Thursday, May 9, 2013

Red Comet [Multiple Requests]

5:54 AM 
Q. Can you do a refresh reading on the "RED" comet?  Is it still coming soon?  May 2013 or later this Fall?  Any serious earth changes events for next month?
A..  I do still see it out there.. I feel this anxious energy when I focus on it.  

I also see some kind of discussion with government officials.  My focus with that turns to military.  At first I thought NASA, but then my mind redirected to government military officials.   The discussion doesn't question whether this comet is there, but rather what it will do.  Some of these military people don't think it will do too much  but others that are wearing white lab coats are very concerned, almost hysterical during this conversation.  It looks like some of the military aren't as concerned, but these higher, more scientific personnel are very concerned.  Now I realize the reason the military aren't worried is because they feel confident because they have somewhere to go during a global event; whereas the military in the white coats are genuinely worried about the people themselves.

Now I see waves crashing..rather high waves.  They aren't tsunami type waves, but rather waves you would see during storms or hurricanes.  My focus goes to the northeast part of the country..  I also see these waves focused on the northwest part of the country.  It appears that the coasts on the northern part of the country will be effected first.  The southern part of the country [on the coasts] will start to experience higher than normal tides that don't completely recede.  It looks like already happening.  The water that rises in the southern portion [along the coasts] doesn't appear to be associated with storms.This looks more slow and gradual, but consistent.

Q.  What is the time frame?  Will this be next month?
A.  The first visual I get is a bell curve... This is showing me that these events are happening now.. or rather the events tied to the comet. [I will come back to the bell curve later]  In addition to the slow rise of water in the south along the southern states.. and I am specifically referring to the coast of the east and west of the country,  I also see storms begin to hit the northern state coastlines there will be flooding associated with that.  These storms are either happening now or very soon [like this month or next].

The next thing I see is our wind pattern beginning to change.. I see this happening now too.  As if colder air is being brought to areas that are typically warm and warm air is being brought to areas that are typically colder.  

Going to back to the bell curve.. these events are happening now.. They are started and are slow and gradual, and will become more obvious and also more frequent.  Even though events are happening now, it looks like they don't peak until November.. I'm getting the end of November.
(The X on the graph represents the peak of activity in November 2013)

Q Yes could you please do an update on your red comet? NASA is saying December 2013 through Jan 2014 which doesn't fit your previous readings! Has the time frame for you changed?
A. I still feel connected to the 3-13-13 date.. When I focus on it, there is still an energy as if something unknown to us happened at that time.  It looks like the comet breached some knd of spacebublle around us [Earth].  It also looks like at that time some magnetic energy started to shift.. It actually makes a very low humming noise as this magnetic energy moves.  I don't see the magnetic energy disappear, but it relocates becoming more concentrated in certain areas and then thinning out in others.

Q.  What about NASA and their timeframe?
A.  I do agree with NASA as far as when the majority of these events will effect people.  It looks like NASA is focused on what I would call the top of the bell curve (see above) when events are closer together and higher in number. I also see this timeframe being when this comet has our magetic field pulled [meaning concentrated] highly in one spot that looks like the south pole leaving us very vulernable to the the actions of the sun creating more volatile weather.  This weather is what also lends to these earth changes.

Q. Psychics & remote viewers have the most difficult task of putting dates to the events they see.  Could you comment on why that is? Is there other timelines (realities) that are being looked at?  Should we not take the dates so seriously ?
A.  I will speak for myself because I don't know how things come to everyone.  I see events and they play out like clips from a movie (mostly).  And, sometimes I just get pictures.  I have to focus on what I see and mentally ask questions.  When I looks at times/timeframes, I am usually answered with an event or picture of an event and I have to look around this "picture" for a clue. Sometimes I see a sign literally or something looking like a date carved in stone/wood/dirt/etc.  When I predicted something would happen or be different at the Superbowl time (for example we had the power outage) I didn't know what would happen, but during a session my husband was asking questions and I saw the letters XLVIII carved in stone, so that was my "clue" (the Roman numerals led me to the Superbowl last February).  Things come to me in many different ways (sight, taste, sensions and smell)- mainly pictures though.  When I ask myself questions the pictures are obvious and I have to learn what they are saying much like a picture dictionary.  For me, when I fixate on a date, I almost always get a picture, and the date is sometimes obvious, but sometimes I really have to "search" my picture.  

Q. Is there other timelines (realities) that are being looked at?
A. I do think that happens.  I see the Earth as having several layers of time  that coexist.  As if the past, present and future all happen at the same time, but we are only tuned into the present most of the time.  In using my intuitive sense, I try to see into these different layers, and at times even though I am focused on the present, other information comes to me and I don't realize it at the time.

Q. Should we not take the dates so seriously ?
A. Dates are important, but more importantly [for me] look at the events that surround the date. For example,  I may give a date, but I also usually have a sequence of events that lead up to something happening.  Pay more attention to the sequence of events because i feel they will have stronger significance to what you are looking for rather than a date by itself.  For example, I may give a date for when I think a huge storm may happen, but I will also tell you that you will get a warning,  you will start to see flooding, you may be evacuated, etc...  If you do get the warning, see the flooding and are told to evacuate, then don't wait on the given date.  The events happening in front of you are more important than the date itself.
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Anonymous said...

"sequent of events": if a certain event shown to you happens, then the other event shown will happen. If first event shown does not come to happen then the second events following will not come to happen. All are related and depends upon events that come true or do not come to happen.

When you ask for date of something you get a picture of an event which means in the other realms dates/times are given in relations to events and not by numbers by which we measure our time or time-frame.

Anonymous said...

I guess its a wait and see type of comet. I have been waiting to see it since March 13th. I enjoy your site, I think its hard when you place dates on events and then they don't happen on that date. Keep looking folks its up there somewhere just waiting to appear!!!!

Anonymous said...

Based on your info, the red comet sounds more like comet ISON. Can you focus on this part? I appreciate what you've done for the humanity. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A generational psychic in my area said a few months ago "they tell me you are selling your house because you think a tsunami is coming" & that was correct (we also wanted some land & a lifestyle change). This fear was partly based on the other well-known psychic in my city who had warned of a massive tsunami coming very soon. The generational psychic has been known to my family for over quarter of a century. She said she could not see a tsunami, but agreeing with what you said, she could see massive tidal flooding & crashing waves over our old house, & that we would later visit, dismayed at the state of where we used to live & so glad we moved.

I had a personal reading from you last year, where you also could see our house with waves crashing over it. This other psychic also said house prices where we have moved to (up the mountain) will sky-rocked by around $100,000 in around July this year (sometimes her timing is 'off' too). You also said it will get incredibly windy here & in the last week we've had winds like we've never seen in May. The ants on the coast in our friend's homes are going absolutely nuts too (a sure sign of flooding coming). Also, recently a huge shed was erected near a school overnight, built up with a lot of dirt under it. Someone I know could see in it & it was full of army tanks (now covered)!! There is NO logical reason why they would be here. We're in north-east Australia, one of the hot spots for these earth changes you pin-pointed.

You've certainly helped us prepare & know what we need, like clean water sources, so thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful information. Thank you for giving it a time frame - I know that is very tricky. Much appreciation for all you do.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating - My daughter and I had the feeling that April 11-13 were super important and I saw a trajectory piercing the bubble over the North Pole. When nothing seemed to happen we were both really surprised! Glad to see you also are sticking to your guns about it being significant!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the reading. I wanted to say that fall time this year coincides with the predictions of the lady prophet sister Sharon Roach, in her book "America in Prophecy 2008-2019".

It also coincides with the prophecies in the show "Shen Yun" by Divine Performing Arts. (

Personally, I learned that the best thing to do is to be in the present moment and not be attached to time. In the past I found myself anxious to see the change happening already, wishing for the future and things like that. It is called being attached to time. One should live in the present moment and do what is right to do for you at the present moment. Then there is peace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work.

It seems comet PanStarrs may not be out of the picture. This article states the comet has developed an enormous anti-tail and Earth will either be going through or be lined up with the dusty debris (if I understand correctly) very soon on May 26-27.

Perhaps you want to have one more "look" at PanStarrs in relation to the red comet?