Friday, March 31, 2017

Eric Dubay and more Flat Earth..

Q. Can you please Do a reading on how the Antarctica treaty and the faked moon landings may be tied to a possibility of flat earth surrounded by Antarctica? The idea sounded absurd at first, but further investigation has really made me question what we have been taught our whole lives. Please do a reading about Eric Dubay (who has written a few books and has many you tube videos out, one which is a video "200 proofs the earth is flat"). Sounds crazy but he has some very good points.... and even ties in the Freemasons..
A.  When I focus on this, (and I really have to focus as I, along with many people have been taught since we were children that the Earth is indeed round), I see this strange disk shape with a dome on it.  It looks like a bosu ball, and feel it is symbolic of the shape of the flattened earth.  

Bosu Ball

In this flattened model of earth, it looks like Antarctica surrounds the outer perimeter, and the North Pole is in the center.  The latitude lines are actually concentric circles on this flattened model.  The treaty was formed to prevent people from being able to explore Antarctica and discover the oddities in distance (to and from known mapped land masses), and also what is on Antarctica.  

I do see the moon landing as faked for a few reasons.  At first, I saw a "block" of some sort and assumed it was the Van Allen Belt that prevented us from leaving.  As I keep the intent of understanding the flat earth, I see this "blockage" as the firmament that prevents us from leaving, or going toward the direction of the moon.  I then get that even IF we could get there, the ETs living on the moon would not allow humans to land.  The ETs are protective of their territory.

As I said, this concept is a challenging one to sort out, so I took it a step further to pose the question: How is it possible that the earth is flat with everything we see?  I hear to be careful of what others show you because unless you see things for yourself, it truly is an assumption.   I am then shown that just as there are many dimensional layers to earth, there are many dimensional layers of earth (as a whole).  I see that the lower vibrational "earth's" did indeed have a protective covering (firmament), and as we ascend, the veil (or firmament) begins to thin.. ??

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

I have done readings on this in the past.  You may find the following (much more detailed) reading interesting:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Random Collection of Concerning Events [Group Post]

Q. When I first discovered your site, and upon reading archived blogs, you saw the U.S. ultimately becoming more localized within smaller communities where bartering and trading would be the more likely the way we conducted commerce. We would become more close-knit communities and dependent upon our neighbors. Do you have any further insight or inkling concerning a time period for this "readjustment" to our society?
A.  I did see a timeline shift at the moment free will (and some intervention) occurred and Trump was put into office.  I always saw that if Hillary won we would end up in a global war over oil.  We would be told the motive for war was due to other events tied to fear, but the true root cause was gaining control of the oil and oil producing countries.  The US would have boots on the ground in all the oil producing countries because oil would become the new "black gold" once the dollar failed (and it would as the spending and budget would continue to spiral out of control under that administration).

Trump in office will lead to a different type of turmoil.  Those opposing Trump (and the instigating PTW / Powers That Were) look to create social unrest until there is a total divide of the population.  The PTW will see that Trump has a difficult time doing anything as a punishment for winning.  I would not use the term "Civil War," but the energy and emotion feels like that within the country.  I see this peaking within the next two years, and it looks like an opposition will rise and try to take control (it does look like they fail though).  It is during this time period when people will begin to feel uncertain and regress (which the PTW love because they can tie this event to Trump even though they are the cause).  The social uncertainty looks to effect the stock market, and people turn more to bartering and trade while they go through this time.  Things look to bounce back, but there is approximately a 6 to 9 month adjustment period.

Q. 501 missing children from Washington DC in the first 3 months of this year. Is there something shady going on?
A.  When I focus on this, I see that in some instances these are run-away kids looking for a different life.  I also see that some of these kids are in the middle of custody battles, and the reports are parents and families battling it out.  There is also a larger issue that is being suppressed, and that is human trafficking.  I get that these human traffickers prey on lower income kids, luring them away for a promise of a better life, only to sell them to a life a slavery (in one form or another).  I see this being a big problem that really needs public attention.  Please take a minute to send some love and healing light to these children...

Q. The Vault 7 Wikileaks revelations today were startling, and it is believable (I have a post-it over my webcams and have for years). But with all of the fakery going on it's hard for me not to think I'm being played in some way. Can you please comment on the authenticity of the documents released and also say whether or not they were selectively released (I.e. holding some things back and only releasing docs that paint a particular story)? It would also be helpful to know who is behind the leaks; is it truly a rogue hacker or someone in the deep state playing games with us again?
A. This looks like a hybrid of truth (the surveillance is real), and some bigger agenda.  These things are being released in a particular order because the ultimate goal is to shed truth to the people, but inflame them in the end.  The goal is to have the population so mad  that they "forget" the initial violation of privacy by saying this technology is how Russia became involved in the recent US election.  I hear it is a classic "release truth, inflame people, then deflect, deflect, deflect to where the initial issue is forgotten." This doesn't feel like a "true" Wikileak in that someone outside the Wikileak organization looks to be involved with the release of this information (I want to say "CIA involvement." ???)

Q. I made a request a while back asking about a vision that I saw.  It was the Vatican imploding on in its' own footprint. In my mind's eye, I saw great marble structure crumbling. Any thoughts?
A.  I see this as a symbol of the current church and the strength of the church.  As many people awaken and adopt spirituality and other beliefs aside from structured religion, the church loses more and more power.  A society that looks inward for answers isn't as fearful as one that puts all faith on something or someone else.  Having a belief system of any kind can make you feel more connected to a greater whole, as long as that system doesn't prevent you from also believing in your own strength and power.  As the progression of awakening occurs, the control of the church feels less and less.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, March 27, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Gate Keepers and Controlled Opposition

Q. I have been looking at various celebrities in the alternative media and even those in the mainstream, who supposedly want to change society for the better. Over the years it has become obvious, if you look closely at their words and actions, that many of them are gate keepers or controlled opposition. That means they give us a sense of comfort and satisfaction that there is a change, awakening, exposure, disclosure etc. happening, while in reality keeping us trapped in the same old status quo.

Can you give a short comment on each of the following figures and tell us:
  • At what point in their career they got bought off by the PTW?
  • What leverage is used against them (money, fame, threats)?
  • And, if they are even aware of being toys in a larger game of deception?
Bono from U2 (in their early career they used to create incredibly sophisticated media installations in their concerts to make people aware of the control system, but now Bono is obsessed with his sunglasses and keeps partying with all the worst globalists)
A.  I see that there was this pivotal point where he went from really struggling, (and i hear the term "grit") to things being easy.  It was at that point when he was approached by some larger and more powerful people that something in him changed.  I see the MTV logo, and see these "powerful people" tied to that media outlet (or something similar).  Bono was getting a huge following and his music was becoming more and more popular.  There was a huge promise of money and fame, and as long as he stayed within certain boundaries, he was on their "good" side.  He didn't realize he was being manipulated, but he did realize his life was aligning into what he wanted.  Now that he has accomplished many of the things he set out to do, he doesn't want to shake up his life.  It feels like a form of control, without realizing he is being controlled. I then hear this is the best type of control for the PTW (Powers That Were) because there is no push back.

Edward Snowden (the guy who managed to smuggle 2TB of sensitive data out of a highly secured NSA facility and was able to hide from all of the most powerful intelligence agencies for one month in an airport toilet in Moscow without getting tracked down by them, really?)
A. I don't see him being connected to the PTW, but rather their enemies.  Their "enemies" are the ones that are helping Snowden, and yes, the current Russian government is an enemy of the PTW. Russia protected him because they ultimately want the information that Snowden is hiding in order to have a bargaining tool (or some kind of blackmail information).  If Russia cannot get it directly, they are hoping by tracking him, they will be able to hack it.  Russia wants what he has, and the Russian government enjoys these "leeks." 

Glenn Greenwald (he was the first to bravely publish Snowden's revelations of the extent of the surveillance state but now releases obviously manufactured military propaganda in his independent magazine The Intercept)
A. He looks to have published this information because he felt it was the right thing to do.  He was passionate about letting the people know what was really going on regarding privacy.  People started to really look into things and question what they were being told.  I get that right after he published this information, and other stories arose due to it (the trickle down effect was in full force), the PTW took a close look and knew they had to do some kind of damage control.  He was approached and threatened.  At first he ignored it, and then the threats escalated to where he got scared (they threatened family).  He was allowed to release some approved truths (because that is what the people were looking for) but he had to incorporate some of "their" stories too (the PTW are dominantly Democratic and very anti-Trump).  I get he does not feel good at the direction this is going, but he fears he cannot go in any other way.

Jacob Appelbaum (is an ex-Wikileaks member, underground hacker and charismatic speaker for online privacy and yet he keeps recommending people to use the supposedly safe network Tor, which is known to be have been compromised many years ago by the NSA. In general he seems to know more about the current state of surveillance than he admits)
A. He was approached a long time ago.  When the PTW could not get to Snowden in time, they went after anyone associated or capable to providing assistance.  He was approached and they attempted to pay him off.  At first he didn't take the bribe, but then they added a dose of fear to the bribe, which he took.  I see him standing there and staring at these two guys.  They told him, "you will do what we tell you, so you may as well take the money."  Appelbaum took it, got in his car, and as he was driving he got so nauseous at this situation he had to pull over to get sick. He sort of did this mental disconnect, and from that point forward he knew that he lost control. 

Steven Greer (he made disclosure a household term by organizing a UFO press conference in Washington in 2001, but since then has been spreading lots of disinformation about extraterrestrials, holding back the best of his witness testimony, and in general has a really, really weird vibe). 
A. He does feel like a plant from some other government organization.  I want to say CIA (but it isn't exactly called that??).  It looks like the topic of UFOs could no longer be hidden, so rather than let random truths out, they (the PTW) organized a way to let these truths out in a controlled way.  This government organization looks like they allow a certain amount of non-classified info out, but only enough to keep people slightly satisfied.  I get that Greer is more like an orchestrated character as the face of PTW's subtle disclosure than an independent man that went rogue.
And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[A few follow-ups..]
- it must be very frustrating for these initially free-thinking minds to be under constant duress and lie to the public. Are some of them trying to tell the bigger truth via different oulets, such as close friends, fiction, Freudian slips, etc.?
I get to pay close attention to conflicts as they communicate.  For example, if they are showing a diagram, and it appears there is a time delay with what they are saying, this is a clue it isn't right.  They are not able to (generally speaking) do this as often as they want, but there is some premeditation when they feel they can.  Also pay attention to slip ups, but these get edited, so they are not as blatant.  As I type this I see them using their eyes when they are not speaking truthfully (they look to look up or look up to the side, and it is involuntary). 

- Snowden really pulled this stunt off all by himself? Unbelievable. Judging by the latest Wikileaks releases the NSA should have located him and his laptops anywhere in the world within 24 hours via any phone, TV, street camera, fridge, electricity socket or even his probable implants.
He did use assistance from the enemies of the PTW.  I hear that the enemy of his enemy is really his friend.

- Very sorry to hear the situation about Appelbaum; he seemed to be a good guy at heart. The information he reveals about the hacking capabilities of the US are staggering. So is he just holding back the deeper info or spreading disinformation?
He sprinkles a little bit of truth, but the disinfo agents have him under close scrutiny.  He is very limited in his abilities at the time.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Five for Friday #43

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Friday Five #43, special truth-out edition. As always, Da-da's questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1: Saturn’s Gilligan Hat Moon
This is PAN, one of Saturn’s many bizarre moons, this one is inside the rings. (It’s that tiny speck in the gap, only 22 miles wide.) What the heck is that? A beat-up ship? (A recent Wilcock post told about a war long ago where a huge base around Saturn was destroyed at the same time the one big planet was destroyed.  The debris around Saturn was apparently rife with chunks of huge transparent-aluminum “rooms” for beings 100-foot-tall, and that that’s what now makes up the rings.)

What Lynn Saw
"It’s Gilligan's hat. No. Actually, what I see is this handful of big meteorites traveling fast near Saturn. They collided and created extreme energy and hot-melted debris that immediately stuck together, spinning fast, and then flash-froze within a few seconds. The heat from the explosion created this weird formation, a product of extreme heat and extreme cold. It’s totally natural.” 

[So, the Wilcock info wasn’t all that accurate.] 

"I don't feel like he is a liar. I get that he gets a lot of conflicting information, and has to sort through it. There is an overwhelming amount of info being blasted to him, even disinfo." 

Image #2: Saturnian Ice Spikes
Here's more of Saturn, this time super tall ice chunks in the rings... or it it something else?

What Lynn Saw"Again, I see this as totally natural. I hear the phrase, 'ice spikes.' These are basically water crystals (and some other elements/molecules in there) growing in this spiky way due to the intense magnetic field."

Image #3: The Pic in the Vault
Meanwhile, back at the studio… is this an astronaut’s family photo (in a baggie) *really* left on the moon? Or in the fireplace ash of the “moon studio” in the Hollywood Hills? Where is this photo today?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep hearing that song, “Californication," that talks about space not being the final frontier cause it’s made in a Hollywood basement. Yes, this is a movie set pic, and that’s fireplace ash. The photo is in a vault, down deep in area 51." [Makes you wonder at the hideously expensive, top-secret, barbed-wire-fenced facilities and armed guards necessary to guard all those lies.]

Image #4: Pay No Attention to the Light Behind the Curtain
This was billed on the internet as a ”moon UFO,” but isn’t that one of the studio lights? And if this is a studio, how did they do that deep canyon on the left?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there was some kind of dark screen at the back of the set. That’s a light shining too brightly through that black screen. As for the "canyon," I hear that that’s all lighting. That’s a built-up platform lighted just right to make it look like a deep canyon, and a model of the lunar rover, giving the illusion of depth. It’s all illusions. This is not really as hard as people think it would be. Kubrick, who did all this, was brilliant in this kinda stuff, a master. He was way ahead of the cutting-edge in terms of photographic tricks." [Kubrick always said that his greatest work was the one that no one knew about.]

Image #5: We Martian Towers Three
Here are what look like three mile-high towers on Mars. What’s their purpose and who made them?

What Lynn Saw
"I get they were made by humans (astronauts that really made it there) for the purpose of transmissions. I get they have been there for over a decade now."

And the Fake Envelope Goes To...

"Not sure who’s trying to pass this off as Mars, but this is NOT mars. The sky on Mars is rusty red, a reddish tint."

(Laughs) "Fake."

“Not even close."

And that’s it. Join us next time for Episode #45!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Amber Eyes

Q. Hi!  This is a different kind of reading.. thought it may be interesting.

My son has what is called "amber eyes"... I always thought it was rare and special that he had 'orange eyes' because it matched his orange hair. I recently found out that it is indeed very rare, less than 1% of the population has this! 

Is there any underlying cause to this or something that sets them apart from others? Is there any special ET ancestry tied into this?

Does it have anything to do with the crystal/rainbow children? I know there are subgroups such as; indigo, crystal, diamond, rainbow children/adults. 

I also read somewhere that as the crystalline grid comes into effect we will see more "crystalline" qualities in the eyes and auras. 

Thank you again for all you do!

A.  I do see this as very special.  When I focus on amber eyes, I see an image of ancient Egypt.  There are several people walking about, and they are dressed up as if they are going to a celebration.  The people are wearing all types of decorations on their heads.  They look to be of different animal heads, but the one that stands out to me is a beautiful, blue feathered bird head with a beak that protrudes out at the nose. 

I see this eye color tied to a genetic link between the Avian ETs and humans.  The more pure the Avian DNA, the deeper the amber color. It looks like people with this eye color, and genetic link, have a strong ability to "see" things in the form of clairvoyance.   We all have spiritual gifts, and being able to sense and see things feels natural for these people.

As the earth splits to be able to also house a 4D reality, the crystaline grid looks to wake up.  As this happens all the secondary senses (the extension of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling) begins to awaken in everyone, starting with the more sensitive people.  The awakening isn't unique to only amber eyes, but they too will go through a shift (starting with the more in-tune people).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, March 20, 2017

Heaven and Hell

Q. Hi Lynn, All the major religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism talked about heaven and hell so I don't think these are entirely unfounded. Could you do a more detailed reading on these concepts when related to the various spiritual planes in Michael Newton's bookHow do the various beings in the lower realm (hell) compare and contrast with the beings in the higher realms (heaven) in terms of food (are hell beings always hungry for lack of food), work (do they need to work), sleep and sex requirements.
A.  I see that in Universal terms, there is no "heaven" or "hell," but these are terms that humans use to make sense of the different vibrational levels (or spiritual planes) that house these beings.  I see the term "hell" being the dimensional level (or spiritual plane) that houses the lower vibrational beings.  These beings have a disconnected feel, as if something is incomplete.  They are developmentally missing a component that prevents them from progressing to the next level.  They look like they need to work on establishing a karmatic balance, or a certain amount of introspective understanding to graduate to the next level.  These lower vibrational beings don't need food (however, they need to energetically feed), they need to work on themselves (in a spiritual way) and they do not have sex (until they reach the 3D level). 

The term "heaven" looks to be the term describing the spiritual planes above the 3D level.  "Heaven" looks like a lump sum of several dimensions, 4D being the lowest level. The skill sets are more advanced with the higher spiritual planes.  I see that these higher levels feed energetically, but not off of people.  They extract nutrition from the sun and also the source consciousness. The work in these spiritual planes is serving others to aid in their ascension, and as they assist other beings, they too aid in their own ascension (I hear the phrase, "it is like how they say an angel earns their wings.")  These higher levels focus on telepathic and psychic communication to communicate with the lower (3D) beings.

Q. What is the main purpose to reincarnate for the lower realm spiritual beings? Is it so that their soul could evolve so that they could live in happier, higher spiritual realms? 
A. Until a soul spiritually develops, it cannot reside comfortably in a higher vibrational realm.  We reincarnate until we are capable of making that next step up.  Every reincarnation is an opportunity to learn, grow and advance through experiences. 

Q. Is this analogy similar to a poor person (on physical earth) working hard so that he can be richer and live in a more comfortable house?
A. On a 3D level, I see this more like a person that had very little opportunity growing up and was challenged in their ability to learn.  They wanted to become a nuclear engineer, challenged learning style, realizing their dreams would be difficult.  If you just put that person into that job, they couldn't understand the concepts, the language, it would be very overwhelming and they would feel lost.  So this person decided to work hard to achieve their dreams.  They found a tutor, did extra work, joined a study group and got a job cleaning the labs to learn about terms and equipment.  They took time to slowly understand the material and gain knowledge knowing they would reach their goal. 

This person could not have just been put in that role and succeed.  It would have been too much.  Taking time, learning and growing, allowed them the opportunity to reach their goal.  The advancement of dimensions is more about being able to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually handle the vibration in the higher realm.

Q. When a person has evolved into a higher realm, is there any possibility that he can drop back down into a lower realm if he made mistakes (eg. killing people) on earth?
A.  Once a person moves to a higher realm, they don't typically move down (unless THEY request it).  The karma and experiences that need to be addressed (even murder) are dealt with before a person moves upward (so there is no need to move downward). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, March 17, 2017

Random and Unrelated [Group Post on Various Topics]

Q. Dear Lynn: I notice that in your blogs you many times refer to the Powers That Were (PTW) and imply evil. Would you expand on this topic if it were possible?
A.  When I refer to the PTW, I see them as the people that have used money and manipulations to gain controlling power of people and corporations.  They use that controlling power as a way to extort and gain even more wealth, which gives them leverage to manipulate and influence even more people.  They reason they have such an "evil" feel is because they are truly low vibrational beings seeing only dollars instead of focusing on the safety, security and greater good of people.  The value of money and control supersedes the best interest of people. 

Q. What is the function of the human brain and its relationship with our perception of reality?  Thank you.
A.  I see the brain as being the control center for the functions of the physical body, especially the neurological system.  The psychic / intuitive system looks to run in parallel to the neurological system.  As strong psychic and intuitive sensations are experienced in the psychic system, those sensations breech into the physical neurological system in order to be read, felt, or experienced by the 3D body.  Your perception of reality (feelings and emotions) are a hybrid of what you physically experience in your 3D body and what you intuitively feel through your psychic system (that is also interpreted by the brain).  I see everything funneling back to be understood in the brain because our 3D body needs a filter.  We cannot just experience everything as it is because it would fry our systems.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you do a reading about church of Scientology and it's creator sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard?  With documentaries such as "Going Clear", people leaving the church of Scientology (such as celebrity Leah Remini), and other damaging information coming to light, what is really going on with the church of Scientology and how is it that celebrities still associate and stay with it?  Thanks!
A. I get that the concept of Scientology as a religion, in it's infancy, was a enlightening practice for people.  Looking inward to determine why you may behave, think or feel a certain way was a different concept in the religious arena.  We hold engrams (or thoughts creating a trigger) that can evoke pleasant or adverse feelings.  Being able to identify (and if need be purge) those triggers, can help to lead to a more balanced life.

As the idea caught on, and more and more people started to join the church, a good thing got infiltrated with many elites and people with money (even the PTW).  It turned from being something that was about looking inward and analyzing thoughts, to a meeting place for the PTW to push their agenda.  To be clear, not everyone involved in Scientology is bad, but there are some bad people involved in Scientology.  As some people in Hollywood (and other people too) started to realize this, they left the church to avoid associating or being pulled into things they were not comfortable with.  It became clear that if you were approached to "be on a committee" of some kind, and you declined, your career would suffer.  

Q. Hello Lynn, I have a few questions for you. Have you ever learned something from your Guides that you felt was too inflammatory to reveal and you kept it confidential to yourself? Have your Guides ever revealed something to you on the condition that you did not disclose it? 

A. When I start a reading, I always set protection and give the Universe permission to work through me, but only in the greater good.  I say the phrase as I create a visual of "placing my self on the shelf" because ego is a natural thing, but also holds you back when you open yourself. I request honest and accurate information, and proceed forward with the question.

I record or write everything I am able to understand as accurately as I can.  At times, the information is unsettling, and I have serious reservations about sharing it, but I remind myself that all of this was done with protection, and under my rules of being in the greater good.  Keeping all of that in mind, I trust that what I get was meant to be passed on.  Occasionally I get into something that is not in the greater good, and when that happens I see this thing appear that looks like a black gremlin, and it will shake it's head no.  If I see that, I stop immediately.  I've never made deals that I would avoid disclosing.

Q. When you and other psychics dream, are your dreams any different than the ones 'regular people' have? Are they more vivid or more lucid? Do they involve greater interactions with Guides and Spirits from the other side?
A.  Honestly, everyone dreams very different whether you are psychic or not.  I do dream in color.  I go through periods of not remembering dreams, to dreaming often.  Occasionally, I steer and interact in my dreams.  Dreams are very unique to the person.  We have all be blessed with our own gifts, and for some dreaming can be very active, and for others (regardless of psychic ability) they experience or remember their dreams much less vividly. 

Q. What are your feelings around what is happening in Yellowstone and do you feel there will be some volcanic activity in the area?

I know you've done reading in the past, in regards to Yellowstone, but with this new data I thought it might be intestine to do an update.
A.  I am being shown (I feel to illustrate what is happening so I can better explain) that when certain electrons get excited, and their movement speeds up, a thermogenic reaction occurs.  Beneath the surface it looks like some kind of combustible "off gassing" is occurring, that is creating a pressure up and also the "excited electrons" I was shown (which results in the heat).  This "off gas" feels and smells like methane.  

As I try to see what can be done, I hear "we have to let it run it's course."  We cannot live in fear.  I also see that as long as these "off gasses" don't reach the surface in bulk, they will eventually balance out because many small leaks look to be venting now.  I also get that there are ETs somewhat interfering because want to protect Mother Gaia.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spiritual, Mental and Physical Protection [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you elaborate on the types of karma spoken by this guru and how each of these types can be removed?

A.  I see two sides to karma.  In the Universal perspective, karma is karma (not good or bad, positive or negative).  In our 3D world, it is seen as good or bad depending on your perception of the experience.  In both the Universal and 3D world, the intensity of karma can change (could feel heavy, or maybe just a nudge).

The only way to totally rid yourself of undesirable karma is to process and purge it.  If you face the issue (and it can be tough, and may involve being brutally honest with yourself), or even meditate through the emotions, you can free yourself of the karma.  If you do not process through it, karma can be passed to your children, or statically stuck to you to experience in a future life.

Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering if you could talk about alien abduction and more importantly, how to protect (if possible) yourself and family from first encounters and repeat visits. Would crystals, meditation, high vibration, etc help? Gratitude Lynn!!
A. Most alien attractions are the result of a DNA attraction between the human and the being.  I see humans being made with ET DNA, and some concentrations of the DNA code are more intense, creating a beacon for the ET.  Calling upon your guides for protection is the best way to counteract these abductions.  Mentally or verbally call them by name, or just say (if you don't know your guide's name) "Guide / Angel of protection, keep me safe and protect me from these other worldly beings."  Crystals can strengthen your intent, but your intent is the more important thing.

If they feel persistent, you can also meditate to try to connect with the being and see what they want.  Many times you can resolve their questions mentally so the physical connection is not necessary.   

Q. Do you see ET interference with chemtrails? Recently I've noticed that the chemtrails in my area only last for a day or 2 and then are completely gone. About a month ago while looking at the trails I noticed white sparkles in the sky that moved in a clockwise circular formation. I tried to take a photo but nothing showed up. Could this have been ETs clearing the trails away?
A. There are two types of ETs.  One type is interfering and curious about humans.  They want to understand human emotions (the main drive for all the abductions).  Emotions can be irrational, and also can lead to empathy.  Emotions are viewed as a weakness in the eyes of some ETS, and they want to make sense of it (how they work? where do they come from?). 

The other form of ETs are helpful.  They do try to guide and protect from above without showing themselves too boldly.  I do see this group of ETs trying to help with chemtrails and other harm being done to the earth (they are protecting BOTH the earth and humans).

Q. Hi Lynn, I recently learned of a device which seemingly can protect us from our constant bombardment of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation. Could you please tune into this? (I am sure everyone would like to hear). EFR's are blamed for the increase of many diseases and illness. 

Many have wondered if there are ways we can naturally reduce our exposure to EFR's. (Our microwaves, laptops, tablets, cellphones). Our lives have been bombarded by 'something' we can’t feel and see.  These EFR’s are detrimental to our health and can inflict:  Stress, Headaches, Brain fog, Concentration, Focus, Short term Memory, Depression, Anxiety, Immune system, Autoimmune diseases. 

A Russian, Dr. Igor Smirnov, has invented a device that takes away the harmful effects of man-made EMFs and alters their patterns to mimic a more natural EMF ‘white noise’. This device is call ‘WaveRider’, and it uses the exact same noise field technology used by the military.  ‘WaveRider’ can be placed in a corner in our homes and interrupt the harmful radiation coming from EMF’s. 

A. The first thing I see is do what you can to separate yourself from your devices.  Try to create a time of day, or room where you don't have cell phones, tv, etc.  You will still get some bombardment, but it is diluted a lot by distance.

This WaveRider device feels ok, but I see crystals (specifically clear crystal quartz and black tourmaline) placed throughout your home as being more effective.  These crystals look to be a good absorber for these harmful vibrations.  Organite also looks to be a great deflector of these waves (even better than the WaveRider).  

Q. Hello. Something I can't seem to reconcile. If there is no bad, good, or evil (as written in your Lucifer reading), then why do we have karmic debt?
A. I hear to look at karmic debt as a lesson of understanding for ascension.  To fully understand and have empathy for a situation, you need to experience all aspects.  

Then, I see the example of a homeless person.  You may see them, feel bad for them and even have compassion, but until you have been homeless, felt the stares, been hungry and had no where to sleep, you do not know what that feels like.  Seeing a situation is not the same as being in that situation.  

It is hard to understand that the Universe doesn't put things in categories, but things just "are."  We have to see, be and experience all things to truly evolve.  Life is learning and expanding through experience.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Monday, March 13, 2017

Beauty and the ....... Baphomet??

Q. Hi Lynn, I get powerful messages during sleep and recently I got this, "_______, Baal, and Baphomet. They're coming." (Can't remember what went in the blank) The thing is, I had only heard of them before, I didn't really know much about them until I researched them a bit after awakening with this. 

The new remake of Beauty and the Beast is being pushed heavily on the public, to be released March 17. That date alone is suspect, but I've noticed that in this version the Beast looks strikingly similar to Baphomet. Do you see a connection? Is the release tied to a conditioning of acceptance? A 'temple of Baal' was supposedly, or attempted to be, erected in Times Square around a year ago I think. Why are they coming and what is going to happen?

A. i do see and feel the big push for the release of Beauty and the Beast.  When I tune into Disney, I see this company tied heavily to the PTW (Powers That Were).  Disney uses their popularity and "assumed" innocence to push through their agendas, with a huge focus on the youth.  Many adults, and even teens have been desensitized, so when children "see" things, even subliminally, adults don't realize notions that are being impressed on the youth.  
Miley on left, Hannah on right

There are countless sexual references put into their movies, and even toys.  Subliminally, I see Disney breaking apart the family unit, sexualizing children (Hanna Montana to Miley Cyrus for example), even slowly tearing down the respect that children have for their parents (especially fathers) on the Disney channel.

Even prior to Beauty and the Beast, I see a lot of Disney characters (and much of Hollywood) using hand gestures to communicate (again, subliminally to our subconscious) to force darker, lower vibrational feelings and thoughts into our core.  Beauty and the Beast looks like another way to push their agenda.  

When I focus on Baphomet, and the Beast, I do see them as the same.  I get Disney is using this movie as a way to further desensitize people and children.  There is an agenda in overdrive to blur the masculine versus feminine. I hear the Beast is the current "role model" for this agenda.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, March 10, 2017

Life Detective #6

by Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our first Life Detective for 2017, where Lynn and Da-da look at past, present and future lives of various people. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most dominant past life of the subject come forward, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today, and who they’ll be in the future. It’s always surprising. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life: This person looks like he was a ship builder (actually, the architect of big ships) in New England. I want to date this to the mid 1600s. Doesn't look like a ship that we know of (or not one that I’m being told), but more like trading ships that would go to the Mediterranean. I hear that in this life this subject loved "exotic" women, like LOVED them.  

Future LifeWhere is this subject today? I hear he’s a German physics professor. Brilliant mind, but socially very introverted. In some ways it was a miracle that he was able to get in front of people to teach, but I also get when he is in his element, the shyness fades away.  Socially, he feels very awkward though. 

Subject B
Past Life: The image I get of this subject is as a little boy. He lives in a modest little hut in an outlying village. His family raised goats, but he himself is brilliant. He often feels stuck and defeated in his life, milking goats, taking care of goats, but he has this brilliant mind and he wants more. His mom always said to him, “You are destined to do great things.” He used that mantra his mom gave him to carry him through that lifetime of drudgery, and he started to believe in himself. That residual feeling stuck with him and jumped with him to his next lifetime. It’s unusual to have a mantra do that.

Future Life: I don’t get that this subject has incarnated, yet. Looks like this person left their mark and is still in spirit.

Subject C
Past Life: I see a man during some Viking age. This subject was a Viking in this past life, looting, pillaging, manhandling women, shackling them and selling them as slaves. Very aggressive and cruel toward women. But it was this brutality toward women that created this flip-flop in this subject's NEXT lifetime, to speak out FOR women, trying to exonerate this subject's actions in this past life. Their subsequent work in the next life explored how darkness and brutality can underlie and reside within people’s creations. 

Future Life: This person has come back as a woman. She’s a judge, now, not famous, but very much into this feeling of justice and wanting to uphold the law and do the right thing. It’s highly upsetting for her to see the law being flouted. It’s her passion. As far as location, I hear something about Concord; I’m being directed toward the New England states. 

Subject D
Past Life: I keep hearing that this person was a prince. I'm directed to Ancient Egypt. This subject wasn’t necessarily famous, but he came from wealth and was privileged... but all he wanted was a good conversation, an intellectual discussion. Unfortunately, all the people around him were too timid and afraid to approach him that way, given his powerful position. He was starved for deep intellectual pursuits. It’s not wonder this subject came back as who they are.

Future Life: Looks like this subject is not gonna come back for about 150 years. He’s going to be a homeopathic pharmacist. I see him infusing a sugar pill [placebo] with a vibration that’s encoded in this tablet, one that heals. [How was he doing it?] He looks like he’s using some kind of tuning fork system to do it. It’s as if this pill was inert (I think is the word I want to use) and he sort of drowned the pill in this sound/vibration for a predetermined amount of time, and then the pill took on the properties of the vibration. [A new study which we seem to be launching right now!]

Subject E
Past Life: Wow. I get an image of this dad and his little boy a loooong time ago. The dad is teaching the boy how to hunt with a spear, dating waaaaay back, just barely post-Neanderthal. All of a sudden they see this enormous light in the sky. It would throw us off, it was so bright, but it was also LOUD. They run and take shelter in a cave. Lo and behold, it was a spaceship that "landed." It hit hard and knocked trees down. It was a major impact. The man and boy crept out to investigate, hiding behind a tree to see the craft open and beings come out, unaffected by the rough landing. They look like bluish greys who walk out, nice and non-threatening. Before they know it, the dad and son are suddenly surrounded by these beings; they could sense the humans’ fear, so they were easy to locate. Interesting. The dad and son then suddenly realized that they could communicate with these beings telepathically. Thus, the son was instantly exposed to the vastness of the universe and great mental powers, and he got this telepathic download that followed him into his next lives. His subconscious kept nudging him with this through all his future lives. Considering this one past life as a hunter/gatherer was all about survival, for him to experience something so profound at this stage was really special.

Future Life: I don’t get that he's come back yet. The world needs him more where he is now than here on earth. I don't see that he will return any time soon either.

And that’s it. Note that we’re going to be adding a new segment to this regular feature. Stay tuned!