Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Random Collection of Concerning Events [Group Post]

Q. When I first discovered your site, and upon reading archived blogs, you saw the U.S. ultimately becoming more localized within smaller communities where bartering and trading would be the more likely the way we conducted commerce. We would become more close-knit communities and dependent upon our neighbors. Do you have any further insight or inkling concerning a time period for this "readjustment" to our society?
A.  I did see a timeline shift at the moment free will (and some intervention) occurred and Trump was put into office.  I always saw that if Hillary won we would end up in a global war over oil.  We would be told the motive for war was due to other events tied to fear, but the true root cause was gaining control of the oil and oil producing countries.  The US would have boots on the ground in all the oil producing countries because oil would become the new "black gold" once the dollar failed (and it would as the spending and budget would continue to spiral out of control under that administration).

Trump in office will lead to a different type of turmoil.  Those opposing Trump (and the instigating PTW / Powers That Were) look to create social unrest until there is a total divide of the population.  The PTW will see that Trump has a difficult time doing anything as a punishment for winning.  I would not use the term "Civil War," but the energy and emotion feels like that within the country.  I see this peaking within the next two years, and it looks like an opposition will rise and try to take control (it does look like they fail though).  It is during this time period when people will begin to feel uncertain and regress (which the PTW love because they can tie this event to Trump even though they are the cause).  The social uncertainty looks to effect the stock market, and people turn more to bartering and trade while they go through this time.  Things look to bounce back, but there is approximately a 6 to 9 month adjustment period.

Q. 501 missing children from Washington DC in the first 3 months of this year. Is there something shady going on?
A.  When I focus on this, I see that in some instances these are run-away kids looking for a different life.  I also see that some of these kids are in the middle of custody battles, and the reports are parents and families battling it out.  There is also a larger issue that is being suppressed, and that is human trafficking.  I get that these human traffickers prey on lower income kids, luring them away for a promise of a better life, only to sell them to a life a slavery (in one form or another).  I see this being a big problem that really needs public attention.  Please take a minute to send some love and healing light to these children...

Q. The Vault 7 Wikileaks revelations today were startling, and it is believable (I have a post-it over my webcams and have for years). But with all of the fakery going on it's hard for me not to think I'm being played in some way. Can you please comment on the authenticity of the documents released and also say whether or not they were selectively released (I.e. holding some things back and only releasing docs that paint a particular story)? It would also be helpful to know who is behind the leaks; is it truly a rogue hacker or someone in the deep state playing games with us again?
A. This looks like a hybrid of truth (the surveillance is real), and some bigger agenda.  These things are being released in a particular order because the ultimate goal is to shed truth to the people, but inflame them in the end.  The goal is to have the population so mad  that they "forget" the initial violation of privacy by saying this technology is how Russia became involved in the recent US election.  I hear it is a classic "release truth, inflame people, then deflect, deflect, deflect to where the initial issue is forgotten." This doesn't feel like a "true" Wikileak in that someone outside the Wikileak organization looks to be involved with the release of this information (I want to say "CIA involvement." ???)

Q. I made a request a while back asking about a vision that I saw.  It was the Vatican imploding on in its' own footprint. In my mind's eye, I saw great marble structure crumbling. Any thoughts?
A.  I see this as a symbol of the current church and the strength of the church.  As many people awaken and adopt spirituality and other beliefs aside from structured religion, the church loses more and more power.  A society that looks inward for answers isn't as fearful as one that puts all faith on something or someone else.  Having a belief system of any kind can make you feel more connected to a greater whole, as long as that system doesn't prevent you from also believing in your own strength and power.  As the progression of awakening occurs, the control of the church feels less and less.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Kalamota Kook said...

I've read numerous times that the original gospels are in fact a guide to the kind of awakening we're now familiar with, with the aim being to bring awareness to our shadow parts and integrate left and right brain functioning. What Jung called individuation, though even he acknowledged he didn't invent any of this, goes back in some form through all cultures and traditions. Those words are our modern style terminology but the process of awakening in mystic literature and practices have a similar root intent. I read some of the left out gospels too, like Thomas. The obscure symbolism and metaphors suddenly seemed really obviously like a how-to-individuate handbook.

I also read the idea that a second coming would not be one person (A Man! How novel!) but a mass awakening where the enlightened spirit rose up en masse within people. Just in a few short years I have seen how far these non-dogmatic spiritual ideas have spread around to become quite mainstream: mindfulness, manifestation, outer world mirroring what is inner, finding the source within, however it's described. It's good to see the authoritarian structures' power seeping away, all the while more people wake up.

What I would like Lynn to look at is this, though; I've written pretty frankly before about the modern surge of orthodox Islam globally, and how it has infiltrated Europe and seems unstoppable even though many are now no longer afraid to speak out about their concerns. Its rigid, domineering tendencies are getting worse not better. I have wondered what the awakening energies are doing to the hearts and minds of those trapped in these self-segregating communities, obediently living according to a 7th century mindset, as if the Enlightenment never happened. Is there going to be a mass awakening in Islam too? I feel at some point it is inevitable, as what children are indoctrinated with goes against everything they meet in everyday life. The current trends can't go on much longer without something having to give. There seem to be so many who have cognitive dissonance about the dogma versus the reality, defensiveness about that worldview that obviously doesn't work. I read another psychic's prediction that millions of muslims will start abandoning the faith (along with the many others awakening, already mentioned)

What do you see about the Muslim world Lynn? How would that awakening play out, and how would it change the countries and geopolitics? Will it start to wither in the same way as Christian denominations have, or will the Islamic groups try to 'take' the Vatican somehow? Are things going to become even more rigid and jihad-ish, to try and control anyone who want to be free? I don't mean terrorism here, just the breed-and-dominate enclave pattern that is causing such alarm in Europe? Inside the Islamic enclaves the pressure to conform is immense. In the eighties the people who I knew from muslim families were so free and agnostic. I've been very depressed at the Saudification that has happened since then. I'd love those communities to wake up too.

Buddhist Lady said...

I was purusing the web the other day and a link took me to a Dr. Phil show. I like Dr. Phil, but I don't watch his show. However, i sat through the video because the young woman in question was so compelling to me. She was the young woman in this story:

Her parents conceived and birthed her and then handed her over, as a newborn, to a man who "bought" her.

I think Lynn is right. I keep getting the feeling that just enough truth is allowed into the public arena so that the repugnancy and debauchery can totally disgust and inflame people. As people become fearful and/or angry, I think, with the bombardment of aeorosol chemicals and microwave/ELF pollution, people become very manipulated and feel powerless.

Christina Gould said...

Your first topic, regarding the country's divide...your insight matches up with what the Spiritual Research Foundation says about WW3. They say that it has been going on in the spiritual realm for several years now, with some spillover in the physical realm, and that it would peak in 2017-18, and then start to die down.

I see this WW3 as a battle between good and evil, with the good being the populists and the evil being the elite, their corrupt governments, and their useful idiots. Of course, there is good and evil character on both sides, but I'm talking about the big picture.

I also see this "war" as a necessary step as we head further into the Age of Aquarius. We will, so the Bible and astrologers say, have 1,000 years of peace, but we have to get there first. We're cleaning house, so to speak. It has to get worse before it gets better.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments.

Kalamota, Thank you for you comments and questions. I think this would be a great reading. I appreciate the suggestion!!