Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction

Q. I wondered what you thought about the Abraham Hicks works on the Law of Attraction. I know they didn't invent the concept but were they sincere and accurate in their presentations. I ask because there doesn't seem to be room for karmic balancing or experiencing. Esther has voiced that a 1 year old is responsible for his thoughts and beliefs and might create conditions where he is brutalized or murdered. I can't fit that concept into my thinking. Also they advocated that a person dies of a disease such as cancer because they have faulty beliefs or thinking. Yet Jerry Hicks died of cancer. So, is the message of Law of Attraction basically valid and perhaps human frailty took the messengers off the reservation sort to speak? My own very recent experiences is that the principles helped me attain a higher vibration to deal with an unexpected loss and the grief I felt that was sucking me down.
A. When I tune into this I see that there are three factors that determine what your life experience will be.  I'm being shown the three factors are: predetermined fate based on your life path choices, karmatic debt or issues to resolve from current or past lives and your mental intent (Law of Attraction).  All elements are important, and free will can lead you off your path, but ultimately fate will bring you back.  Out of the three outlined factors, the Law of Attraction (intent you put out along with your perception of your reality) looks like the strongest, most influential piece driving your life.

You can be born into poverty, and led to go down that path.  You may have even had wealth in a past life, so this life was set in motion to give you contrast.  However, with the proper intent, focus, and GRATITUDE, you can manifest financial wealth and override all those challenges.  Not only can you have wealth, but the empowering, positive, humble emphasis on acquiring wealth helps to resolve the karmatic debt.  (I hear it is critical to be humble and show gratitude! Thank the Universe, and it will continue to help you.)

I also hear that concise language is essential.  Using the previous example to illustrate a point, if you simply put the intent out to "have wealth," when you really want financial freedom, you may end up wealthy in the form of many friends, or a loving family because wealth can mean many different things. If you want "financial independence," state that in clear, concise (and thankful) words.

I'm then reminded of another example.  There was a lady who was always tired.  She was in the same routine of work, errands and dinner.  Things were hectic, and there was never time to sit down.  In her frustration she said over and over, "I need a break.  Give me a break."  Within a few weeks of saying this over and over, she fell, breaking her leg.  She did get that break after all, but not in the way she intended.

Then I see a lady plagued with acid reflux.  Day after day, night after night, it was the same thing.  She was on meds, but still could not seem to get the burn to stop.  She then realized with all the political division and disagreements in her family, she constantly told her husband that she "couldn't stomach this any more."  When she changed her thought patterns, her symptoms went away.  

Always remember words are powerful, and be careful what you wish for because you may just get it.  

When I focus on Jerry to understand his death, I am told that occasionally the Law of Attraction doesn't seem to work, but there are much bigger plans in motion.  It is true that the Law of Attraction is always at work, BUT if that manifestation alters another persons life path in a way that is not in the overall highest and best good, the Law of Attraction may shift in another direction.  In Jerry's situation, I am shown that his passing was necessary for the development of those around him.  Something shifted when he passed, making people find strength and independence.  Relationships were nurtured and new friends were made.  The life paths of the lives he touched needed things to happen the way they did so things could become what they needed to become (even though it was emotional and painful for those close to him.)

In looking at a 1 year old, I can't see where they have the mental capability to form negative intent in such a way that they would bring something horrible unto themselves.  At that point in their life they look to be running on karmatic debts and their predetermined path.  Once children are old enough to understand their feelings and form intent, they are capable of putting the Law of Attraction to work.  The "age" for that is unique for each child, but I cannot see it as an infant or toddler.

And that is all you have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a clearly defined answer.

Alex said...

This example goes to prove that the other two factors i.e. karmic and life path are stronger than law of attraction.

If the law of attraction is stronger than the other two, there won't be any poverty because everyone wants to be rich, there won't be any sickness because everyone wants to be healthy etc.

However, I don't see any differences between karmic debt and life path chosen because both are fated to happen. If karmic debt wants you to be poor but you chose a life path to be rich, which will be stronger?

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the reading... The law of attraction is awesome if the principal is applied properly and yes the language used matters. This reminds me of the power of posative thinking and the "I AM" principal. With all of them you need precis language for the desired outcome. You still need Direction, Vision, Fucus, Disaplin and avoibance of Distractions to be successful in your intent. The gratitude part that Lynn spoke of is a must as well. Always be happy for what you have. After reading the reading a few times I finally figured out what life path choises were. This may be a bit more important in the long run. Huge number of people, places and things want you to choose poorly, this benifits them or one of their agendas. Karma is interesting, I find it best if one sends out negative energy to send out slightly more posative energy and justify it all. This way their is no debit and all refills as it should.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Lynn, this has always been a big issue with me. I don't have time to ramble now, but I do want to quickly respond to Alex's assertion that everyone wants to be rich and healthy. Most people, on a deep subconscious level, believe quite the opposite. For instance: children are raised to see wealthy people as inherently bad. They might be damned as 'right wing scum' or unspiritual, evil. Success or talent is seen as something that must be cut down to size. Education is seen as what 'posh' people have, so children learn to stay ignorant, poor, envious, resistant, because that's how they were taught to remain acceptable to the tribal groupthink. There are people who learn that being ill or having a victim status brings them benefits, sympathy, a comfort zone, an identity. It can be scary to give that up. These are just a few of the examples of how people actually sabotage intentional statements. It's ugly but that's the shadow stuff talked about in a previous post this week.

I unwittingly lived the Law of Attraction when I was very young, and rose out of a horrendous home to dreams on the brink of coming true - until I moved to a city where all the ugly stuff above-mentioned was so entrenched in the local culture that I unwittingly got dragged back down again. The vast bulk of the population here viscerally hate wealth (not only the money kind), health, even love and joy, and get very angry and reactive when anyone tentatively suggests they're able to make changes, even little ones, to their underlying presumptions about life - or just take opportunities with a positive attitude. The level of determination to prove their beliefs correct is astounding. The dogma runs deep. Most people aren't even aware of these negative beliefs driving everything, and that they can change them.

There's also the issue of people equating abundance with money. As Lynn points out, wealth can come in all kinds of guises. What really matters though is the belief deep down. People win the lottery but if they don't really believe they deserve it they'll get rid of the money in rapid time. Simply making a statement about wanting to be rich doesn't work. Feeling it in your heart does. Imagination is really powerful, and the inner clearing kind of work readers of this site will be familiar with, the process of integrating your shadow stuff, goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. I heard someone say 'Awareness is Abundance' and I wish I had known that I already knew that, years ago, when I landed on a snake and had to slither back down a load of squares.

John Casey said...

Wow, another terrfic, insightful reading that is also, as I see it, very useful for those of us aiming to rise to a higher spiritual level. Thanks, Lynn, for all you do.

Buddhist Lady said...

I agree. Another great reading, Lynn. Thank you! Some light bulbs went off for me. And what serious, wonderful comments--always a treat to come here and read comments so vastly different from elsewhere on the web.

My Picks said...

I was using the law of attraction before I moved out of my parents and didnt even realize it. I loved my job that I had right out of high school. I felt so lucky everyday I got to do something fun (even though it didnt pay a lot, minimum wage) and I enjoyed my co workers. Then I started having a bf that was exciting and new for me. I was just loving life, so simple and just right. Soon I felt like I should have my own space since I am going to be twenty. I remember I would lay in bed and would be full of gratitude and think about how I loved my spacious room and family but cant wait to save up for my own home. A month later my parents were purchasing a foreclosed home in our area and wanted me to cosign with them! I was amazed and couldn't believe how quickly everything happened. I ended up finding out about law of attraction with hicks after moving. Sometimes you don't realize what happened until you look back and connect the dots. That moment in my life always stands out.

Ma'at said...

By tautological necessity, if we have "past lives" we have future lives. Therefore, everything happens at once. This is why I do not believe in karmic debt. There could be a translife cause and effect, but this is not the same thing. The Entity is One, with several points of view, each unique and distinct, but not separate. Separation is an illusion for the purpose of experiencing something unique from other experiences, but because of the Law of One, nothing is every "really really" separate. For that would be impossible to be an absolute condition. Thus, when we speak of past lives, we need to be aware of what we are saying, and that it should be more like "other lives".

One can experience future lives through dream work and deep meditation, if one sets their intent in that direction. In my experience, going forward in time is very rewarding, and it is much easier to form a mutual relationship between lives if the earlier in time (so to speak) initiates the intent. From this point in the Earth time line, other lives are much more aware and receptive to their other life focuses from their past than we and our ancestors (so to speak) are.

I'd be interested in your reading on this, Lynn. Thank you for all you do.


Bee E-lightened said...

Quite insightful

Mark Noeth said...

From what I interpreted from the reading. This anti-prosperous culture seems to be a life path choise. These people become a product of their environment. So sad, so much potential waisted...
Where I grew up everybody wanted education, decent job, and a house in the burbs. Having abundance was a good thing.

Mark Noeth said...

For some being poor is a life path choise. If they're going to bars, doing drugs, hours in front of the tv, not watching how they spend their money. They will stay poor and not succeed. To be successful they will have to apply themselves and not everyone wants to do that.

Buddhist Lady said...

The last couple of comments reminded me that, when I was young, I had zero interest in making money. I held a very strong opinion that material goods and money never bought anyone happiness; thus, I disavowed them. I didn't want to become apart of "that game." However, we live in a material world, and I slowly learned through many decades that supplying ourselves with material support in this material world is a beneficial state of mind and action. I must have been money-crazy in some past life and obsessed with wealth/material goods because I find, in my older age, that having material "comfort," not necessarily huge money or luxury, is a wonderful life. Once again, I think back to gratitude. I am very appreciative of what I have, glad that I have comfort, but not possessed/obsessed by materiality. Maybe I found my "balance"!

Did you guys see this UFO in Chile? Wild. Absolutely wild. Click full screen for effect.

Alex said...

A lot of people here don't realize that many people in the world especially in Asian and African countries don't own the average landed property in the USA, Canada and Australia.

The average American and European is rich even though they might not feel it because they haven't been to other parts of the world to compare living conditions.

Many live in cramped and small low cost dwellings. They are also struggling with daily necessities like food and paying their bills.

If law of attraction really work, everyone in the world will be living the lifestyle of the average American but this certainly isn't the case.

Serene said...

Thank you very much Lynn for everything...xoxoxo Serene

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Lots of great comments, thank you.

Alex, you do raise good points that many of you have. When I tuned into this is did look like karmatic debts and pre-chosen life paths also played a role. Mental intent is also powerful. Sometimes because of lessens you need to learn, or those around you need to learn, you are set to live a certain way and it is hard to avoid. *IF* you can push enough positive intent out there, I do see that even horrible situations can be changed for the better regardless of the path you chose in spirit.

Mike Corder said...

Part of the law of attraction is the allowing of the outcome. Do we deserve this or that outcome, do we believe in it. Growing up in squalor it is almost impossible to see a reality beyond our immediate circumstances or to believe we deserve such a thing