Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Q & A Session Part I [Group Post]

7:38 PM

I have been getting so many requests, that I thought it may be a nice idea at times to do a random session.  It helps me practice my skills because I am jumping in and out of various topics.  And, also allows me to address the concerns or concepts that many people are curious about.  I am testing myself to see how well I am able to do this...

Q. What's the real deal with Mega Church pastors?
A. I see that most pastors actually go into that field of religion because they were either brought up that way or they have a deep spiritual connection and religion helps to explain or provide an understanding that they cannot determine by just their own means alone... So there is definitely a connection between them and their faith.  I also get an impression of someone that is quiet and fairly humble.  The image I get is a person (man) walking with his head held down.. He looks like he doesn't want to draw attention or even look his peers in the eye.  Just a very quiet, almost introverted person..

Even as they progress through their religious career they open up to people to spread their religion in hopes that people will also have that same connection [that they have].  I see that the frustrating thing for mega church pastors is that to accept a religion  a person really has to identify with it from the inside out, rather than have it forced on them for it to mean something.

Now I get the phrase that "all good things that start for good usually go bad with wrong influence." [I will say the very last part of that seems like a different word, but I can't get it.] As i am saying all this I am seeing this humble person, who evolves into someone wanting to help people, getting corrupted.. As if people with power and money use the churches good intentions to promote their agenda... There is just as much love in church as there is fear, and fear is very powerful.  People with money/power can flaunt those things because the church (mainly the pastor) needs those items (they think) to do good.

When I ask about the "real deal" I get the analogy of a loan shark and a person who needs money.  The powerful people are the loan sharks and the person who needs money is the church pastor.  The relationship works great until the pastor backs himself into a hole and can't get out. Then he really depends on the loan shark.. and it looks fearful.. I then get the phrase that "not all of these sex scandals are even true, some if not most are made up by the "loan shark"". [referring to the bullying that occurs between the loan shark and the pastor]
Q. What causes aging in humans? Animals such as as crocodiles and sharks don't show signs of aging. Why do they die? Why don't they show signs of aging? Can their genes be added to human cells?
A. I'm getting that all animals show signs of aging, just some show it in different ways.  In the example of crocodiles and sharks, I get that they may not wrinkle of have gray hair, but they get bigger, wiser and even more instinctually stronger. Even though there may not be blatant evidence of age on the surface, it is present internally   It has to do with cell division and growth.. 

There is a protein that we decrease in our bodies as we age (referring to humans) that cause our physical change..I'm getting that this protein exists and if we inject it, we can prolong the aging process, but this manufactured protein doesn't work as well as our bodies organic version. We (at this time) can't stop the look of aging.  I am getting that we can prolong life, but we will still grow to look older.

That is all I am getting on that topic for now....

Q. Hi.. can you please focus on cancer cures again, I have read the session on Dandelions as a cure.. is there any truth to Vitamin B17 as a cure as well? Would eating apricot seeds, apple seeds, etc. help and reverse cancer?
A. I don't see it as specific letters or type of vitamin.. But I get an image of an oily substance.  It is clear and thick (I can see my finger rubbing it and it look like olive oil..) It is greasy and it doesn't absorb into your skin.  It just lays on the top.  I want to say that this is a fatty acid..Ok, I see peanuts, so now I can put together that this is a peanut oil base. I see people consuming like they do flaxseed oil.  It helps to detoxify by coating your digestive tract and also push our the toxins are building up in your digestive tract.. I hear "colon cleanse."  This rids your body of harmful material and also allows your body to absorb nuitrition much better.  i don't see it the whole cure, but an important part of attaining better overall health...

As I was typing the bit of the paragraph, I kept hearing "honey." Also I keep seeing bees and bottles of honey.  I now see people consuming honey and also chewing on bits of the comb itself.  I definitely see this as healing.. now I see sparkles around this person chewing the honey comb as if it is magical or has magical properties... [in reference to both the honey and the honey comb]

Q.Was Paul McCartney replaced by a double in 1966? If so, what happened to the original Paul McCartney? Who was behind this and what were the motivations? Were any other of the Beatles replaced with doubles at any time?
A.  I'm getting that he was replaced.. He died some kind of embarrassing or shameful way I'll focus on that in a minute). The Beatles didn't want to tarnish the name or have any bad associations with their name, so it was easier to just replace him. I am also getting that the Beatles knew, as well as their manager figure and also some big record company.  They were are in the know, they didn't all agree, but it was a majority rule type situation. It was done strictly to protect their name... 

Now when I try to focus on how he died... I keep getting the words embezzling and it appears his death was associated to that.

To further answer the question, I see no other Beatle being replaced...

Q.  What is the best thing the average citizen can do to turn the USA around into a direction of peace, integrity and concern for the welfare of its people and the world? Seriously I really wonder what can be done. It feels quite hopeless sometimes. Thank you!
A. It actually came to me as "Gain and share knowledge and knowledge is power."  I also hear "Don't ever let other people do your thinking, always think for yourself."  

And that is all I have at this time.. Thank you. 8:28 PM Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

Did the president know about the IRS scandal and when was he aware?
Was the helicopter carrying 17 Navy Seals in August of 2011 targeted by our government and when was Osama Bin Laden really killed?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this! I love your readings. So informative and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reading, is the protein that regulates aging that you mentioned ubiquitin?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! A Great Reading AGAIN!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming to your site and seeing the TRUTH!!!! The kinds of questions you get are really interesting and your answers are amazing. As always keep up the great work you are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your readings . They're always great to read. Please focus on the replacement for Paul McCartney. Will he ever come out and say who he is?

Anonymous said...

hes a guy called William shepard,he has been in the music business since the 50s as a session musician and back up singer. he put together a bunch of other musicians in the studios and went by varios names. he did this to capitalize on the Mersey beat thing happening in the 60s. he was brought in and trained by paul as his replacement . paul was having dreams and a premonition of dying. he wanted to get things in order. the call William,faul,as in fake paul. hes been paul longer than paul was. and is much more talented,he plays many different instruments,and unlike the reast of the beatles can read music. hes a voice mimc and can do many voices. he has played many other musicians as a hobby or lark one being Vivian stanshall of the bonzo do da band,and the other captain beef heart. he loves to dress up as other people and perform songs and styles he could never do as paul. theres hundreds of sites you need to check out for the P.ID. info.

Anonymous said...

Can't say it's Shepard, but the replacement Paul is commonly called 'Bill'.
Not sure Paul died, but something changed, perhaps on the inside with him.
And certainly on the outside things changed around that mysterious time of late '66
early '67.