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James Holmes [Anonymous Request]

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And the following is a set of random questions that someone submitted to my blog regarding James Holmes. So I wanted to go through this set of questions and give my response..Thanks.

[Submitter:] I'd like to remain anonymous. Would you be up for reading the James Holmes case for free? 

Q. Was it staged? Is that why everything's taking so long? 
A. I see a lot of behind the scenes "stuff" going on.. A lot of discussions, meetings..there is many more people involved than what we see or what the media is sharing with us.  It is taking so long because so many people have an influence in this case.  I looks likes and feels like a 'play' and they have to get everything just right before they can go on with their "show."  I see that they are very concerned with details, and that it is just right.

How many actors? How do you get rid of them?
A. My first instinct was 20.. but then I get that there is a much bigger picture here.  Like "actor" implies that they are "in the know," however, there are people that are not "in the know" that are interacting with the actors and are being led or influenced down path that isn't genuine.  The example I am being shown is there are many expert witnesses in this case, like doctors.. These actors are interacting with the doctors and swaying the doctors opinions, therefore, trying to create credible witness information [from the doctors], however that [information] was arrived at falsely..

I can't  see any way to get rid of them.. I see that even if their pictures or friends and family came forward to the press and/or media..the press/media would not disclose that they are actors because it would break the credibility of the case and the true knowledge of who is behind it would be out there.  The people involved I see have a relationship with the powers at be with the media.  they have very selectively givien footage.. They also don't want Jams Holmes to speak- I'm getting that pretty clear.

Back to the actors, I see the only way to show their identity is online.. and regardless of how much this information is online, the mass media will never speak of it.

Q. Is there a secret society involved?
A.  I'm not getting "a" secret, but rather many societies . I see very small groups from many different areas combined.  It looks like a few politicians, a few from government  a few from top media sources.. and then I keep hearing "big money".

Q. Is he defending himself properly? It looks like he gave up.
A. Ok...He is doing the best he can, but he is struggling with this himself.  He is being told that he committed this crime, but he is having issues with that because he can't believe he did it, because he didn't... So he is going through a lot of emotional problems.  He is trying to defend himself, against something he can't fully remember, he is being spoon fed everything [details] in regard to this act or crime that was committed  and being told he did something didn't.  He is being made to feel like he is insane.. Then I get the phrase "imagine being a sane person, being made to feel insane. You would be insane"  

Q. Why do some people speculate about his eyes? Like the marks in the corner and veins. This is just a weight problem. Just as normal as can be. And the opposing side knows that they're American. 
A.  When I think of his eyes I want to stare at them.  I know they [media] want to fixate on them because they are an indicator to many people of sanity and also drug abuse..but when I look at them, I see a window to the soul.. as if the lies in his eyes. [There is a definite sadness.]

I also see that he is being given a drug that makes his eyes look that way.  It is some kind of a mental drug.  I don't see it to do with the weight.

Q.  Why did he have orange hair? Why is it gone? Why are there 2 mugshots? 
A.   I see that his appearance was manufactured.. They wanted him to look "just right" for the news.  His drastic appearance was done to strengthen the case that they got the "right person".  

It is gone now, because they don't need it.. They evoked the feelings and got the image out there that they wanted.

Q.He is into girls and sometimes boys. Right? Could the opposition be homophobic towards him?
Is he gay or what? If the last question didn't already answer that.
A.  I don't see it as homophobic, but just a way to make his character not fit the norm.. As if they would say and do anything to make him different.

Q.  I think the opposing side is using him for his looks. What do you think? He is a unique and unique looking person.
A. It doesn't come through to me as regarding his looks.  It appears that it was due to his relationships and connections to certain people.  And he wasn't chosen because because of who he knew directly, but rather because of a close family relationship.  As I look at a family tree, there was someone on his dad's side that opposed one of these "powers at be."  James had a close relationship with that family member.  He was chosen because James going down for this crime would hurt his family member.. and that is the real reason James was picked.

Q. He was born in the 80's. Why not take it easy on him? After all if you were treated like him (and some people were) wouldn't you need a head start  Why hasn't anyone bothered separating people that were born in different times to keep things like this from happening?
A. I see that this crime was intentional to evoke emotion and strengthen an agenda . I don't see an intuitive response for the rest that question and this looks to be more personal opinion..

Q. How do you prove him innocent? I think the opposition just wants to kill him. They are being so daft about the whole trial. The death penalty bit was pulled way too quickly on him. 
A. I see everything so interconnected, that I don't see him being proved innocent.. It looks to me that in the end his will sit in jail, be called insane and be put in a drug induced insanity that will prevent him from ever being truly clear-minded.

Q. Why wasn't Judy Clarke involved in this trial sooner?
A. I see everything is about timing and being very precise.  I see she wasn't actually in on this, and they had to "prep" James before introducing him to her...

And that is all I have at this time.  Thank you.  
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Anonymous said...

Great reading!! I always knew there was something not right about this whole thing. Are there no good guys anywhere to help him? I pray that someone helps him. Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

You have said that Adam Lanza was in a sort of hypnotic state. As if he was out of it, in some sort of trance. James Holmes of the Aurora shooting seemed to also be out of it and has said that he doesnt remember any of it. The product, Ambien, a sleep aid, is a hypnotic medicine. Users have been reported to be active and "awake" but in unaware of their surroundings. Monsanto manufactures Ambien. Is there a connection between Adam Lanza, James Holmes,the use of Ambien to place them in a hypnotic trance, and Monsanto somehow providing the possible pharmaceuticals to the real agents for use in the shootings?

icqgirl 2 said...

This is very sad. Are there any updates. I hope this person is recovering, or escaping this sick circumstance.