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Aliens [Group Post] Please give a glimpse into the life of aliens? Do they have religion? What is the origin of aliens? Can you talk a little about what really happened at Roswell, NM in 1947? Was there an alien spacecraft that crashed? Was there any ET involved at all? Was it Project Mogul and the test dummies? An analysis of what really happened in the Roswell UFO incident would be appreciated. Thank you. Was the Alien Body and Spaceship found on the Moon a hoax? it is said she was in a hibernation state she is alive and/or cloned and here on earth.

7:40 PM - Ok...I am getting that aliens are one of the oldest living life forces and if they are not THE most sophisticated they are very sophisticated with regard to their physical and mental abilities.  I am getting that they do not focus on a religion, but are more knowledge centered.  

I am also getting..and it is coming across kind of comical, that religion is something that us humans made up to explain why things are the way they are are...because we lack that higher knowledge, so religion is a way to rationalize concepts in our mind to kind of put us at peace....I am getting too that it was exhausting for the human mind to understand just life concepts.

Religion in a way provided relief for people because it was easier to comprehend and live by a code rather than really ponder life and life's mysteries.  

Q-What is the origin of aliens?

A-I am getting that they have always been here.. and when I try to look at the past, it is like as I keep going backwards, it is like I see that they have always existed.  They have not always been in our solar system.  I am getting that our solar system is newer in relationship to other solar systems.  So they may go from system to system but they have always been somewhere.  Even when I focus on the first aliens, my mind get caught in an infinite loop of spinning backwards in constantly seeing them to where I cannot see where THE first alien came to be.

Q-Can you talk a little about what really happened at RoswellNM in 1947? Was there an alien spacecraft that crashed?

A-What I see happening there was that there was a military base and they were doing a lot of experimentation with aliens and UFO activity.  And I see that we were transmitting some sort of signals into outer space from that location.  It is coming to me as some sort of a sound wave, but it appears that we could not hear it, it was a very strange frequency, and it looks like through this beacon of sound, we drew a ship to us.

Once it got close enough, we sent another type of beam, it does not look like it was a light beam though, it was like electronic, it is like a combination of electronic and magnetic, that created that ship to crash in that area.  It looks like we were testing not only communication, but some sort of a defense system as well.  A ship DID really crash, l see that at least two aliens were salvaged from that, but the focus was on one because the other alien had some damage to it.  I first want to say it is Grey but that is not quite right...

If it is not Lycan, it sounds very close to lycan, I am hearing it in my mind....and the one thing I see they did when they got these aliens, is they studied them and dissected them.  And I see when they dissected them their skin was smooth like a humans, but it had this super thick toughness to it like a reptile.  And they STILL have these aliens and they are preserved...and to those people who are in the know, these aliens are one of the first species and one of first captured ones that they have gotten.

Even though they are older and have had mutilations done to them done by us, they still keep them because they are looked at like a trophy of some kind.

Q-Were any captured alive?

A-We did not capture any alive from that, but I am getting a visual of two guys, they look like scientists, they are having a mental conversation with an alien, as if it is like a coworker.  So we do have relationships with aliens, but none were captured or interacted with during the roswell incident.

Q-Was there any ETs involved at all? Was it Project Mogul and the test dummies?

A-It truly was ETs involved.  They tried to cover it up, referring to the military.  They did not want anybody, including other countries, knowing how much the US military did or didn't know with regard to aliens.  I am also getting that obtaining the ship to study technology and attempting to reverse engineer different aspects of the ship was almost more important to us than the alien bodies themselves.  And we did not want it to leak out and let other countries know what we were working on and that we actually had access to it.

Q-Was the Alien Body and Spaceship found on the Moon a hoax?
A-Ok, my mind is going two different ways with this.  In one direction we have found a lot of evidence around aliens.  We have had interactions on Earth where we have interacted with aliens, we have seen their UFOs, the Roswell incident happened as I have described, and going back to that Roswell incident, I see that we were shamed by that, by other aliens, specifically the Greys.  I see that we have a relationship with them that is evolving, but at the time when that happened it was really a despicable act of the United States to do that.  And part of why it is such a secret now is because we are not proud of what happened and we could have really jeopardized relationships with other aliens.  So on that side of it I see that we have had a lot of interaction.

But then on the other side, I do not see that this alien body and spaceship on the moon was true.  We have had many true experiences, however this is just not one of them.

Q-Are there Alien / Human hybrids living among us in public, and if so do they even know that they are aliens?

A-Immediately I get that there are humans that have a percentage of alien DNA, as if it was bred into us hundreds of years ago.  So that part, in a person's DNA, is still living on today.  I see that people that are carrying this are carrying a very diluted portion of alien DNA but it still exists, and NO they do not know.

Q-Are there any crashed or abandoned alien spacecraft on the moon?

A-As soon as I read that question, I got an image of a ton of snow, as if somewhere here on Earth, and I am getting south pole area, there is an abandoned craft, or wrecked craft buried deep in the snow.  When I change my focus to the moon, I get that there are spacecrafts there, but they are not abandoned or wrecked, they are all functional.

Q-How large is the one you see on the South pole in regards to size?  Where exactly is it located?

A-I keep seeing the grassy area inside of football field, so it looks to be that size.  I keep seeing the letter A, is there something there with the capital letter A.  Is there something that sounds like Antillies, or sound like that???  I do not know I definitely get the south pole.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting because I've heard rumors of exactly that in Antarctica & that's why the US government is there. A team of scientists apparently disappeared about 10 years ago after reporting they'd discovered some incredible ruins & taken film footage.. Over 10 people, all highly trained were never heard from again, apparently.

How, why or by whom was the female moon alien faked? What about the Dulce war of the 1970's, where US military defectors made a large scale attack on the aliens who were doing unspeakable things to humans through genetics & other experimentation to try to rescue some of them? These were said to be greys & reptilians.. How is it that there are so many stories like this but the greys are a,so said to be friendly? Are all these stories fake too, are there different species of greys involved on Earth, or is there ulterior motives here? It really confuses me to know if they are friend or foe?

Anonymous said...

What is the relationship between reptilians & greys?

Psychic Focus said...

I see alien races like people...some are friendly and others are not.. There may be Greys out there that are malicious, but in my mind when I focus on them I always see them as our parent- watching and studying us (trying not to interfere) and making sure we don't do something horrible to ourselves or planet.. I see them not stepping in until we are on the verge of destruction like they are the mama bird trying to get us to fly on our own. At some point I see them coming in to save us, but it isn't until we are really far gone following the path we are on now.

The lady on the soon as I typed those words I heard "propaganda".. maybe during that time they were trying to make people believe (at least that is the feeling I am receiving). They needed it for our people in our country and other countries as a way to create superiority. Who did it? The government did it because at the time they were seeking funding and needed people to believe (I don't know if they is public fact, this is just what I am getting..).

Relationship between Greys and Reptilians.. I see the Greys watching them.. Greys don't like them.. Reptilians are lower spiritually and also unpredictable.. They are here are on earth for the resources including people. Greys don't trust them with humans and have to make sure they don't change the human path.

Michael Smith said...

If you wanted to try and contact them how could you do that and would they respond . I understand fully on the getting me to fly on my own but i would love to get that little push off the cliff to make try to fly. Its just a thought...

Anonymous said...

When i check my own intuition on this this is exactly the information i get. I'm sure it doesn't mean much but i feel confirmation on this.

Jennifer Haithcock said...

So if religion is a made up concept then what is the human's purpose for life? What is the point? Why are we here?

Anonymous said...

Read the Roswell report then you will know why are we here.

Anonymous said...

@ Jennifer.. I always see it as for spiritual reason and growth and not religious.. Learning and evolving with deep reflection and understanding of ones own self.. Not believing in what someone else has outlined but rather learning about life and different aspects of life because you know yourself it is true.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

Bill Ramirez said...

bell rings~ =)