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I would like to know more about vaccinations. Are they safe/unsafe? Do the rewards outweigh the risks? Should we be vaccinating our children or not?

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The first thing I see is that vaccines are produced on a huge scale.  I see hundreds of test tubes set upright in racks.  I also see a thick yellowish substance in these tubes... this substance is in the tubes prior to them filling the tubes with the actual vaccine.  It seems this substances that starts kind of gel like dissolves into a liquid once the the vaccine is put into it [referring to the test tube].  I'm getting that this substance isn't mandatory but it is used to both stabilize and more as a preservative of these vaccines to increase the shelf life.  I'm also getting that the reason they use it is because it is more costly to produce these vaccines slowly and as needed so they chose to use this preservative to keep the manufacturing costs down.

Q.  Are they safe/unsafe?
A.  When I ask that question I see a whole test tube filled with the vaccine..  Then I get that several doses of this vaccine are administered from the same test tube.  If you get one of the doses on top, when the tube is still pretty full, then you are getting the safest dose.  It looks like the preservative naturally wants to sink to the bottom, so once you get several doses of the vaccine out, then the remaining amount left get more of the preservative..meaning the remaining amount has a higher concentration of this yellowish preservative substance.

I further see if you are a person who is sensitive to this preservative, and you are one of the last to get your dose from the test tube, it could be unsafe or toxic to your system rather than healthy preventative maintenance.

Q.  Do the rewards outweigh the risks?
A.  I got a rush of several things into my mind all at once, so I will try to list them out... First, the chance of getting a disease that has not been around and people don't get very often (such as mumps) is rare, but could be serious if a person contracted it.  Odds are they would never get it, so the need to immunize against isn't huge, but if that person did contract it [the disease], especially later in life, it could be very detrimental...

I'm also getting that if a person chooses not to immunize then gradually throughout their life as they contract and heal from illnesses, they build their own immune system, and it is actually much stronger and tolerant than someones who has been immunized.  

I also see that if a person has immunizations  there are certain medications that aren't as effective when compared to someone with no immunizations   I my mind it is comparing these two sets of people like this:  if someone takes a lot antibiotic, then that antibiotic becomes less effective on that person.  A person who has never tried antibiotic has a much better success at using it to fight off an illness.  I also get the message that homeopathic treatments fit that same category regarding effectiveness.  Vaccines alter your body in how it interacts with drugs both manufactured and natural.

After focusing on this question, I can see many reasons why the reward does not outweigh the the risk...

Q. Should we be vaccinating our children or not?
A.  I see that it is not really necessary.  children that are at higher risks of getting a disease may benefit from this... It is for people that travel, military parents, people that travel for work..this may help in those few instances.  But I don't see it as being needed to the point that it is mandatory.  I see older children getting "shots" showing me that if we were to do this, we are starting too young.  I get that babies are too young and too little..and when they are born they naturally have some mild abilities to fight things off,, so these type of vaccines are just too much for their little bodies.  We really should be waiting until these babies are older and bigger..

Q.  What would make vaccines more safe if we have to do this for certain school requirements?
A.  I see waiting longer... also make sure you get a dose from a full vile rather than an emptier one.. The emptier one  is going to container more of the preservative that settled to the bottom. I would actually see the vile myself to make sure it is full even if I had to come back for a different appointment.

And that is all I have right now.  Thanks,
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Rajesh Gajra said...

In countries such as India, older, near-to-expiry vaccines are being dumped on unspecting population by pharma companies (who have also bribed Indian polititicans and policymakers to make more and more of the types of vaccines mandatory).
Vaccines are sold in separate stand-alone bottles or whatever you call them. Expiry date is one thing, how can one ever know that the vaccine in a bottle is not the one with high doses of preservatives? Please, please, share anything in this regard. I am extremely concerned for the little children of third-world countries such as India.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rajesh: I have a concerning feeling come over me when I hear what you are describing. Then I get that it is really a plan to dump what is unable to be sold in the US and other countries due to strict regulation. I see that they have convinced the Indian politicians that it is better to have something versus nothing, but I don't get a good feel for these immunizations being regulated, and you kind of get what is left over..

Rajesh Gajra said...

Thanks very much, PsychicFocus, for your prompt reply, although I terribly wish my worst fears were somehow not confirmed by you.

It shakes me to the core when I see this taking place. Conscious and aware citizens of India or any other country where this is happenening are really struggling to get their corrupt governments to stop it.

I feel very sad and helpless. I do hope, however, that pharma companies fail in their designs due to the law of karma.