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North Korea [Combined Requests] I have been watching the news on North Korea and i must say it looks very possible that they may launch an attack on the South. What do you see with this looming threat? What do you think about the current unrest in North Korea? Do you think the situation will come to anything? This is also mentioned by Ed Dames in the farsight institute ie remote viewing. According to him North Korea will shock the world. What do you see?

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The first thing I see is that North Korea doesn't really have as much or can do as much as what our American news is saying.  Even if they launch some sort of attack, they don't have the resources to back it up for any extended amount of time.  I'm also getting a message that they don't have that much land, so they don't want to have the land they posses destroyed in any kind of battle.. I get an impression that we are kind of bullying them and I get the term "poking the bear" which means to me we are instigating something.  North Korea really wants us to leave them alone.. I see that us going after North Korea is really more about us trying to "punish" N Korea for some kind of business deal or ally/friendship they have that we don't approve of.  It is something much deeper and behind the scenes than what type of weapons they have.  It seems the only reason N Korea even cares about having a nuclear weapon is because they don't want to be bullied.  If they didn't have defenses they could be walked on much more easily.

Q.  What do you see with this looming threat?
A-  I see that if we continue to threaten them, sending our drones and military closer, they will retaliate   It comes to me like if you don't leave us alone (and I don't see that we do) I will show you...  It is like N Korea reaches a point where they cannot take one more day of us hovering over them...

Q.  When do you see this happening?
A-  It is very hot outside... so July or August of this year, 2013..   I see S Korea feeling very threatened, but they hit is somewhere keep seeing it as a big naval base in California, and the vision I get looks like Pearl Harbor, so it seems like the attack comes by air.. This naval base is on the water...right in or on the Pacific.. and this attack is very stealthy and completely takes the base by surprise.  Something is actually going on at the base when happens and for some reason it is not highly populated there, which looks like blessing to many people.

Q.  Why is the US doing this.."poking the bear?"
A-  The US I see is struggling to maintain it strength and positioning in the world.  Because we have been on top or close to the top for several years, there are many countries who want to take us down so they can rise to the top.  I see two things going on with the world.  There is an alliance of countries who the US supports and is on the "US team."   Then, there is a second set of countries that would like to see us fail so they can rise.. North Korea is aligning with the second set of countries and the US doesn't like it.  They [N Korea] wants NO PART of the US alliance side.  Now the US is showing them what happens with that result.  And, the US doesn't want them to have any major defense weapons that can be used against them.

Q.  The question also mentioned Ed Dames in the farsight institute ie remote viewing.  According to him North Korea will shock the world. What do you see?
A-  I see that they do shock the world, because they actually stand up the United States.  They refuse to be bullied.. Many countries are too scared to do anything to us for fear of what will happen to them, but N Korea gets to a point that they don't care.  They are done being told what to do.

Q.  Is there another agenda to this Korea situation?  Is this just an illusion for something else that is going on?
A-  The US is making a much bigger deal about them having a weapon than what really exists.  I see this as the US creating its own fate.  This country really wants left alone and nothing to with us. I see this as the US simply picking on them to disarm because of who they choose and don't choose to ally with.  The US is very intimidated by countries they don't feel they can trust.

And that is all I am getting at this time.  I would like to do more on this topic later....
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

the us military has bases in south korea, japan and the philippines, the map shows how close china is to all that conflict to...try to imagine china being that close or having military bases that close to america...

south korea is also very westernized, its actually the leading country for plastic surgery...its hollywood x 10

less we forget the iraq wmd fiasco, there's been reports of nearly a million iraqis dying from that

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. This sounds like the start of the China-US show down... Around 15-20 years ago a psychic told my Mum that there will be a large war break out in south-east asia, which would result in many boat-loads of Indonesians flooding into northern Australia trying to flee the conflict. She was very concerned about the Chinese & what they would do... Thanks for the reading.

Anonymous said...

USA is a bully/thug!

Anonymous said...

What about reports that NK is a brutal regime that starves its people, and its just rabble rousing again to try to get a 'pay off' from the US in terms of aid and food?

Or are the reports of NK's brutal regime exaggerated? I honestly tend to believe them because I think the sources are reliable. It really looks like a Nazi style hellhole over there.

I have no doubt NK hates the US and wants nothing to do with us, but they're such small potatoes, why would we care so much who/what the align with? Seems like Obama's been flat-footed on this thing the whole time, too. Bush/Cheney would have gotten involved and fired some shots by now, considering NK is threatening nuclear war. Obama doesn't seem to care. If the US wanted to make this into a bigger thing than it is, they're sure taking their time to get around to it.

Anonymous said...

I always suspected there was more t this than meets the eye. CNN made it bloody obvious. It was apparent(for those who deduce their own conclusions after watching the news), that CNN was trying to make NKs look really bad. Blatantly depicting the Nkoreans as brainwashed puppets, and the Skoreans as carefree people is proof on whose side they are on.The whole thing is propaganda. A real 'news' station is meant to give an unbiased tale of events unfolding in different parts of the world. CNN news ain't real news.

Anonymous said...

Another great reading!!! We are once again the bullies of the world. China isn't going to sit back too long and put up with someone bulling its close neighbor. All we can do is pray for peace and hope it happens soon.

Anonymous said...

Do you see Guam, a major US military installation located in the Pacific as a possible target? Guam is located within range of a N. Korean medium ballistic missile. Se related article:

North Korea Reportedly Has 2 Missiles, Possibly Capable Of Hitting Guam, At Coast On Launchers

The May 10th solar eclipse in astrological terms impacts both US and North Korea in a major way. The trajectory of the eclipse casts its shadow over this area of the Pacific.

The average temperature in Guam during the month of May according to reliable statistics is approx. 90 degr. F.

Anonymous said...

A quick follow-up to the above. Apparently No. Korea has already announced this very threat several weeks ago......

North Korea Threatens To Attack US Bases In Japan, Guam

The Hindu Business Line
Seoul, Mar 21:

North Korea today threatened strikes on US military bases in Japan and Guam, escalating tensions as suspicion deepened that Pyongyang was behind a cyber attack on South Korean broadcasters and banks.

The tone of the strike threat, attributed to a spokesman of the army’s supreme command, blended with the torrent of warlike rhetoric spewed out by Pyongyang in recent weeks, but stood out for its precise naming of targets.

Military tensions on the Korean peninsula are at their highest level for years, with Pyongyang irate at the use of nuclear-capable US B-52 bombers and nuclear submarines in ongoing joint military drills with South Korea.

“The US should not forget that the Andersen base on Guam where B-52s take off and naval bases on the Japan mainland and Okinawa where nuclear-powered submarines are launched, are all within the range of our precision target assets,” the army spokesman said.


Anonymous said...

Every People, every Nation, has a Soul. Northern Korea thus has a Soul, and has spiritual beings working and weaving within and through it. The real question, the deepest question, is...what is occurring behind the physical events and processes we are seeing with our 5 senses? This Asian grouping of peoples is a spiritual finger of certain gods, and we need to understand what task this folk soul is attempting to accomplish in the higher worlds as well as our own. Blessings.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for all the comments.. This was a very interesting (and mind opening) discussion.