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Please do a reading on Sunil Tripathi. What really happened to him? Any relation to the Boston bombing as the media stated?

8:20 PM - I definitely see this kid as a loner, I know that he disappeared  but it looks like right before he did, he had a couple of older friends, like in their twenties or early twenties, and they were a really bad influence on him.  I just feel a lot of negative energy when I think about his friends.  I am getting that his friends were either into drugs or stealing or some type of illegal behaviour and they were trying to drag Sunil down.  And it got to the point where he felt like he knew too much about their illegal activities and he did not want any part of it, and that is when he ran.

I see him being really distraught, and kind of confused.  I see his brain was just incredibly active with all these random thoughts and scenarios   It looked like he was always hypothesising some kind of a situation.  And I see when he ran also he was...homeless, but he did not have that dirty look about him.  Like he was resourceful enough to know how to get food and even had a certain amount of hygiene about him.  He had a lot of street smarts.

He had been reported missing, and I see the police had his picture in some sort of a database, and when the initial images of the bombing came out, they tried to link the poor quality photos that were taken to Sunil...He resembled one of the brothers a lot.  And Sunil did not even know that he was a suspect in the bombing until several days after it happened, and he was viewed as being guilty of this crime to the point where he did not even want to come forward because he was scared.

I keep seeing a brick street and it is a very narrow street....and it looks like it is a dead end....And I see the police there, and I keep seeing this young man and he is pleading with the police that he did not do it.  But it almost looks like he is being terrorized.  They zipped tied him but they did not take him in right away.  

And this kid he was so scared and like pleading his case, that he actually started crying and he wet his pants.  I need a second I got to sort something out..... I stare at this image, what I am realizing is the people that are surrounding this man really are NOT the police, and I keep hearing the song "Radioactive" in my head and I see this black and white symbol.  It looks like three white fan blades with a black background.  So it looks like a group associated with that symbol.  And after they questioned him wanting to know what he knew and who he knew....even though it looks like he did not really know anything.  They killed him but they wanted to make it look like a suicide....It looks like they beat him up, but I keep hearing one of them say you have to make sure he is still breathing so he has air in his lungs when they find him, something about he has to have air in his lungs.

I see a lot of stomach punches...that is all I am getting you can ask me questions now.

Q-This group, how many are in the group and can you describe them?
A-Well they are all dressed in black from head to toe and they have like a hard helmet on their head, but what they did was took their hard helmet part off and beneath that they were wearing like a sock ski mask.  And on the forehead part of that mask were the three white fan blades, but everything else was jet black tactical gear.  As far as how looks like four of them

Q-Did he know any of them, and when and how did he die.
A-Ok, he did NOT know any of them, and he did NOT know they boys involved in the bombing.  What they did when they captured him, after they beat him, they did something to the back of his neck that kept him conscious but he was in a sense paralyzed.  So when he was thrown into the water he really did die at that point, but there was no way that he could have saved himself.   I see that he did not have any proper function of his legs or arms, but I do not see it as a drug, I just keep seeing that they did some kind of a karate chop to the back of his neck, like it was a martial arts move.

Q-Why did they kill him and was it premeditated?
A-I am getting that they were worried or had a suspicion that he knew of the two boys that were allegedly accused.  I also get that the two boys that were accused suspected something might be happening but they had no idea what or when.  And this group of four that surrounded Sunil was just really concerned about what he knew or if he knew anything...which he didn't and he told these guys this over and over.  And it was NOT premeditated that they were going to kill him, but they realized after they asked him all of these questions they did not want him leaving the situation and speaking with anybody else, and that is when they felt that they had to kill them.

Q-How is this group associated with one another and is this the "Friends you referred to in the beginning".  How did they find him.
A-Ok I am getting that his friends were on a low level of much bigger picture as if they were like the grunt workers, whereas these individuals who sought Sunil out were like 3-4 levels higher than his friends were.  How did they find him...I am getting electronic means, there is a coffee shop or something around there that offers free internet and he was tapping into that pretty consistently and they were able to locate him based on that.

Q-These levels and people, what type of group are they apart of, what is their purpose and agenda?
A-I am getting that they were contracted by the government and their job was to make sure that the Boston Mission went through seamlessly. 

Q-Was Sunil just another potential patsy that was not needed?
A-Yes I do see that as true.  I also see that he was viewed as a wildcard...I can almost hear someone saying that he was "too loose of a cannon and that he could not be trusted".  But from Sunil's side he really did not have a clue what anybody had in store for him.  He just knew that he did not like the path he felt his friends were taking and he ran, but as I look at it more, those friends were part of the setup.  It was like they were trying to gain Sunil's trust and trying to break him of his good boy morals...and by kind of being partners in crime at a really low level they were trying some sort of bond or brotherhood with him, but Sunil was smart enough to see what was going on and he just left the situation, but he was very scared.  He was more scared of these people than he was trusting of them.

Q-When did he begin his association with these people, how were they acquainted?
A-I keep seeing basketball hoops.  Like they began talking to him at some outdoor park or rec center.  And it looks like summer so I would say about 1 year ago.

Q-Was his family aware of any of these friends?
A-I do not see his family as aware, but they definitely noticed his behavior changing.  He was really quite, always seemed sad, and they were constantly asking him what was wrong.  And at one point it looks like they suspected him of using drugs,  I think they even tried to get him to go to counseling but he was not receptive to that.  I can see that conversation playing out.

Q-What day did he die, the bombings were on April 15th, when was he drowned?
A-I am getting 2/3 days, like 2-3 days, I also see that they found him long before they found the brothers.  And his interrogation was also a way that they were trying to find the brothers which is who they really wanted to find.  Even more so than worrying about what he heard and what he was going to say.  And now I am getting too is another reason that he was killed was because they were afraid that this guy would somehow give a warning to the brothers.

Q-Did he know the brothers, how could he give them a warning?
A-He didn't know the brothers, and he had no way of giving them a warning, it was just completely a precaution.

Q-Where did they do this interrogation?
A-They did it right on that brick street, like some dark dead end street.  It was the brick street where they found him.

Q-Do you feel all this was just a setup to recruit patsies?
A-I do see it that way and Sunil was just not going to do it.  He had high morals and just...I see that he was religious also...and he just could not go down that dark path.

Q-Do you see anymore of these type of patsy or false flag scenarios in the future?  If so when, where, and how?
A-I had this image looks like a huge white courthouse or state building.  It has a lot of steps in the front, probably like 30 steps to get to the front door.  And the most noticeable thing is there is a lot of different types of flags lined up in the front of it.  There is probably 20 different flags, and I see fire and a ton of black smoke pouring out of the top, as if the building is on fire.  But no matter how hard I focus I cannot get the timeframe.  I just get stuck on that image.  I mean I say it feels soon, like I feel anxious about it.  Like within the next two to three months.  Where....I am getting capital, and I am hearing state capital.  I am getting east coast but I cannot narrow down the state.

Q-Who will this be blamed on, what devices will be used to create the fire and is this a false flag?
A-I am getting that it is going to blamed on a small mid eastern country, it will be somewhere around Iran or Afghanistan, it will be slightly north of them.   I get it will happen with something with their elevator system.  It feels like a false flag, but I cannot get a definite answer on that.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you for doing a reading on this. I had a feeling deep down that they were the reason he was missing. :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to do these readings. I've been awfully worried for these poor kids and genuinely feel for them. RIP for those whose life were stolen Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Sunil Tripathi,& Mike Mulugeta , strength to the one who remains (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev)may the higher powers protect him and the truth prevails

Anonymous said...

I do agree that the next attack (or one of them) has to do with 'flags'. I mean I get that intuitively.

thanks for a bravo reading

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the vision of the 'fan blades' is similar to the logo worn by the Craft men who were at the Marathon.

Psychic Focus said...

I believe they are still out there and it looks like they are hiding in plain sight..??