Monday, September 21, 2015

More Medical Questions..

Q. I have come across these DIVINE HEALING CODES some time ago and I wanted to know if you pick up truth to the codes and them actually helping oneself and certain areas in a person's life. If you feel that they are real and can be used for ones highest good, please share with others on your blog if you would like because we are in a time that much love and light is needed to be expressed toward earth. Thanks much.
The spaces between the numbers are IMPORTANT--be sure to copy them exactly as written for them to work.
There are three ways to use the codes:
  • write it on the part of the body, or on a sticker and stick it on the body anywhere in the aura.
  • write it in the air over the part of the body 
  • pull up anything that has the numbers on it online, on your phone or tablet, make the number big on the screen, and hold it over the body part or food item you wish to apply the code with the intent to use it.
A. I do see these working, but the person applying the "numbers" and the person receiving the "numbers" both need to believe and visualize the the "numbers" working.  This is energy work in which you are calling a guide to heal you.  I see these numbers creating a vibrational output that strengthens the intent of their effectiveness (and sort of "pings" a spiritual healer to help).  The belief and intent work in unison with the energetic output from the spiritual guide to create a healing.  

Q. Hello Lynn, Could you please explain what it means for people that experience Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)?
A. I see this as heightened nerve reactions.  I get that people with this cannot handle loud or sudden noises.  I see anxiety and over stimulation occurring when too much noise or too many distractions are around.  

When things are soft, or quiet, they are very in tune with their body and how their body reacts.  It is as if their nervous system is very awake, and a stimulus on one part of the body can travel (looks like a ripple) to other parts of the body, and when the ripple reaches an endpoint it sort of "spasms" to release the energy.

Q.  Hello Lynn, Today I have one question. It'll be helpful if you read about " fluoride mouth-rinsing". I heard that the teacher of the kindergarten where my daughter goes told about it. They will start to have children do it at the age of 4 years old. However, I worry about that it'll do children harm.
A.  I get that fluoride in general is not good for your health and that is why there are poison control numbers on tubes of toothpaste if large amounts are ingested.  High potency of fluoride can also leave white looking spots on your teeth.  If the fluoride is accidentally swallowed it can lead to the calcifying of the pineal gland (depending on where you live it is most likely in your city's water supply too).  

Be cautious and as a parent you should have the option to opt of this if it does not resonate with you. 

Q. Are bluetooth devices bad for ones health? Like bluetooth headphones or headsets? 
A.  When I visualize bluetooth devices, I see that when you have a earbuds or a phone receiver in your ear it messes with the normal hertz of your brain.  The brain works at a certain vibration, and bluetooth things interfere (like noise) with that normal function.  I can also see that prolonged use can even cause "strange" neurological issues such as weird sensations in the hands or odd pains because the hertz gets out of sync.

Q. Hi Lynn, I am wondering about anorexia. What is the best way to help those afflicted with this devastating condition? Are those with anorexia under some sort of psychic/spiritual attack?
A. In some way they are under an attack, but it comes more from the programming of society.  Eating disorders manifest from an internal issue (low self esteem, confidence, feelings of neglect, etc).  The way a person copes with those internal issues is by wanting to look a desired way that they think is appealing or accepting to society (they think it will counteract those internal issues).  

The idea is highly skewed because much of what we see and watch is photoshopped or fake, but to the personal dealing with internal struggles that doesn't matter and they strive to be what is seen as desirable. They start to live and try to be in this fake reality that becomes their real reality (which is why they are often blinded by their sometimes startling thin appearance and see something that isn't there).  This is not the reality that their friends, family and people in their circle live in.  This fake reality is where the programming occurs which does grab a hold of them in a more psychological way. 

To help these people they first need to deal with what the underlying issues are, and begin working on those.  Once those issues are addressed, then they can start to be coached, loved and supported to shift back into the reality of those around them.  It is work, requires patience, and is a very serious condition both mentally and physically.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you do a reading on what effects does coffee actually have on the human body and whether coffee is actually beneficial in moderation?  
A. I get beneficial and non-beneficial reactions to coffee, so I will just start listing them out... I see coffee can "wake up" the nervous system, give people the ability to focus (I see someone staring at a pinpoint), boosts mood, looks to circulate the blood and creates a detoxifying feeling.

Depending on the strength and quantity, I see it can adversely do things too.. I see someone with anxiety having even more anxiety, heart palpitations and creates an acidity that could lead to a sensitive bladder, stomach and kidneys... 

Overall, in moderation, everything looks to counterbalance out, and it looks fine to drink, but please listen to you body and do what resonates well with you. 

Q. Is drinking cow's milk healthy (both for kids and for adults)? Other species don't drink milk that is not from their own kind, and consumer milk is normally processed. There is also a book called "Got Milked?" that discusses the misconceptions about milk.
A. I don't see milk as being healthy or unhealthy.  I don't see that it provides the nutrition that we are taught it provides.  I get that many dairy farmers are subsidized by the government and there is a lot of money made between lobbying and politicking that keeps the rumors alive that we need cow milk.  I also get that they best milk for humans is human milk.  If humans don't have the availability (or desire) to drink human milk, they can drink cow milk or almond milk for the taste, but calcium and vitamin D are best absorbed by other means.  I see a picture of the sun for vitamin D and green vegetables / spinach for calcium.
Q. The medical world wants us to believe cancer is genetic, which I highly doubt. I believe its more environmental than anything. People are dropping like flies due to this horrid dis-ease. What do you see the cause of cancer and why are the rate increasing alarmingly?!
A. Cancer is slightly genetic, and I need to explain this.  I see that certain people have sensitivities to certain toxins, and that sensitivity can be passed on genetically (just like eye or hair color).  Several decades ago the sensitivities still existed, but the environmental toxins weren't there that sparked the mutation of cells to grow.  Now with chemtrails, manipulation of food, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and constant bombardment of EMF waves, or systems are on overload to process this stuff.  Some people can process it and not have a problem, but others react by growing mutated cells that form a cancer.  

The way you mentioned "dis-ease" is also true.  Many diseases and forms of cancer are manifested by a "dis ease" or something in your life you are not at ease about.  The discomfort is held in, not processed, and manifests into something else.  It may or may not be environmental, but realize the importance of letting things go, keeping your body in balance, and focusing on a healthy mindset.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Unknown said...

My mother has a sore on her leg and it won't heal. Got any good idea's I could try to help her? Thank you for sharing your gift cause I been following you for the longest. Love and light.

Anonymous said...

I feel the healing codes coming to my attention at this time very important! It coincides with other feelings and guidance towards certain meditations and getting back to my energy healing. I look forward to working with these codes and I will let you know how it goes!! :)

Unknown said...

There's lots of interesting info on GcMAF therapy that the holistic doctors that "committed suicide" were researching too. Although prevention is better than the cure. Lynn do you see that if the energy blockage that could be causing the cancer is released that the cancer can retract and die naturally via these GcMAF molecules or do we still need to treat what's already manifested?

Unknown said...

Lynn is dead on about ASMR linked with heightened sensitivity to noise. I have both and never would have connected one with the other but can see that now. The sound of somebody chewing their food is like nails on a chalk board, somebody with heavy footsteps can make my heart race, but a 30 minute video of Bob Ross painting his trees is nirvana. Lol.:)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da has had child-induced Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) for a decade, now. (But Bob Ross really does seem to help. What a nice guy he was.)

Robert Schoen said...

This was a great blog, because we all need to understand more how things effect our health and what we can do to help these situations. I'm going to try the reiki codes and report what happens. Thanks for doing this, Lynn, and may Bob Ross continue to sooth.

CHRISSY said...

Thank you for your readings!!!

Anonymous said...

I always especially love your readings on health issues! Thank you so much Lynn! Would you be willing to do a reading on ADD or ADHD? I have it and am frustrated with it at times but also find I have a lot of gifts because of it. What is the best treatment? What is the cause? Is it just a personality type? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I wish to try the divine healing codes however, when I am asking permission to my higher self if I could use it I keep getting a no answer. Maybe its not for my greater good...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the great comments everyone!
@Michael: Try a combination of a tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Apply a couple times of day like a lotion. It should be noticeably better in a few days, but continue doing it until it is well and gone for a while. (Also have her check her sugar levels??)

@Blimpy Peach: Yes, you can prevent it. If you wait too long you are forced to deal with the cancer itself, but yes you can use energy to keep yourself healthy.

@Emily, Dada and Robert: I LOVE Bob Ross. I used to rush home from school every day to watch him paint. Everything in his world was happy and beautiful. Very inspiring. I really enjoyed your comment..

@Alistrand: I did a reading a while ago on this. It can be found at : Let me know if you have more questions.

EA RW said...

If we take a closer look at our industry today would we really want to continue consuming milk and flesh? I mean cows are being made to produce and all these hormones that are put into them. Raw milk from grassfed animals is always better since it isn't sterilized. and all the fancy bacteria. How much do we really know?

Fluoride is also next to climate change the biggest scam in history. Why would someone harm their own childeren in such a way. Start taking your power back and put a stop to this nonsense and say "NO". It's funny I read a nice article last time about vaccinations and autism. This was written by a GP in the UK. She has studied it for years and now she is totally convinced. Turned the other cheek and is completely into hollistic and homeopathy. Makes you wonder not?
Stop listening to what you're being told.

EA RW said...

Lynn, I don't know if you have read the terrapapers you did a reading on them. In there is a chapter about the mobile device. So they are operating at the same frequency as our human brain? And everybody has one isn't that a miracle. And if you google mindcontrol patents you also get alot of interesting stuff. Same with bluetooth it is just there to "keep us locked in".

thank you

joy said...

Maybe I should tell you this...THIS is just information.

I read in the internet is that Reiki has been turned upside
down by the dark force.
Those symbols were somehow "twisted around" so that it will give
you a different outcome. I should say "malevolent outcome" but
that might be going too far. Perhaps what I want to say is...
in most cases...they're a dud.

If you notice also, most of the quantum healing modalities
are NOT totally free of interference from the invisible dark forces.
This is because you are looking for and using a procedure outside of you
to obtain your desired outcome (healing)which is freely inside of you.

Alice L. said...

@EA RW Do you have a link to that article? Thanks!!!

Waityurturn said...

Thank you so much to who posted the question about the Divine Healing Codes. This is such great synchronicity for me. Since I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner these will come in handy. Thanks Psychic Focus.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments and giving us much to think about.

@EA RW: I agree. We need to listen to our instinct and see what resonates with us before we make decisions. If you do happen to have the link to that article, I would like to read over it and post it.

@Waityurturn: You are welcome. I hope it proves helpful.


Robert Schoen said...

Just tolet everyone know, I tried the reiki codefor edema swollen legs and ankles for my feet and yesterday was the fist night in 4 days they weren't swollen. I wrote the code on my wrist and today wrote a bunch of codes on a paper attached to my pendant so the writing is near my chest. Will be interesting to learn of the results. Now if only there was a code for snoring my wife would be happy!

Unknown said...

Well, let me say that I tried two of the divine healing codes and i must say that am happy so far with my results because I feel the difference and i know if my intent stays positive and faith around love and light, wow who knows. Question? how often do i use the codes. Thanks for this post Mrs Lynn.

Hope said...


What is your take on this:


EA RW said...

It was on facebook I shall see what I can come up with.

EA RW said...

Found it in my browsers history!

Alice L. said...

@EA RW - Thanks!!! The comments are very interesting and, sadly, telling about how people still hold on to old belief systems...and refuse to investigate new ideas. I remember when I first heard the "vaccines save lives" mantra. It was at the same time that I was taught to "duck and cover" in case of nuclear attack.

sarah said...

Thank you for your reading about "fluoride mouth-rinsing".

I could make an decision for my daughter!!