Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Will there be extraterrestrial or alien disclosure in the next five years? Who will disclose and who will be disclosed? Thank you.

I do see that there will be disclosure .  It looks like it comes from a global organization   I want to say the UN.    I see some kind of UN announcement and Obama has to make a response to it.. I see Obama's response addressing the whole country, on a televised type situation.  I see or rather hear the phase "State of the Union" not that it is the name of the type of speech, but it is similar to that.  

Q.  What is the time frame?
A.  I definitely see Obama dealing with this.  I want to say during the year 2015.  

Q.  Why are they finally coming out and announcing this?
A.  It looks like they have to.  As if extraterrestrials start to make more obvious sign of their existence.  It is undeniable that they exist, so it has to be addressed.  I don't get that they [the US] want to address it, but it feels forced.  I don't think or rather see that Obama wants to even bring up the topic or discuss it at all, but it is coming from a higher power.. Again, I want to say the UN forces these announcements.  It is as if the UN is interacting with aliens, and they aren't hiding it anymore.  The UN has some kind of communication with them, and they are no longer hiding or putting effort into hiding it.  With all the forms of media, it becomes harder to deny or hide their existence, so the US is forced into making some kind of statement.  I also see that the UN agreed to hide their interaction with aliens for a certain amount of time... giving countries a chance to come out gradually and more gently advise their people, and this time frame is coming to an end.

Q.  How will people react?
A.  I see some people as being relieved that the government came out and acknowledged it.  Some people that are already believers have been made to feel crazy or not taken seriously, and this is a huge relief. 

There are also people that are on the fence.  This is a "deep within" believe, but they are too scared to admit it because of judgement and perception.  They can't admit beliefs, so this is also a relief for them. 

Some people are terrified..This goes against all their beliefs..For those people I see some kind of a gadget being made and sold to them that omits I frequency that they believe will ward off aliens.. as if the aliens cannot handle this frequency.. I am getting an image or a dog whistle, then it goes to those devices you put in your yard to to ward off small pests, and then I see a white box giving off sound waves...

There is also a group of people that just look angry.  At first I saw civil unrest, but that image died down.. it looks more like pockets of people that are angry, but there is nowhere to really direct their anger because it comes {the message or announcement] from people that are outside our country.

Q.  Why are aliens here and why are they interacting with us?
A.  First I get that there are many planets out there, even beyond our own solar system, but very few can house life.  Our planet is special in that it can house life, and life already exists on it.  Aliens are very interested in life here on Earth, and want to interact with us to learn about it and possibly learn how to spark life or live on other planets.

In exchange for us allowing them to learn about our planet...well let me back up.. I also see that they are interested in raw materials that are found here... specifically gold... If it isn't gold that they are interested in, if definitely has the appearance of gold..  In exchange for this gold, and allowing them to study us [life on the planet] we are trying to obtain some of their technology.  I see this as very scientific knowledge such as time travel and space travel much like that of a stargate or rather a teleporting [I'm getting an image of Star Trek and how they would teleport from one location another].  And now i see an image of a "space elevator" to the moon that literally allows people to travel in this teleporting fashion.

Q.  Why do the aliens want our gold?
A.  I'm getting that it is unique.  No other planet has it.  Then I get something about they get or extract some kind of energy or fuel from it..I also get an image of them wearing it as adornments, but it is so much more than that to them.There is some kind of interesting property to it or it can be broken down into some kind of unique form.  I want say "conductivity."

Q.  What type of aliens are we interacting with?
A.  The ones i see are the Greys..They appear to actually be civil with us.  There are no threatening feeling as I see them act or interact with political officials.  I also see that the Greys do pick their favorites.  Like they will only do business with certain people that they have a connection with.  In fact, they are very particular.

In one situation I see them [referring to the Greys] as electing a "spokes-alien" to do business.  This "spokes-alien" is mentally communicating with a female at the UN.  She has brunette hair and looks to be in her 40s and is also caucasian   It looks like they are so evolved in their communication that they can mentally communicate, meaning convey messages without words, just using thoughts, with someone who does not communicate that way.  It just works.  there is no verbal language.  Just thoughts being shared.  This also looks like a strictly business relationship.  there is no friendship or emotions..just business.

Q.  What about the other aliens such as Reptilians that have been seen on Earth?
A.  I do see other alien life forms, but they look to be hiding or not wanting to come forward.  It looks like since we don't interact with them, we don't disclose their existence.. As if they are here, not even all with good intentions, we don't acknowledge them because we don't have to.  We don't want to create even more hysteria.. I just don't see us making any kind of announcement regarding them.

And that is all I have at time.. 
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Anonymous said...

If they want our gold then alarm bells ring... thousands of years ago the Annunnaki wanted our gold and are said to have created humankind to mine it for them - slaves.

But, there are others, and its said that some years ago an alliance of the human-type people are said to have given the UN an ultimatum that there must be disclosure before 2017 - or they will just 'go public' themselves. These include the Plaiedians who are said to be going to Moscow, Russia in about 2015 (the date you quoted!)

There is a retired US military official named Charles Hall who is currently (April 2013) touring Australia talking about his military duties having included being a liason between humans and some 'Tall White' who live in a US military encampment in or near Nevada. Charles has also written several books on the topic.

More info on the Tall whites can be found at the link below - the website is by a retired US Mil Intel guy who a LOT more than he dare say in public. He wants to reach retirement age!

Anonymous said...

I agree, if they're after physical resources that makes me extremely wary... Also, people's experiences with the greys are varied & ambiguous. Hmm & there are many types or groups of greys with different agendas..

Anonymous said...

this post is just utter rubbish, sorry but it shows you aren't really getting any information. No aliens do not want gold, and no they aren't intrigued on why life started here because they were part of the groups that seeded life here. And no to the person that wrote there is a tall white who lives in the Us military base near nevada, none of my people live within any us military base nor do we work with the us military, so much lies around that will fall much sooner than 2015

Let the truth be told said...

How can you make such a bold statement saying this is rubbish when what you say may also not be true! Everyone and anyone has the right to make a statement and its up to the person to decide whether or not the statement is true in their own minds. You are basically stating that you are a Tall white, in which case for most humans that would be hard to believe.

DIRE WOLF said...


Gold is extremely important to the Reptilians that rule over and control Earth. It is also important to other E.T.s and Humans who are developing spacecraft to travel to outer space.

The importance of Gold is that it can be used as a shield against life-threatening Solar Radiation. It is not possible to travel through out the Galaxy without lining your spacecraft or UFO with it. NASA engineers know this as well, as they use gold extensively in building our Space Shuttle Craft.

DIRE WOLF said...


I believe your intuition is correct.
Gold is also utilized in computer circuitry since it is a trustworthy connector and conductor.

siketa said...

2017...Obama is out....and we have no Disclosure yet... :(