Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Operation Stargate and Remote Viewing

The CIA and KGB/FSB have pursued psychic research for many years.  You might be interested in Operation Stargate. It was an Army program supervised by the CIA that used Remote Viewers to gather classified information. It was operational for about 15 years.  Several interesting books have been published by the people listed on Wikipedia at especially Joe McMoneagle, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann. There are many others as well, but those are among the most prominent.

Penetration by Ingo Swann was the most recent book I read about remote viewing. It is quite interesting. It is available on SCRIBD for free.  

Q. Could you tell if the CIA, FBI and KGB as well as other intelligence agencies use people like you for their work? Wouldn't that conflict with the gift received? Do they still use it?
A.  I do get that various intelligence agencies use remote viewing to aid in planning and executing their operations.  They don't use remote viewing as their only source, but rather as support to confirm what they have picked up (and sometimes it works in reverse where a remote viewer will see something, and then they investigate what was found to confirm or deny what the viewer saw).  I hear the phrase "Two is one, and one is none" which I understand to mean that two confirmations of something happening means it is valid, and only one confirmation isn't enough to completely act on..(?)

This could create a conflict in which a viewers looses the ability to see clearly and accurately if they are working under malicious intent.  If they are forced to perform or know they are doing harm, their source could alter what is shown to them.  If the person feels they are working in the greater good, helping or saving people, the information can be very accurate, and their abilities can even be magnified to show more detail to allow their positive work to go on..   

I also get that for that reason (being blocked due to the viewer's perceptions of the intent behind the operation) many psychological situations are created to form the viewers reason behind what they are doing.  These intelligence agencies are master manipulators to make people think and feel a certain way and really get into their subconscious.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Ryno said...

@Lyn: Are you able to remote view one of the most well known RVer, Ed Dames, "Killshot?" If so, do you see it happening soon? I don't really trust the guy, something feels off about what he "shares." But then again, I'm skeptical of anyone who makes a living selling "doom and gloom."

John Casey said...

Well said, Lynn. I also have read Ingo Swann's unfortunately titled book "Penetration" about viewing alien activity and bases on the moon at the "request" of an uber-secret US agency. He also claims that later he encountered an alien being who passed as a normal human. I would be interested in your view of Swann and his book.

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you Lynn! I also read Ingo Swann's book and am very interested to know your thoughts on it as well! L&L


An interesting insight I'd like to share is in regards to something mentioned about Ingo's run-in with an ET who passed as normal human. In the book, it was disclosed that the particular woman he encountered was very dangerous. It was never explained how that is. My personal experience has always been that it's actually the other way around - we pose more of a danger to them. It is as if they make it their ultimate goal to never be "caught." I personally have "caught" one and he was immediately removed from the establishment and re-located, without any explanation. This truly bothered me because I actually enjoyed working with him and had I known this was going to happen, I would never have "responded" to what I witnessed.

I'd be interested in reading others' experiences with the ETs that walk among us.

Blimpy Peach said...

@real McCoy id be interested in what exactly did you witness?

Johnny s. said...

Do a reading on the CRYSTAL children and their safety in the world right now Are they safe What do they need what more can we do for them?

EA RW said...

CIA = Crooks In Action, I heard that remote viewing was developed during the cold war.

How about now. Is it still being used today by these institutes? Since we've passed the treshold of 2012. We moved more into a "gray" area. You mentioned this in a few readings and remote viewers are aware of this.

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn.

Several years ago I used to think that Remote Viewing was a rare and uncommon gift that only a few people had. But I wonder if there are millions that are equally talented but they were taught at a young age to disregard their uniqueness and they lost the ability?
Is it going to become more common and acceptable in the future ? Is it hard to teach someone if they have a desire to learn ?

I would love to learn this. I dream regularly and my intuition has proven itself to be helpful from time to time. Imagine if you could RV the Moon, Mars, Saturn, someone new in your life or a contract you are about to sign.

There is an online magazine called Eight Martinis. It was named after an idea from Ingo Swann. ........

"What is an “eight-martini” result?
Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good
that it cracks everyone’s realities. So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover”.
– Ingo Swann suggesting that if you knew what he knew then you would need eight martinis to recover.


I wonder what they learned or experienced that blew their minds so far open to disturb their confidence ?

Alpha X said...

Regarding Johnny s' comment about Crystal children: Warning - this is kind of long and boring/personal because this peaked my interest.

I had never heard of Crystal children before, I've only heard of the incredibly famous Indigo children (it's weird that people only mention the children by the way). I've thought for a while that I might have a crystal or partially crystal aura because I have a lot of the traits that are associated with that color aura but as I said, I had never heard of Crystal children.

I looked up Crystal children and a lot of that stuff does fit with me very well. One of the supposed first arrival dates of Crystal children was 1990 and I was born in January of '91. I bet most human Watchers would be considered Crystal children. Anyway, I love learning about that kind of stuff so I'd be interested to see if Lynn has anything to say about them.

Since all of the stuff that I found about Crystals was related to the children and being a parent of one, I would add in the question: What should Crystal adults do in terms of being Crystals and/or what are they meant to do? Also of course if Lynn did do a whole reading on them it would make sense to explain what they are and why they're here.

The enlightened one said...

Have you done this aura color quiz?
I am not sure about how accurate it is, but it's certainly interesting and loads of fun.

May I ask what made you identify with the crystal aura color?

It is my understanding that auracolors are not static. I've read that aura colors represent our focus in life, and as it changes, the aura colors may change as well.

Personally, I like the suffix "children", even when referring to adults. I view it as a reflection not only of physical age, but of the fact that a person is a child of the energy that characterizes their aura.

Johnny s. said...

Alpha X - Who knows why they are here. Don't warn me about anything I already know.

The enlightened one said...

@Real Mccoy Fan
Firstly, as I have grown up with eurobeat music in the 90's, I like your alias.
As for aliens walking among us, I would like to ask how did you recognize the person as an alien? And how would the manager of the establishment have found out about you exposing this individual? Are you saying the person was removed because he was an ET, or because he was exposed? If the former is true, it must be a truly unique boss you've got, with such a strong belief in ET:s. If the latter is true, are you saying the manager knew that the person was not human?

To be honest, I have met/seen persons a few times in my life, about whom I have had a very strong gut feeling, that they were not human. There has been something off with them. It could be on a spiritual level, rather than physical of course. I remember reading an interesting thing in the books of Dolores Cannon once, that some persons that we see in our daily life, but never interact with, may be fake persons that don't really exist. I am personally 100% convinced that it is an illusion that we (living beings) live in the same reality. I believe that each human and living being is living in a separate reality. As we interact with other humans, our separate realities overlap and become intermingled. The reality that we live in, is the space that our spirit inhabits, and it extends outwards from what we normally identify as our body.

Speaking of aliens walking among us, I think you can also draw parallels to folklore about spirits of the forest and sea taking human shape and interacting with unsuspecting humans.

Johnny s. said...

Don't bother lynn with all this pretentious annoying stuff

Johnny s. said...

Go to work and pay your bills like how you need to

Alpha X said...

@The enlightened one: I have taken an aura quiz or two before but not that particular one.

I identify with the "chameleon" aspects of the crystal color - the emapthic tendencies and taking on/taking in others' energy and emotions. My energy changes a lot when I'm around other people and though I don't always act differently I do feel different. This link describes some characteristics of a few of the auras and everything that it mentions for crystal I identify with, especially with #2 and #5.

I hadn't thought of the children suffix in the way that you mentioned but looking at it that way, I like it as well. As I mentioned, a lot of the stuff that I read was talking about being a parent to crystal children and how to treat them while they are a child. I do now appreciate the general term though.

Johnny s. said...

There's no love here..

Johnny s. said...

Can I come live with any of you?

Alpha X said...

@The enlightened one: I just took the aura quiz that you linked to and got Crystal primary, Blue secondary. I remember another aura quiz that had a primary and secondary aura gave me the same results. I tend to be towards the Crystal-Blue-Indigo-Violet part of the spectrum.

Johnny s. said...

Are they going to kill anyone who i talk to they're going to be watching them too aren't they? Just let me know because I want to live a normal life and I want those I love to be safe too

joy said...

Re: Crystal Aura.

This is how I do it. You can do the same and get good result.

Stay in a dimly lit room, in front of a big mirror.
bathroom is ok. Close the door.
Relax, deep breathe a few times.
Keep relaxing and deep breathing for about 5 minutes.
Start looking at your image on the mirror..along the edges of your
image. Intend to see, focus, with relaxed demeanor.

You will see....clear, transparent, crystalline like, glass-like projections coming out all around your whole body. In my case, I did not see any color. So, I can't tell you if you will see any color in your aura.

Most of you, even the elderly, will have crystalline aura.
It is from your lightbodies.

Thank you Lynn. As always, you're tops.



@Blimpy Peach, The enlightened one:

The enlightened one nailed it. I always knew (or strongly suspected) something was different about him. His overall mannerisms and energy was different from the usual person. He came off as highly intelligent and logical, his social skills were a bit off but exhibited very concise communication mixed with dry humor, but then would sometimes not give you a clear answer and oftentimes left me thinking "Was that a yes or a no?" Does anyone recall being a young child talking up to an adult and not understanding every word they say but getting the overall gist of their message?

Everything happened in small bits, that is, I'd receive little hints here and there but for the most part was dismissed as an afterthought. I don't remember what triggered the conversation, but I do recall jokingly telling another co-worker about how he was "not one of us" and immediately received telepathic message "don't say that" or "don't talk about that." That was my first real hint that my suspicions had merit.

The incident that occurred was that he made a page over the intercom and either glitch or error, but the 2 or 3 sentences that came out of his mouth were definitely not of any recognizable human language. The communication resembled that of playing a voice recording backwards. What surprised me even more was the second I heard his voice, I knew without a doubt in my mind who it was that goofed.

The mistake I made was to inquire about the incident to a nearby department manager and was quickly dismissed with a uneasy "I didn't hear it." Another co-worker I asked about said she didn't hear it at all, yet I heard it clear as day! I left it alone. During his last day at the store (that same week), he was standing quietly nearby and I had the eerie feeling that he was doing something (unknown) around me, like testing me or something, though I did not receive any telepathic feedback.

I know in my heart he was relocated to another store *for being caught*. He was replaced by another who used the intercom very carefully, that is, when he spoke into it, it sounded as if he were far away (low volume). The replacement guy also came up to me at one point and let me know that if there was anything he can help with me, just ask. That was weird, but then again he was kinda weird as well. He also made a very vague mentioning of me hiding children in my basement (that came out of the blue). I thought he was being a creep, only to later realize he may have been referencing the book I had recently purchased, Catchers of Heaven by Michael Wolf. In the story, the main character hid a child-like gray alien in his home (from agents).

I also believe the store manager(s) also know of him and the others that seem to transfer around from store to store to similar positions without any promotion/advancement. I feel wrong for even discussing this stuff, but at the same time feel like it sets me free somehow. I've never discussed this before to anyone, for obvious reasons!

There is currently a "new one" at this establishment but I try to avoid thinking about it because I don't understand it fully, and putting energy into it only causes problems (which I do NOT want to do). I do like this guy, respect him as well, but he seems to avoid me so I just leave it at that. I hope this all makes sense.

One last point I'd like to convey is about the fake aspect. These guys aren't "ugly" but at the same time, they aren't really ones you'd pick out of a crowd to go to bed with. There's zero sexual vibe, at least in my personal experience.

The enlightened one said...

@Johnny s. link
Greetings from Lala-land.

What do you feel is your call in life? Have these crystal aura properties rendered in any spiritual experiences such as involving healing?

Have you experienced any sensitivity to like chemicals or radiation as well?

Alpha X said...

@The enlightened one: Well, I'm a Watcher and I feel like that is a heavy influence on my life and my "call"; I am meant to be a Watcher in this life. I feel I am supposed to help people and I do want to move humanity in a positive direction but I am modest and I understand that I am only one person. From a Watcher's perspective, I don't like to push people to do anything, I will give them my opinion and I will live and act how I think one should but I'm pretty hands-off. I may really strongly want someone to do something but I will never make them and I may not even show them that I want them to do anything. I don't know what my calling would be other than that or more specifically.

Your other questions are much harder to answer. I have had spiritual experiences I suppose but not specifically involving healing I don't think. I haven't really tried healing and I didn't have a childhood that would have nurtured anything like that but I am empathic.

The sensitivity question seems strange to me and it makes me want to know why you're asking it to be able to give a better answer. I think most people would be "sensitive" to chemicals and radiation. I'm around electronics all the time as are most people in the modern world but I, as with most people I believe, have some sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

Alpha X said...

@The enlightened one: I forgot to ask: Why did you spell my name like that?

Johnny s. said...

People who are obsessed with money are so disgusting more than anyone I think They constantly obsessed with other people who literally have nothing to do with them they'll like try to see how much theyre suffering how much they make it kills me. You're all in the same boat! Yes.

Anonymous said...

who are you talking about specifically johnny?

The enlightened one said...

@Alpha X
Because in my native language (Swedish) it's spelled like that, just like it's spelled farao instead of pharao, and fantom instead of phantom.

But if you are giving advice or guidelines to people, then you are not merely watching but intervening, aren't you? If you would only watch, then there would be no meaning in physically reincarnating, other than for the purpose of your own growth.

So what would you consider as the best path for mankind to go, in order to free herself from negativity? Which political or ideological beliefsystems do you think present the best answers?

Why are you saying that your childhood wouldn't nurture healing abilities?

Blimpy Peach said...

Anyone can answer this: after reading up on indigo, crystal and rainbow children, I am definitely an indigo. My question however is: is it possible for me to have one crystal child (3 year old) and one rainbow child (a freshie)? Or do indigos only have crystal children?

EA RW said...

I'am definitely a lightworker, indigo to crystal transformation. Blimpy Peach I read about some stuff but I can't exactly tell you. From my undertsanding the rainbow childeren would be the last generation. I don't know if you heard about dolores cannon (rip 2014) but she sure has some amazing work regarding indigo's and what they do. Just keep an open mind to it.
It could be possible...

Johnny S.
Lynn already told us that there is a very protective energy out there if you just believe and tap into it. I already have some experience with it. And I have had 4 angelic encounters. It is like walking on a cemetery on a sunny day but then 1000 times better. The peace and serenity is undesribeable.


@Blimpy Peach: Your answer: intention / manifest your intent

Express to the Universe your desire to raise a child whose intelligence and spiritual development is that of a higher caliber than your own.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Awesome comments everyone. I do appreciate all the sharing.

Blimpy Peach said...

Thanks @ea rw and real McCoy
I will check out dolores, I just thought it was strange as one of my children fit the crystal children like a glove and the other a rainbow (even though it's only early on). It's all so exciting to find something that finally feels right and explains how I feel