Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Q & A Part II [Group Post]

8:02 PM
Today I was going to do a set of random questions that have been submitted to my blog.  This is the second time I have tried this, so I am going to see how it goes... 

Q. Did the president know about the IRS scandal and when was he aware? 
A. This looks to be something that was created by a political team that was beneath him.  Like a group that worked for him, but under him at that same time.  He was not aware of this scandal until very close to it leaking out. Even though this "team" felt they were doing this in the presidents best interest, the president was very angry.  He was more angry that he would be tied or associated it {the scandal] rather than the scandal itself   He didn't want all this negative publicity [so to speak].

Q. Was the helicopter carrying 17 Navy Seals in August of 2011 targeted by our government and when was Osama Bin Laden really killed?
A.  I see that it was targeted by our government, but we used another government [or entity] to take it out... I see our involvement, but it feels one step removed... as if we directly, but indirectly handled it, or rather used indirect means.

Osama...I see that he died seven to eight years ago.  I see an illness.  He is sweating, coughing and fevered.. He dies of implications with that.  He was not killed.  He died on his own in an old-fashioned hospital bed. He wasn't in a hospital.  It looks like one [single] room with medical equipment.. very old looking..

Q. Is the sun and the magnetic disturbances affecting our health; digestion problems, muscle and joint pain, and making us more tired?
A. As soon as I read this, I hear "yes".. so I try to think further... It has to do with the trauma our bodies are going through.  There is sun intensity, and I get the moon is pulling differently on us too.

I also get that there is man made factor in this.  As if 'we' have also created a lot our problems.  Our bodies are processing un-natural and non organic items that "tear and wear" us down.  It looks like that is also hugely on the rise. And these toxins we do ourselves are equally as influencing on our body as the sun and other disturbances.

I also get that we are "breathing, eating and absorbing huge amounts of heavy metals" They are almost inescapable   As these metals are in our bodies, the reaction to the sun with its effects is intensified greatly.. Then I get an image of food in a microwave as if that is us being cooked by the sun.  I also see that the sun alone, or the toxins alone, can be somewhat processed by our body, but the together, they are wearing us down.

Q. What are your impressions surrounding the Jon Benet Ramsey case?
A. I get that the parents did not do it, but hired who did.  I also get that they were having some financial problems, and this was really related to insurance.  I also get that they are not that bright in respect to they didn't think this would ever get so much attention.. They live in a 'bubble." and it is really difficult looking outside that bubble.  I also see that the mom has some major mental imbalances that she was dealing with. It is coming to me as a personality type disorder and she feels like the dominant one in the relationship. I see very odd "angry" episodes...just a lot of rage, but then can be very sympathetic.

I see this case as having a lot of evidence, but the outcome was related to who had endurance.  Meaning, if the story could be kept for a long time without being broke too severely..

Q.I read in the newspaper that there would be a gas drill or something like that in NYC in July, I want to know what thats about?
A. I see New York having a lot of issues.  I actually got a visual of the ground having cracks in it. I even hear rumbling.. It seems like they are wanting military or "military like" people in that area for when these events happen.  I also see New York getting pounded with a lot weather issues.  I see rain...lots of rain.  It looks to me that New York is going to have a difficult summer.

Back to the rumbling... I never had a visual before on an earthquake there.  but that is what the cracks and rumbling feel like.  I even had the pit of my stomach drop as if people will feel that way when it happens.  It looks like late summer with regard the earthquake (again I feel that feeling in my throat and stomach).  It also looks like the military are then before it happens, like they expect it or know it.

Q. Is the cold weather coming from the chemtrails that were heavily sprayed overhead during the last year?
A. I see that the chemtrails effect moisture.. and can create "hot" and "cold" spots, but the cold weather is a result of wind pattern changes.  It looks like our different jet streams are being altered pulling "different" air to us, and that is biggest influence on our climate changing or seasons being very different.

Q. I've a request ...would like to know what are your thoughts on the Mars One 2022 - Human Settlement of Mars, do you see this possible?
A. I do see this as possible.  In fact I see a greenhouse type system there now.  Things are under dome shaped buildings.  I immediately see the vision of "Oz" from afar when the Emerald City is beneath the bubble. It looks like the structures are coming into place and once things are comfortably sustainable they will offer this [place] to certain people for a very large price.

Q. Did O.J Simpson kill his wife?
A. I see he did.  He was a very jealous person, and he had temper.  He suspected she was having an affair, and really believed it to be true.  They got in a huge fight, and he hit her [followed by the knife].. but he couldn't stop because of the rage.  By the time he did stop it was too late, and I keep hearing him yell "shit" like 50 times... just over and over and over...  He did feel bad, but actually felt more bad about the idea of being arrested and put into jail.  Like he knew what he did was wrong, but was more concerned with his own fate.  He still feels guilt and will only talk about it with very close people and has to be under the influence or not in his complete sane mind (drinking, something like that etc...).
Q. The media is fired up re. Angelina Jolie getting a mastectomy and soon will remove her ovaries. Did she do this truly or not. Is she is promoting an agenda?!
A. I see she really did do it.  She did get the mastectomy.  I do see that she does leave one ovary..something about's easier to leave one if possible???  But these statements do look true.

Q. Is it possible to reanimate a body that has died?
A. It looks as if you can to an extent.  It is done with electrical impulses to specific nerves.  It has the appearance of these very jerky movements.  Reminds of how a mummy would look.  The movement are not fluid, but rather like  a seizure.  It definitely is not like bringing a person back to life.  You are just able to stimulate certain body parts.

And that is all for now.. I plan to continue another Q & A session.  I have a lot of great questions that I want to address.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again! I look forward to your posts.

Can you look into the Zetas with Nancy Leiderman? Are they for real, possibly reptilians, if there is actually reptilians.
Do they really want to help mankind?

Anonymous said...

stop spamming here no one cares and will not click in those links!

Jennifer Haithcock said...

If Bin Laden has been dead for years, what happened during the raid that supposedly "killed him"? And is that why a lot of the seal team VI are dead?

Have you seen the news conference from the Navy Seal Team VI family?

Psychic Focus said...

I have mixed feelings about the Zeta's.. some things I connect with, and other things I do not. I know their icon looks like a grey, but I do feel a bit of reptilian. I do think Nancy means well, and if she does relay bad info, I think that is b/c that is how she received it...

@spamming, I am working on that. :-)

I have not seen the new conference. I try to stay naive about topics I read. I see that during the raid, they really found nothing. I also in my gut believe that is why many if not all of the team is dead by "accidental" deaths. Jennifer, I believe you are on point.

Anonymous said...

Keep up these group posts, they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great Site!!!! I really enjoy it. Keep up the Great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Precise and accurate about Osama cause true rumor he was a friend to Bush family and he was admit into hospital for kidney failure in 2001.

Andrew Dyson said...

Hi all,
Looks like a 2-part documentary has just screened over two nights in relation to the JonBenet Ramsey murder case from 1996. The forensic detectives have come to the conclusion, without actually broadcasting this directly, that the Ramsey's then 9 year old son Burke most probably in a fit of rage, struck JonBenet with the flashlight causing her death, and dismissed the intruder theory. Although they conveniently fail to address who wrote the botched 3-page ransom letter!
Lynne, would it be worth your time to see if you can re-connect with this case?
Obviously the panel of law enforcement experts unanimously arrived at a much different conclusion to what your saw back in 2013? Can you add anything under the circumstances?