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What is the Divine/Universe take on gays? Is it good or bad?

8:28 PM - I see a ball of light and the core of it looks golden, and as you go to the edge it is bright white to the point where if you look to the edge it hurts your eyes.  And then I see a piece of this ball of light about the size of a softball shoot down into a person's stomach, and the image is almost like a shooting star that make contact.  

And as this ball of light hits this person in the stomach I see their soul or their energy light up, and this light radiates out from their abdomen and I see their physical body appear like a shell.  In fact their body looks like the texture of a crunchy exoskeleton on a bug.  It looks like this bright white light uses our physical body like a vehicle to drive it around, but in the big picture it is VERY insignificant.  

Also as I look at has this image of people as these balls of light that are walking around, and it is the light that is important.  It looks like the physical body is very insignificant.  In fact, every time I see it is either in black and white or sepia tones and my attention goes to the light that is within each person.  And as I look at people...I do not even see them as male or female....and when we all go back to that universal consciousness our souls are like asexual.  It doesn't matter if you are male / female, gay / straight, really none of that has any bearing.

I see your gender being a thing that is given to you when you reincarnate as a way to allow you to experience life and learn from many different angles.  I am getting images that most times that I have reincarnated are female, but I have been a male also....You can start asking me questions now.

Q-If you reincarnate as a male / female, what causes the change to attract to another sex.  If you came to experience a male perspective and was born a male, why be gay and play the feminine role?
A-I see this as deep down a person's soul is asexual, what happens is that when we reincarnate the sexual attraction to the opposite sex is there as a survival instinct.  I see that deep down most people could be with a man or a woman, but that survival instinct kicks in and it is so strong that it shapes us and alters us to seek out the opposite sex.

Now I am going to think about a man being gay and playing the feminine regarding a man who reincarnates gay and then plays the feminine role I keep getting the word DNA and it is not in their brain it is in their DNA and it has something to do with when they reincarnated, their DNA something got jumbled and that is what makes a male take on a feminine role.

And I also got that many times in a past life they may have been very feminine, and something with that is wanting to pull forward with this current life.

Q-But if it is in their DNA, what does a past life have to do with it, and if it is DNA is being genetic and can it be passed on to offspring?
A-Ok I get that a soul and it's experiences is like muscle memory and you have a stronger connection to the experiences that you have had more frequently, and in the above example, if you have reincarnated a lot as a female, then you your soul kind of identifies with that female perspective.  The DNA portion only relates to the being straight or gay here on Earth, but the soul portion can make a gay man feminine or masculine / or a lesbian, more girly or masculine.  Can it be passed on....I see that gay in your DNA can be passed on, but determining if a person is masculine or feminine will reside with your soul.

I mean you can have straight masculine women, or very feminine acting men that are heterosexual, because that personality trait is in your soul.

Q-So to be clear, is sexual preference / personality soul based?  I understand a big hary deep voiced guy has masculine traits (DNA), and can still be gay, is it his soul that make this masculine featured peron act more feminine and be gay?
A-For every person their DNA and their soul will determine whether they are gay or straight and whether they act feminine or masculine.  Your DNA will give you your sexual preference and sexual characteristics, but your soul is what make you feminine or masculine and also gives you a comfort level with one of the sexes.

Q-Is being gay good or bad?
A-I do not see it being good or bad, and being straight is not good or bad, it just is, that is just the life experience that you are having.

Q-Are the number of gay souls increasing, and are they more spiritually advanced than straight souls?  Like are more femine souls incarnating into male bodies?
A-I am getting that there has always been gay people, it is not increasing, you just see it because we live in a socially accepting country.  I also see that there are many countries in the mid east that it is NOT socially acceptable, and there is still the same amount of gay people but it just not openly expressed.  We live in a time when people are not supressing their sexual orientation.  At least where we live in the U.S.

Q-So to be clear, being gay or lesbian is NOT from environmental influences?
A-I see environment making it easier to express how you feel, but it is not influencing you one way or another.  It really is your DNA.

Q-But if it is your DNA, would that not be passed down to children?
A-As I said, yes, being gay can be passed down to your kids.

Q-Should gay people have children?
A-I cannot see any reason they should not.  I cannot get any images of how that would hurt anything or...or even society as a whole.  I feel like they should be able to have children like everybody else.  Then I am getting a message that there are many straight people that should not have children, and you cannot base having children on being gay or straight.

This is how I keep seeing it in my mind and I feel this diagram need to be included.
Note: Masculine and Feminine in this chart ONLY refers to personality preferences, NOT physical appearance.  Sex and Physical appearances overlay all four categories.  A straight guy who may likes to get waxed would be a straight feminine, a straight woman who likes to chop wood would be a straight masculine.
Q-What percentage of the population do you think is gay?
A-I keep getting 1 in 20.

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Dharia L said...


Personally I can say that even though it sounds very "new age", modern and cool, in reality being gay is a serious deformation of being. If being gay was normal and just a "natural part of DNA", then why would God specifically say that a man should not lay with a man?

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and according to the teachings, human civilizations were destroyed many time and the pick of their moral decline. One of the manifestations of a moral decline is homosexuality. That is why Roman and Greek civilizations were eventually destroyed. Most people can't make the connection.

It does not take a genious to see that a man being with a man and woman with a woman is wrong. In fact the soul is not asexual at all. Our Master says that there are female Buddhas and male Buddhas as well. Of course at higher levels there is less and less duality, but it is not that the soul when it was first created, does not have a gender. It does. And when a being reincarnates, s/he can indeed take the form of a male or female bodies, form of animals, plants, birds and even objects. Buddhism talks of it as well...

More can be said on this topic, but to sum it up: Homosexuality is wrong and the Heaven does not accept it. Our Teachers says: "Your laws may permit it, but Gods don't permit it". In fact many people who saw visions of hell and heave all without exception say that gay people end up in the river of fire. People are absolutely not born gay, it is a life choice, a wrong notion that they take to be part of themselves. It is immoral and it certainly does have an effect on future generation and especially on children.

Kiranasa said...

Homosexuality is bad, is wrong and is sin, because it is not natural!!!
Mother Nature is a perfect teacher, and we don't find Homosexuality in nature. Homosexuality is a disease of mind, a confusion.
Hindu philosophy has answers to all questions. You can find answer to WHY some people become Homosexual. Here is WHY: According to Hindu scripture (Bhagavad Gita) at the time of soul leaving the body, at whatever form the person is thinking of (usually the most beloved one) one will accept that form in the next life. So if a man dying thinking of a female, he will take a form of a woman in his next life, but still carry his desire of liking women, because of having very strong sexual attraction for women.
If you believe in reincarnation, then it is easy to understand WHY!!!
Very simple!!!

Anonymous said...

It totally makes sense because out body/organ is nothing, we see this when we die. It's the soul God dwells and God does not see all these thing. Straight, gay, rich, poor, smart, dunce. We have to concentrate on what is separating us from God and try to narrow that separation. Gays are part of God and we all have to live as one since we are all apart of GOD, the creator. Thanks for the reading!

Anonymous said...

@ Dharia L....GOD has no religion! No religion knows GOD and what GOD accepts. We are all a part of GOD, gays too. We have to love them still.

Anonymous said...

@ Kiranasa.. Maybe the reason that homosexuality is not found in nature is because humans are more spiritually evolved and much more complex than dogs, cats, etc... It makes perfect sense to me that one of the most complex creatures on earth could be naturally homosexual.

Also, I do believe that God does not have a religion, and there are in fact many forms of God to many people. In am sure that in many religions (if not all) passing judgement is not a quality. Leave judgement to the "higher one." You would not criticize someone with a disability, so why criticize someone for homosexuality (I do believe they are born that way).

Also, just a thought.. some people say that homosexuality is a choice (which I do not believe to be true).. If a homosexual person was forced to live heterosexual, imagine a heterosexual person being forced to live homosexual. How emotionally, physically or mentally satisfying would that be? What is more of a detriment on society..forcing people to live against their own true self or making people be miserable and live a lie...??

Marikins said...

We are all light bodies, what difference does our sexual orientation make? For most gays it is not a choice, they were born that way.
That was a very accurate reading IMHO.

Anonymous said...

To those saying that homosexual behaviour is somehow "against God" or "against Nature" take a look at this:

Homosexuality has been documented in more than 1500 animal species from primates to worms, to dragonflies to swans. In fact 25% of swans are gay & they have life-long monoganous partnerships. There is evidence of some brain differences in transgender or gay people also.

Since it is a private matter, why should anyone judge gay people? Judge greedy people, people with lack of respect, etc. These things affect society but a couple that is gay does not unless you act like a zealot.

Dharia L said...

A woman who saw Heaven, speaks on homosexuality, how the enemy is working it's tricky and wicked way through to trap people, aiming specifically at the more sensitive ones and making people believe, that they are born that way.

Kat Kerr on Homosexuality - The True Image (Revelation Report)

Dharia L said...

It is truly not about judging people. It is about revealing the true face of the enemy, that pushes people to Hell. If you know that your loved ones are walking towards fire, would you not do something about it, even if you have to scream and shake them to awaken them from the stupor?

In cultivation circles it is believed that the human life is not meant to be just to live as a human, but through cultivation to return to one's Home, the place where the soul was born. By choosing a homosexual lifestyle, a person forever loses that opportunity. Is not it sad and pitiful? You decide.

Anonymous said...

Homo sexuals are God's children also. Accept them and look at them that way and stop trying to tel us what God does and doesnt do! God do not separte, we are all one. Read Courses in Miracles for a start.

Anonymous said...

So if being gay is such an affront to God that he will send you to hell for eternity, why did he create so many gay animals in His Kingdom?

Dharia L said...

I don't know what you people are talking about in reference to gay animals. I am 33 years old and yet to see a gay animal. Yes, I do see animals of the same gender playing with each other, but I never saw them actually have an intercourse or producing offspring.

People are not born gay. Speaking out against gay people does not equate to actually hating gay people. People are people and all have souls and divinity in them. Possessed people also have divinity in them, criminals too, and insane people as well, as well as blind and cripple. This does not mean though that when you see something truly wrong, you should keep quiet.

Gay people do have an evil spirit in their dimensional field that makes them the way they are, it is not truly part of them. No child is born gay, he may bring some traits form past lives, if he was living such kind of life style in his/her past lives. Don't you find it odd that so many people are all of a sudden becoming gay? Were there ever so many gay people in the past? No. It is similar to the fact that so many young people are smoking pot and doing drugs and society says "It is ok, part of being young".

By the way, don't think that I was raised in a good Christian family. I was just like everyone else smoking pot, doing drugs, partying and even have gay experiences myself when I was growing up. I was so lost and confused and did not know what the meaning of my life was. Slowly, gradually, as I went on a spiritual path and started cleaning myself, did I awaken. I can honestly say that I am a happy person now and I can tell right from wrong.

When I was in University, I had a class called "sexuality of gender". Our proff was a crossdresser, ok, and the students in the class, you could not even say who they were, as they had beards and breasts... And we were shown films about crossdressing and gays and stuff of this kind and I thought it was ok, and normal and people should have the freedom to be who they are. I even argued with my mom that being gay is natural, even though I am straight myself.

But now, knowing what I know, seeing and experience what I have, I just know that being gay is simply wrong, it is not part of being human. God did not create neither gay people, nor gay animals.

Most people don't believe in God anymore, they don't believe what the scriptures say and they just do whatever they do. Do a search on people who've experienced clinical death and ended up and hell. They all say that they saw gay people burning in the river of fire. It says so in the Bible as well. Falun Dafa also teaches that homosexuality is a sin, it is not natural and it is not how God wants people to live.

Dharia L said...

* Zhen-Shan-Ren - means Truth, Compassion, Forbearance.

Quote from Falun Dafa on how people become gay:

"Question: Homosexuality is sinful, but I have sunk into agony and despair. I believe in Zhen-Shan-
Ren, but am I worthy of cultivation?
Teacher: Being incorrectly guided by the prevailing thinking, being corroded by the incorrect,
predominant publicity as well as this environment, people might make a lot of mistakes, but that
doesn’t mean they are hopeless. You can study Dafa and correct those wrong thoughts and behaviors of
yours. It’s just like what I said—why would a person be homosexual? Actually, human beings are
passively attached to emotion. And when you are attached to it, it will create all kinds of attachments in
your mind. From those attachments, all kinds of notions or even degenerate notions will be generated.
You might suddenly like a particular mannerism of that person or maybe his appearance, and then for
quite some time you are infatuated with those things. Or perhaps you just like a person’s attitude and
manner, and then a notion forms over time so that you just like his particular manner. Then, as that
thing gradually becomes stronger and stronger, it will come to control your mind. After your like for
something forms a notion, it will grow stronger and stronger. And if that mental state is one that’s
warped, slowly that degenerate thought will develop and expand, becoming even more warped. So
homosexuality is something warped that exists within emotion. It’s in fact also a notion that has
formed, albeit a degenerate one.
But at this time people all treat these things as part of themselves. They are actually things formed
by your incorrect postnatal perceptions having gained control of you, yet you think they’re your own
thoughts. People never believe that their notions aren’t part of themselves, so it’s certain you don’t
know about the thought karma you yourself have formed. You have never thought about whether or not
any of the thoughts manifested by thought karma are really you. In fact, the thoughts manifesting in
your mind might not always be you. But it’s not impossible for those incorrect thoughts to be corrected,
since studying Dafa is to have people take an upright path and do better. I think everything can be
corrected in Dafa. There isn’t any problem, and you can study the Fa. But you should be really
responsible to yourself and should especially reject those thoughts. They are harming you, they are
asking you to do things that aren’t human, and they are dragging you toward hell. Yet people with
warped mindsets still believe that it’s part of themselves. As soon as that thought comes up, telling you
to like someone of the same sex, you must remember that it is not you and is here to harm you again.
But because you have passively gone along with it for a long time, you think it’s pretty good after
having gone along with it, and so you have become a homosexual. That mindset must be corrected."

Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference
(February 21 and 22, 1999, Los Angeles)

Dharia L said...

A few quotes on Falun Dafa on homosexuality:

"...Why is it hard to save someone who is mentally ill? It’s precisely because he can’t discern things at
all. It’s very hard for a new student to identify thought karma and distinguish which thoughts are not
himself. If he can manage to do that, he is truly outstanding. You can use Dafa to judge. Actually, none
of the bad thoughts are you. If you can do it, you will distinguish them and see: “Oh, this thought isn’t
good and should be eliminated. I should get rid of it. I shouldn’t think like that.” That in itself is your
eliminating it. Do you think that those who do bad things, like committing heinous crimes, or even
those who engage in homosexual acts, want to do things that way and are born to do that? It owes to
their wrong, postnatal notions having grown stronger and stronger, and their notions have turned
around and taken control of them. That’s how they become like that."


"...Everyone knows about the flu, right? Basically, the flu breaks out when a cluster of high-density
karma rolls over an area. Cancer, AIDS, and the like are malignant karmic diseases that have specific
targets—for example, AIDS targets promiscuity and homosexual behavior—and they are karma of even
higher density. Generally speaking, in places with more karma people will get sick. Epidemics will
break out in whatever region has high-density karma, and that place is afflicted because of the large
amount of karma created by human beings."


Dharia L said...

"When I discuss what has happened with society, people immediately get it, which indicates that
man’s innate nature has not changed. However, mankind has slid to a terribly dangerous point. When I
talked about homosexuality while giving classes in the West, I said, “These wanton sexual practices in
the West have gotten almost as bad as incest.” Someone then brought up that “homosexuality is legally
protected by the state.” Good and bad are not to be gauged by the approval of some individual or
collective. Human judgment of good and bad is based entirely on people’s own notions. People think,
“I think he’s good...” or “He’s good to me, so I would say he’s good.” Or he has formed a set notion,
and, if according to his notion someone is good, he will say that person is good. The same holds true
with groups. When something is in the group’s interest or it furthers a certain goal, the group will say
that it’s good and consent to it. But it is not necessarily truly good. The truth of the universe, the
Buddha Fa, is the sole, unchanging criterion that measures human beings and everything that exists—
the sole criterion that determines what is good or bad. I told them [the students in the West], “To be
perfectly frank, your government may approve of it, but your Lord does not!” Each time mankind has
reached this point, it has in fact been in grave danger and out of control. Now that it has become what it
has, if it goes further, what will it be like next?!"


Dharia L said...


"I often say that humankind has gone through different historical periods before
arriving at this day. In other words, many, many times humankind was wiped out after
experiencing catastrophes at different points in history. And then a new humankind would
emerge. We’ve arrived at today after different cycles like this. Why? Cultivation circles
have found this situation: Every time humankind was at a dangerous stage or was
eliminated by history, it was a time when humankind’s morality was extremely degenerate.
Some people talk about how great Greek culture was, but where did those people go?
Today something from Greek culture can be found: The elements of Greek culture that
have been left are definitely from the final period of Greek civilization’s development, and
we’ve found that there was homosexuality in it as well, along with promiscuous sex, and in
addition, life was really extravagant and wasteful, corrupt, and terribly degenerate; we can
see that humankind had already deteriorated terribly. Why did it disappear? Because its
morality was no longer good enough. Humans can’t be called human just because they
have a human appearance. Why aren’t ghosts called human? After all, they only have one
less layer of particles than you. And why can’t monkeys and gorillas be called humans?
Because humans not only have human limbs and a torso, but also human moral standards
and moral values. If humans lose their moral values, moral standards, and code of conduct,
they’re no longer human. So today’s human society... to be frank, I can tell you that Gods
no longer consider humans human. Think about it: Aren’t humans in a dangerous state?
Your government permits something, your country permits it, your nation permits it, and
even you approve it in your thinking, but it isn’t necessarily good. That’s why if you look
at today’s society you can see that drug use, drug trafficking, drug making, sex changes,
homosexuality, sexual freedom, organized crime, etc., emerge in an endless stream.
Selfishness and desires have made people enemies of one another and without any
righteous thoughts. All kinds of phenomena of a degenerate human society abound. So-
called modern art, so-called rock and roll, the demon-nature that bursts forth on the soccer
field, and things like these are in all trades and professions. These things pervade every
aspect of society. The deterioration of the human mind has inverted people’s values: They
regard good as bad, and bad as good—people’s values have been inverted. Forcefully
getting money, renown, and self-interest, advocating the philosophy of struggle [among
people], glorifying leaders of organized crime... Would you say these are still humans?"

Dharia L said...

"Question: Can homosexuals who don’t give up their behavior...
Teacher: You mean, “Can he cultivate if he doesn’t give up his partner in this
I can tell you that I mentioned something yesterday: I said that gods no longer regard
people as human. Even though you’re still upholding religions, Jesus no longer looks after
you. He didn’t acknowledge religion in the first place—he only acknowledged human
hearts that could become good again. Why doesn’t he look after people anymore? Because
people nowadays can’t be called human. That’s truly how it is. Never in history has society
been in as big a mess as today. Yesterday I mentioned things like organized crime, drug
addiction, perversion, sexual liberation, promiscuity, incest, and the shift in human values,
as well as homosexuality... Think about it, everyone: Humans are created by gods. A man
is given a wife. That was stipulated by gods. People now want to find a partner of the same
sex. Gods think that people do that because they no longer have human values. You are
wantonly indulging your thoughts. Your thoughts, like the ones I just mentioned, are not
actually you. The mentality that makes you homosexual was driven by postnatally-formed
bad things. But you yourself were numbed by them and went along with them and
wallowed in the mud. You need to find yourself again and stop doing those filthy things.
Gods view them as filthy. No matter whether a government permits it, the law of your
government is not the truth of the universe. That’s because the law of a government is
made by humans, and when humans make laws, they have the intention to rule and punish
others, or they make laws against their conscience in order to protect things and gain power
or votes. So they are not made with good intentions.
I think the fact that this question was asked means that he’s realized this is
inappropriate. People nowadays can no longer distinguish between right and wrong,
between what they should do and what they shouldn’t. Everyone is sliding down with
society’s trends. Human morality is sliding down at a tremendous speed and keeps on
deteriorating. Since everyone is amidst the torrent, they’re unable to distinguish between
good and bad. What was done prior to your cultivation is done; let bygones be bygones. As
a cultivator you should first of all live as a human being does, nobly and upright. Then,
join other cultivators and become a cultivator. And eventually, transcend and become a
purer, more noble personone who reaches divine realms and who is like a god. Gods
would never permit a cultivator to do that kind of thing, nor would they permit everyday
people to".

Anonymous said...

@ Dharia L, you need to calm down. Your ranting doesnt change anything. You can believe her other readings but not this reading because of what you believe?!

Dharia L said...

I think that she is a very nice person, but it does not mean I believe all her readings. In fact most of them did not come true just yet and with many more I disagreed and she knows that and I often share my views and understandings with her. It does not prevent me from liking her or thinking that she does a great job of sharing her gift.

Most people don't understand how psychics work. There are different kinds of psychics, in fact Falun Dafa teaching explains in depth the various supernormal abilities, how they work. In many cases, the information is received from the assistant spirit of a person, that sees much more because it exists in another dimension. But the assistant spirit is also limited by it's own level.

Other psychics get help from various entities, some good, some bad, some very low and some not that low. They are also limited by their own levels.

I don't think that PsychicFocus deliberately wants to lie, or she makes things up or anything of this sort, but sometimes her readings are limited by the her level and the level of consciousness she taps into. She was really of course when she spoke about aliens and did not touch on the main reason why they are here, or the age of the earth and even this event that was supposed to happen in March, etc. I am not saying that it is her problem, but some things in fact do change, and some things she just can't know.

I practice Falun Gong, which is a spiritual practice that faces the most brutal persecution in all of mankind's history. Our Teacher is a Buddha from an extremely high level. He revealed many of the heavenly secrets to us, and of course a lot of those things are what an average psychic can't possibly know as much of it, even gods don't know. I know it may sound a bit strange, but it is true.

The reason I am a bit tough on this post, is because many people's lives can be ruined by it. Homosexuality leads people to Hell. I don't want people to get hurt. This has nothing to do with my personal relationship with Psychicfocus, in fact I translate many of her readings into Russian and share it with people. I share many of her posts as well and in fact just recently, if you paid attention the number of viewers rose drastically. But as a practitioner, we practice Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. Truth must be told.

In cultivation circles it is known that mind and matter are one and the same. DNA changes according to one's mind, there is nothing unusual about it. Our thoughts are quite powerful and the higher the level of a being, the more powerful are his thoughts. So if someone overtime accept the deviated notion that homosexuality is normal and natural and good, his/her body will literally transform. So there is nothing innate unusual the DNA of gay is different. They might also bring it from past lives.

Many people don't know that the very fact that they use computer and study science transforms their bodies. I don't want to go into it, because people might not understand. But the point is that just because DNA of gay people is different, it does not mean they were born/made/created that way, it simply means a deformity and deviation. Just like some people develop cancerous cells that look deformed, same thing with homosexuality.

Sorry for writing some much here, but I think it is an important topic that requires attention. By the way, our neighbors next door are lesbians and I am in good relationship with them, but I also frankly told them what I know about the topic. I said all the above, and added: "If, God forbid, you end up in Hell, you'll say: "You knew, but you did not tell us", what will I say to you? So here I am telling you know, you should know, you can research what people who've experienced NDE say, what the scriptures say about it, because it is a matter of salvation or ruin of your soul and not a child's play. I know that they could feel my compassion, I truly don't want anyone to be ruined, so thus I speak.

Anonymous said...

She is not GOD....she just relates how she sees things. Just like dreams aren't direct and needs interpretation am sure its the same with these readings. Do you ever wonder when she says a time because she related it, it delays. Everything takes time. Sit back and wait to see what happens. A lot of her reading are on point. She didnt promise everything will be on point.

Anonymous said...

Dharia, your comments are longer than her posts!

Please get your own blog and stop
co-opting hers.

You can post the link. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I feel like I should speak up though i know my words will fall on deaf ears.
Well lets see... I should start by saying I am gay. I can't help it, ive prayed so many times for god to change me. Ive tried forcing myself to like the opposite gender.
I knew I was different since I was 4. And you know, I didnt choose. Why would anyone choose to be gay and not be able to enjoy whats normal.

If being gay was an illness, then why would you openly dehumanize us? I imagine you call the ones with lower mental capabilities worthless. Its really upsetting. I know it is your religion that forces you to think this way and I do respect your religion but you should respect everyone as human. No one is perfect. Gays are no better and no worse.
Homosexuality is found in nature. It would be wise to study this before you make such a bold comment.
Forgive me if my tone sounds very harsh, im just completely bewildered at how some see others. It pains me. Its okay to judge, its humanly, but its something you should overcome.
I myself am a bit psychic, I do not get anything from those bad entities nor would I ever, I only recieve and give what the divine sends me.

...I dont think I have anything else to add. Thanks.

Dharia L said...

To the person who is gay:

My friend, you said that you knew you were gay from the age of 4. It is a age, when a being does not even have sexual attraction yet, so how could you possibly know? Just because you liked playing with kids of your own gender or the opposite gender?

I don't watch TV, but the other day I saw that the host of the show called Ellen, her names is Ellen Degeneres. Does not her last name give a clue to people? Homosexuality is degenerate and it is not truly part of your being. A child can't be gay at the age of four.

I am not telling you how to live your life, neither do I hate you, nor any other being, because on the inside I don't look at you as separate from me, I believe all creation is truly One. I neither wish you anything bad. But I do see and believe my Teacher and many other spirituals teachers who name homosexuality a sin.

Falun Dafa is the Great Law of the Universe taught by a Buddha from a very high level. He can do anything and everything. I am not telling you what to do, but if you'll chose to cultivate, our Master will eliminate that thing for you and you'll become straight. There are quite a few Falun Dafa practitioners who went from gay to being straight by the help of Dafa. I myself went from a tough woman, a tomboy to the way women are supposed to be. I learn it everyday, it is a process. Falun Dafa can rectify all abnormality. So, if you truly want to know who you are, what your true being is, I suggest reading "Zhuan Falun".

In case others want anything to say and I am not around, please email me:

Dharia L said...

I also wanted to add, that there are many notions people perceive as part of themselves. If someone was a heavy smoker in past lives, often when he is reborn as a child, the child has a strong tendency to hold a cigarette in his mouth.

Spiritual path is one of cleansing oneself and getting rid of all kind of notions. In fact we all played many roles throughout our lifetimes and we were both men and women and carry with us the tendencies of both genders. Yin-yang philosophy also teaches that a human body has both yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy in it.

Many beings come together to form a human being, in addition a person has a soul and a few assistant souls and they can all be different genders. This does not mean that a person should adopt a gay lifestyle, it is the work of the enemy, wanting a person to feel "oh, I am different". Just because you are more sensitive and creative and gentle, this does not make you gay. Scriptures say it quite straightforwardly that a man should not lay with a man. Sodom was destroyed because many people there led this kind of lifestyle.

I used to smoke and enjoyed it a lot. I used to eat meat and felt it as tasty, now I can't even smell the smell of smoke, nor do I think that meat is so tasty. We change, when we drop various attachments, we come closer to our true nature.

You are a sensitive person, but also moved by emotions. The notion "I am gay and I like people of my gender" is not truly part of you. Once you'll start to practice cultivation, you'll see it. Pray to God does not help, because Gods don't take care of people right now, no orthodox religion is capable of saving people now. But Falun Dafa can truly help you and save you and you'll find out who you truly are. There are more than 100 million people who practice Falun Gong, and not only they got healed of all kind of illnesses, but they also got rid of many notions. It is a work on the individual's part, it is not like you can just pray to God and carry on with what you are doing. You truly, genuinely should have the wish to rectify yourself that God will help you. And if you repeat: "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance is Good", our Teacher will help you and help you to get rid of this notion and clean your body.

Anonymous said...

I kindly thank you for the offer of your religion, however I must decline because in my heart I feel nothing to be wrong with me.
I knew I was gay as a young child especially since I wished to become female. I didnt feel right in my body. Im okay with it now. I know this is a kind of life lesson or something along the like. Or even how she stated as a different perspective.
Ive seen my past life before in a dream so I do believe in reincarnation and such and I highly doubt hell is where im being sent. I still remember that vivid dream. I feel like I was some kind of priestess or royalty. Maybe even a witch. I was taken hostage somewhere and either imprisoned or killed. Or both. The end became blurry as I felt half unconscious through most of it.

Anyways I once again thank you for listening to my nonsense ^-^'

Dharia L said...

I don't think this is nonsense, and feel free to share anything you want with me. My FB page:

I too occasionally see glimpses of my past lives in dreams. In one of them I was a gypsy escaping the persecution and I remember running and running through a forest.

Personally I think that we are given a certain body for a purpose. Like I said, I do believe that homosexuality is a sin and not part of one's nature. If we are given a female body, it means we are meant to cultivate feminine qualities: gentleness, surrender, more submissiveness, kindness, motherly qualities etc. If we are given a male body, then we are to learn taking responsibility, cultivating strong will, assertiveness, strength etc. A soul is choosing what kind of qualities it needs to cultivate. Some of the qualities we are born with (we carry them with us from before) and some of them we are to cultivate, to develop. That is the fun part of the "game of life", being able to overcome one's limitations.

When me and my husband met, he had more female qualities and I had more male qualities, but because we are both practitioners, we know the principles of the traditional human culture and we cultivate ourselves accordingly. This required us to truly work on ourselves and change. Overtime I learned to be more submissive, to let him "be the man" to make key decisions (even if I don't like them or agree with them being right), I try to take care of him, do things around the house, etc. This is not something that came naturally to me, because I have quite a strong will power and was raised in the modern society that preaches "emancipation of woman", "freedom for all... do whatever you like and want" etc. My partner on the other hand, naturally is more like "head in the clouds", more sentimental, feely-touchy, and did not like taking responsibility all that much. But gradually he changed, transformed. He works in a physical job (in the organic farm), his body is stronger (it does not matter to me, but he himself feels that it is good for him), because I give him the space to make decisions, he learns about taking responsibility, and neither of us is free from mistakes.

I wanted to share that with you so as to show that people in fact do change, when they work on themselves. The Overall Soul (or God) had both female and male in it, we are given a certain body in one life to cultivate specific qualities, but if we choose not to use that opportunity, then we loose the chance. The Universe is wise, everything that happens, is so for a reason. If God wanted you to be born as a woman, you would be born in a female body, but He wanted you to be born as a male, so that you can develop specific male qualities.

Being a male does not equate to being rude, unrefined, smelly, aggressive and pushy. Largely it means having a strong willpower. And it starts by acknowledging what is upright, traditional, authentic, the way God wants it to be, the way nature wants it to be.

The whole spiritual path is about peeling off all that is unnatural, all that is false, all kind of notions we accumulated through our various reincarnations, so as to arrive at our true selves.

Actually when a being takes one step towards God, the Divine itself rushes a thousand miles towards that person. That is what true happiness is, not defending out limited ego buried in notions.

Anonymous said...

Harder for people to get used to their current incarnated body when their past life have been the opposite sex. Moreover, it's true that environment shape them and their way of thinking doesn't want to change. Later, complicates when they meet their former past life group of people.

Anonymous said...

Dharia L. perhaps this is a strong evidence that you are still far from being enlightened, because you lack the proper knowledge of homosexuality! You need to start with some scientific studies and then go to spiritual realm. I see that this is a great opportunity for you to learn.

Alex said...


I am really shocked that you said you're a Hindu. As a Hindu, reincarnation is an accepted theme.

A male soul can reincarnate as a female the next life but the mind stays the same.

That's nothing sinful about that.

fair2share said...

Will Berlinghof, in interpreting Cosmic Awareness, says that homosexuals should not be derided, should no be condemned, should not be put down. Lynn's blog on homosexuality is not in contradiction with Cosmic Awareness, Who dwells on the same higher dimensional level as the Buddha, and the source of Edgar Cayce's information. You can look up the website: