Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Q & A Part II [Group Post]

8:02 PM
Today I was going to do a set of random questions that have been submitted to my blog.  This is the second time I have tried this, so I am going to see how it goes... 

Q. Did the president know about the IRS scandal and when was he aware? 
A. This looks to be something that was created by a political team that was beneath him.  Like a group that worked for him, but under him at that same time.  He was not aware of this scandal until very close to it leaking out. Even though this "team" felt they were doing this in the presidents best interest, the president was very angry.  He was more angry that he would be tied or associated it {the scandal] rather than the scandal itself   He didn't want all this negative publicity [so to speak].

Q. Was the helicopter carrying 17 Navy Seals in August of 2011 targeted by our government and when was Osama Bin Laden really killed?
A.  I see that it was targeted by our government, but we used another government [or entity] to take it out... I see our involvement, but it feels one step removed... as if we directly, but indirectly handled it, or rather used indirect means.

Osama...I see that he died seven to eight years ago.  I see an illness.  He is sweating, coughing and fevered.. He dies of implications with that.  He was not killed.  He died on his own in an old-fashioned hospital bed. He wasn't in a hospital.  It looks like one [single] room with medical equipment.. very old looking..

Q. Is the sun and the magnetic disturbances affecting our health; digestion problems, muscle and joint pain, and making us more tired?
A. As soon as I read this, I hear "yes".. so I try to think further... It has to do with the trauma our bodies are going through.  There is sun intensity, and I get the moon is pulling differently on us too.

I also get that there is man made factor in this.  As if 'we' have also created a lot our problems.  Our bodies are processing un-natural and non organic items that "tear and wear" us down.  It looks like that is also hugely on the rise. And these toxins we do ourselves are equally as influencing on our body as the sun and other disturbances.

I also get that we are "breathing, eating and absorbing huge amounts of heavy metals" They are almost inescapable   As these metals are in our bodies, the reaction to the sun with its effects is intensified greatly.. Then I get an image of food in a microwave as if that is us being cooked by the sun.  I also see that the sun alone, or the toxins alone, can be somewhat processed by our body, but the together, they are wearing us down.

Q. What are your impressions surrounding the Jon Benet Ramsey case?
A. I get that the parents did not do it, but hired who did.  I also get that they were having some financial problems, and this was really related to insurance.  I also get that they are not that bright in respect to they didn't think this would ever get so much attention.. They live in a 'bubble." and it is really difficult looking outside that bubble.  I also see that the mom has some major mental imbalances that she was dealing with. It is coming to me as a personality type disorder and she feels like the dominant one in the relationship. I see very odd "angry" episodes...just a lot of rage, but then can be very sympathetic.

I see this case as having a lot of evidence, but the outcome was related to who had endurance.  Meaning, if the story could be kept for a long time without being broke too severely..

Q.I read in the newspaper that there would be a gas drill or something like that in NYC in July, I want to know what thats about?
A. I see New York having a lot of issues.  I actually got a visual of the ground having cracks in it. I even hear rumbling.. It seems like they are wanting military or "military like" people in that area for when these events happen.  I also see New York getting pounded with a lot weather issues.  I see rain...lots of rain.  It looks to me that New York is going to have a difficult summer.

Back to the rumbling... I never had a visual before on an earthquake there.  but that is what the cracks and rumbling feel like.  I even had the pit of my stomach drop as if people will feel that way when it happens.  It looks like late summer with regard the earthquake (again I feel that feeling in my throat and stomach).  It also looks like the military are then before it happens, like they expect it or know it.

Q. Is the cold weather coming from the chemtrails that were heavily sprayed overhead during the last year?
A. I see that the chemtrails effect moisture.. and can create "hot" and "cold" spots, but the cold weather is a result of wind pattern changes.  It looks like our different jet streams are being altered pulling "different" air to us, and that is biggest influence on our climate changing or seasons being very different.

Q. I've a request ...would like to know what are your thoughts on the Mars One 2022 - Human Settlement of Mars, do you see this possible?
A. I do see this as possible.  In fact I see a greenhouse type system there now.  Things are under dome shaped buildings.  I immediately see the vision of "Oz" from afar when the Emerald City is beneath the bubble. It looks like the structures are coming into place and once things are comfortably sustainable they will offer this [place] to certain people for a very large price.

Q. Did O.J Simpson kill his wife?
A. I see he did.  He was a very jealous person, and he had temper.  He suspected she was having an affair, and really believed it to be true.  They got in a huge fight, and he hit her [followed by the knife].. but he couldn't stop because of the rage.  By the time he did stop it was too late, and I keep hearing him yell "shit" like 50 times... just over and over and over...  He did feel bad, but actually felt more bad about the idea of being arrested and put into jail.  Like he knew what he did was wrong, but was more concerned with his own fate.  He still feels guilt and will only talk about it with very close people and has to be under the influence or not in his complete sane mind (drinking, something like that etc...).
Q. The media is fired up re. Angelina Jolie getting a mastectomy and soon will remove her ovaries. Did she do this truly or not. Is she is promoting an agenda?!
A. I see she really did do it.  She did get the mastectomy.  I do see that she does leave one ovary..something about's easier to leave one if possible???  But these statements do look true.

Q. Is it possible to reanimate a body that has died?
A. It looks as if you can to an extent.  It is done with electrical impulses to specific nerves.  It has the appearance of these very jerky movements.  Reminds of how a mummy would look.  The movement are not fluid, but rather like  a seizure.  It definitely is not like bringing a person back to life.  You are just able to stimulate certain body parts.

And that is all for now.. I plan to continue another Q & A session.  I have a lot of great questions that I want to address.  

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev / Boston Bombings [Follow-Up]

835 PM
I have had a lot of follow-up questions regarding the what happened with the bombings, so I compiled a list of questions based on the recent submissions I have received...
We all know that the future can be changed from day to day, based on choices and free will. Since your last reading on the subject...

Q Is Dzhokhar alive?
A. I get that he is. He is very alone, like he is quarantined off from the rest of the prison. I also get a cold, damp, feeling... He is still alive.  His energy feels scared, like how a little kid would feel.

Q If he is alive, is there anything anyone can do to help Dzhokhar? 

A. This feels very planned out. As if the ending already known. It feels so "written" that it would be difficult to change the ending. If he could realize the support he had, that would help his mental state, but he is very kept from the world and everything going on in world.

Q If he is alive, will Dzhokhar be convicted of the crimes, or will the true perpetrator of these crimes come forward and confess?

A. I do see him going down with these crimes.  The true perpetrator is a group of people and they belong to a very powerful organization.. This organization is not going down now..

Q. Will he be convicted and killed in prison?

A. I see that he will be convicted and will eventually be killed...

Q What happened in the triple murder involving Brendan Mess? Police think Tamerlan Tsarnaev was involved.

A. I do not see that Tamerlan was involved.  What I do see is he was labled as being involved because the police were worried that the brothers had talked to him [Brendan].  Let me back up here... It looks like this group of 8 that I discussed in previous readings (that I have attached below) were worred that the brothers realized that something was going on and may have talked to Brendan.  As a way to elimiate Brendan from possbility talking they (referring to the group of 8 men) wanted Brendan gone.  It was leaked to the police that Brendan was involved, when in reality none of them were involved and the police began searching for him.  I can see a swat team of people (wearing dark uniforms and headmasks and long guns) surrounding where they believed Brendan was.  One of the uniformed men got very anxious when Brendan was identified, and shot him. Tamerilan didn't do it, but took the blame.  I see the reason that the police didn't boast that they got him was because they wanted to get him alive, and this one masked guy just shot him. I am now starting to think that they masked guy was really on "the other side." 

Q What exactly happened in the 2009 domestic violence charges against Tamerlan? What was the argument about? Did he assault her?

A.  I'm getting that it didn't really happen. Those documents were falsfied.  It was done just as a way to attack his character.

Q Can you briefly describe the marriage of Tamerlan and Katherine Russell? Why did they marry? Why did she convert to Islam? Were they happy?

A. I'm getting they got married because they wanted to get married.  It was a fairly normal marriage.  I see they argued about money.  She converted to Islam because she was envous of how close he was to his family.  I see he would visit his family and she wanted to be accepted by his family so she converted to became more included rather than viewed as an outsider.  I see she either wanted kids or wanted more kids, and felt that was important for her children.  They had their issues, but they seem like they wanted to make it work.

Q Was the older brother really into the radical Islam?

A. He believed in Islam, but I see nothing extreme or "radical."

Q Is Tamerlan really dead?

A. Yes, I feel that he really is (dead).

And that is all the questions I have for my blog regarding this at this time. 9:04 PM Link to Audio

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Q & A Session Part I [Group Post]

7:38 PM

I have been getting so many requests, that I thought it may be a nice idea at times to do a random session.  It helps me practice my skills because I am jumping in and out of various topics.  And, also allows me to address the concerns or concepts that many people are curious about.  I am testing myself to see how well I am able to do this...

Q. What's the real deal with Mega Church pastors?
A. I see that most pastors actually go into that field of religion because they were either brought up that way or they have a deep spiritual connection and religion helps to explain or provide an understanding that they cannot determine by just their own means alone... So there is definitely a connection between them and their faith.  I also get an impression of someone that is quiet and fairly humble.  The image I get is a person (man) walking with his head held down.. He looks like he doesn't want to draw attention or even look his peers in the eye.  Just a very quiet, almost introverted person..

Even as they progress through their religious career they open up to people to spread their religion in hopes that people will also have that same connection [that they have].  I see that the frustrating thing for mega church pastors is that to accept a religion  a person really has to identify with it from the inside out, rather than have it forced on them for it to mean something.

Now I get the phrase that "all good things that start for good usually go bad with wrong influence." [I will say the very last part of that seems like a different word, but I can't get it.] As i am saying all this I am seeing this humble person, who evolves into someone wanting to help people, getting corrupted.. As if people with power and money use the churches good intentions to promote their agenda... There is just as much love in church as there is fear, and fear is very powerful.  People with money/power can flaunt those things because the church (mainly the pastor) needs those items (they think) to do good.

When I ask about the "real deal" I get the analogy of a loan shark and a person who needs money.  The powerful people are the loan sharks and the person who needs money is the church pastor.  The relationship works great until the pastor backs himself into a hole and can't get out. Then he really depends on the loan shark.. and it looks fearful.. I then get the phrase that "not all of these sex scandals are even true, some if not most are made up by the "loan shark"". [referring to the bullying that occurs between the loan shark and the pastor]
Q. What causes aging in humans? Animals such as as crocodiles and sharks don't show signs of aging. Why do they die? Why don't they show signs of aging? Can their genes be added to human cells?
A. I'm getting that all animals show signs of aging, just some show it in different ways.  In the example of crocodiles and sharks, I get that they may not wrinkle of have gray hair, but they get bigger, wiser and even more instinctually stronger. Even though there may not be blatant evidence of age on the surface, it is present internally   It has to do with cell division and growth.. 

There is a protein that we decrease in our bodies as we age (referring to humans) that cause our physical change..I'm getting that this protein exists and if we inject it, we can prolong the aging process, but this manufactured protein doesn't work as well as our bodies organic version. We (at this time) can't stop the look of aging.  I am getting that we can prolong life, but we will still grow to look older.

That is all I am getting on that topic for now....

Q. Hi.. can you please focus on cancer cures again, I have read the session on Dandelions as a cure.. is there any truth to Vitamin B17 as a cure as well? Would eating apricot seeds, apple seeds, etc. help and reverse cancer?
A. I don't see it as specific letters or type of vitamin.. But I get an image of an oily substance.  It is clear and thick (I can see my finger rubbing it and it look like olive oil..) It is greasy and it doesn't absorb into your skin.  It just lays on the top.  I want to say that this is a fatty acid..Ok, I see peanuts, so now I can put together that this is a peanut oil base. I see people consuming like they do flaxseed oil.  It helps to detoxify by coating your digestive tract and also push our the toxins are building up in your digestive tract.. I hear "colon cleanse."  This rids your body of harmful material and also allows your body to absorb nuitrition much better.  i don't see it the whole cure, but an important part of attaining better overall health...

As I was typing the bit of the paragraph, I kept hearing "honey." Also I keep seeing bees and bottles of honey.  I now see people consuming honey and also chewing on bits of the comb itself.  I definitely see this as healing.. now I see sparkles around this person chewing the honey comb as if it is magical or has magical properties... [in reference to both the honey and the honey comb]

Q.Was Paul McCartney replaced by a double in 1966? If so, what happened to the original Paul McCartney? Who was behind this and what were the motivations? Were any other of the Beatles replaced with doubles at any time?
A.  I'm getting that he was replaced.. He died some kind of embarrassing or shameful way I'll focus on that in a minute). The Beatles didn't want to tarnish the name or have any bad associations with their name, so it was easier to just replace him. I am also getting that the Beatles knew, as well as their manager figure and also some big record company.  They were are in the know, they didn't all agree, but it was a majority rule type situation. It was done strictly to protect their name... 

Now when I try to focus on how he died... I keep getting the words embezzling and it appears his death was associated to that.

To further answer the question, I see no other Beatle being replaced...

Q.  What is the best thing the average citizen can do to turn the USA around into a direction of peace, integrity and concern for the welfare of its people and the world? Seriously I really wonder what can be done. It feels quite hopeless sometimes. Thank you!
A. It actually came to me as "Gain and share knowledge and knowledge is power."  I also hear "Don't ever let other people do your thinking, always think for yourself."  

And that is all I have at this time.. Thank you. 8:28 PM Link to Audio

Thursday, May 16, 2013

James Holmes [Anonymous Request]

1:25 PM
And the following is a set of random questions that someone submitted to my blog regarding James Holmes. So I wanted to go through this set of questions and give my response..Thanks.

[Submitter:] I'd like to remain anonymous. Would you be up for reading the James Holmes case for free? 

Q. Was it staged? Is that why everything's taking so long? 
A. I see a lot of behind the scenes "stuff" going on.. A lot of discussions, meetings..there is many more people involved than what we see or what the media is sharing with us.  It is taking so long because so many people have an influence in this case.  I looks likes and feels like a 'play' and they have to get everything just right before they can go on with their "show."  I see that they are very concerned with details, and that it is just right.

How many actors? How do you get rid of them?
A. My first instinct was 20.. but then I get that there is a much bigger picture here.  Like "actor" implies that they are "in the know," however, there are people that are not "in the know" that are interacting with the actors and are being led or influenced down path that isn't genuine.  The example I am being shown is there are many expert witnesses in this case, like doctors.. These actors are interacting with the doctors and swaying the doctors opinions, therefore, trying to create credible witness information [from the doctors], however that [information] was arrived at falsely..

I can't  see any way to get rid of them.. I see that even if their pictures or friends and family came forward to the press and/or media..the press/media would not disclose that they are actors because it would break the credibility of the case and the true knowledge of who is behind it would be out there.  The people involved I see have a relationship with the powers at be with the media.  they have very selectively givien footage.. They also don't want Jams Holmes to speak- I'm getting that pretty clear.

Back to the actors, I see the only way to show their identity is online.. and regardless of how much this information is online, the mass media will never speak of it.

Q. Is there a secret society involved?
A.  I'm not getting "a" secret, but rather many societies . I see very small groups from many different areas combined.  It looks like a few politicians, a few from government  a few from top media sources.. and then I keep hearing "big money".

Q. Is he defending himself properly? It looks like he gave up.
A. Ok...He is doing the best he can, but he is struggling with this himself.  He is being told that he committed this crime, but he is having issues with that because he can't believe he did it, because he didn't... So he is going through a lot of emotional problems.  He is trying to defend himself, against something he can't fully remember, he is being spoon fed everything [details] in regard to this act or crime that was committed  and being told he did something didn't.  He is being made to feel like he is insane.. Then I get the phrase "imagine being a sane person, being made to feel insane. You would be insane"  

Q. Why do some people speculate about his eyes? Like the marks in the corner and veins. This is just a weight problem. Just as normal as can be. And the opposing side knows that they're American. 
A.  When I think of his eyes I want to stare at them.  I know they [media] want to fixate on them because they are an indicator to many people of sanity and also drug abuse..but when I look at them, I see a window to the soul.. as if the lies in his eyes. [There is a definite sadness.]

I also see that he is being given a drug that makes his eyes look that way.  It is some kind of a mental drug.  I don't see it to do with the weight.

Q.  Why did he have orange hair? Why is it gone? Why are there 2 mugshots? 
A.   I see that his appearance was manufactured.. They wanted him to look "just right" for the news.  His drastic appearance was done to strengthen the case that they got the "right person".  

It is gone now, because they don't need it.. They evoked the feelings and got the image out there that they wanted.

Q.He is into girls and sometimes boys. Right? Could the opposition be homophobic towards him?
Is he gay or what? If the last question didn't already answer that.
A.  I don't see it as homophobic, but just a way to make his character not fit the norm.. As if they would say and do anything to make him different.

Q.  I think the opposing side is using him for his looks. What do you think? He is a unique and unique looking person.
A. It doesn't come through to me as regarding his looks.  It appears that it was due to his relationships and connections to certain people.  And he wasn't chosen because because of who he knew directly, but rather because of a close family relationship.  As I look at a family tree, there was someone on his dad's side that opposed one of these "powers at be."  James had a close relationship with that family member.  He was chosen because James going down for this crime would hurt his family member.. and that is the real reason James was picked.

Q. He was born in the 80's. Why not take it easy on him? After all if you were treated like him (and some people were) wouldn't you need a head start  Why hasn't anyone bothered separating people that were born in different times to keep things like this from happening?
A. I see that this crime was intentional to evoke emotion and strengthen an agenda . I don't see an intuitive response for the rest that question and this looks to be more personal opinion..

Q. How do you prove him innocent? I think the opposition just wants to kill him. They are being so daft about the whole trial. The death penalty bit was pulled way too quickly on him. 
A. I see everything so interconnected, that I don't see him being proved innocent.. It looks to me that in the end his will sit in jail, be called insane and be put in a drug induced insanity that will prevent him from ever being truly clear-minded.

Q. Why wasn't Judy Clarke involved in this trial sooner?
A. I see everything is about timing and being very precise.  I see she wasn't actually in on this, and they had to "prep" James before introducing him to her...

And that is all I have at this time.  Thank you.  
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Aliens [Group Post] Please give a glimpse into the life of aliens? Do they have religion? What is the origin of aliens? Can you talk a little about what really happened at Roswell, NM in 1947? Was there an alien spacecraft that crashed? Was there any ET involved at all? Was it Project Mogul and the test dummies? An analysis of what really happened in the Roswell UFO incident would be appreciated. Thank you. Was the Alien Body and Spaceship found on the Moon a hoax? it is said she was in a hibernation state she is alive and/or cloned and here on earth.

7:40 PM - Ok...I am getting that aliens are one of the oldest living life forces and if they are not THE most sophisticated they are very sophisticated with regard to their physical and mental abilities.  I am getting that they do not focus on a religion, but are more knowledge centered.  

I am also getting..and it is coming across kind of comical, that religion is something that us humans made up to explain why things are the way they are are...because we lack that higher knowledge, so religion is a way to rationalize concepts in our mind to kind of put us at peace....I am getting too that it was exhausting for the human mind to understand just life concepts.

Religion in a way provided relief for people because it was easier to comprehend and live by a code rather than really ponder life and life's mysteries.  

Q-What is the origin of aliens?

A-I am getting that they have always been here.. and when I try to look at the past, it is like as I keep going backwards, it is like I see that they have always existed.  They have not always been in our solar system.  I am getting that our solar system is newer in relationship to other solar systems.  So they may go from system to system but they have always been somewhere.  Even when I focus on the first aliens, my mind get caught in an infinite loop of spinning backwards in constantly seeing them to where I cannot see where THE first alien came to be.

Q-Can you talk a little about what really happened at RoswellNM in 1947? Was there an alien spacecraft that crashed?

A-What I see happening there was that there was a military base and they were doing a lot of experimentation with aliens and UFO activity.  And I see that we were transmitting some sort of signals into outer space from that location.  It is coming to me as some sort of a sound wave, but it appears that we could not hear it, it was a very strange frequency, and it looks like through this beacon of sound, we drew a ship to us.

Once it got close enough, we sent another type of beam, it does not look like it was a light beam though, it was like electronic, it is like a combination of electronic and magnetic, that created that ship to crash in that area.  It looks like we were testing not only communication, but some sort of a defense system as well.  A ship DID really crash, l see that at least two aliens were salvaged from that, but the focus was on one because the other alien had some damage to it.  I first want to say it is Grey but that is not quite right...

If it is not Lycan, it sounds very close to lycan, I am hearing it in my mind....and the one thing I see they did when they got these aliens, is they studied them and dissected them.  And I see when they dissected them their skin was smooth like a humans, but it had this super thick toughness to it like a reptile.  And they STILL have these aliens and they are preserved...and to those people who are in the know, these aliens are one of the first species and one of first captured ones that they have gotten.

Even though they are older and have had mutilations done to them done by us, they still keep them because they are looked at like a trophy of some kind.

Q-Were any captured alive?

A-We did not capture any alive from that, but I am getting a visual of two guys, they look like scientists, they are having a mental conversation with an alien, as if it is like a coworker.  So we do have relationships with aliens, but none were captured or interacted with during the roswell incident.

Q-Was there any ETs involved at all? Was it Project Mogul and the test dummies?

A-It truly was ETs involved.  They tried to cover it up, referring to the military.  They did not want anybody, including other countries, knowing how much the US military did or didn't know with regard to aliens.  I am also getting that obtaining the ship to study technology and attempting to reverse engineer different aspects of the ship was almost more important to us than the alien bodies themselves.  And we did not want it to leak out and let other countries know what we were working on and that we actually had access to it.

Q-Was the Alien Body and Spaceship found on the Moon a hoax?
A-Ok, my mind is going two different ways with this.  In one direction we have found a lot of evidence around aliens.  We have had interactions on Earth where we have interacted with aliens, we have seen their UFOs, the Roswell incident happened as I have described, and going back to that Roswell incident, I see that we were shamed by that, by other aliens, specifically the Greys.  I see that we have a relationship with them that is evolving, but at the time when that happened it was really a despicable act of the United States to do that.  And part of why it is such a secret now is because we are not proud of what happened and we could have really jeopardized relationships with other aliens.  So on that side of it I see that we have had a lot of interaction.

But then on the other side, I do not see that this alien body and spaceship on the moon was true.  We have had many true experiences, however this is just not one of them.

Q-Are there Alien / Human hybrids living among us in public, and if so do they even know that they are aliens?

A-Immediately I get that there are humans that have a percentage of alien DNA, as if it was bred into us hundreds of years ago.  So that part, in a person's DNA, is still living on today.  I see that people that are carrying this are carrying a very diluted portion of alien DNA but it still exists, and NO they do not know.

Q-Are there any crashed or abandoned alien spacecraft on the moon?

A-As soon as I read that question, I got an image of a ton of snow, as if somewhere here on Earth, and I am getting south pole area, there is an abandoned craft, or wrecked craft buried deep in the snow.  When I change my focus to the moon, I get that there are spacecrafts there, but they are not abandoned or wrecked, they are all functional.

Q-How large is the one you see on the South pole in regards to size?  Where exactly is it located?

A-I keep seeing the grassy area inside of football field, so it looks to be that size.  I keep seeing the letter A, is there something there with the capital letter A.  Is there something that sounds like Antillies, or sound like that???  I do not know I definitely get the south pole.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Red Comet [Multiple Requests]

5:54 AM 
Q. Can you do a refresh reading on the "RED" comet?  Is it still coming soon?  May 2013 or later this Fall?  Any serious earth changes events for next month?
A..  I do still see it out there.. I feel this anxious energy when I focus on it.  

I also see some kind of discussion with government officials.  My focus with that turns to military.  At first I thought NASA, but then my mind redirected to government military officials.   The discussion doesn't question whether this comet is there, but rather what it will do.  Some of these military people don't think it will do too much  but others that are wearing white lab coats are very concerned, almost hysterical during this conversation.  It looks like some of the military aren't as concerned, but these higher, more scientific personnel are very concerned.  Now I realize the reason the military aren't worried is because they feel confident because they have somewhere to go during a global event; whereas the military in the white coats are genuinely worried about the people themselves.

Now I see waves crashing..rather high waves.  They aren't tsunami type waves, but rather waves you would see during storms or hurricanes.  My focus goes to the northeast part of the country..  I also see these waves focused on the northwest part of the country.  It appears that the coasts on the northern part of the country will be effected first.  The southern part of the country [on the coasts] will start to experience higher than normal tides that don't completely recede.  It looks like already happening.  The water that rises in the southern portion [along the coasts] doesn't appear to be associated with storms.This looks more slow and gradual, but consistent.

Q.  What is the time frame?  Will this be next month?
A.  The first visual I get is a bell curve... This is showing me that these events are happening now.. or rather the events tied to the comet. [I will come back to the bell curve later]  In addition to the slow rise of water in the south along the southern states.. and I am specifically referring to the coast of the east and west of the country,  I also see storms begin to hit the northern state coastlines there will be flooding associated with that.  These storms are either happening now or very soon [like this month or next].

The next thing I see is our wind pattern beginning to change.. I see this happening now too.  As if colder air is being brought to areas that are typically warm and warm air is being brought to areas that are typically colder.  

Going to back to the bell curve.. these events are happening now.. They are started and are slow and gradual, and will become more obvious and also more frequent.  Even though events are happening now, it looks like they don't peak until November.. I'm getting the end of November.
(The X on the graph represents the peak of activity in November 2013)

Q Yes could you please do an update on your red comet? NASA is saying December 2013 through Jan 2014 which doesn't fit your previous readings! Has the time frame for you changed?
A. I still feel connected to the 3-13-13 date.. When I focus on it, there is still an energy as if something unknown to us happened at that time.  It looks like the comet breached some knd of spacebublle around us [Earth].  It also looks like at that time some magnetic energy started to shift.. It actually makes a very low humming noise as this magnetic energy moves.  I don't see the magnetic energy disappear, but it relocates becoming more concentrated in certain areas and then thinning out in others.

Q.  What about NASA and their timeframe?
A.  I do agree with NASA as far as when the majority of these events will effect people.  It looks like NASA is focused on what I would call the top of the bell curve (see above) when events are closer together and higher in number. I also see this timeframe being when this comet has our magetic field pulled [meaning concentrated] highly in one spot that looks like the south pole leaving us very vulernable to the the actions of the sun creating more volatile weather.  This weather is what also lends to these earth changes.

Q. Psychics & remote viewers have the most difficult task of putting dates to the events they see.  Could you comment on why that is? Is there other timelines (realities) that are being looked at?  Should we not take the dates so seriously ?
A.  I will speak for myself because I don't know how things come to everyone.  I see events and they play out like clips from a movie (mostly).  And, sometimes I just get pictures.  I have to focus on what I see and mentally ask questions.  When I looks at times/timeframes, I am usually answered with an event or picture of an event and I have to look around this "picture" for a clue. Sometimes I see a sign literally or something looking like a date carved in stone/wood/dirt/etc.  When I predicted something would happen or be different at the Superbowl time (for example we had the power outage) I didn't know what would happen, but during a session my husband was asking questions and I saw the letters XLVIII carved in stone, so that was my "clue" (the Roman numerals led me to the Superbowl last February).  Things come to me in many different ways (sight, taste, sensions and smell)- mainly pictures though.  When I ask myself questions the pictures are obvious and I have to learn what they are saying much like a picture dictionary.  For me, when I fixate on a date, I almost always get a picture, and the date is sometimes obvious, but sometimes I really have to "search" my picture.  

Q. Is there other timelines (realities) that are being looked at?
A. I do think that happens.  I see the Earth as having several layers of time  that coexist.  As if the past, present and future all happen at the same time, but we are only tuned into the present most of the time.  In using my intuitive sense, I try to see into these different layers, and at times even though I am focused on the present, other information comes to me and I don't realize it at the time.

Q. Should we not take the dates so seriously ?
A. Dates are important, but more importantly [for me] look at the events that surround the date. For example,  I may give a date, but I also usually have a sequence of events that lead up to something happening.  Pay more attention to the sequence of events because i feel they will have stronger significance to what you are looking for rather than a date by itself.  For example, I may give a date for when I think a huge storm may happen, but I will also tell you that you will get a warning,  you will start to see flooding, you may be evacuated, etc...  If you do get the warning, see the flooding and are told to evacuate, then don't wait on the given date.  The events happening in front of you are more important than the date itself.
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