Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!!

[This question was sent to me, and it felt natural to answer this before I continue on with what I see in 2017].  

Q. How accurate can psychic vision be at predicting the future?  Thank you
A.  Intuitives can be very accurate.  The real challenge is to determine and understand the information you are given.  The more practice you have at understanding your "symbol dictionary" the better because you really don't want to add your own fingerprints to the message.  The goal is to relay what is given in a clear way.  I often see things in terms of symbols, but the message can be literal too, so I do my best to keep the message as pure as possible.  Sometimes the message contains an element of emotion (fear, panic, joy), so I include that or let that guide me as well. 

When intuitives put the intent to find an answer, we also see things pertaining to the motion that is already set forth.  One thing that can influence that motion is free will, or other interventions.  A sequence of events can be laid out, but if someone or a group of people goes against the natural flow, the result can be different or change.  In those cases, or in reading long term events, an occasional "checkup" to see if anything has influenced the outcome may be needed.  

Q. Hello, Lynn. It's the end of the year and the media always has lists for the 'best of the year' and many business people try to predict events and trends for the new year. Have you ever considered making a list of predictions for the New Year? It would be interesting to see.


  • I see it fluctuating at the beginning of 2017, taking a slight dip after Trump is sworn into office, and then rebounding. 
  • Gold / Silver looks to slowly rise and start to gain more momentum in August / September. 
  • I get other forms of electronic currency gain more popularity. 
  • The dollar starts to be phased out in such a way that people don't realize it.  This REALLY starts to show itself mid-year (more and more places will prefer credit of cash). 
  • The banking system will offer incentives to trade in "dollars" for something else (not sure what that means yet). 
  • People voluntarily handle less and less cash, (and the banks make it looks like their idea in the name of convenience). 
  • China will emerge as a financial power.


  • Trump starts to heal the relationship between Russia and the US.
  • The US continues to have a love / hate relationship with China. (China will reject some of the US policies, and trade will be influenced, but I cannot see to what extent). 
  • Tensions with Mexico will rise, but Mexico realizes they need the US so they tolerate it (unhappily). 
  • Relationships with the majority of other countries appears better than the social divide on the US soil. 
  • Trump wants to bring people together, but the influences of the opposing parties won't let things rest out of their principles.  This is a huge challenge for the upcoming administration.


  • More and more people are waking up and are open to new ideas.
  • The collective conscious is becoming stronger than ever. 
  • People are getting better at recognizing their own intuition.
  • A spiritual divide starts to occur (those that are awake are REALLY awake, and those that don't want to see things out of fear or discomfort feel very stuck, but still forging forward).  
  • Everyone moves forward, but some are slower to grow than others.  Everyone has their own timeline, and the subconscious in general is waking up (ready or not).

Environmental / Weather

  • Chemtrails aren't going away, but the awareness increases.  
  • I see some kind of protest in relationship to the spraying (looks to be in the southeastern part of the US).
  • I see a hurricane hitting the eastern part of the US around late September.  Please head warnings when they announce to evacuate.
  • I get that a man-made weather event will happen in the Caribbean and Japanese area around the same time.  This won't be a coincidence.

Medical / Health

  • Homeopathic remedies and healing are on the rise and start to really threaten big pharma. 
  • Big pharma really pushes back on the FDA to regulate vitamins / minerals / herbs (and this causes a real upheaval). 
  • Lots of information regarding curing via homeopathy comes out (please pray for the safety of our doctors that aren't very praised by the Powers That once Were)
Misc Around The World
  • Lots of "secret talks" occur trying to institute a new gold standard (similar to the Shanghai Gold Exchange, but more world wide). 
  • Middle eastern countries try to make the purchase of oil in gold (some kind of a phase in program). 
  • There is some social disturbance in Australia (can't tell what it is over, but feels vaccine related).
  • Putin emerges as a powerful leader (he isn't going away). In fact, many people are distracted by what China is up to, but in reality they should have their eye on Putin.  Then I hear Trump say "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer" and that looks like what he intends to do.

And that is all I have at this time.  Thank you.  Love and light-         HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Curious and Unexplained...

Q. Hey Lynn, I was watching a video about things that science can't explain and it seemed pretty interesting so I wanted to see what you could get from some of the things they discussed.  I know you aren't a scientist but it would be really cool if you could give some insight because I'm so curious 

Why do we smile to express happiness?  What makes us laugh at something funny?
A.  As I approach these questions, I get that a good portion of why we react the way we do (which feels involuntary) is due to genetic programming (that creates a response much like how our pupils react to light or).  It is also in part due to our connection to the human conscious, and our shared collectiveness that has unified reactions (like smiling) to certain (and specific) stimuli.  We are individuals that are part of a much larger collective consciousness with subconscious gut reactions.

I get that smiling and laughter works like that too.  Laughing out loud or a happy connection to something creates a feeling in the human subconscious that things are ok. It encourages others to join in (or at least pay attention).  I also get that happiness, smiling and laughter is also a response to a serotonin surge.  We are individual, and we all have varying serotonin surges (what is hilarious to some could be misunderstood by others), but when that surge happens, the result is signs of happiness.

Why do we yawn? And why is it contagious?
A.  I get that yawning is the body's way of reacting to low oxygen levels.  When you are tired and not taking deep breaths the oxygen levels in your blood decrease, and yawning is a way to increase that level.  When your body is awake and fighting sleep, your reaction is to yawn (promote oxygen intake).  

I don't get that yawning is always contagious, but at times when it appears contagious it is because the environment is promoting tiredness (is warm, high humidity, several people in a small space, and overall low oxygen levels in general).   People are acting independently, however similarly to the environment they are all sharing. 

Why do we hiccup? 
A. It looks like when things are out of sync with respiration, hiccups occur to get things in harmony. I get that as certain parts of the heart beat, they are coordinated with inhaling, and when other parts of the heart beat, they tied to exhaling.  When that becomes off, respiration can work, but is inefficient.  I get hiccups are a built in reset system to make things work at their highest level of performance.

Why can animals sense magnetic fields? 

A.  Animals don't have a rational mind that limits their beliefs or feelings.  This allows them to be highly intuitive.  This level of sensitivity allows them to pick up on energies around them that many people cannot sense.  These energies can be related to the vibration and reading of people or even energetic fields (such as magnetic fields). 

Why do we cry when we are sad? 
A. I get we are designed to cry when we are upset, sad or overflowed with emotion as a way to process and purge those feelings.  I also see that the reason that tears are salty is because the consistency of salt water allows emotions to sort of magnetically attach to the tears as they leave your body.  This is also why many times after a good cry people feel better (because feelings that are held inside purge / exit the body with the tears).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Random for the Week

Lynn, I hope you can answer a group of random questions:

Q. Why is the PTW (e.g., Powers That once Were such as NASA, mainstream media) hiding Nibiru (the one you referred to as the "red comet")?
A.  I get they are hiding it for a few reasons.  They are trying to avoid social panic and chaos.  If people find out about the "red comet," the PTW are also concerned that people will wonder what other things have been hidden from the population. 

Most importantly, I see that the PTW want to keep the information private to allow them an opportunity to prepare without everyone competing for resources in the event of a magnetic or atmospheric disturbance.  I see at one time the PTW were focused on areas in Africa (hence the forced Ebola scare to deter and distract).  There are also various underground cities in the United States and "ghost cities" in China (there are many more examples, but those come to the forefront).

Q. What are the countries (particularly the rich ones) that will remain safe in case of World War III?
A. The ones that stand out are Russia and China.  I also see some time line splits occurring, and IF the oil rich / producing  countries (such as Saudi Arabia) maintain control of their own land without having other countries occupying them (SPECIFICALLY the US), they too will be very rich.  IF the oil producing countries permit another country to occupy, they feel as though they lose their power and become very vulnerable. They have a feeling of being bought out (much like a business buying and acquiring another business).

Q. Is NZ experiencing earthquakes because it is the antipodal point (exact diametric opposite) from CERN's location?
A. NZ is having earthquakes due to a combination of CERN (the visual I'm shown are reverberations through the earth), and also the weather manipulation in the atmosphere.  I get a visual of a lot of spraying and chemtrails. I hear that "CERN is a dirty little secret" and the chemtrails are "to instill a sense of peace and calm (much like a test)."  The problem with the weather manipulation is that the people controlling it feel very naive at the true power behind the control, and so much of what they are doing is learning (so the whole thing is like an experiment and they are trying to understand a true cause and effect).

A. An energy wave hit the earth on Winter Solstice. Any reason as to why?

A. I hear it isn't as much a "why" but rather a "what."  Earth is moving though a lot of shifts of energy (due to the guiding force of our source consciousness).  It looks like pockets or waves in space, and as earth transitions through those pockets people feel the effects.  I get these pockets also help to enhance sensitivities within people (bringing out their empathic abilities and intuition), so you will feel this as earth moves through it.  I get these energetic bursts are the baby steps to allow earth to graduate to a higher dimension (this will take much time though) and also help souls ascend.

Q. Flat earth revisited.  Many people have brought up the topic of the flat earth.  I did a focus session (and afterwards a little reading) that gave me pause on the topic.  I see it as plausible and even possible (I know there is a lot we don't know or understand).  I wanted to share links to the reading since many of you have sent requests on this topic.

Q. If Vladimir Putin is against Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton, NATO, "ISIS", and many things related to PTW, how can he remain safe?
A. I see he has many body doubles, and he is very cautious about where he goes and where he is seen.  He has many residences, and he even has special bunkers and a tunneling system.  I also get that he has many people that feel they way he does, so outside of the US border, he has more support than what the media likes to portray.  Many times he is shown as a villain in the US, but is seen as a hero to others.

Q. Why are some races generally taller than the others?
A.  I get it is because we all have a basic "human recipe" but many ETs have infused some of their DNA with ours.  Some ETs are taller, whereas others are shorter.  The result of height is based upon what ET lineage you came from.  

And that is all I have for this collection of questions.  I look forward to the comments and discussion.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, December 23, 2016

Life Detective #5

by Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special — and intriguing — holiday-esque segment of Life Detective. As usual, Lynn and Da-da look at the past, present and future lives of various people of note. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most apropos life of the subject come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today — and who/where they are now/in future. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below, inverted. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life 1: When I look at Subject A’s earlier lifetime, I see them as a boy. People at this time, all over, are really really poor, struggling. I see a young boy and his family living in cold, wet squalor. Everyone’s coughing and sick. I’m drawn to the boy's hands. Looks like someone brutally smacks the back of his hands as hard as they can with a cane, as punishment for some kind of crime. Looks like he was stealing. Frustrated at seeing his family starving, something in him just snapped and he stole a loaf of bread that was hanging out front of a bakery (I see lots of loaves hanging outside) to feed his family. Later, in Subject A's dominant life, they had a great sympathy for people in need, having learned the contrast between haves and have-nots. He carried that little piece of karma with him.

Future Life: Subject A is still around, in spirit, pervasive. You can call on them. They feel very angelic, very spiritual. They’ve been helping a long time, now.

[How pervasive is this spirit, today? And can you tell how they feel about the current image that’s been created around them?]

Subject A is strong, and I see him really gravitating toward evoking the "empathy” emotion in people. And he’s sort of disgusted at the materialism tied to him now, and it should be more about gestures rather than making a buck. 

Subject B
Past Life 1: I get that this person was a school teacher — a math teacher! — in the early 1900s. Looks as though he played guitar on the side but never really did much with it. I see Subject B doing algebra on a blackboard, one of those teachers who really made a difference in pupils’ lives, made it enjoyable to learn. Here’s the funny thing: I see Subject B grab his guitar and use it to sing algebra! He’d make up little limericks to help people remember the algebraic equations. He was just the coolest guy before he became who he became.

Future Life: Who is this person now… he’s not ready to jump back in yet, so he’s still in spirit and watching over his family. He’s also disgusted with music today [sounds familiar], with computerized voices and such. He thinks that, if people who made music 30-40 years ago were around today, they wouldn’t be chosen, as things aren’t as genuine as they used to be. Famous groups in the past would’ve been passed over as the current music industry is so disconnected from real talent, out to make money above all else. What he would want to contribute wouldn’t even be allowed today. When the time is right, he’ll come back.

Subject C
Past Life 1: I see this image of a man. Looks as though he had some mental challenges in his life; I see him as a mute in a kind of church-run mental institution in the late Middle Ages. I get an image of his brain working overtime. I see his thoughts running, coursing through his head. And I see him twitching as it happens, as if he’s recording everything around him, every thought, making it physical each time. He records everything he sees and thinks and feels. His mind never stops, but since he’s mute, he has no outlet. But then… he goes into his next life and he’s WAY more socially involved and connected, and everything he takes in he sees as a story or a potential story. He broke some social norms and was awkward to deal with, but was very very talented, making himself into a household name today… but under a different name!

Future Life: Ok, I get he’s a writer in this life, a man. He’s in Ireland, in the countryside, and he can see the water from his backyard. He’s kinda old fashioned, works on a typewriter. Likes to sit outside when he writes. He’s about 60, with reddish hair turning gray at the temples. He rewards little successes with a cigar. He has a favorite black writer’s hat, a fedora. He wears glasses. I get he writes mysteries (I hear Angela Lansberry???).

[Makes every impaired person a potential future genius/person of impact!]

Subject D
Past Life 1: Oh boy. What I get is that in a previous life, Subject D was an ET in origin, a Pleiadian. This was a time when there was a lot of ET interference and seeding on earth. Earth was seen as an oasis at the time. This person watched and knew of this beautiful planet from their own planet. When they passed into spirit, they wanted to be a part of earth, so Subject D incarnated as a human in their most famous lifetime, to experience earth firsthand. But to them, part of this 3-D body/earth incarnation thing was keeping past Pleiadian lineages alive, too. Looks like the Pleiadians would come and visit this person and get a report on earthly experiences. It’s not an abduction thing; there was no fear; it was a telepathic thing, them trying to understand the demands of earth/human life. So, there was that interaction… and at one point, there was discussion of this person procreating -- but maintaining a certain purity. Looks like Subject D allowed that to happen, seeing it as their contribution to both earth and their Pleiadian ancestors, striving to combine the best qualities of Pleiadian and 3-D earth humans in one person, for the greater good of all.

Future Life: Today, i see this person in Africa, as a woman. I see her filtering water for cooking, cleaning. She lives in a modest, small house, but yet she’s so humble and joyful. She’s older, but doesn’t have any kids of her own. She’s known and loved by her neighbors, but doesn’t boast or brag. She’s quiet and private, and cares for everyone. She’s always happy, a pure person.

[Is she now the same spirit who was here before, or has she split off into multiple people?]

It feels like a split where one’s in spirit, as a guide, and the other in a physical 3-D body. 

Subject E
Past Life 1: This is weird… I see Subject E was created as this hybrid human/Pleiadian… ohh, not just the body, but *the spirit* was also created just for this lifetime! That’s why Subject E was so innocent and pure, and could ascend so quickly. There was no karmic drag on them. They incarnated as an ordinary human, but different. 

Future Life: After they died, they remained in spirit, as a guide, acting as a liaison between us and SOURCE. They're still there!

[How did the Pleiadians create *spirit*? I can see creating a body, but spirit?? They made a body and SOURCE just popped in there? with them providing intent?]

Yes, that’s how it feels. [Amazing.]


And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, flip for the solution. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Priority Blog Request: More on Assange..

Q. Hi Lynn,  You recently said the Julian Assange had been detained and was being questioned.  A site called Finding Assange,, popped up with a count down that ended at 6:30 EST Thursday. They stated on the site that they would release 15,000 additional Podesta emails and 2 insurance file keys when the countdown ended. Just 2.5 hours before the count down would end, Julian Assange did a telephone interview with the Sean Hannity radio show. The site stated they were satisfied Assange was alive and ended the count down.

Is Assange still being held captive? Will he ever be released? Does the person(s) behind the site actually have these files? Will these emails and insurance files ever be released?
A.  When I tune into this i do get he is alive, and still being help captive.  I see Assange as a man that is much smarter than what people give him credit.  He pays attention to details, and his mind is always working.  He looks to have planned for just this type of event.  Not only does he have "countdown" activators in place, he has ways to determine and prove that he is who he says he is.  This can be done with visual confirmations though his mannerisms and audibly via certain phrases that he works casually into a conversation (that no one would know unless they knew they needed to listen).  

It does looks like he is going to be held for a long time. I get this image of two people playing games (the Powers That Were/PTW versus Assange).  They look to be in a stalemate where if Assange is released, there is no incentive for Assange to hold the documents, and if they kill him, the documents are certain to be released.  I hear right now they are in a "very uncomfortable win-win for the meantime."

I see that some "back door, Russian, anti-Clinton hackers" have indeed obtained these files and given this site access.  I do see these files eventually being released, but it will not be for some time.  It looks as though Assange is smart enough to always have something new, fresh and highly valuable saved as an insurance to his safety. When a "newer" and "serious" matter is discovered, then these current items will be released.

Q. [Additional information and points were sent to me regarding this topic...]  Assange has  been "interviewing/conferencing" via one video and two audios since the October internet shutdown at the embassy. Some are saying this is proof of life, but I'm not so sure. Stanford University has developed very advanced technology to fake "live" talking video of anyone they want and you absolutely can't tell the difference. There are several demos of this on truther sites. I'm sure they've developed similar capability for audio; that is, they digitally analyze Assange's voice and then have an impostor speak for him through audio, but it comes out the other end sounding just like Assange. Your thoughts?
A.  I get they can alter how things sound, but not what is actually spoken.  As I mentioned above, he knows how to protect himself though subtle movements and also specific word choices.  He is very familiar with the tactics used by the PTW, therefore, knows how to speak and how to handle himself.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pineal Gland

Q. Hi Lynn, I recently read an article about the pineal gland and it's true purpose of being able to travel through different dimensions and its link to our own spirituality. It said that the PTW are blocking it by having us digest sodium fluoride. How much truth is there to this and if so how do we rid ourselves of the sodium fluoride we have built up over the years? It mentioned that we can activate the pineal gland by meditation etc but will this sodium fluoride still block the true potential even after its activated? Thank you for all the work you do 
A.  I get the pineal gland is one of the most important physical things we possess in terms of connecting to ourselves and our spirituality.  It is possible to have a connection without the gland being fully functional, but it is much more intense and easier to achieve that feeling of oneness if you are able to utilize this "third eye" as a gateway.  

It is true that the Powers That once Were (PTW) have introduced sodium fluoride into our lives (fluoride is found in most drinking / bathing water).  Even in areas where many people live off well water, it is introduced through dental "prevention" fluoride treatments, toothpaste, and even bottled water from a municipal source.  Toxins in general calcify the pineal gland, but fluoride is one of the worst offenders.  

The PTW found it necessary to intentionally block the spiritual gateway to maintain power and control.  They found people that put faith in other people or circumstances are easier to control than those that realize they hold their own power.  Being spiritual is different from being religious, and some PTW that are affiliated with the church want the belief system of religion to override spiritualism.  The idea of looking outward for answers versus inward can pose a threat to some paradigms.

Working on a detox and meditation are great ways to awaken your pineal.  Eliminate heavy metals and fluoride from your diet while drinking lots of purified water.  During a purge you may feel a little off for a few days as things work lose, but just remember to drink lots and lots of water during the process.  With diligence, you will notice a big difference in how you feel, and you will start to feel that lost connection. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[It came to me in closing that many PTW even use the symbolism of the pineal because they know the true power.  I was told to google how many times pine cones (which are symbolic of the pineal due to the shape) are seen in dealing with the Pope alone.....]

Friday, December 16, 2016

Living in a Matrix

Q. Lynn, How do you feel about the idea that we live in a Matrix as me toned in this article

A. I do see we live in a matrix, but it isn't controlled by electronics or something scientists can calculate or create.  It looks like the matrix we are experiencing is controlled by our mental thoughts and mental perceptions that create our reality.  Through MUCH spell castings (via media, marketing, alterations to our language and symbology) a collective consciousness has formed, and that consciousness has created and allowed the world we live in to grow into what it is (until now!).  

There is an evolution of consciousness where the strength that the PTW (Powers That once Were) is breaking down, and individuals are claiming their own identity and putting doubt and question into what is going on around them.  It is as if the subconscious cannot sit idly in the background any longer, and giving more and more nudges to the conscious mind to allow this level of free thinking to occur.  

The PTW are very concerned, and working in overdrive to maintain control.  They realize that certain parts of the population are rejecting the brain washing, and are beginning to see things clearly.  The focus is to discredit that group, create distractions and focus on who is still impressionable.  What the PTW fail to realize is that they can try as hard as they want, but ultimately everyone will wake up, it just takes some longer than others (because people cannot hide from their subconscious). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is going on at the Antarctic?

Q. A few days ago Buzz Aldrin (86 years old ) was evacuated from the Antarctic. I never read anything that explained why he was there but John Kerry has been there recently as well. Presumably, to 'observe climate change'. 

But when Buzz was evacuated to a hospital in Chile, he published a Tweet with a picture of a pyramid in the Antarctic and the message "We are all in danger. It is evil itself.” Then the tweet was deleted a few hours later.

What does he know that we don't and what is so special about the pyramid? Does the pyramid represent an energy source, a previous civilization or something related to geographical changes that have yet to occur? If the tweet was just a bunch of rambling remarks from a gentleman bored from his stay in the hospital, why was it deleted? And why was John Kerry sent down there? It has to be something significant for the Secretary of State to travel several thousand miles to presumably visit a continent of frozen ice.

Many Thanks.
A.  When I tune into this I get that there are many truths being hidden from us, and Buzz wants to tell us (but he can't).  He knows truths about the moon, Mars, Earth and mysteries of Antarctica.  I hear there are reasons why many nations have made agreements regarding boundaries of Antarctica (  These agreements aren't all based on scientific study, but rather to protect the secrets of Antarctica.

I do see there are pyramids in Antarctica.  That is why Hitler traveled there many decades ago.  I see some pyramids are upright, and others look inverted.  I get the direction has to do with energy, and how it is extracted from the environment to sort of "power up" the ET base.  I see the base looking recently abandoned, and hear that the ETs (specifically called the Nordics) that lived there also have a base on the moon.

Back to the "secrets" and why these people were there... I get there was a mission to go there and explore since they now have the opportunity (no one is there to ward them off).  This base ran on "free energy" and these leaders are not only viewing some of their technology to reverse engineer, but they are studying how exactly these beings were able to extract electricity from the air.  These leaders in conjunction with the PTW (Powers That once Were) know that if they can harness and control free energy, they will have just that much more control (or they can also choose to suppress the technology until money is made from their black gold / oil).

Buzz's tweet was more to say that these "Nordic" beings are going to be upset with the invasion when they find out AND the technology being discovered is being put into the wrong hands.  This isn't a warning to fear the ETs, but to fear the PTW that are trying to steal their technology.  I get that historically technology was gifted to humans when we were able to handle it.  If it is put into the wrong hands before the right time it could prove to be detrimental.  Then, I get a flash of Back to the Future when Biff's future self gives his current self a Sports Almanac to enable gambling, and even though it may have sounded like a good idea, it was a disaster- because he wasn't ready for that type of responsibility and it changed him. 

I do get that the PTW are having trouble fully understanding the inner workings, so I look to see more trips and other leaders getting involved.  I also see an auctioneer standing up as if to say when this is ready, we can offer it to the highest bidder (but I also get it will be a long while to get a good understanding because there is some kind of guiding influence creating difficulty for them).  In closing, I hear the phrase, "The key isn't what is between the black and white, but rather the magnetism that holds them together." [No clue what that means..??]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, December 12, 2016

Timeline Split

Q.  After ascension / "The Event" / timelines split (or coalesce, or whatever), will we be able to communicate with people on other timelines via email, or phone?  How does that work, exactly? Or, are we separate, slowly drifting apart?
A.  I see this split playing out in slow motion (in my mind).  It looks like what happens is each each person sort of "mentally splits" at a different time depending on when they are ready, and where they are on their life path (the highest and best good of the person will always be a factor in the timing).  When that moment is established, it looks more like an enormous awakening or "ah ha" moment when things just become clear.  

You will see that as the process happens (it is too much for your 3D system to happen all at once, so it happens slowly and at a comfortable pace for you personally), more and more information, people, situations, opportunities, etc will find you rather than you seeking them out.  It will start to happen slowly, and then build to where almost daily you are reminded of  how connected you are to The Universe / Collective Conscious / Universal Source. You will even have this feeling of being alone in a group because mentally you are evolving to a different place / vibration, and you will be able to identify others that feel the same way, and gravitate to them (you will feel you crave their intellect and depth).

It appears this split occurs first mentally (as described above), and then later physically as you incarnate into a future life.  During this lifetime, you are still able to communicate with friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, etc, you may just view them differently and feel a different dynamic between the relationship.  You will battle wanting to teach what you know, and realizing that it may or may not be someone's time.  This split may bring a variety or emotions, and focusing on and maintaining balance is a good way to find peace within yourself during this challenging (and exciting) time. 

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Priority Blog Request: Bizarre Bio (Weather) Warfare

Q. has an article entitled “Bizarre ‘Bio Warfare” Storm Kills Five in Kuwait,” which is alarming.  Here’s the URL:  As everyone can read, a similar storm hit Australia November 21, 2016, with six deaths resulting and 9,000 people entering the hospital.  Government officials are trying to calm everyone by labeling this sickness as “thunderstorm asthma.”  I’m incredulous.  Are they kidding?

May I quote from the article?

“Emergency officials described the scene like ‘150 bombs going off,’ and at the height of the emergency, someone was dialing 9-1-1 for an ambulance every 4.5 seconds as people en mass began having asthma and heart attacks.  Emergency services were so overwhelmed in Melbourne, they ran out of ambulances and even other emergency vehicles like fire trucks and police cars, and they were forced to use non-emergency vehicles. One girl reportedly died in her families arms on their front lawn waiting for an ambulance."

My questions are:

What is in this weather/storm producing this sickness?
A. I first see that it looks like it has a heavy metal component that when ingested, the body cannot purge fast enough.  It appears there was a perfect atmospheric condition, and when chemtrails combined with the atmosphere, it created a super concentration of this toxin (they could not dissipate or dilute down as they normally do).  (I get the PTW (Powers That Once Were) are still learning how to manipulate both the weather AND the disposition of people, so the population becomes the test subjects.)  It looks like when this sickness started there was either a large rain storm or several smaller ones close together, and the moisture is what brought the toxins down to the populace, and they were basically inhaled causing this sickness. 

The body, specifically the liver, went in to overdrive trying to get this out of their body, but it was too much over too short of a time.  The body systems sort of went haywire trying to get these toxins out, and I see even more than just asthma and heart conditions.  I get that for some the toxins affected the neurological system, for some it attacked the digestive system, but for most it affected the circulatory system by decreasing the amount of oxygen the blood was able to hold (hence the asthma and cardio issues and I see that O2 levels were very low for those that were tested).  

Is this the beginning of “weather warfare” in the truest sense of the words?
A. I hear "We are way past the beginning.  This has been in development and practiced for years."  

Is this the beginning of a worldwide pandemic?
A. I get it isn't a true pandemic because it isn't caused from a virus or bacteria.  It is a man made recipe that was put into specific geographic locations (I hear in these cases to test creating a docile effect).  It cannot spread, and is not contagious.  It is truly the result of toxic filled chemtrails.

What can people do physically and spiritually to prepare and defend themselves and families?
A. Keeping your immune system in check and purging as many toxins and free radicals as possible is the best way to start.  I get that if you are as healthy as can be, when you are confronted with living under chemtrails, you body can purge the toxins more easily.  I get that Hawaiian Spirulina, lemon water and CoQ10 are some things to help keep your system clean. Also, going a least one or two days a week without consuming animal products allows you system an opportunity to heal itself because resources aren't being pulled to the digestive system. [I do need to disclose I am not a doctor, so this is truly from an intuitive perspective.  Always trust your intuition.]

Spiritually, many things are mind over matter.  If you see a chemtrail, think to yourself that your body works in perfect harmony and it will purge what is not necessary.  If you put positive thought and trust into your body, it will preform as it should (and if you get angry and irritated, you can manifest those results too).  Stay educated and be aware.  It is normal to feel frustrated and upset (we are all human), but let it pass and don't let it become your focal point to where is brings down your vibration.

I don’t, in any way, want to generate fear, Lynn, but we live in strange times and need to face the truth and to take whatever steps we can and need.  Please delve into the subject psychically only in so far as you feel comfortable.  Thank you very much, Lynn.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hive Consciousness

Q. Could you tell see whether or not human consciousness is evolving into a hive mentality as opposed to each mind being separate and unique?  I came across this thought recently when I read about an opera being performed somewhere and the theater had set aside a block of seats for millennials (which was designed for them to tweet each other about the opera).  I cannot personally conceive of going to an opera and wanting to do this myself, nor can I figure out how it would not distract me from enjoying the performance.  This may be a good topic for one of your public blogs one of these days.  
A. We as a society are evolving and moving into a new time.  I do see a subconscious "hive" mentality, and that "hive" is being separated into three separate groups (and the Universe is trying hard to sync them together).  These different groups aren't specific to age, gender, race, etc, but rather a mental and spiritual state of mind.  One group is composed of the free thinkers that are seeking truth.  They are starved for knowledge, sharing energy and are open to new ideas and realize there is something more out there than what is in our face (even if they haven't found it).  They may feel "alone in a crowd" until they find another like-minded person (that may or may not share the same belief system, but is at least willing to listen and open themselves to new possibilities.  

I see a second group coming together of people that subconsciously may have nudges to question things, but they have had the same belief system for so long they cannot risk the discomfort associated with changing their paradigm to explore something challenging.  Once people got down a "rabbit hole" looking at information / news, you cannot undo (or un-learn) what you learned, so it is easier to avoid the topic in question or even focus on defending your comfortable beliefs (whether they are right/wrong, good/bad or indifferent).  

Rather than label the next group as "millennials" (because even though this group does share a majority of the same generation, not everyone in this generation contains the same perspective).  I see a group emerging that feels very distant from people on a humanistic level.   I see them buried in their electronics, very savvy with technology, but disconnected from people.  It is easier to interact electronically versus a face to face (even phone) interaction.  I also get that because more people are emerging in the first two groups the PTW (Powers That Once Were) are really driving this.  The PTW want people on their devices so they can "program"  them.  A society that is focused on materialism (I get subliminal messages are sent via TV, media and ads are done all the time) and instant gratification (ease of getting things now) is less apt to ponder and challenge grander issues

And please keep in mind that not everyone fits into one group and stays there.  The lines can blur (depending on what type of information or knowledge you are seeking).  It is very possible to be open to ideas about some things and rigid in thinking about a few (but the gap is closing).  I also see it possible to have an "ah ha" or "wake-up" moment that forces a certain level of awakening.  I am reminded it is important to remember that we not only learn from those that have the same opinion, we learn through acknowledging and seeing other views as well.  If you agree with someone, you can enhance knowledge, but disagreeing also provides valuable perspectives. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Alternative Treatments & Healings for Mesothelioma

[I was contacted by, and they wanted to write an article informing people on mesothelioma and alternative treatments. I found this interesting and informative. I am hopeful you will enjoy and even use this information to help someone you know. Much love, Lynn]

Article by: Ashley Stafford, Community Outreach Volunteer

What is mesothelioma?

Alternative mesothelioma treatments are non-conventional treatment approaches for mesothelioma. When alternative treatments and conventional treatments are used together, they form complementary treatments. Basically, most alternative treatments for mesothelioma are alternative medicines, integrative treatments or complementary medicine. Alternative medicine is any non-traditional treatment that replaces traditional medicine. Integrative treatment also sometimes referred to as a type of therapy refers to approaches like yoga, reiki and spiritual healing.
Complementary medicine on the other hand refers to treatment approaches that are used alongside traditional treatments to enhance treatment.
Here are some of the major alternative treatments that might benefit mesothelioma patients:
Ayurvedic Medicine
The basis of ayurvedic medicine is the traditional Hindu and Indian beliefs that the overall health of a person has a direct tie with imbalance. Although some mesothelioma patients have reported pain relief after using ayurdic strategies and supplements, more research is required to determine whether they are actually effective. Nevertheless, some studies have shown that ayurvedic medicine has minimal effectiveness when it comes to reduction or elimination of mesothelioma cancers. Generally, ayurvedic medicine includes advice on special diets, taking ayurvedic medicine, relaxation and breathing techniques among others. An ayurvedic practitioner suggests the most appropriate treatment depending on the health condition of the patient.
Herbal medicines
Herbs have been used to heal the mind and the body for many years. When backed by information and research, herbal medicines provide an important adjunct to mesothelioma treatment. In several cases, antioxidants have been proven effective in preventing and treating illnesses including cancer. For instance, mint tea helps patients with stomach issues. Chamomile enhances relaxation. Ginger on the other hand helps with nausea. Nevertheless, it is important that mesothelioma patients use herbal products cautiously. Unlike over-the-counter and prescription drugs, most herbal products are not regulated. Therefore, these products can cause harm when used inappropriately.  
Spiritual therapies
Being diagnosed with any form of mesothelioma can prompt patients to question their belief system or faith. Spiritual therapy focuses on supporting the patient’s belief as well as their individual right to evaluate and question those beliefs. Spiritual therapies for mesothelioma include religious ceremonies, rituals, counseling, engaging in different religious and spiritual practices as well as learning to be mindful and present. Spiritual therapy may require guidance of a pastor, rabbi, or priest. It can also be self-directed. This alternative therapy should be approached in a manner that is supportive and sensitive to the spiritual values of the patient. Although there are numerous studies on this approach to mesothelioma treatment, the topic has not been generalized since it is personalized to every patient.
This is a form of spiritual healing but patients heal through the management of body energy. The focus of this treatment is on the use of palm healing. Patients manipulate energies while lying on their hands. These energies are believed to contribute to their healing and overall health. Although reiki has not been proven effective in treating mesothelioma directly, it promotes relaxation thereby benefiting the patient indirectly and directly at the same time.
Alternative or complementary mesothelioma treatment options comfort patients while providing certain benefits. Understanding each alternative mesothelioma treatment before you try it is very important. It is also important that you talk to your doctor about the alternative medicines and therapies that you want to try in order to make the best, most informed decision to improve not just the health in your body, but in your mind, soul, and spirit. YouTube Channel: