Friday, May 24, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev / Boston Bombings [Follow-Up]

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I have had a lot of follow-up questions regarding the what happened with the bombings, so I compiled a list of questions based on the recent submissions I have received...
We all know that the future can be changed from day to day, based on choices and free will. Since your last reading on the subject...

Q Is Dzhokhar alive?
A. I get that he is. He is very alone, like he is quarantined off from the rest of the prison. I also get a cold, damp, feeling... He is still alive.  His energy feels scared, like how a little kid would feel.

Q If he is alive, is there anything anyone can do to help Dzhokhar? 

A. This feels very planned out. As if the ending already known. It feels so "written" that it would be difficult to change the ending. If he could realize the support he had, that would help his mental state, but he is very kept from the world and everything going on in world.

Q If he is alive, will Dzhokhar be convicted of the crimes, or will the true perpetrator of these crimes come forward and confess?

A. I do see him going down with these crimes.  The true perpetrator is a group of people and they belong to a very powerful organization.. This organization is not going down now..

Q. Will he be convicted and killed in prison?

A. I see that he will be convicted and will eventually be killed...

Q What happened in the triple murder involving Brendan Mess? Police think Tamerlan Tsarnaev was involved.

A. I do not see that Tamerlan was involved.  What I do see is he was labled as being involved because the police were worried that the brothers had talked to him [Brendan].  Let me back up here... It looks like this group of 8 that I discussed in previous readings (that I have attached below) were worred that the brothers realized that something was going on and may have talked to Brendan.  As a way to elimiate Brendan from possbility talking they (referring to the group of 8 men) wanted Brendan gone.  It was leaked to the police that Brendan was involved, when in reality none of them were involved and the police began searching for him.  I can see a swat team of people (wearing dark uniforms and headmasks and long guns) surrounding where they believed Brendan was.  One of the uniformed men got very anxious when Brendan was identified, and shot him. Tamerilan didn't do it, but took the blame.  I see the reason that the police didn't boast that they got him was because they wanted to get him alive, and this one masked guy just shot him. I am now starting to think that they masked guy was really on "the other side." 

Q What exactly happened in the 2009 domestic violence charges against Tamerlan? What was the argument about? Did he assault her?

A.  I'm getting that it didn't really happen. Those documents were falsfied.  It was done just as a way to attack his character.

Q Can you briefly describe the marriage of Tamerlan and Katherine Russell? Why did they marry? Why did she convert to Islam? Were they happy?

A. I'm getting they got married because they wanted to get married.  It was a fairly normal marriage.  I see they argued about money.  She converted to Islam because she was envous of how close he was to his family.  I see he would visit his family and she wanted to be accepted by his family so she converted to became more included rather than viewed as an outsider.  I see she either wanted kids or wanted more kids, and felt that was important for her children.  They had their issues, but they seem like they wanted to make it work.

Q Was the older brother really into the radical Islam?

A. He believed in Islam, but I see nothing extreme or "radical."

Q Is Tamerlan really dead?

A. Yes, I feel that he really is (dead).

And that is all the questions I have for my blog regarding this at this time. 9:04 PM Link to Audio

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Anonymous said...

Brendan Mess was killed in 2011, along with 3 other men. All three had their throats slit in an apartment. The crime was unsolved, but drug related. To whom do you refer as having been shot?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for providing more info on Dzhokhar, I pray for him day and night, for his rescue - he is innocent, and that the true evil responsible are exposed to the world - they should gain nothing from this and lose everything.

Anonymous said...

But with all of Dzhokhar;s supporters, sending him mail and such and being at his trial, can't this change his outcome per by your reading?

Psychic Focus said...

I think it will definitely help his moral, but I don't think the outcome will easily be changed..

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been wrong before?
I feel God can change anything anytime.
Who do you refer to as being shot (reference to first comment).
And he has pleaded not guilty, how will they get evidence on him if there are none? His mother has talked to him and informed him of all the supporters.