Monday, April 29, 2013

What is the Divine/Universe take on gays? Is it good or bad?

8:28 PM - I see a ball of light and the core of it looks golden, and as you go to the edge it is bright white to the point where if you look to the edge it hurts your eyes.  And then I see a piece of this ball of light about the size of a softball shoot down into a person's stomach, and the image is almost like a shooting star that make contact.  

And as this ball of light hits this person in the stomach I see their soul or their energy light up, and this light radiates out from their abdomen and I see their physical body appear like a shell.  In fact their body looks like the texture of a crunchy exoskeleton on a bug.  It looks like this bright white light uses our physical body like a vehicle to drive it around, but in the big picture it is VERY insignificant.  

Also as I look at has this image of people as these balls of light that are walking around, and it is the light that is important.  It looks like the physical body is very insignificant.  In fact, every time I see it is either in black and white or sepia tones and my attention goes to the light that is within each person.  And as I look at people...I do not even see them as male or female....and when we all go back to that universal consciousness our souls are like asexual.  It doesn't matter if you are male / female, gay / straight, really none of that has any bearing.

I see your gender being a thing that is given to you when you reincarnate as a way to allow you to experience life and learn from many different angles.  I am getting images that most times that I have reincarnated are female, but I have been a male also....You can start asking me questions now.

Q-If you reincarnate as a male / female, what causes the change to attract to another sex.  If you came to experience a male perspective and was born a male, why be gay and play the feminine role?
A-I see this as deep down a person's soul is asexual, what happens is that when we reincarnate the sexual attraction to the opposite sex is there as a survival instinct.  I see that deep down most people could be with a man or a woman, but that survival instinct kicks in and it is so strong that it shapes us and alters us to seek out the opposite sex.

Now I am going to think about a man being gay and playing the feminine regarding a man who reincarnates gay and then plays the feminine role I keep getting the word DNA and it is not in their brain it is in their DNA and it has something to do with when they reincarnated, their DNA something got jumbled and that is what makes a male take on a feminine role.

And I also got that many times in a past life they may have been very feminine, and something with that is wanting to pull forward with this current life.

Q-But if it is in their DNA, what does a past life have to do with it, and if it is DNA is being genetic and can it be passed on to offspring?
A-Ok I get that a soul and it's experiences is like muscle memory and you have a stronger connection to the experiences that you have had more frequently, and in the above example, if you have reincarnated a lot as a female, then you your soul kind of identifies with that female perspective.  The DNA portion only relates to the being straight or gay here on Earth, but the soul portion can make a gay man feminine or masculine / or a lesbian, more girly or masculine.  Can it be passed on....I see that gay in your DNA can be passed on, but determining if a person is masculine or feminine will reside with your soul.

I mean you can have straight masculine women, or very feminine acting men that are heterosexual, because that personality trait is in your soul.

Q-So to be clear, is sexual preference / personality soul based?  I understand a big hary deep voiced guy has masculine traits (DNA), and can still be gay, is it his soul that make this masculine featured peron act more feminine and be gay?
A-For every person their DNA and their soul will determine whether they are gay or straight and whether they act feminine or masculine.  Your DNA will give you your sexual preference and sexual characteristics, but your soul is what make you feminine or masculine and also gives you a comfort level with one of the sexes.

Q-Is being gay good or bad?
A-I do not see it being good or bad, and being straight is not good or bad, it just is, that is just the life experience that you are having.

Q-Are the number of gay souls increasing, and are they more spiritually advanced than straight souls?  Like are more femine souls incarnating into male bodies?
A-I am getting that there has always been gay people, it is not increasing, you just see it because we live in a socially accepting country.  I also see that there are many countries in the mid east that it is NOT socially acceptable, and there is still the same amount of gay people but it just not openly expressed.  We live in a time when people are not supressing their sexual orientation.  At least where we live in the U.S.

Q-So to be clear, being gay or lesbian is NOT from environmental influences?
A-I see environment making it easier to express how you feel, but it is not influencing you one way or another.  It really is your DNA.

Q-But if it is your DNA, would that not be passed down to children?
A-As I said, yes, being gay can be passed down to your kids.

Q-Should gay people have children?
A-I cannot see any reason they should not.  I cannot get any images of how that would hurt anything or...or even society as a whole.  I feel like they should be able to have children like everybody else.  Then I am getting a message that there are many straight people that should not have children, and you cannot base having children on being gay or straight.

This is how I keep seeing it in my mind and I feel this diagram need to be included.
Note: Masculine and Feminine in this chart ONLY refers to personality preferences, NOT physical appearance.  Sex and Physical appearances overlay all four categories.  A straight guy who may likes to get waxed would be a straight feminine, a straight woman who likes to chop wood would be a straight masculine.
Q-What percentage of the population do you think is gay?
A-I keep getting 1 in 20.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Please do a reading on Sunil Tripathi. What really happened to him? Any relation to the Boston bombing as the media stated?

8:20 PM - I definitely see this kid as a loner, I know that he disappeared  but it looks like right before he did, he had a couple of older friends, like in their twenties or early twenties, and they were a really bad influence on him.  I just feel a lot of negative energy when I think about his friends.  I am getting that his friends were either into drugs or stealing or some type of illegal behaviour and they were trying to drag Sunil down.  And it got to the point where he felt like he knew too much about their illegal activities and he did not want any part of it, and that is when he ran.

I see him being really distraught, and kind of confused.  I see his brain was just incredibly active with all these random thoughts and scenarios   It looked like he was always hypothesising some kind of a situation.  And I see when he ran also he was...homeless, but he did not have that dirty look about him.  Like he was resourceful enough to know how to get food and even had a certain amount of hygiene about him.  He had a lot of street smarts.

He had been reported missing, and I see the police had his picture in some sort of a database, and when the initial images of the bombing came out, they tried to link the poor quality photos that were taken to Sunil...He resembled one of the brothers a lot.  And Sunil did not even know that he was a suspect in the bombing until several days after it happened, and he was viewed as being guilty of this crime to the point where he did not even want to come forward because he was scared.

I keep seeing a brick street and it is a very narrow street....and it looks like it is a dead end....And I see the police there, and I keep seeing this young man and he is pleading with the police that he did not do it.  But it almost looks like he is being terrorized.  They zipped tied him but they did not take him in right away.  

And this kid he was so scared and like pleading his case, that he actually started crying and he wet his pants.  I need a second I got to sort something out..... I stare at this image, what I am realizing is the people that are surrounding this man really are NOT the police, and I keep hearing the song "Radioactive" in my head and I see this black and white symbol.  It looks like three white fan blades with a black background.  So it looks like a group associated with that symbol.  And after they questioned him wanting to know what he knew and who he knew....even though it looks like he did not really know anything.  They killed him but they wanted to make it look like a suicide....It looks like they beat him up, but I keep hearing one of them say you have to make sure he is still breathing so he has air in his lungs when they find him, something about he has to have air in his lungs.

I see a lot of stomach punches...that is all I am getting you can ask me questions now.

Q-This group, how many are in the group and can you describe them?
A-Well they are all dressed in black from head to toe and they have like a hard helmet on their head, but what they did was took their hard helmet part off and beneath that they were wearing like a sock ski mask.  And on the forehead part of that mask were the three white fan blades, but everything else was jet black tactical gear.  As far as how looks like four of them

Q-Did he know any of them, and when and how did he die.
A-Ok, he did NOT know any of them, and he did NOT know they boys involved in the bombing.  What they did when they captured him, after they beat him, they did something to the back of his neck that kept him conscious but he was in a sense paralyzed.  So when he was thrown into the water he really did die at that point, but there was no way that he could have saved himself.   I see that he did not have any proper function of his legs or arms, but I do not see it as a drug, I just keep seeing that they did some kind of a karate chop to the back of his neck, like it was a martial arts move.

Q-Why did they kill him and was it premeditated?
A-I am getting that they were worried or had a suspicion that he knew of the two boys that were allegedly accused.  I also get that the two boys that were accused suspected something might be happening but they had no idea what or when.  And this group of four that surrounded Sunil was just really concerned about what he knew or if he knew anything...which he didn't and he told these guys this over and over.  And it was NOT premeditated that they were going to kill him, but they realized after they asked him all of these questions they did not want him leaving the situation and speaking with anybody else, and that is when they felt that they had to kill them.

Q-How is this group associated with one another and is this the "Friends you referred to in the beginning".  How did they find him.
A-Ok I am getting that his friends were on a low level of much bigger picture as if they were like the grunt workers, whereas these individuals who sought Sunil out were like 3-4 levels higher than his friends were.  How did they find him...I am getting electronic means, there is a coffee shop or something around there that offers free internet and he was tapping into that pretty consistently and they were able to locate him based on that.

Q-These levels and people, what type of group are they apart of, what is their purpose and agenda?
A-I am getting that they were contracted by the government and their job was to make sure that the Boston Mission went through seamlessly. 

Q-Was Sunil just another potential patsy that was not needed?
A-Yes I do see that as true.  I also see that he was viewed as a wildcard...I can almost hear someone saying that he was "too loose of a cannon and that he could not be trusted".  But from Sunil's side he really did not have a clue what anybody had in store for him.  He just knew that he did not like the path he felt his friends were taking and he ran, but as I look at it more, those friends were part of the setup.  It was like they were trying to gain Sunil's trust and trying to break him of his good boy morals...and by kind of being partners in crime at a really low level they were trying some sort of bond or brotherhood with him, but Sunil was smart enough to see what was going on and he just left the situation, but he was very scared.  He was more scared of these people than he was trusting of them.

Q-When did he begin his association with these people, how were they acquainted?
A-I keep seeing basketball hoops.  Like they began talking to him at some outdoor park or rec center.  And it looks like summer so I would say about 1 year ago.

Q-Was his family aware of any of these friends?
A-I do not see his family as aware, but they definitely noticed his behavior changing.  He was really quite, always seemed sad, and they were constantly asking him what was wrong.  And at one point it looks like they suspected him of using drugs,  I think they even tried to get him to go to counseling but he was not receptive to that.  I can see that conversation playing out.

Q-What day did he die, the bombings were on April 15th, when was he drowned?
A-I am getting 2/3 days, like 2-3 days, I also see that they found him long before they found the brothers.  And his interrogation was also a way that they were trying to find the brothers which is who they really wanted to find.  Even more so than worrying about what he heard and what he was going to say.  And now I am getting too is another reason that he was killed was because they were afraid that this guy would somehow give a warning to the brothers.

Q-Did he know the brothers, how could he give them a warning?
A-He didn't know the brothers, and he had no way of giving them a warning, it was just completely a precaution.

Q-Where did they do this interrogation?
A-They did it right on that brick street, like some dark dead end street.  It was the brick street where they found him.

Q-Do you feel all this was just a setup to recruit patsies?
A-I do see it that way and Sunil was just not going to do it.  He had high morals and just...I see that he was religious also...and he just could not go down that dark path.

Q-Do you see anymore of these type of patsy or false flag scenarios in the future?  If so when, where, and how?
A-I had this image looks like a huge white courthouse or state building.  It has a lot of steps in the front, probably like 30 steps to get to the front door.  And the most noticeable thing is there is a lot of different types of flags lined up in the front of it.  There is probably 20 different flags, and I see fire and a ton of black smoke pouring out of the top, as if the building is on fire.  But no matter how hard I focus I cannot get the timeframe.  I just get stuck on that image.  I mean I say it feels soon, like I feel anxious about it.  Like within the next two to three months.  Where....I am getting capital, and I am hearing state capital.  I am getting east coast but I cannot narrow down the state.

Q-Who will this be blamed on, what devices will be used to create the fire and is this a false flag?
A-I am getting that it is going to blamed on a small mid eastern country, it will be somewhere around Iran or Afghanistan, it will be slightly north of them.   I get it will happen with something with their elevator system.  It feels like a false flag, but I cannot get a definite answer on that.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Can you please do a reading on the Boston Marathon bombings from the bombing to the manhunt and lock down? Who is behind it? And why? We would like to know what your take on that...thank you.

8:18 PM-It looks like someone, like a government agency..hired a third party to commit the bombings and the reason that they hired a third party was to try to keep them from tracing this event back to the US government.  And where I keep getting stuck is it looks like when this third party was hired, it was a combination of like ex-military and people from other countries.

Someone in this third party was very uncomfortable with completing this task and I keep hearing the lyrics of a song "Someone that you used to know" and it is telling me that like when this guy left this third party organization, even though he was really tight with them, they pretty much acted like this guy was dead to them.  And as close as what he was, because this was a very small tight nit group, it was just like someone that they used to know.  In fact I think they tried to kill this guy when he left, but he was so smart about the way that he did it that he was able to escape and he is trying to stay under the radar.

But I am also getting that whoever this is, is really going to try to come forward with this information, and I keep hearing like "Wikileaks", so it looks to be in the form of like an Internet confession or like revealing.  The motive behind the third party was strictly money....The US government...did this because they are trying to get a very strategic military position in the North East part of the country.  I am getting there is a really big military base...oh...near the Massachusetts area.

There is some kind of communications program they are working on, like if the power did not work, it would still be effective.  I see these huge black cables that go underground and into the sea, and this project that they are working on is so critical and important for our government and our military....I am just hearing "All hand on" like they want everyone there.  It is like some preservation program for our country.  I am getting that it has been threatened.

I am getting that Russia has threatened this (program)... I am trying to get how...I am seeing the Sun being shined in that area and being magnified with a magnifying they (Russians) are trying to radiate the area.  I am getting there is some satellite capability to do that.

Q-What I am trying to focus on now is how these two kids were chosen.
A-I am getting that one of these third party people, was either an owner or like a prestigious performer at somewhere where these boys studied martial arts??  I am seeing a picture on the wall at this martial arts establishment and it looks like it is located in the waiting room where you walk in.  So he met the boys there and became friends of the family.  But the family really had no idea of this guys history.  I am just hearing one of the boys saying how bad ass this guy is....Ok, so this guy started really working with these boys, he taught them a little bit of military stuff, which did include explosives.  They looked at him, the boys looked at this man as a trusted person not realizing what was really going to happen.  They boys actually did make some explosives, they even played with them like out in big fields.  I am kind of getting the phrase "Boys will be boys".

So they learned about explosives, it was really interesting to them, and this guy actually enjoyed teaching them.  And then going back to this third party, when they were hired to do something in Boston, it was called a "Main Event", they were told to create a "Main Event", so it was not specified that it had to be bombing, but as this third party got together they decided that that was what it was going to be.  And because this other party through their interactions knew of these boys, this plan just fell into place.

The guy that actually left the group, that did not want to do this plan, was that martial arts guy.  He was really pissed that they wanted to frame those boys for this crime.

Q-Who is responsible for wanting this main event to occur, not who did it, but orchestrated it to happen?
A-I see it looks like a family tree, at the top you have the US government, beneath that you have the CIA, and beneath that is the small group of men, I have a visual of them sitting at a round table and there is eight.  And they all have some specialty.  Like one is a seal, there are two snipers, one is a pilot, and then I keep hearing melee, melee, melee, like they are just good at Battle.  And that bottom group of individuals is actually who did it.

Q-Are you saying they are hired mercenaries?
A-Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.  But...when they were hired they were told what needed to be done but not how do it.  As if they did not want to know how it was going to be done, because they did not (referring to the CIA), want this traceable back to the US government.

Q-Did the brothers actually create, plant, and detonate the bombs?
A-Not at all, um...they were told to meet someone downtown at the finish line.  It was setup so...they were supposed to be downtown at a certain time and they thought they were meeting, I want to say friends....and I think they got texts, I think there phones should be checked for that, and that is why they were there at that time.

Q-What were they carrying in their bags?
A-I am getting that one of them, liked to sketch alot and he always carried a tablet and like some drawing pencils and supplies.  The other one I see a tablet, a charging cable for his phone, some kind of food like a little bag of trail mix or nuts or something like that.

Q-Who actually created the bombs?
A-I see that they had, this group of eight men, had this one guy that they called "Doctor", and he was actually the brains behind making the bombs, and he is the one who made them.  And the men that were in my mind called the "Melee" men, were the ones that planted the bombs.

Q-Are these Melee men capture in any of the photos?
A-I am getting that they were, but they wore fake hair??  They altered their appearance as soon as they dropped those bags, and it was something with their hair.

Q-Some people speculate that mercenaries such as "The Craft" or "Blackwater" was behind this bombing.  Do any of these groups seem to fit your group of eight?
A-Honestly I am not getting a name, everything is a nickname.  Like the pilot, his name is "Bird", the chemist guy, he was the "Doctor", the sniper guys I hear one...I want to say "Shot", is not not right it is like...One is called "Bull" and that is short for bulls eye.  The other one I want to say "Shot" but it is not right.  But everyone has a nickname, there is no real names of anything.

Q-How much was this group paid, and was the Marathon specified as the target main event or was that left to the eight?
A-The marathon was the designated spot.  I am getting that the eight of them got a combined 20 million dollars.  But that was not divided evenly amongst the eight.  They guy that made the bombs, the two guys that did the drop, and the two snipers, got a bigger portion.  The reason the snipers got as much as the rest was because there was a contingency plan, I am getting there was a third drop that if one of those bombs did not go off, a snipe could have shot it which would have caused an explosion.

But when those two bombs went off and they knew it was successful, one of the ground men grabbed the third drop and it was never found or known about.

Q-Where were the snipers stationed or third bomb's location?
A-I am getting the third bomb had something to do with a parking meter, or if it was not the meter itself something really close to it.  And if you were at that meter location, the sniper would have been at a like a 5 o'clock position from it.  They were elevated, but it was like they were on a balcony or window or fire escape, they were not on a roof, it is like if I look above me I would see a roof.

Q-So the US government or the CIA specifically targeted the Boston Marathon?
A-Yes they did,  they wanted a big surge of military in that upper northeastern part of the United States.  Really heavy on that coastline area.  I get that the communication program that they are working on is just so vital, so important that they would do anything to protect it.

Q-But why not just move troops there, why a bombing to justify it?
A-Because they want the troops there with welcomes arms.  I am getting some mantra "They want the troops be looked at to serve and protect them" like they are invited guests in that area.

Q-Is there more planned false flag events similar to this to come?
A-I get that there will be but, I cannot get an image of what it is going to be.  I just keep seeing the state of New York.  The one image I did get was it looked like a building that had several flags, with flagposts in front of it.  And the building was on fire.  I didn't or couldn't get that it was a bomb, I just saw this burning building.

Q-Does any of this have any connection with the fertilizer plant blast in Texas?
A-I cannot get a mental correlation between the two.  They look like two seperate things in my mind.

Q-Who ran over the first brother?  And were either supposed to live?
A-I see the police there, almost like making a contest of who could capture these kids.  And I see them talking about it like you would in some kind of a high school locker room, like making bets on who could get them.  And really after the bombs went off, and the evidence planted, the team of eight did not care if they lived or died, because the kids were so naive as to what was going on they did not even understand why they were being questioned.  I see the police as the one who ran the kid over.  And the other I see still trying to plead his innocents, and he is being talked into trying to  admit to this crime as some sort of a deal.  He is really beside himself about it.

Q-Where the police accomplices or in the know?
A-The police were not in the know, and that was very intentional.  That group of eight are like ghosts.  Once this job was completed they were gone and felt in now way threatened.  They are more worried about the one guy that ran off then they are about the police or these kids.

Q-Was any of the survellance footage and or photos doctored or planted?
A-The video where the brothers are walking with there backpacks, was not doctored, but made to be found.  I am not getting anything intentionally doctored, but I am getting that some stuff was intentionally found.

Q-The media is linking the brothers to radial islam and Russia, is this just the media, or the CIA's intention.
A-I get that it was the CIA's intention, because the more they can remove themselves from what happened, the better their positioning is.  And if we can create fear and terror, we are much more open to allowing military to come in and protect us and even take our rights.  Because "They" know how to protect us better than we protect ourselves.

Q-Is this all a setup for a war or conflict of some type?
A-I don't see this as a war or a conflict, but rather a way to keep the terror theam fresh.  I see our government liking to throw around the word terror to scare people, so that they can then come in and save people.  It makes our need for the Government stronger.

Q-So why not stop the attack before it happened, how are they protecting us if we still suffer the casualties?
A-Because stopping it before it happens equates to just words, and it does not feel as powerful on the people, or strike that gut emotional response that they need.  Also allowing it to happen, makes people talk about it, makes it real, and it is just a much longer lasting affect.

Q-Will the 2nd brother survive?  And did the US deem him an "Enemy Combatant" to keep him isolated from any type of lawyer to prevent him from speaking out?
A-Um they did it for a couple of reasons.  One they kept him isolated and without a lawyer so he could not talk or plead his case, and two, by keeping him isolated, and it looks like they are feeding him some lies about his family, like his Dad is in danger, that kind of stuff.  Creating him to be scared, they are forcing him to admit to something that he did not do so that he will take the fall for this, and I see that after this case is sealed and he is in prison he will actually be killed in prison, but they will need this case to be closed first.

Q-Conflicting stories say he was in a boat when captured, and either shot himself in the mouth / head, or  tried to slit his own throat and thus he cannot speak verbally.  How did he get his wounds?
A-I actually see it a little different, looks like he was standing on a balcony, specifically like a tree house, he was all the way surrounded by the police and he when realized he could not escape he walked out on the edge of this treehouse looking thing with his hands up, and he was totally surrendering to the cops, and then like two of the cops, pulled out tazer guns and shot this kid that was on this wooden balcony thing.  And when they did, he fell off the balcony and that is how he really got injured.

Q-Did the first brother really have IEDs strapped to him when run over by the police?
A-I do not see anything strapped to him.  I cannot see him even wearing a belt, like there is nothing around him.  It just looks like a plain T-Shirt and pants and a jacket that was not zipped up.

Q-Did these brothers kill the cop, rob a convenience store, and hijack a car as reported by the news?
A-I am getting that they did NOT do those things, the reason the news said that was because they did not want people in that area to help these boys.  They wanted them feared, and by leaking that type of a story they felt they would get the most cooperation from the citizens there.

Q-So all the "Bomb Making" supplies found at their place, was this true, or a setup?
A-I see that they did have a few things at their home, but it was very small in comparison to what was really found or planted.  And the reason they had some stuff was because the marial arts guy taught them how to make thing, make bombs and occassionally they would go off into an open field and do it.   But they did not possess a large amount of...I am getting what they found was much greater than what really existed.

Q-Is any of this linked to Sandy Hook or the Theater Shootings?
A-No, I am getting those were a completely different agenda.

Q-Going back to this "Communications Program" that works without power, what is the US government need this for and why are they so scared that they would create False Flags against the American people?
A-I am getting that out of this location there is like a hub for communications, and it is a real land line and it looks like a humungous black cable that runs both underground and underwater.  And not only can this line work without electricity, like self powered, but also whatever is encased around it make it secure.  Meaning the military can send and receive message securly through this line.  I am getting this is like the heartbeat of the operation and it is located in this area.  So when they felt they were in danger of something happening to this communications hub, they needed a way to get a huge amount of military in that area and they wanted with open arms.  The best scenerio was for the people to want the military there.

Q-So does this military presence stay, or was it only needed for a short time/
A-No they are up there for long term.

Q-Are they scared they might lose all the satillite communications?  Is this a new project or just protecting existing infrastructure?
A-I am getting that they are not as much scared of losing satillites, the issue is that this form or communications is so secure that they cannot crack it.  Where satillite communications can be intercepted.  And I guess the military uses this form of communication all the time, I mean these wires look old, this has got some age to it.  I am getting that the design of it was thought about after the internet came into existence.  Almost like the internet was the prototype of how this communication was going to work.

Q-Who is threatening this line?
A-I am getting that it is coming from Russia.  They are somehow trying to tap into it.  I dont know it is not clear, they are trying to tap into it to learn about it, they are trying to form their own system, but once they get a system of their own, they want to destroy our system.

Q-Is there a secret war going on between the US and China / Russia ?
A-I do not see it as a war, I see it as a love / hate relationship.  We do not like China, and we do not like someone having any control over us, but at the same time we need them, with their financial backing and we use all of their cheap products, so I do not see a war, but because we cannot afford to go to war with them and lose the relationship we do have.  But if they did come after us first, we would retaliate.

Q-What means are they using to attack, or spy on our comms line?
A-I am getting there is something with a satellite that uses what looks like sonar waves and that is one way that they extract information.  I am also getting that they have some like undercover military that are stationed in some of our military bases in that area, but they mostly rely on the satellite imaging.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Will there be extraterrestrial or alien disclosure in the next five years? Who will disclose and who will be disclosed? Thank you.

I do see that there will be disclosure .  It looks like it comes from a global organization   I want to say the UN.    I see some kind of UN announcement and Obama has to make a response to it.. I see Obama's response addressing the whole country, on a televised type situation.  I see or rather hear the phase "State of the Union" not that it is the name of the type of speech, but it is similar to that.  

Q.  What is the time frame?
A.  I definitely see Obama dealing with this.  I want to say during the year 2015.  

Q.  Why are they finally coming out and announcing this?
A.  It looks like they have to.  As if extraterrestrials start to make more obvious sign of their existence.  It is undeniable that they exist, so it has to be addressed.  I don't get that they [the US] want to address it, but it feels forced.  I don't think or rather see that Obama wants to even bring up the topic or discuss it at all, but it is coming from a higher power.. Again, I want to say the UN forces these announcements.  It is as if the UN is interacting with aliens, and they aren't hiding it anymore.  The UN has some kind of communication with them, and they are no longer hiding or putting effort into hiding it.  With all the forms of media, it becomes harder to deny or hide their existence, so the US is forced into making some kind of statement.  I also see that the UN agreed to hide their interaction with aliens for a certain amount of time... giving countries a chance to come out gradually and more gently advise their people, and this time frame is coming to an end.

Q.  How will people react?
A.  I see some people as being relieved that the government came out and acknowledged it.  Some people that are already believers have been made to feel crazy or not taken seriously, and this is a huge relief. 

There are also people that are on the fence.  This is a "deep within" believe, but they are too scared to admit it because of judgement and perception.  They can't admit beliefs, so this is also a relief for them. 

Some people are terrified..This goes against all their beliefs..For those people I see some kind of a gadget being made and sold to them that omits I frequency that they believe will ward off aliens.. as if the aliens cannot handle this frequency.. I am getting an image or a dog whistle, then it goes to those devices you put in your yard to to ward off small pests, and then I see a white box giving off sound waves...

There is also a group of people that just look angry.  At first I saw civil unrest, but that image died down.. it looks more like pockets of people that are angry, but there is nowhere to really direct their anger because it comes {the message or announcement] from people that are outside our country.

Q.  Why are aliens here and why are they interacting with us?
A.  First I get that there are many planets out there, even beyond our own solar system, but very few can house life.  Our planet is special in that it can house life, and life already exists on it.  Aliens are very interested in life here on Earth, and want to interact with us to learn about it and possibly learn how to spark life or live on other planets.

In exchange for us allowing them to learn about our planet...well let me back up.. I also see that they are interested in raw materials that are found here... specifically gold... If it isn't gold that they are interested in, if definitely has the appearance of gold..  In exchange for this gold, and allowing them to study us [life on the planet] we are trying to obtain some of their technology.  I see this as very scientific knowledge such as time travel and space travel much like that of a stargate or rather a teleporting [I'm getting an image of Star Trek and how they would teleport from one location another].  And now i see an image of a "space elevator" to the moon that literally allows people to travel in this teleporting fashion.

Q.  Why do the aliens want our gold?
A.  I'm getting that it is unique.  No other planet has it.  Then I get something about they get or extract some kind of energy or fuel from it..I also get an image of them wearing it as adornments, but it is so much more than that to them.There is some kind of interesting property to it or it can be broken down into some kind of unique form.  I want say "conductivity."

Q.  What type of aliens are we interacting with?
A.  The ones i see are the Greys..They appear to actually be civil with us.  There are no threatening feeling as I see them act or interact with political officials.  I also see that the Greys do pick their favorites.  Like they will only do business with certain people that they have a connection with.  In fact, they are very particular.

In one situation I see them [referring to the Greys] as electing a "spokes-alien" to do business.  This "spokes-alien" is mentally communicating with a female at the UN.  She has brunette hair and looks to be in her 40s and is also caucasian   It looks like they are so evolved in their communication that they can mentally communicate, meaning convey messages without words, just using thoughts, with someone who does not communicate that way.  It just works.  there is no verbal language.  Just thoughts being shared.  This also looks like a strictly business relationship.  there is no friendship or emotions..just business.

Q.  What about the other aliens such as Reptilians that have been seen on Earth?
A.  I do see other alien life forms, but they look to be hiding or not wanting to come forward.  It looks like since we don't interact with them, we don't disclose their existence.. As if they are here, not even all with good intentions, we don't acknowledge them because we don't have to.  We don't want to create even more hysteria.. I just don't see us making any kind of announcement regarding them.

And that is all I have at time.. 
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Repeating Numbers [Can you please look into the number 11:11? Why are people seeing this number? What does it mean? I as well see 222 444. Does that mean anything? I would appreciate it if you do a session on this. Thank you]

1:18 PM
The first I see is that in nature there are patterns everywhere.. As we spiritual evolve, that makes us more connected with  what is going on around us.  As a result we begin to notice patterns . We tend to see them in various ways whether it be your alarm clock, odometer, computer, watch or phone.. they are everywhere.  I also get that it may not be a repeating that we are in tune to such as 111 or 222, but a different pattern.  I am getting 246 and 139 as an example.. I also see that sometime people are seeing a series of numbers that may mean something to them such as 911 whether it is the time 9:11 or randomly showing up in odd spots.  

Q. Do we seek this out or does it just happen?
A.  It looks like when these numbers are there, they have some kind of energy or attraction that makes us notice.  It isn't that we are seeking it out, the pattern is there and "pulls" your mind to notice.  I am getting the example of how when you pull up next to someone in the car, if they stare at you, you tend to took over at them.. It is just some energy that is given off and makes you look.. 

Q.  Why the need to look?
A.  I see it as the more spiritual a person, the more they tend to identify that there are numbers or patterns that show up, and by looking and recognizing this it serves as some kind of mental grounding.. Like it is a sign. [Less spiritually evolved people tend to go on about life and don't notice things around them.. They just go about their routine and don't take time to acknowledge subtle things such as number patterns.]

Q.  What it is a sign off?
A.  For each person, it looks like it can mean something a little different . Most times the number seems like it is actually significant to the person and they deep down know what it means.. For example, if you see a birthdate over and over, that may refer to a relationship or that person.  If they are passed, they might be telling you that they are with you. 

For the number 111 or 11.11 the first thing I got was that they are on the right path.. as if it was referring to 1's and 0's [this is a binary reference in my mind]. One being "on" and zero being "off", and it was like in my mind I could hear the chant "on, on, on"  You are headed on the right path/direction.

For the number 222 or 22 or 22/2. I get that you are on the right path, but you are bringing someone else along or guiding them. You are heading the right way that is good for you, and you are bringing a partner that may not be a confident or have the same realization as you.  It is positive for both of you, but it may be more work convincing the partner that you really are BOTH headed in the right place.. When the energy starts to really flow, I see the partner beginning to experience the same patterns too..

With regard to 444..  I see it very similar to the 222 pattern, but in this situation you are leading a group...or have an influence of a group.  this group may be family, work, friends, but definitely a group.. I identify this with a strong person. More like a leader, even if they aren't dominant  they are a people person and know how to "keep the peace" or understand different personalities.

Q.  Do you have any final thoughts?
A.  Overall seeing numbers or patterns of numbers means that you are more in tune with nature and your own self.  They look like [referring to the numbers] that they are to signify and acknowledge your choices, behaviours and actions.  It also looks like when you see these numbers they offer reassurance to allow you to know your in the right direction.  I see them as a "jolt" or "wake up" call when that is what you are needed.  For example, you may be having a horrible day, unhappy your job, and you see this "pattern" and it can snap you into really thinking about what you have to be happy about rather than be stuck in a negative place.

And that is all I have right now...  Thanks.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

North Korea [Combined Requests] I have been watching the news on North Korea and i must say it looks very possible that they may launch an attack on the South. What do you see with this looming threat? What do you think about the current unrest in North Korea? Do you think the situation will come to anything? This is also mentioned by Ed Dames in the farsight institute ie remote viewing. According to him North Korea will shock the world. What do you see?

8:06 PM
The first thing I see is that North Korea doesn't really have as much or can do as much as what our American news is saying.  Even if they launch some sort of attack, they don't have the resources to back it up for any extended amount of time.  I'm also getting a message that they don't have that much land, so they don't want to have the land they posses destroyed in any kind of battle.. I get an impression that we are kind of bullying them and I get the term "poking the bear" which means to me we are instigating something.  North Korea really wants us to leave them alone.. I see that us going after North Korea is really more about us trying to "punish" N Korea for some kind of business deal or ally/friendship they have that we don't approve of.  It is something much deeper and behind the scenes than what type of weapons they have.  It seems the only reason N Korea even cares about having a nuclear weapon is because they don't want to be bullied.  If they didn't have defenses they could be walked on much more easily.

Q.  What do you see with this looming threat?
A-  I see that if we continue to threaten them, sending our drones and military closer, they will retaliate   It comes to me like if you don't leave us alone (and I don't see that we do) I will show you...  It is like N Korea reaches a point where they cannot take one more day of us hovering over them...

Q.  When do you see this happening?
A-  It is very hot outside... so July or August of this year, 2013..   I see S Korea feeling very threatened, but they hit is somewhere keep seeing it as a big naval base in California, and the vision I get looks like Pearl Harbor, so it seems like the attack comes by air.. This naval base is on the water...right in or on the Pacific.. and this attack is very stealthy and completely takes the base by surprise.  Something is actually going on at the base when happens and for some reason it is not highly populated there, which looks like blessing to many people.

Q.  Why is the US doing this.."poking the bear?"
A-  The US I see is struggling to maintain it strength and positioning in the world.  Because we have been on top or close to the top for several years, there are many countries who want to take us down so they can rise to the top.  I see two things going on with the world.  There is an alliance of countries who the US supports and is on the "US team."   Then, there is a second set of countries that would like to see us fail so they can rise.. North Korea is aligning with the second set of countries and the US doesn't like it.  They [N Korea] wants NO PART of the US alliance side.  Now the US is showing them what happens with that result.  And, the US doesn't want them to have any major defense weapons that can be used against them.

Q.  The question also mentioned Ed Dames in the farsight institute ie remote viewing.  According to him North Korea will shock the world. What do you see?
A-  I see that they do shock the world, because they actually stand up the United States.  They refuse to be bullied.. Many countries are too scared to do anything to us for fear of what will happen to them, but N Korea gets to a point that they don't care.  They are done being told what to do.

Q.  Is there another agenda to this Korea situation?  Is this just an illusion for something else that is going on?
A-  The US is making a much bigger deal about them having a weapon than what really exists.  I see this as the US creating its own fate.  This country really wants left alone and nothing to with us. I see this as the US simply picking on them to disarm because of who they choose and don't choose to ally with.  The US is very intimidated by countries they don't feel they can trust.

And that is all I am getting at this time.  I would like to do more on this topic later....
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I would like to know more about vaccinations. Are they safe/unsafe? Do the rewards outweigh the risks? Should we be vaccinating our children or not?

1:20 PM
The first thing I see is that vaccines are produced on a huge scale.  I see hundreds of test tubes set upright in racks.  I also see a thick yellowish substance in these tubes... this substance is in the tubes prior to them filling the tubes with the actual vaccine.  It seems this substances that starts kind of gel like dissolves into a liquid once the the vaccine is put into it [referring to the test tube].  I'm getting that this substance isn't mandatory but it is used to both stabilize and more as a preservative of these vaccines to increase the shelf life.  I'm also getting that the reason they use it is because it is more costly to produce these vaccines slowly and as needed so they chose to use this preservative to keep the manufacturing costs down.

Q.  Are they safe/unsafe?
A.  When I ask that question I see a whole test tube filled with the vaccine..  Then I get that several doses of this vaccine are administered from the same test tube.  If you get one of the doses on top, when the tube is still pretty full, then you are getting the safest dose.  It looks like the preservative naturally wants to sink to the bottom, so once you get several doses of the vaccine out, then the remaining amount left get more of the preservative..meaning the remaining amount has a higher concentration of this yellowish preservative substance.

I further see if you are a person who is sensitive to this preservative, and you are one of the last to get your dose from the test tube, it could be unsafe or toxic to your system rather than healthy preventative maintenance.

Q.  Do the rewards outweigh the risks?
A.  I got a rush of several things into my mind all at once, so I will try to list them out... First, the chance of getting a disease that has not been around and people don't get very often (such as mumps) is rare, but could be serious if a person contracted it.  Odds are they would never get it, so the need to immunize against isn't huge, but if that person did contract it [the disease], especially later in life, it could be very detrimental...

I'm also getting that if a person chooses not to immunize then gradually throughout their life as they contract and heal from illnesses, they build their own immune system, and it is actually much stronger and tolerant than someones who has been immunized.  

I also see that if a person has immunizations  there are certain medications that aren't as effective when compared to someone with no immunizations   I my mind it is comparing these two sets of people like this:  if someone takes a lot antibiotic, then that antibiotic becomes less effective on that person.  A person who has never tried antibiotic has a much better success at using it to fight off an illness.  I also get the message that homeopathic treatments fit that same category regarding effectiveness.  Vaccines alter your body in how it interacts with drugs both manufactured and natural.

After focusing on this question, I can see many reasons why the reward does not outweigh the the risk...

Q. Should we be vaccinating our children or not?
A.  I see that it is not really necessary.  children that are at higher risks of getting a disease may benefit from this... It is for people that travel, military parents, people that travel for work..this may help in those few instances.  But I don't see it as being needed to the point that it is mandatory.  I see older children getting "shots" showing me that if we were to do this, we are starting too young.  I get that babies are too young and too little..and when they are born they naturally have some mild abilities to fight things off,, so these type of vaccines are just too much for their little bodies.  We really should be waiting until these babies are older and bigger..

Q.  What would make vaccines more safe if we have to do this for certain school requirements?
A.  I see waiting longer... also make sure you get a dose from a full vile rather than an emptier one.. The emptier one  is going to container more of the preservative that settled to the bottom. I would actually see the vile myself to make sure it is full even if I had to come back for a different appointment.

And that is all I have right now.  Thanks,
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