun as very healing. I would be cautious of staring with your eyes OPEN as our sun is much more intense than it used to be, but looking into the sun (with you eyes closed) and imagine it healing you (like it is doing Reiki to you) can be very healing.

@Dada: Thanks for sharing that link!