Friday, March 17, 2017

Random and Unrelated [Group Post on Various Topics]

Q. Dear Lynn: I notice that in your blogs you many times refer to the Powers That Were (PTW) and imply evil. Would you expand on this topic if it were possible?
A.  When I refer to the PTW, I see them as the people that have used money and manipulations to gain controlling power of people and corporations.  They use that controlling power as a way to extort and gain even more wealth, which gives them leverage to manipulate and influence even more people.  They reason they have such an "evil" feel is because they are truly low vibrational beings seeing only dollars instead of focusing on the safety, security and greater good of people.  The value of money and control supersedes the best interest of people. 

Q. What is the function of the human brain and its relationship with our perception of reality?  Thank you.
A.  I see the brain as being the control center for the functions of the physical body, especially the neurological system.  The psychic / intuitive system looks to run in parallel to the neurological system.  As strong psychic and intuitive sensations are experienced in the psychic system, those sensations breech into the physical neurological system in order to be read, felt, or experienced by the 3D body.  Your perception of reality (feelings and emotions) are a hybrid of what you physically experience in your 3D body and what you intuitively feel through your psychic system (that is also interpreted by the brain).  I see everything funneling back to be understood in the brain because our 3D body needs a filter.  We cannot just experience everything as it is because it would fry our systems.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you do a reading about church of Scientology and it's creator sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard?  With documentaries such as "Going Clear", people leaving the church of Scientology (such as celebrity Leah Remini), and other damaging information coming to light, what is really going on with the church of Scientology and how is it that celebrities still associate and stay with it?  Thanks!
A. I get that the concept of Scientology as a religion, in it's infancy, was a enlightening practice for people.  Looking inward to determine why you may behave, think or feel a certain way was a different concept in the religious arena.  We hold engrams (or thoughts creating a trigger) that can evoke pleasant or adverse feelings.  Being able to identify (and if need be purge) those triggers, can help to lead to a more balanced life.

As the idea caught on, and more and more people started to join the church, a good thing got infiltrated with many elites and people with money (even the PTW).  It turned from being something that was about looking inward and analyzing thoughts, to a meeting place for the PTW to push their agenda.  To be clear, not everyone involved in Scientology is bad, but there are some bad people involved in Scientology.  As some people in Hollywood (and other people too) started to realize this, they left the church to avoid associating or being pulled into things they were not comfortable with.  It became clear that if you were approached to "be on a committee" of some kind, and you declined, your career would suffer.  

Q. Hello Lynn, I have a few questions for you. Have you ever learned something from your Guides that you felt was too inflammatory to reveal and you kept it confidential to yourself? Have your Guides ever revealed something to you on the condition that you did not disclose it? 

A. When I start a reading, I always set protection and give the Universe permission to work through me, but only in the greater good.  I say the phrase as I create a visual of "placing my self on the shelf" because ego is a natural thing, but also holds you back when you open yourself. I request honest and accurate information, and proceed forward with the question.

I record or write everything I am able to understand as accurately as I can.  At times, the information is unsettling, and I have serious reservations about sharing it, but I remind myself that all of this was done with protection, and under my rules of being in the greater good.  Keeping all of that in mind, I trust that what I get was meant to be passed on.  Occasionally I get into something that is not in the greater good, and when that happens I see this thing appear that looks like a black gremlin, and it will shake it's head no.  If I see that, I stop immediately.  I've never made deals that I would avoid disclosing.

Q. When you and other psychics dream, are your dreams any different than the ones 'regular people' have? Are they more vivid or more lucid? Do they involve greater interactions with Guides and Spirits from the other side?
A.  Honestly, everyone dreams very different whether you are psychic or not.  I do dream in color.  I go through periods of not remembering dreams, to dreaming often.  Occasionally, I steer and interact in my dreams.  Dreams are very unique to the person.  We have all be blessed with our own gifts, and for some dreaming can be very active, and for others (regardless of psychic ability) they experience or remember their dreams much less vividly. 

Q. What are your feelings around what is happening in Yellowstone and do you feel there will be some volcanic activity in the area?

I know you've done reading in the past, in regards to Yellowstone, but with this new data I thought it might be intestine to do an update.
A.  I am being shown (I feel to illustrate what is happening so I can better explain) that when certain electrons get excited, and their movement speeds up, a thermogenic reaction occurs.  Beneath the surface it looks like some kind of combustible "off gassing" is occurring, that is creating a pressure up and also the "excited electrons" I was shown (which results in the heat).  This "off gas" feels and smells like methane.  

As I try to see what can be done, I hear "we have to let it run it's course."  We cannot live in fear.  I also see that as long as these "off gasses" don't reach the surface in bulk, they will eventually balance out because many small leaks look to be venting now.  I also get that there are ETs somewhat interfering because want to protect Mother Gaia.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn--I thought the discussion on the brain and perception of reality absolutely mesmerizing!! I think your viewpoint also explains why, sometimes, people experience a shock (either physical or mental) and "psychic" vistas open for them. Very interesing!

Robert Schoen said...

What a great group oF questions and answers. Really learned a lot from the dreams and brain topics.

Serene said...

Speaking of Yellowstone...I remember last year President Obama visited Yosemite National Park in CA. I was driving down Highway 99 when it was announced on the radio he would be there and for what reason I don't remember, but it immediately struck me that he might really be visiting to be presented with information on some of the nationally unreported missing people in Yosemite (and its findings)....

Serene said...

Thank you Lynn for the info on PTW. I have been asked by many to clarify what this means. Excellent read as always....blessings to you. xoxo

Raymond G said...

I am glad that I am not the only one that has frequent dreams, forgets them and then remembers them in cycles. I dream almost every night, sometimes multiple times. Many times I wake up knowing that I have dreamed but I don't recall them. I don't know how many times I have woken from a dream and thought, wow! this was good, I need to write this down in the morning...and then forget the details when I wake up. I keep a dream log and although I don't always know what they mean when I record them, if I review them a month later; they tend to make more sense.

It amazes me the way the MIND can create dreams for us in the middle of the night. How the heck does the Mind define a circumstance from our waking life and then create a vision in our sleep with symbols,characters and a plot to help us through it in our sleep? And do it every night? I just wish the Mind would be more straight forward instead of being so cryptic.

Just curious, when you see the gremlin suggesting that you don't share something, would they be political events that might direct unnecessary attention to you? Or would they be something divisive like religious events that might create dissension with your readers?

BTW, L Ron Hubbard struggled writing science fiction books after WW2. He said that the greatest business to be in was religion, because the money was tax free. Then he created the Church of Scientology and took it to a new level.

Many thanks for the time you give to this blog.

Bee E-lightened said...

PTW = enemies of humanity. Intriguing questions & answers

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments. :-)

@Raymond: The gremlin can appear in my types of readings. Most times he is tied to political or govt readings, and when he appears I know to stop..

Hope said...

I often worry about you when you do political reading.

Glad that you have that gremlin to guide you.

Nevertheless, take care, Lynn

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you Hope. xoxo- Lynn