Friday, April 12, 2013

Repeating Numbers [Can you please look into the number 11:11? Why are people seeing this number? What does it mean? I as well see 222 444. Does that mean anything? I would appreciate it if you do a session on this. Thank you]

1:18 PM
The first I see is that in nature there are patterns everywhere.. As we spiritual evolve, that makes us more connected with  what is going on around us.  As a result we begin to notice patterns . We tend to see them in various ways whether it be your alarm clock, odometer, computer, watch or phone.. they are everywhere.  I also get that it may not be a repeating that we are in tune to such as 111 or 222, but a different pattern.  I am getting 246 and 139 as an example.. I also see that sometime people are seeing a series of numbers that may mean something to them such as 911 whether it is the time 9:11 or randomly showing up in odd spots.  

Q. Do we seek this out or does it just happen?
A.  It looks like when these numbers are there, they have some kind of energy or attraction that makes us notice.  It isn't that we are seeking it out, the pattern is there and "pulls" your mind to notice.  I am getting the example of how when you pull up next to someone in the car, if they stare at you, you tend to took over at them.. It is just some energy that is given off and makes you look.. 

Q.  Why the need to look?
A.  I see it as the more spiritual a person, the more they tend to identify that there are numbers or patterns that show up, and by looking and recognizing this it serves as some kind of mental grounding.. Like it is a sign. [Less spiritually evolved people tend to go on about life and don't notice things around them.. They just go about their routine and don't take time to acknowledge subtle things such as number patterns.]

Q.  What it is a sign off?
A.  For each person, it looks like it can mean something a little different . Most times the number seems like it is actually significant to the person and they deep down know what it means.. For example, if you see a birthdate over and over, that may refer to a relationship or that person.  If they are passed, they might be telling you that they are with you. 

For the number 111 or 11.11 the first thing I got was that they are on the right path.. as if it was referring to 1's and 0's [this is a binary reference in my mind]. One being "on" and zero being "off", and it was like in my mind I could hear the chant "on, on, on"  You are headed on the right path/direction.

For the number 222 or 22 or 22/2. I get that you are on the right path, but you are bringing someone else along or guiding them. You are heading the right way that is good for you, and you are bringing a partner that may not be a confident or have the same realization as you.  It is positive for both of you, but it may be more work convincing the partner that you really are BOTH headed in the right place.. When the energy starts to really flow, I see the partner beginning to experience the same patterns too..

With regard to 444..  I see it very similar to the 222 pattern, but in this situation you are leading a group...or have an influence of a group.  this group may be family, work, friends, but definitely a group.. I identify this with a strong person. More like a leader, even if they aren't dominant  they are a people person and know how to "keep the peace" or understand different personalities.

Q.  Do you have any final thoughts?
A.  Overall seeing numbers or patterns of numbers means that you are more in tune with nature and your own self.  They look like [referring to the numbers] that they are to signify and acknowledge your choices, behaviours and actions.  It also looks like when you see these numbers they offer reassurance to allow you to know your in the right direction.  I see them as a "jolt" or "wake up" call when that is what you are needed.  For example, you may be having a horrible day, unhappy your job, and you see this "pattern" and it can snap you into really thinking about what you have to be happy about rather than be stuck in a negative place.

And that is all I have right now...  Thanks.
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Anonymous said...

Cool! Lottery numbers!

Saira said...

Oh man I also am keep having the same experience. Every time I look at the time it is always 3:11 9:11 11:11 7:11 etc. It always ends up in 11. I told my partner about this and even she thought that this was a little odd. Am I on the right path or in tune with myself? IDK!!!

Psychic Focus said...

It looks to me that you are very in tune with yourself. It also looks like you are on the right path, you are a leader and heading your own self in a right direction.. you possibly get push back from people you share your direction with..

Saira said...

Wow that's pretty amazing. Thank you for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is fascinating! My date of birth and time of birth are the same. For many many years I've looked at the time -- whether in the car, on the pc, on the phone -- and it just happens to be 724 am or pm. I always wondered what that meant and how I was drawn to look at the time then.

Anonymous said...

I so relate to numbers and there different meanings to me. I'm into the Law Of Attraction so when I see the numbers I am focused to there meaning and then turn my thoughts to the positive knowing I then emitt that vibration then attract more and more of that. Being positively focused is one of the most important aspects I like to practice. The energy we send off with our thoughts and feelings determines what we attract back to our experience. Char.

Mimi said...

Lovely post. I have been seeing these numbers. Although they seem to offer guidance I am a bit wary of them as I wasn't thought such in my religion. The question I would really appreciate you answer is this: Are these numbers from a positive source? The site that has translated the sequences say that it is from angels wanting to guide us to the path we are supposed to follow.I just want to know if it is coming from a positive source.Thank you.

Savanna said...

This is awesome. I have been seeing my birthday numbers, 526, I swear everywhere for the past couple years. It's always given me a sense of peace when I see them, like hey everythings good, its gonna be a good day today :)

Fred Waskosky said...

ya, to us who see repeating numbers know it is not just a coincidence.
Every letter in the Hebrew Old Testament is also a number and
The New Testament Greek is Also all numbers. as far as I know these
two languages are the only two languages where every letter in
their alphabet is also a number, from their conception.
The unspeakable name of God for the Jewish people in
the Old Testament, If You add up the value is 111. So I would say
the Lord is letting you know He is with you. He sent Jesus who
was crucified according to the scriptures and was buried and who
God raised from the dead according to the scriptures. Taking the
the cures of sin and death away from us. I just would like to find
some people who actually believe it.
You can look
up Bible numerics and heptatic structure of the Bible if you Want
Proof of the validity of the scriptures. That's how you can tell
what books belong in The Bible and which ones don't. If you do go
on a quest to know the Lord, I DO Not recommend looking to religion.
I suggest you Pray and ask the author of the Bible (Jesus) to show
you as you read the scriptures.

God Bless You
Brother Fred

Anonymous said...

I was reading about the coincidence in the numbers 11 or 11:11 ? And right at that moment I looked at the time on my computer and it said 11:11PM . HOLY MOLEY