Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday #19 (Double Edition)

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special DOUBLE edition of Five for Friday #19, doubled-up as we're including some images that turned out to be fake/staged. I've been giving Lynn more images to start out, as many are fakes, but then thought you might like to see the fakes, so this has turned into a special double edition. This edition also sees our first WARNINGS IN BOLD we've ever issued. Please follow the advice.

Image #1: 60,000 Dead Antelope in Africa
So, what killed these poor antelope, recently, en masse?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing an image of antelope running, then there was some kind of magnetic pulse that came down, accompanied by a strange noise (like a slow, deep MWO-WO-WO sound) and... it gave them a heart attack. Their hearts just stopped. Like an opposite charge hit their hearts and they just dropped in their tracks. I never thought of Wave X as being dangerous, just intense... BUT, I do think this is associated with it. I get that the pulse created an intensity in the magnetosphere, at that specific spot, as it penetrated though toward earth. I get that if you went there with a magnet you could not detect north and south right after it happened. All electronics would be screwed up there because the charge in the batteries wouldn't or couldn't flow properly."

[Lynn and I talked about whether or not we should release this information, and obviously decided it necessary.]

[WARNING: Should you be out and about, especially in an exposed area, and you hear a deep, throbbing MWO-WO-WO sound as described above, Lynn suggests you get as close as you can to the earth. Lie down flat if you can. Get yourself as low and grounded as possible. This looks to take the shock away. You will still have one heck of a headache, but you won't have any permanent damage. She saw that the antelope just stood there on their little stick legs (of very little grounding value) and it shocked and killed them. You are not an antelope, presumably, if you are reading this. So, take heed.]

Image #2: Moon Shot

Is this a real pic of them faking the moon landing, or is it a movie still??

What Lynn Saw
"I feel like this is a real shot! I'm shocked that this image is out there."

Image #3: Rocket Launch in Florida
Anything odd going on in this recent early morning Florida rocket launch? NASA claims that the rocket engine dumped a bunch of water in the atmosphere, but why would it do that?
What Lynn Saw
"It has something to do with the fuel they used. I get that they were trying to test something that would burn cleaner or more silently. Obviously it failed, but they're trying to find a stealthier way of keeping their weaponry more cloaked."

Image #4: Mystery Time
What do you get off this guy?

What Lynn Saw
"He had some kind of mystical background, like a priest, but more than that. He was a truthseeker. He was blind, and that helped his other senses. He was also born disfigured. Some of his fingers were fused together. But his physical limitations enhanced him, spiritually. I didn't see him as a person of power, but rather a mystic/religious person. A priest or monk... born with a disfigurement that he hid in robes. He used his senses to tap into the spiritual side. The dating may be right, but I didn't connect to him being a leader."

[Note: This was a blind reading. That is, I didn't tell Lynn who this was till afterward. It's supposed to be the head of Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II, currently in the Cairo Museum, but according to what Lynn saw, it looks like this was someone else. After I told Lynn this, she added...]

"I do think the museum isn't labeling this correctly. This priest was in the same tomb as Rameses to guide/protect/advise the pharaoh in the afterlife, but looters took the real head (it had gold around the teeth) and put this priest's head in its place."

Image #5: Bird Head?

Speaking of heads... this is just a chance snap of a bunch of birds that accidently made a head shape… or is it?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a photoshop job. Something about it feels off."
Image #6: ISS Beam of Light
This image was recorded by the ISS space station cameras before the feed went dead. What’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"Looks to me like a portal opening. But as something was traveling through the portal... as something travels through the portal, an energetic wave bursts out the end with a kind of EMP-type event -- one that I see here temporarily knocking out the camera. If the camera had stayed on a little longer, we would've seen what came through."

Image #7: Real, or Fake?
A lunar pic, allegedly from one of the Apollo missions. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"Hm. I don't think this is real. So how did they do it? I get that it has something to do with the special effects. The background is just photo manipulation, and the foreground staged. I see that we've never actually set foot on the moon. We went around it, but something scared the crap out of us and we never went back."

Image #8: The Power Plant
This is a blue-glowing anomaly in a lunar crater called Aristarcus. The glow suggests some kind of power plant. If so, who’s using the power? Can you tell how the plant was constructed?

What Lynn Saw
"Here's what I get. When you dig deep enough into the moon, there's some kind of metallic ore deep down. A lot of the craters we see are ETs digging out the moon. They use this ore; they liquify it and use it for some energy process, some nuclear process. They can break this metal down and create this energy. The blue thing looks like a ship they flew in above the crater and landed there, then physically attached it to the moon. Like a big mining machine. There's a big deep hole beneath this thing, the whole of which creates a base of operations."

Image #9: “Airglow” Event in Chile
This time-lapse shot taken the same time as the antelope deaths, when the earth was struck by a burst of cosmic energy. What’s causing this? Is this image also due to Wave X energy striking the earth? This image suggests said energy pulse is coming from the galactic center. Is it?

What Lynn Saw
"Wow. Great picture. This is definitely related to Wave X. Where is it coming from? Hm. I do see it as coming from the galactic center."

Image #10: Great Pyramid Anomaly
This is the great pyramid from above. What’s the purpose of those lines/channels on each of the four faces? Did there used to be a wire or conduit along there, perhaps underneath the pyramid’s original crystalline casing? Or is it a remnant of the original construction assembly?

What Lynn Saw

"I keep seeing water run through those channels and it had to do with creating a charge. It wasn't wire that was the conductive source, but water (salt water??). It wasn't used all the time, but I feel it was connected to channels that were dug around the pyramid to complete some kind of circuit. I am trying to see how the water got there, and I see some kind of pulley system working to get it there. I also see that this wasn't the everyday way of making it work; they only did this when the charge was low (like the electricity wasn't able to be pulled from the atmosphere). I hear this system was like a 'backup generator.'"

That's it. I'd encourage folks to heed the warnings at the top of the post, and please spread it to your friends and loved ones as much as possible, especially since the mainstream media will never do so, unless it was by way of fomenting the spread of fear. There's certainly nothing to fear, so long as you take some simple precautions. Anyway, join us Friday after next for Episode #20.


Flood said...

great stuff cheers

the bird face looks like it's from the matix lol. it may be fake but sometimes the clouds really do make some remarkable shapes. I saw an eerie looking dragon or thunderbird type small stormcloud leading the charge out in front of a big bad dark blue storm that came through in the evening in my area not long ago. It really did look like some type of creature leading the way out in front of the storm.

I think elementals show themselves to us sometimes in the plants, the water, the sky, etc. Maybe the enlightened one can tell us about that?

Flood said...

hmm, interesting about Wave-x and the galactic center...

This is a quote from an astrologer..."The Galactic Center is supposedly a super massive black hole upon which the entire Milky Way rotates and is locked into a super celestial orbit around it. It's located at 27 degrees Sagittarius. There are theories that it also pulses and emanates neutrinos out to the entire galaxy. These neutrinos contain galactic intelligence or seeds of thought from prime creator. Human design was alledgedly built upon one such burst and subsequent download by it's creator, Ra Uru Hu."

If you have any planets located there in your natal chart there is supposedly a sense of destiny connected with the galactic center.

Bee E-lightened said...

A job well done as usual...could that "moon landing" be anymore staged?! 👀

Flood said...

wow so we have never been to the moon. many rumors out there on the alternative news sites have stated this. but according to the breakaway civilization material, as well as super-soldier accounts, we are on mars. along with various other ETs. i think lynn has stated that the moon is hollow, and along with the dark side of the moon, is home to various alien bases.... or that certain moons and planets in our own solar system are as bases to various this song heh heh AWOLNATION Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)...the secrets are everywhere in our society and culture, especially american productions hehe :^)...just look around

they are showing John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars on TV again hehe...I bet some of that is based on reality as well...I read a super-soldier account of his experiences on Mars that sounded a lot like the plotline of this film...

John Casey said...

Thanks Lynn and Dada!

I would love to know where the Moon-fake photo of the men with the TV cameras came from. Reminds me of that old movie, Capricorn One, I think it was, about the faked Apollo missions, etc.

23 tulips said...

Hi Lynn,
I was wondering about the Wave pulse.... does the same precaution apply if a person is indoors or in a forested area? Should they lie flat on the floor/ground?
-apologies if this sounds like a silly question.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Oops. Correction: the antelope all died in Kazakhstan, not Africa. Thanks Transients!

Robert Schoen said...

Awesome double feature of images this week and the wave X is.complete news to me. Reminds me of all the dead fish a birds of a few years past so wonder if they are related. Anyone see Stanley Kubricin in that studio scene of the moon landing? JAY weiner did a great job proving all the stills from. APOLLO missions were done with same front screen projection Kubricin used in 2001 the movie. Love the pyramid,.in that I always wondered the reason it was an nine sided form, counting the base. I can't look at hieroglyphs without thinking an alien language.

A Man Called Da-da said...

AND it wasn't recently. It was back in May, apparently -- unless there were two (or more) such events. Mea culpa.

siketa said...

I hope Borat has nothing to do with it....

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments everyone!

@Flood: You are right. Things manifest all around us to show us they are here. Clouds, trees, plants.. all kinds of nature. I just didn't see that this was one of those situations.

We have been to, but not on the moon. I get that the ETs there won't allow it. We have been to Mars, and it feels much more friendly. I see we have allies there.

Ryno said...

Of course "they" don't want us to visit the moon, it is one of the main parts of the matrix! As Lynn mentioned a while ago, the Moon was placed/guided into its current position. As she sits now, the moon is part organic (remains of one those galactic wars) and part artificial. Luna is very damaged, and she hates being a cyborg and used for this purpose. A hint here for humanity, don't automatically chose/accept technology over the natural world.

Whenever you see Luna in the night sky let her know that you love her and send your healing to her.

Anonymous said...

Great images this week!

Da da...where did the Moon shot image come from? I've never seen that before and I've been following that theme for years...

Thanks! Steven

Rachel Banik said...

I love it Lynn!

Juli T said...

@Dada this week I found the 'news' of the antelopes in a portal, and someone commented it happened back in june, that the portal was wrong. I couldn't find much further. So either it was in june and somehow it replicated now in some portals or there were two similar episodes.

wendy tascione said...

Did the antelopes go to 5d?? Is that how we will go I wonder???

Me too said...

Is it possible to see these ET's with telescopes?

Charlotte Bailey said...

I'm very curious Lynn and Da Da, why did you hesitate to release the antelope information? I always look forward to these readings; you two work well together!

What is your impression about the coming wave? Do you suppose only those who regularly meditate will be able to prepare their physical body to withstand the energy?

Kiranasa said...

Wave X has different effect on different people. It is deadly for some, painful for some, psychotic for some, ineffective for some, and blissful for some.
The higher vibration one has, the more positive effect one gets.

jana said...

Many faked moon landing stills and clips actually originate from a French 'mockumentary' called 'Dark Side of the Moon', originally aired in 2002 on Arte, the Franco-German cultural channel. I also happened to see it then and remember it clearly.

Wiki page:

"The basic premise for the film is the theory that the television footage from the Apollo 11 Moon landing was faked and recorded in a studio by the CIA with help from director Stanley Kubrick. It features some surprising guest appearances, most notably by Donald Rumsfeld, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Vernon Walters, Buzz Aldrin and Stanley Kubrick's widow, Christiane Kubrick."

The net's many sites claiming the moon landings were faked are in fact using stills from this 'mock documtary' as proof. Perhaps Lynn, the photograph you are surprised about is most likely from this very film.

Here is 'Dark Side of the Moon' on YouTube:

The enlightened one said...

@Flood#1 I am a member of a facebook-group pertaining to the spirit world. Many people there claims to have captured pictures of elementals embedded in natural landscapes. I too have at times captured what looks like figures or faces in rocks, trees etc. However, I am very skeptical of this. It is very easy for our brains to make out patterns everywhere, so I'd say it is very hard to tell if there is some meaning or intelligence behind a pattern or if it's just a coincidence.

@Jana That film makes me wonder... are the ex-cia-employees and ex-KGB-agents genuine, along with their witness testimonies, or are they just paid actors? I have quickly reviewed the scenes of the film, and I have not found anything similar to the picture in this 5ForFriday. Personally I am convinced the the shots from the moon are fake. Clearly the attempt to get there was genuine, but who knows how far they reached.

Astrolofting said...


can u do a reading on Wave X? Very confused about it after learning about it when i clicked on Dada's link in the Kundalini entry. Is it really the hopping from 3D to 5D?

The enlightened one said...

Personally I don't like the term wave x, which implies that this would be some new kind of radiation, when it's only gamma radiation. "Wave x" sounds like some typical New Age mumbo jumbo that someone's made up to get attention (not saying it is, but with that term it gives such an impression).

@a man called dada
You seem to have a firm belief in this wave-x phenomenon. What convinced you that this is real?

Craig said...

When researching the lunar stuff, I came across Kathy J. Forti, a clinical psychologist who is also heavily into "spirituality, consciousness, healing, the cosmos", etc. In this link she relates a story of how a retired NASA scientist told her and her guests at a dinner party all about the dark side of the moon, the visitors there and the cover ups. Very interesting.

jana said...

@ Enlightened They do cut out sequences in films, so this could be a still from a scene which didn't make the final cut.

Plus Alex Jones once mentioned that although NASA did go to the moon, they supplimented the publicity with faked landing shots in a studio setting. As for those who consider Alex Jones a gatekeeper - the whole idea is to pepper the truths with falsehoods. The Nasa studio shots seem to be a plausible possibility in my view.....and the photo Lynn is surprised about could come from this.

Also...the TRUTH. ???? I'm reading Lynn's blog for that reason. Look at the comments to a recent posting on the Jean Haines' blog: can anyone agree???

Seems in many cases the rabbit hole goes so deep....and the light becomes too dim to see anything clearly anymore. Or there are so many facets of the 'truth' and it becomes like the famous blind men and the elephant poem:

Thanks Lynn for Five for Friday - all amazing, especially the reading on the antelopes: sad and extraordinary......and much appreciate the tips for riding out the wave.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@enlightened one: it's not a belief. It's from direct experience. I personally feel the changes in energy (much to my surprise) -- and it's building. It's been dramatic, and occasionally uncomfortable. i *think* i'm getting better, but the voices always say that. [badumpbump]

and i don't like the term "Wave X" either. folks at The CAT are working on renaming it right now, but with an eye toward consensus. we're still arguing.

oh, btw... Capricorn One was about a faked Mars mission, not moon. otherwise, the filmmakers probably would've been kubricked.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Note: here's a nice write-up of the spirit behind Wave X:

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for all the comments and feedback. This thread is so interesting! I love how we are all able to come together and share info!

The enlightened one said...

@A man called dada.
So, are you saying this gamma radiation also carries an intrinsic energy... a spirit of some kind? I would like to know how this guy Shrödinger has come to this conclusion, is it purely from psychic reconnaissance or does he have more substantial evidence to back up his hypothesis? I am sorry if don't have the time to look for these answers on his site, but you seem well informed on this so maybe you can answer this?