Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flat Earth... Sounds Absurd... or Does It??

I bring you this post because the Universe keeps nudging at me to discuss this topic.  The more I ignore it, the more it is in my face.  It comes in the most random ways from email, junk mail, clairaudient message or even a tv show.  To be honest, like most people, I have been programmed to believe certain things from the time I was a child.  It is hard to get a naive "true" read on this topic as I have always been trained to believe the earth is round, but I am able to get bits and pieces of information that provoke thought.  Even though I carry a lot of bias, I am able to at least open my mind and consider other possibilities, and from there this post is born.  I am hoping to share information, share some intuitive reactions and ideally have a really great discussion in the comment area.  Take a deep breath... I know this topic can be very challenging (it has taken me a long time to get here).  I could be ABSOLUTELY wrong, but I really need to get this off my mind and in front of people.

Dear Universe, this is for you: 

The first thing I want to address, is the phrase the plays over and over in my mind "The truth is hidden in plain sight." The very word "planet" has the word "plane" in it.  Much of our language gives off a vibration, and I have to really ponder that we are reinforcing that we could be accepting our "plane" to be truth, by calling it a "planet."  I also hear the phrase that "when you say something long enough, people will eventually start to believe it."

 From the time we are children we hear of people being mocked for thinking the earth is flat.  But, I also hear that "people are not stupid", and they got that idea from somewhere, even if they form that thought pattern from basic observations.  For example, theoretically, the earth drops so many inches per mile (north, south, east and west) due to the curvature.  Therefore, when observing a ship at sea we should see the bottom of the ship disappear into the "curve," but we do not.  The entire ship appears to become smaller.  At a far enough distance, light houses and ships should also appear to lean, or at the very least the base shouldn't be visible, and that is not true (at least based on things that have been sent to me).  I was sent the picture to the right, which really further supported this thought process.

Back to the phrase "The truth is hidden in plain sight" I was then shown the logo for the United Nations. This map illustrates the exact map that has been created by people believing in the flat earth. You will note that the north pole is in the very center, however, Antarctica (the south pole) is really the outer ring.  Earth could in reality be a disk shape instead of a sphere.  

Additionally, old maps that are hundreds of years old have been found to show that cartographers have actually been to and charted out different areas of the "circular" shaped Antarctica.  Based on our spherical map, we should only reach the icy land of Antarctica if we go due south, but these people have documented otherwise.  (Map attached)

Then as I think about our globe, I realize our globe was made WAY before we had the means and technology to travel to space.  It was made in the late 1400s, and hasn't had too (some countries have changed, and minor things) many changes with regards to geography, but yet we stand by that and put one in every classroom.  

I was then posed to think about why we never fly over the south pole.  Many nations of the world have claimed Antarctica is a "no fly" zone.  People are not allowed and military won't permit you there.  I used to think it was because it was the entrance to the Hollow Earth (I will get to that) and only the PTW were privy to that information, but now we have to wonder if it is because if people flew to Antarctica they would crash into an ice wall.   ???

We are guided by the north star, Polaris.  Then, I question if there is a true south pole, why don't we have a south star or constellation seen directly above the south pole.  We are surrounded by dozens of star systems, so it feels odd to me that we don't have a static south star or system.  If you look at the diagram of the flat earth theory, it would at least explain why that occurs.

The Bible (which I have done readings on certain versus / chapters in the past) I have always seen as stories recorded based on truth.  Some is accurate, some is embellished and some with alternate perspectives of what really happened, but the basis is truth.  Oddly, the Bible addresses the Earth being flat, and describes the "dome" covering it as the "firmament."  This is a similar effect of living in a snow globe.

Then I ask, How does the sun rise and set? and then I visualize the sun working like a flashlight above the clouds and sort of swirl from the east toward the west. The moon works in a similar fashion, and that is why they both appear to be about the same size. I then found the following YouTube that explains exactly what I am visualizing. Then today someone sent me a picture of star rotation above earth, and even though beautiful, it felt very odd. It does give me the feel of being spun on a plate rather than being rotated.  

Another source then sent me a question regarding Operation Fishbowl.  The PTW became aware of this firmament, and tried to break through.  A record number of nukes were sent into space, and all failed.  It appears they knew they were trapped (the Reptilians) and wanted free.  Additionally, around the same time Operation Fishbowl questions were sent a video found me for a movie that was released about a man who broke into the stratosphere, Piccard, and this is based on his story (Again, truth in plain sight??)

Admiral Byrd was involved in a very prestigious mission called Operation High Jump.  In looking at a video I was sent on another topic, this interview popped up in which Byrd explained how when he went to Antarctica he experienced the ice wall.  He described the vast amounts of resources available beyond the way, and what it was really like there.  He speaks intelligently and very frank during an interesting discussion.

I also do believe in the Hollow Earth theory.  I feel I have connected and been able to see what that is like and how it works (another reason this post really challenges me).  As I put the intent out there to ask for clarity, I get that just because Earth is flat, it doesn't mean it isn't thick, and there can still be an interior portion.  It is also possible that there is an opposing side connected by energetic portals.

And that is all I have for this post.  I am not a believer of coincidence, but rather synchronicities, and too many things have been put in my path to ignore.  I realized I have had too much influence to give a unbiased reading on the topic.  I at least wanted to share (what feels like compelling) evidence with you.  At this point I cannot say either way, but I can say that when I open my mind to alternative ideas, this topic now leaves me pondering.....

Love and light-

I know these videos are VERY long, but also informative, interesting and make you think.  I wanted to share them with you:


From The Mountaintop said...

Sometimes, those in the garden need a little push...

A computer can't overcome it's programming... but the Universe says you can.

Thank you.

s3bsta said...

I suspect what some are seeing as flat earth is actually just a perspective from a 2 Dimensional point of view. A circle (or flat earth) is a 2 Dimensional perspective of a 3 Dimensional Sphere (or planet) for eg.

Maybe this is also why you can't get a straight answer as technically both perspectives are correct since they are different viewpoints of dimensional space.

With regard to seeing lighthouses lean etc, I think this ties into another post you mentioned that the Earth is alot bigger than we think. The Earth is actually so big you will not see any curvature from any point close to the surface. But I would say that no object within range of one's visiblility would be far enough away to see any curvature from the surface of a planet sized object. Only say planetoids, asteroids or dwarf planets for eg.

Something I thought might be interesting to note regarding North/South is there is in fact no real Top or Bottom in the Universe (from what I've read anyway). So our North/South are really subjective names. I live in New Zealand which is seen as the bottom of the world but we could just as well actually be the top of the world. That map seems to be taken from the perspective of their location in the 'northern hemisphere' actually being at the bottom of the world rather than the cultural norm it is today :)

re: the Hollow Earth - from your previous posts I've opened my mind to the possibility. It's interesting that the magnetic fields of the earth are actually the weakest at the exact spots and also focus high evergy particles there both above and below the earth where these portals apparently exist.
Do you feel that maybe the inner earth is not on the same physical dimension/vibration as us though.

whitelite 1111 said...

Great article on hollow earth!!

Jacob Hollar said...

My physics book says the earth is round due to mass and gravitational forces. I bet the sun is flat.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Mountaintop: Cool quote. I like that!

@s3bsta: Great points! I absolutely feel the vibration could be different as the beings there are much different than their human companions here.

@whitelite: Thanks!

@Jacob: Not sure about the sun, but at this point in my life I'm open to pondering anything. I am starting to wonder if we all live in an illusion like the Matrix. :-)

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn! I'm also open to considder everuthing, therefore I propose let's make earth half flat and half round! :)

They Live said...

I've heard we live in a hologram and are surrounded by holograms, also that we are holograms. Perhaps this is attempting to explain that we, us; planets, stars, etc., are thought forms made real by the Universal Consciousness. It's like when you think of things in your mind/imagination and having those thoughts appear before your very eyes.
Maybe our view, as s3bsta explained concerning perspectives, is seen as 3D where to a being at a higher state/dimension could see it as 2D or vice versa and this is where this Flat Earth theory has resurgence. The Illuminati card game has a Flat Earth card that states: "People laugh but Flat Eathers there know something." The "something" is written in italics.

They Live said...

Please ignore the word "there" in that last quote, it's "People laugh but Flat Earthers know something."

They Live said...

But all this to say, does it truly matter? What I find most interesting is how we are(planets, etc.) levitating in darkness, like we are in someone's mind 😉
I feel the flat earth theory recent popularity came about via a PTW meeting in a board room, in this dimension or another, thinking how to further distract and divide the masses so they, at the same time, can continue to sit back and have a big laugh at it all.

DivineLuxurySoap said...

Dear Lynn,
It is my belief that this theory is pure bull. I have a science background.....but now we say that scientists were taught there we go....all illusion. That is bull also. When I took classes some were not sure electromagnetism...and I could smell the I never fully endeavored to study this "crock"...and in fact it has been shown that we were not taught the full subject...which does explain why people don't understand the (free) or imploding-energy (as contrasted to the exploding energy). The same goes with mathematics. There are systems of math that work beautifully, but we are taught a confusing math. So there are "incomplete" university studies....but it is not "all" crapola.

As for "flat earth" of their supporting jet flight patterns in the north as compared to those in the south. In the north the straight line of flight is seen as a curve like a rainbow....which is in fact due to the curvature of the earth and is the shortest distance. So the "flat-idiots" return-answer is, "it is all a lie", and the maps are all wrong (na na na poo poo)....they make us feel stupid.

As for the south pole-flights...they say...that in fact they all go by way of Europe (dummy...they call us) and that this is the shortest route. So they seem to explain it all. Well funny thing..JAL..the Japanese flights from South Africa to Australia don't follow the "flat-earth bull". But then again..they are Japs...and they are still..."just maybe" the enemy...(the bombs never taught them enough)..... Well...humor aside. The Japanese (nice-smart-folks) ..have a flight path which follows a globe-path and the path is in the form of an upside down would be expected for the southern hemisphere.

And the stars in the behave correctly... Here is a quote from wiki-caca.... " The south celestial pole lacks a bright star like Polaris (the North-Star) to mark its position. At present, the naked-eye star nearest to this imaginary point is the faint Sigma Octantis, which is sometimes known as the South Star." The link is here.

So it does not take much to prove the silliness of this theory...which can disturb the non-scientific community. They (the dummy-powers) even had "my emotions" almost convinced for a couple of weeks....So I "understand" the power of this theory...And if you are getting a screwed-reading on this....then this only shows the power of the mental suggestion that went into this silly theory. I was also almost convinced...These PTW-folks have some pretty powerful-crapolla. So I am free of this...but most folks will wonder. They got us to believe in .....all of our history... and their laws..and religions..etc..etc..They are good at deception. CHEERS ...and many blessings Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments.

@Divine Luxury Soap: Interesting perspective. Thank you.

whitelite 1111 said...

Regarding the article/ link I posted in my earlier comment (which was soooo dang interesting) it says that if you look into the poles from above, you can see the inner sun in hollow earth. So I went to google earth, not expecting to see anything, and to my astonishment I saw a light!! You know when you are in the right coordinates because the compass goes nuts. Check it out and let me know what you guys think!!!

RFK Pope said...

@Lynn - You made interesting and observable points I had not considered before, but you're right, the truth seems to be in plain view all along. I also enjoyed watching the YouTube links; very informative!

Ryno said...

Lynn, have you tried asking "her" directly if she is flat or round? I bet Gaia would love to chat with you.

I think Flat Earth Theory is a psy-op and distraction. Flat earth theory really took off after Obama equated climate change deniers to member of the “Flat Earth Society.” Haha, I get a chuckle at that. There is something different about many "Flat Earthers" vs. other "conspiracy Theorists" that feels very off to me. They are so darn adamant and easy to anger if you disagree. This “theory” is a classic attack on one’s cognitive dissonance.

Even back in history, humans didn’t believe the earth was flat despite the story we have been told with Columbus for example. “It must first be reiterated that with extraordinary few exceptions no educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the earth was flat. A round earth appears at least as early as the sixth century BC with Pythagoras, who was followed by Aristotle, Euclid, and Aristarchus, among others in observing that the earth was a sphere. Although there were a few dissenters--Leukippos and Demokritos for example--by the time of Eratosthenes (3 c. BC), followed by Crates(2 c. BC), Strabo (3 c. BC), and Ptolemy (first c. AD), the sphericity of the earth was accepted by all educated Greeks and Romans.” – Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell (

Buy a cheap telescope and you can see the moon and other planets but you can’t see across the pacific to China? Actually with a flat earth we should be able to view the mysterious outer ice wall.

"Geodetic Surveyor Straightens Out The Flat Earth Reality"

Anonymous said...

This feels like yet another mainstream distraction...
Can anyone skillful enough do some intentional, purposeful astral travel to "see" from above what the shape of the Earth is and share with us your first-hand insides please?

Hannon said...

I don't think the Earth is Flat per say, but I do believe, they are lying about the modeling of it, and about physics in general. We are on a need to know basis, and they don't think we need to know. I've posted this here before, but everyone should look up the flat earth card, from the illuminati card game. It says, Falt Earthers, they know "something". It suggest that people are discovering real anomalies, but not that the Earth actually is flat. I think they are hiding land from us, and keeping us on some kind of plantation. If im not mistaking, there's ancient legends in Sanskrit writing from India, that takes about some kind of shield around earth, but it's been so long, I can't remember:-)

Hannon said...

BTW Lynn, excellent job staying agnostic on this, and just saying what you see. This is a very hard subject to get into, and it takes guts to tackle! Well done! My personal theory, is the Earth is bigger than we are told, and the ice ring goes around the Equator! And we are only shown the top half of the planet, or something like that. Also, I don't know why I think that, it's just what pops in,?i did live to know if you could see that as true or not :-)

Deb R said...


Very strangely - perhaps I should say coincidentally or by design - I went to your website, very early this morning, with the idea that I would randomly click on an item that I needed to know something about for my personal growth.

I clicked randomly, a couple times, and looked to see what came up. It was your flat earth article! I remember having read it before, but had not given it too much thought. Early this morning, I read it again. I decided to check into this further, since the 'universe' brought this to my attention, as per my request!

This is the strange part - or perhaps the intriguing part - your routine Friday email came into my inbox today, and when I opened it this afternoon - it was this Flat Earth article AGAIN... I also don't believe in coincidences.

I asked for important information, and the same information came to me twice within less than half a day... I've now watched several on the videos you sent with the email and realized I'd have to look at the two longer ones, at my leisure.

Thank you, universe, and thank you, Lynn, for the answer to my query...

Now, I have to learn more about this and ponder...

From The Mountaintop said...


The earth is not a ball But it's not exactly flat either...

But you're getting there, have a blue pill...

Mark Noeth said...

Flat earth is an interesting theory as is hollow earth theory. I have issues with both when I factor in pole shifts. I'm not really educated on either theory, but pole shifts just came to mind... Thanks for the reading.

Alice Liu said...

Lynn, Like Deb R, the universe has been bringing this to me as well. For the last few months, whenever I've dismissed or ridiculed the flat earth (even if only in my head), I've been getting a really strong intuitive push-back. So, I've been trying to be more open minded about the possibility. Consider that nothing in our world is actually solid—-it is only our perception that makes it so. And, there is no time--except that our perception makes it linear. It is therefore entirely possible that our perception makes the earth round because that is the way we can process it. David Icke on this subject:

Robert Schoen said...

This is putting bees in my head, I think the only certainty is that we can't know anything with certainty. To refute this would be like smug people scoffing at creationists or global warming. How can you possibly know to make a blanket denial of anything? Maybe it is like Hume the philosopher said, the word is a construct we see through the eye of God.
There has to be something that explains gravity, dimension shifts, time, reincarnation and continuums. I'm sure when we get the answer to what our reality is, it will be something so obvious we'll feel stupid not to have thought of it before. I don't think we are in a bug jar, but if the earth is flat, what's on the flip side? It's not that I don't want to go there but that it exhausts me thinking of the possibilities.

Nick said...

Hey Lynn brilliant as usual thanks.
Without exaggeration I have been checking this page daily for I knew it only would be a matter of time before you revisited this.
It's prolly the most emotional issue I have seen in a long time.
It has the YT comment section looking like the most potent vitriol soup ever, with scary ingredients like name calling, and links to a maze of subjective opinions, questionable experiments and blind assumptions.

The question that comes to my mind before I start looking into the so called facts and science - is WHY the drama?

Those with faith in their own logic.
Those with faith in the system and all it has ever shown going back to Eratosthenes should - (I would have thought anyway) just laugh and move on?

As Shakespeare would say "Thou doth protest to much"
It has always been almost taboo like and certainly is a synonym for stupidity to say flat earth.
This sounds suspiciously like some sort of inbuilt indoctrination style firewall?

As I see it folks like myself who have put in serious hours of investigation into the system and let's use poly-tics ( poly=many tics=bloodsuckers ) as an example have concluded;
Things are not as they seem.
It is in every field of life - no need for a long list but suffice to say we are lied to in many ways.

Writing it off without investigation because of reasons like emotional reaction is fine, we still hopefully enjoy the freedom of choice.
Buying into something - same deal.
But to have serious dialogue we need to be up to speed with the provable as much as possible and try not to get caught to much in the unprovable.

6 hours is a big video, so perhaps watch it in small bites.
In fact the style is unfortunately common, where narration is going on at the same time as words on the screen - I would often pause the video to make sure I am following it.

The fellow in question Eric Dubay, an American yoga teacher living in Thailand has said when he released his book, video, website and after much social networking - the google search for flat earth went crazy - it is - as so many here have commented - elicited a co-incidence / synchronicity event, that usually means somethings up.

What I also find interesting is folks are actually leaving the house, with zoom cameras, telescopes, carpenters tools, laser devices etc.
Even putting up balloons with cameras to the highest point above the clouds, and trying to understand by experiencing directly not just blindly following the pro or con point of view.
I think this is a telling sign of commitment.

I agree with you about 'certainty' Robert Schoen, well said.

Diane Hamilton said...

The earth very well could be flat I don't know. Do you ever wonder if your being messed with? You are a threat to these people (PTW, I wish they would just fall already!!). How much can any one being take. I know your protected butyou take on a lot Lynn. I always worry. I think we all do here. The illusion of the matrix is a scary thought to me as well. I'm dorky human doing my best here but I think we should all up our positive vibe quotient to you! We all love you and you are amazing and if you need to just take a breather from this as I think all of us do here (and you really don't) Please do it! L&L Always!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments and great discussion. I too wonder if I am being messed with because I am too close to the truth on other topics that "they" don't want revealed. I love the communication and interaction. Thank you all for the thought provoking points.

mike farley said...

I absolutely agree! I've thought the same thing. I mean people are talking about space being water I mean come on lol. I just think the answer is word for word what u said.

JJ said...

That's exactly what I was thinking. PTW making up the first earth drama to take focus away from other issues

Joao Gomes said...

Actually I don't see an agnostic treatment here: ist's all about belief apparently, because our (still respectfull) discussion lacks completely of arguments and practical explanations on certain aspects (just writing about in the here and now, not referring to videos)):
1) for example is it correct to admit that in being a flat earth that it is disc shaped?
2)If this is true, is earth like an old vynil LP disc with sides A and B? Knowing that A stands for America what continents reside on B (or don't they admit that there is any other continent than A)?
3)Furthermore once we (still) have a day and nicht cycles, does the sun rotates around us (how to explain the 4 seasons each year, I mean how does it become cold during christmas in the US and pretty hot in Australia)?
4)What happens when we get close to the edges of the flat earth?
5)How explain that its dark in Peking (China) while its day in the eastern USA?,or if one believes that this cam is a scam try to reach a US diplomatic office in Peking by phone during the day)?
6)How would we explain the Lunar phases?
I think its desirable to be allowed to put these (and other) questions, but once the subject (on both sides, by the sphere and the flat earth addicts) is treated in a profoundly gnostic way, these questions never get adressed, imho. Thanks!

Robert Schoen said...

This is such a big topic and opens so many new questions for each answer you find, it will take a lot of time to absorb, and you can forget bringing the subject up to others in casual conversation because they will think your as crazy as the idea of Trump being preferable to Clinton. At least it gets my mind off the stupid election. I think the absolute positive thing is the explosion of new thought, research, and independent thinking in every direction that is going on that so many people are engaged in,and rejecting old assumptions. We have been so programmed in our upbringing it is hard to get past the lies. It is also exciting that there is so much still to be discovered! There is also something to be said for the whole "ignorance is bliss" aspect of this inquery as in how will people take it? Maybe we will start to feel claustrophobia being closed inside a giant terrarium. At least now I understand rainbows.

Among all the other questions this raises is all the visitors and communications we've received from other (plane)ts. Do they just casually slip in and out through this shield? Is the shield there to protect THEM from us getting out or polluting space with our stupidity? There's got to be some dimensional aspect to this. Inquiring minds want to know, and this one also wants to get back to what he was doing before diving into this can of very interesting worms.
Speaking of synchronicity, I watched a documentary the other day on the Voynich manuscript you covered on a 5 for Friday awhile back and said it was channeled survival information from the Pleiadians. The documentary tested it and said it was drawn on vellum from the early 1400's and that the best code breakers were never able to crack the language. Maybe that's worth another look, because they are definitely out there.
thanks Lynn, I think :-)))) I'm going back to to the Italian renaissance to before they came up with the globe.

Alice Liu said...

If we are, in fact, energetic beings having a perception experience: "The idea that the universe is a 3-D “projection” onto some sort of flat, cosmic surface arises from the “holographic principle.” It states that all the data needed to fully describe a region of space can be encoded in just two dimensions. It was first proposed in the 1990’s by physicists Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft and Dr. Leonard Susskind as a way to solve a fundamental inconsistency between quantum physics and general relativity."

Ma'at said...

When you think the world is 4, 5, 6, or more dimensions, each prior one looks "flat". Our physics works in 3D curves. And yes, if you go out to sea, the bottom of a tall ship does disappear before the masts do, and you can see the curve left and right. It becomes even more apparent if you are in an airplane 30,000 to 50,000 feet. If you fly 12 or more time zones in any direction, you should be in a position directly "under the earth". I have, and you don't.

I have run into this many, many times. But the best answer I have come up with is in the first sentence. You "see" in more than 3 dimensions plus time, Lynn. That is why the earth looks flat, too you.

Ma'at said...

Oh, and yes, the PTW is as psychic as the most powerful ones that are not in the clique. They have been cultivating it in an organized fashion since John Dunne, the advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. They are at the point, and have been for a while, that they can detect ripples created by powerful minds in the mental plains just greater than this one. They do not need the internet and the NSA.

Joao Gomes said...

@ "Ma at" well said, but I'm afraid we are outnumbered :(

joy said...

OK, my 2-cents worth.
I'm a frequent flyer to other dimensions. ALL OF YOU, too, you just don't remember.
Sometimes, I remember.
It's like this.....our creative abilities is well explained by the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT, where the light particles are in constant state of agitation, waiting for the OBSERVER (consciousness, that is us) for them to arrange themselves according to the observer's thoughts. THESE LIGHT PARTICLES are the probability field. When CREATOR thinks about it, IT IS DONE.

We live and cycle in gadzillion parallel realities. We ALL CYCLE IN AND OUT of these parallels 24/7. ALL OF YOU just don't remember,(I remember some) because our brains are programmed to edit those experiences that are NOT CONGRUENT.
This FLAT EARTH theory is not congruent with what we assume as real.
WHY is it appearing now..?
There are 2 possible reasons....First, our brains are being released from the the electromagnetic FREQUENCY FIELD that is actually THE 3D MATRIX, THE FENCE, that is keeping us veiled. As you already know, and EARTHMOTHER is preparing to MAGNETIC flip, and the electromagnetics in and around us has to go way down ,so she can do that without the interference if this...GRAVITY, an aspect of magnetics. Electromagnetism can be measured thru reading the SCHUMANN RESONANCE. The higher the SR, the lower the magnetic count.

Second, the frequency that is nullifying the electromagnetics in and around us is the CRYSTALLINE FREQUENCY . We and the whole Universe are becoming crystalline. This adds to the releasing of our minds from the bindings of electromagnetics,...and the result is we are seeing more and more..those things we were NOT ALLOWED BEFORE. Our Pineal Gland, our psychic abilities are coming on-line.
Now, back to the FLAT EARTH. I have also followed this topic from the beginning.
But, I felt then, and still do,..that all the internet hysteria is just an attempt to deflect our attention on the real issues of the day.
So, I let it go.
As we progress, we will be seeing and experiencing more and more anomalies,called MANDELA EFFECTS, feel is that we are going thru PARALLEL-BLEED-THRU...Some of you will be seeing many things ,many beings that were invisible before.This means we are returning to our multidimensional nature. WE ARE BECOMING MORE SPIRIT, LESS HUMAN.

Nick said...

Ma'at the fellow you refer to as advisor to the queen e-lizard-breath's name was John Dee - who for fun fact status is the original 007 - as that was his code for secrecy in communication with her royal sycopathness.
John Donne on the other hand was an influential poet from 1600s.
Indeed also the astral plane has watchers and those putting the head over the parapet are investigated.
This fact shouldn't invoke FEAR (false expectations appear real ).
We outnumber them!
For the fact we are the ones who have love as our birthright and connection with the source.
Don't forget this powerful fact / ally.

Joao Gnomes, I personally think a question / answer / theory discussion format regarding pro's n con's of this most contentious of issues might probably best held elsewhere as it may be a scroll fest, which Lynn might not find comfortable ( I might be wrong? ) and as you say 'polite' now but ...
So if you are genuinely interested in some hearty intelligent questioning, debate head over to the young granddaddy of modern flat earth and the guy behind the flat earth revival and main 6 hour video - Eric Dubay.

Of course it raises prolly more questions than it answers.
However permit me to go straight to the best thing I have seen in the last 3 months I have spent in my own daily journey into it.
Folks are trading atheist status for 'whoa there is a creator'.
As Lynn said it is encouraging communication and debate, which has to be healthy.

With the science debates aside let me share my own revelation which came to me like a faint smell of woodsmoke in Autumn;
The mainstream conventional idea of reality is:
That nothing exploded ( big bang ) a mysterious force which later got called gravity kicked in and effected all the elements which had somehow appeared and on the ball earth whirling at 2.7 million MPH.
Then somehow an interaction tween the somehow sun and the somehow elements of the periodic table of elements and viola!!
Life appeared - just single cell at this stage, but it would only be time till the following progression appeared;
Fish, fowl, T Rex, Monkeys, Men, Kardashians, cell phones.
Endemic in this idea is "Your just a flea on a giant critter, your no one special"

It is binary.
Life is either the above image.
It is what it appears to each and every one of us.
A mystical magical miracle involving love, intelligence, beauty, creativity, connection, meaning and so on.
Which does not exclude the other side of the energetic coin which is.
Fear, death, pain, injustice, ugliness, contraction etc.
Which of course is the grist for the mill and the details behind the most fundamental expression of the material world and that is Duality, or contrast, yin yang, Laurel and Hardy etc

I heard the most gloriously true statement the other day.
'There has never been a better time to find out the truth.
There has never been a better time to be deceived'

You have to do the homework.
No getting round it.
Not just watching yew choob.
But work on a personal healthy physical body, and a mental, and emotional awareness in tandem with a wholesome moral life.
In my comment further up I raised the point that no one can disagree with;
We have been lied to - in so many ways.
To use a computer analogy of which I think is VERY relative, imagine looking in your Windows 32 folder to find a malicious malware program running when you wake up in the morning which behaves like this;
Socialization is the most important thing there is - fit in at all costs.
Authorities are there for us and the academics are super brainy and know things us goobers don't know - therefor if it's universally accepted it's a ball earth, it MUST be true.
Flat earth as I said, is synonymous with stupidity.

I also said - why the fuss?
Why the emotional outbursts?
Why the button pushing?
Why the death threats and character assassination?
Why the daily salivating, angst ridden, insult swapping agro fest we see in forums and on YT?

Diane Hamilton said...

I have read, like many of us, and perhaps only in the beginning of our this journey, that it is all really very simple. I personally have been on this journey that seemed different and unacceptable to everybody I new for about 15 or so years. It seemed after reading and RE searching it all, it became more and more complicated. How do I know that through my many years of being interested and open to many possibilities, that I myself have created for myself, the world that I am in. How many times have we been told we are the creators of our own reality. That we are powerful beings. It has all gotten so convoluted. I have said to my staunch, demeaning, brow beating Christian mother, even when very young, Mom I don't have to go to your church, it is all within my own heart. I new that as child. The answer is within our own selves. It is very simple but so very hard for us. Focus on inner changes to the the outer world. I know Lynn speaks of this all the time. Boy do we need a one of those group meditations! L&L

Anonymous said...

Not to do with topic being discussed but...

Last 3 days, Early morning and or late at night but not during the daytime I have had metal taste in my mouth . We went for a week with no chem trails and now they are back. Spraying heavy all during daytime. It is awful .

Serene said...

Yes, I haven't seen any chemtrails around for a couple months now where I live...was thinking about that today. Also...we've been experiencing our usual very warm summer weather, and mosquitos either. Where are the mosquitos? Not complaining, but usually I get bit at least one or twice while outside at night, haven't been bit once yet. Hmmm....

Nick said...

Hi Diane Hamilton were you saying that when you were very young it was simple and very clear that it is all within - yet somehow as you / we are now adults, modern world ... it's complicated and a maze of conflicting opinions, idea's, discoveries, ideologies etc?
When obviously we just to focus within - yet incredibly hard.

What is hard is being at the mercy of habit and the analytical mind.
Make a new habit of getting up early ( as it's the start of the day / life ) and pay full and complete attention to your breathing and the sense of the sensations that is your body.
The word meditation means about as much as the word 'god' - overdone open to million different interpretations and likely hollow.

Yet that activity of pure bodily awareness is the nice SIMPLE truth of 'being' .. ( in the ) present moment.
The more you can do it, the more you create a habit that rewires your unconscious and as such .. your life - which then translates to the outer world.
The more time we spend in the 'habit' of being caught in the whirl of social, media, and conflict consciousness the more complicated and stressful it all is.

I say the flat earth is not the issue, it's an issue of accident consciousness via 'the system'.
Cosmic consciousness via our own actual experiences that is our senses.
Eric Dubay goes to length to point out your senses tell you the world is still.
I personally like being still and peaceful :-)

There's a huge stash of inspiring stuff to check out.
Watch some Dr Joe Dispenza.
Or go on a Vipassana course which is what I did in 1983 and never looked back

Mike Corder said...

I am disconnecting here. Flat Earth? I am willing to entertain many things but a flat earth? I have traveled around the world and fought jet lag countless times to think we are all laid out on a flat platform. We look out into space and see round globes, not other table tops. Using my gut here to cry 'shenanigans'. Bye

Serene said...

@Mike....Lynn may be onto something here...not necessarily a "flat earth" but something generally in that area. No need to disconnect, but rather something to discuss. There is so much more truth out there about Life around us that we yet do not know, think of how long we've been in the dark. It's worth looking into. I hope you'll stay with us.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank your for this amazing discussion. I still cannot say one way or another (I see a little in both to this). Lots to think on (and even more stuff is coming to me and i will post it a little later once I get it compiled). I too have many questions, but this has really challenged me. I wanted to reject it based on the initial idea, but once I have tried to clear myself, it is just a little strange..

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I wanted to mention I saw where FEAR (false expectations appear real ) was spelled out. Love this and very true! Our perception is our reality!

Buddhist Lady said...

I never truly considered the Earth as, Lynn, you have given me pause.

I am always puzzled by the intention of a flat earth. Would the other planets be spherical or projections? Are our physical observations of the Universe, again, projections or truthful (e.g.,, looking at Hubble telescope pix)? What would be the intention or purpose of projections? Would other flat planes exist out "there" somewhere?

Water above and below? I can also visualize such a concept.

Supposedly dimensions lie on top of one another in frequency waves...sounds like our descriptions of water.

I was always struck by Dolores Cannon's subjects' readings when they reported lives on other planets ("planets?"). Some encompassed vividly different light and landscapes as readers might remember. Equally, the "beings" were quite different. Sometimes "balls of energy" or free-flowing plasma.

I am simply bored by the current reality...and rather sick of uncovering and exposing the lies that I have been told ad nauseum (from the economic hit man to 9/11 directed energy hits...where did those darn buildings go?). So...I am more than willing to entertain all sorts of possibilities and probabilities, which I find far more entertaining than the mundane, hypnotic repetition of earthly events. I'm getting too old: I feel like I've seen this TV show before.

A propos aerosol spraying...always look at the sky. Unless you have the true, blue skies of old (and has great pix of those types of skies), you have "silvery, hazy" skies indicating somehow, sometime they have been injecting aerosols into your atmosphere with or without the planes/drones/whatever visibly spraying.

Mark Howland said...

I used to work in the military in radio communication. If you cannot achieve a clear "Line of sight" radio shot from a transmitter to a receiver because of the earths curvature, the you have to use HF radio frequencies and bounce them off the atmosphere to reach the receiver. This to me proves the earth is NOT flat!

c chavous said...

thanks Lynn for this informative reading i have been pondering this issue for awhile. I also am unsure if the earth is flat or spherical.after doing countless research. the idea of a "plane' of exsistance rather than a planet is an intriguing game of thrones tv show they use an ice wall. i've only watched limited episodes of that show but interesting use of this flat earth concept in fiction.we definitely have been given the wrong maps and proprotions of continents. see this clip from the west wing show,concering the galls peters map.

Diane Hamilton said...

@Nick (I get such a kick from your picture). I can't for the life of me tell you why but as a child, I contemplated the meaning of death the term life ever after. Always existing in some form or another. What scared me was (this continued for most of my life) I guess you could say infinity. Always, always, always existing. I'm not sure this makes sense. This concept frightened me. I didn't want my life to end but at the same time I could not conceptualize, a never ending existence. This thought would wake me up in the middle of the night and cause major panic attacks when I got older. I did figure out an early age that going to church meant nothing. It was about your heart. Your actions towards others and the answer was within. My mother and to this day, thinks my feeling and beliefs are evil. Then I started investigating and reading about ideas the felt better for me and discarded organized religion for the most part (somethings still stick with me and are good). I am always evolving with information that I read but at the same time....does what I'm reading, watching on TV, causing me to shape my reality. I am mainly concerned about the bad info we are constantly inundated with. It's hard to ignore the news. It's there to mess without minds negatively. If what we think we create, then at this time, we should perhaps go back to living inside the box? Like most people, as things ramp up, it is so difficult not to be affected and that will affect my life and others. I'm pretty sure I still remain out of the box :) I hope this made sense.

Nick said...

Hey Diane - All makes perfect sense, thanks for sharing. :-)

That picture of me comes from a screenshot of a video I made years ago when I was extremely upset - so the video which is my music and lyrics, was therapy.

Like all of us, I uncovered the details of the deception / NWO /system.
I fortunately knew about it on account of my parents unusual life style, and our life situation which was paradise full of hippies.

Having said that it was my mum who had something nasty happen to her in the war, and she could never even talk about it - it was so painful.
To her and to me who was her soul mate and best friend.
So when finding out the war was a deliberate redesigning of Europe so their 'global' ( see the word globe as opposed to plane ) agenda could be in place.

Indeed - you speak of a sense of fear of eternity, and prolly the nightmare of some sort of eternal damnation.
Religion is the original brainwash - it is a double headed monster.
I could tell you of a direct experience I had, but it would take to long, however, in my own being, I have no doubt that we have messages planted in us, regardless of any knowledge or experience in this lifetime.


I recently discovered a fellow called Walter Russel - google him, his life is a must see.
The crux of his story is he had a vision which called into question the entire scientific model and mostly dealt with tongue poking Mr Einstein.
Why the patent clerk with the maths so complicated even brainiacks today don't understand it?
Because one of his foundations is that of time.

Diane can you tell if you have ever been in the past or future - was there ever a moment that wasn't NOW?
I instantly realized that this was a big deal - in fact it was quite an exciting awakening feeling, realizing the shape of one of the walls of this invisible prison.
The word nowhere is Now Here - time is an abstract, a concept, a construct.
It ain't there.
Have you seen a 2 O clock out in nature anywhere?
Time is change.
Time and space are purely and simply a convention - so I know when and where to meet you for a cup of tea.

Eternity = here now.

One of the reasons, I am like I am is because of some incredible luck, not just with parents and growing up environs.
No Tell-a-vision as a kid - and a very small amount as an adult.
I was also lucky because I never drank water with sodium fluoride in it.

You are right to be concerned about bad info coming thorough an IV drip into the psychic arm
The Tell-a-vision is like a poisoned barb that just keeps the sickness going.
Tear it out there is no need for it.
I not only do not have a box of mind control, but I listen to no radio, and read no newspaper.

The word media is suspiciously like the medical term Medial - which as you might know means middle.
Am I saying the media is the middle man / monster?
Damn straight - if we can bypass the middle man when doing retail - do we?
What about folks you know wanting to gossip or discuss the latest fairy tale from the 'box'?
You can either look on Hell-a-vision websites and read articles or go to alternative websites.
Failing that - question if ignorance of another false flag shooting or poly-tics ( many blood suckers ) is really such a bad thing?

Good luck Diane, and you could take it from me, a still earth and still mind is pure peace. :-)

tarael13 said...

Lisa Rising Berry received an (unrequested) image of the earth shaped like a thick coin, in this interesting account:

Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan has also asserted that the earth is flat.

As for myself, I am content to sit with uncertainty....Much love to all in this community! said...

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Bilal said...

After watching 10 min long video on youtube I got convinced that earth is flat :) Thats pretty good brainwashing speed

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

The points are compelling.. I will say that..

Morgan Miller said...

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Humaun Kabir said...

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abhishek mane said...

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Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@abhishek: Thanks for the info!

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