Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flat Earth (continued)

This topic won't leave me alone.  Whether the earth is flat, round, or something in between, there is a force out there that keeps placing things in my path.  I wanted to share some of this with you (I had so much it felt worthy of it's own post), as I am getting a message very strong that "truth is hidden in plain sight."  The more I try to ignore it, the more the Universe seems to want me to "see" this...  Again, I am just taking in information (lots of interesting things get sent to me) and sharing it, but even from an objective point of view these are very curious. Take a deep breath (I know I did) and I hope you enjoy.  I look forward to the discussion.

I had questioned seasons, day/night and how that could be possible, until the following animated video was sent to me:   I could see how this motion could be plausible..  

I also notice the model showing how the firmament could be above us, and the theory is that the firmament is actually water.  As soon as I had that thought, I heard the phrase "as above, so below."  I could not get a clear confirmation, but the idea of water above and water below (oceans) made me think..

It was then brought to my attention that NASA actually means to deceive in the Hebrew language. (I keep being shown that our reality has many truths in plain sight.  As we understand these truths they cannot be used against us.)

I was also sent the following link in which a 1000 year old map created by monks was uncovered.  Note the disk shaped earth is drawn very similar to the logos I have attached below.

Lastly, the following logos were sent to me, which all have the common theme of a flat earth map as the main focal point of the logo... More truth in plain sight??

United Nations Logo

World Meteorological Organization

International Maritime Organization

International Civil Aviation Organization 

I would like to leave you with this interesting piece of ancient art.  I see this as a person trapped on our 3D earth, and learning to break through the firmament on a quest to ascend.  (My interpretation.)

And that is all I have for this post. Thank you for taking time to look it over, and I look forward to the discussion that follows. 

Love and light: 

Link to additional videos on YouTube: 
(Illustrates the movement of the planets in relationship to "flat earth.")

Link to previous reading: 


Nick said...

Hey Lynn well done you are very talented and obviously intelligent.
I am not joking - I knew you would revisit this very soon and for good reason.
I have a lucky life in as much as I have no cultural / social / religious brainwashing to fight through, I grew up in an utterly social-less environ without Tell-a-vision, and my parents were both into everything paranormal and metaphysical.
I have astrology as another tool and I don't make predictions lightly BUT.

When I saw this flat earth occur in forums etc, like everyone I thought 'uh psy op'.
Then one day recently I watched Eric Dubays work - I KNEW this was big but as every day goes by I am tempted to upgrade big to HOOOOOOOOOOGE.

Other astrologers have pointed out that Neptune is Pisces is a big deal.
Why as opposed to the other cage rattler in the sky ( what ever that actually is? ) Pluto square Uranus?
Because those guys are in a way on one level about being human and transforming.
Neptune is much more about the spiritual / astral / mental / emotional and either direct emotional knowing OR partial or full deception.
Neptune in fish is enough of a game changer, but as it happens is coming up to square Saturn in a month and Mars on the 25th!
I see a few other astrologers have been noticing this and the intensity of it all.
So many people I know are going through .. well lets not circle the shrub 'hell'.

As Joy pointed out about 'bleeding through' I agree entirely and have several experiences in recent days to confirm this.

Coincidence that a paradigm as big as even the possibility of a flat earth coincides with; Such a belief system / emotional / mental energy as the Mutable signs - being exposed to super powerful Neptune and Saturn.
The big question is unequivocally
"What the fuzz is reality???"

I personally had the experience in my body, like I had been given a fright on 9/11 even here in lil' ol' safe New Zealand.
The exact sense was that - of being the end of an era.
In a way I am glad I am not more sensitive, the sensation I got on that day was NOT pleasant.

However this flat earth big picture sense I got was much more exciting but obviously with a lot of apprehension, as there will be ructions, there will be hissy fits and tears.

However it is crystal clear in my not so humble opinion that we are not dealing with some sort of 'scientific' revision.
We are dealing with 2 choices.

Either we are fresh from the big bang as hairless monkeys obsessing over "I"phones ( MY documents )
We are as we appear to be to our finer sense of being.
Consciousness - in eternity without time - experiencing 3D for the direct experience of 'contrast' via the love and fear and all such variants.

Put another way.
Accident / evolution versus Creative design.

I don't recall ever a feeling in my life such as this.
Like a lot of your regulars I have been doing this search for self for decades.

I made some suggestions in the comment section of part one about meditation.
I earnestly suggest we all actually 'do it' rather than reading about it and 'meaning to do it'
Because things are going to get very weird, we have to make sure we are physically healthy and mentally, emotionally as stable as possible.
Good luck with it all, and thanks again Lynn you are fantastic. :-)

They Live said...

So it's both a spherical shape and flat, everyone's wins 😃

Joao Gomes said...

Thank you Lynn! I just checked the flight duration for two (non stop) long distance mainly east-->west flights: 1) northern hemisphere: it takes 13 hours to fly with ALITALIA (bookimg site Rome to Los Angeles. 2) Southern hemisphere: it takes 14 hours from Santiago de Chile to Sydney (australia) with LATAM (reservations They have almost the same duration (7% difference). Now please check the UN-projection of Earth and realize that Australia and South America appear on opposite sides of the representation, which is quite different when you observe the distance between North America and Europe. Based on this UN representation the flight between Santiago the Chile and Sidney should last almost twice as long, which is not the case as shown above (Imo, the reason for the representation preferred by UN and other global organizations like WHO, IMO etc. is that they want to show all countries in a simple representation, the exact geographical position isn't a real issue.). Thanks!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Well... I for one have been patient enough (or perhaps bored enough) to sit and watch GPS (and other) satellites in the sky as they loop around the earth in a highly predictable and trackable orbit -- sometimes appearing in pairs, side by side; you can use an app on your phone to see when they'll be in view and... there they are. They travel at a constant rate around the earth... which would be impossible if the earth were flat. I've also seen Galilean moons, in a telescope, revolve around Jupiter night after night, as well as Saturn and her rings. These are examples of a spherical planetary nature. However, this *is* all an illusion, and one of its prime jobs is to deceive and distract you from the truth, which is: you are a part of an enormous non-local being having a local experience. My two cents.

Nick said...

A Man Called Da-da, I too have watched 'something' for years at night .. This new model brings a veritable dollop of questions up, how could it not?
Either follow this link or do your own 'google images' search.

I will email you a pile of steamed organic veges smothered with loads of tumeric, cayenne and butter - IF.
You can find me one single photo ( as opposed to Computer Generated Image CGI ) of a satellite OR alternatively find a video of a satellite being launched.

However non-local being ... roger that ten four!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments on this unusual topic! I love all this.

Nick, you raise a good point. I tried and tried to find no doctored photos and pics that weren't "artist's impressions" and it is hard! Everything is pristine. In reality we should see some images with satellites/starts and all kinds of stuff in the background. I also noticed that the cloud patterns look the same in many, and really they should be changing. I am really questioning if anything we see or have been taught is real. "What if" we are in a dome and all this stuff is really seen through a planetarium roof...?? AND we only know based on what THEY show us (we are going somewhat on faith here). I am really having a hard time and just trying to be objective even though it is a real challenge to my belief system.

Nick said...

Well Lynn it seems one of the big deals is NASA and I don't know how much you guys have researched it but:
From Operation Paperclip to Stanley Kubrick it seems very much like it's a branch of hollywood for space fantasies.
"Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a hollywood basement" - Chillie Peppers
"If you believe they put a man on the moon" - REM

It really is a good place to start.
Try looking how much of your guys hard earned tax dollars go into the CGI?

Also try finding real time footage of planets or earth from space.
I have messed with photoshop and video editing software - I even know an artist who now has as job in TVNZ and he has an eye for all imagery like CGI and he confirms what I see.

Especially interesting video on the International Space Station - it shows a giant swimming pool with crystal clear water for the 'astro-nots' to 'experiment with 'gravity'
They basically said 'Some of the ISS footages is filmed at this swimming pool'

Along with an unusual childhood, me and my 3 brothers had chemistry sets, microscopes, telescopes and built crystal sets, models, boats and a rare visit from a pommy uncle netted us a big expensive science encyclopedia which we pored over and loved.
I saw Saturns rings and a host of phenomena myself as a kid.

Science rocks - it's better than social chit chat!
Agency that lies to the gullible and naive world sucks!
Well ...... they don't really, it's part of the fun :-)

You are right about being very very challenged by your / every bodies belief system.
To go to the advanced class in psychology - we are dealing with ego identifying with belief.
Which manifests as:
"Telling me I was wrong about satellites is an insult to my personage, sire, I challenge you to a duel at sunrise"

I foolishly mentioned it to someone I knew was a nooby in research and I got half an hour of intense acrimony and extreme displays of defensive throwing of toys out of cot.

It does hurt.
Try to stick to as much factual stuff.
Perhaps if possible do experiments like I have with a high hill and sea views and maps with measurements.

The whole curvature of the earth dilemma would be solved with video from 'space' not using fish eye lense - but as astute observers have seen, there are photoshop stuff ups in the 'photos / films from space'
The issue of flight paths Joao mentioned is another hot potato to say nothing of a number of flights which went down in recent times which cough "the GPS wasn't working" cough.

Dante said...

Dear Lynn,

What about the Hollow Earth? Is that no longer true? Can a Hollow Earth exist within a Flat Earth?

Nick said...

Oops I forgot to mention the Dome.
After all from the bye-bull.
Genesis ( gene of Isis )
We don't know!
Tempting to speculate.
As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous;
"One day at a time sweet cheeses, one day at a time".

While we don't know the Dome, you could go look at Antarctica - if you can.
But you can't it's guarded.
It's a no go zone.
Unless you go on a zillion dollar 'tour' of a small bit of ice with some penguins then you are booted off promptly.
Google Antarctic Treaty - hmm strange every nation involved has kept their word since 1959 and no violation has happened despite what is prolly a booty of goodies there?

AL233 said...

What about the earth wobble you have sensed Lynn? Thoughts on space travel accidents (challenger, Columbia)?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Nick: I agree. There is LOTS of CGI, so much I can't trust anything without really looking at it anymore. I just learned that most if not all the pics we see of space are doctored to reinforce what "they" want us to think (true or not???).

Thanks for the comments. This is truly a challenging and interesting topic. I do see it could wobble in a flattened fashion, and yes it could still be hollow... You can look at some of the diagrams I included in the post and see your own thoughts. I also get maybe (??) the Challenger accident was them not being able to breach the "firmament"??? Lots to ponder for sure, but I like being stretched beyond my comfort zone!

Much love-

Mark Noeth said...

Interesting reads as always. As above so below. Clouds and Oceans, both contain water. Everything we see from our planet when looking into outer space is round. I think everything rotates on an axis, with the exception of our moon. Although it did have a pole shift a few years back. All the satellite pics of Antartica I found were horrible. Although maps show most countries have some kind of base or someyhing there. Most of it is blacked out or air brushed over and you can't get a satellite pic of the whole thing at one time. Would be interesting to see what is under the ice. It wasn't always were the south pole is. I looked at some flat Earth maps and it looks like we are missing a lot of land. Their seemed to be two vacant spots where something should be if this followed a pattern. That made me wonder if it was flat why the center and outer edge would be cold??? If it had a bubble around it, it would have a more even temperature like a terrarium and be humid. The Sun would heat everything evenly as well. If the Earth was flat, were would we acuire gravity and why would we have pole shifts... Hollow Earth may be more like corrugated cardboard. A lot of caves and tunnels from water and magma... I remember seeing a video about Marcello Bacci. His radio tunes in to the afterlife for lack of a better word and he did make contact with someone he knew and the guy that passed on said are existence was an illusion and that was all he was allowed to say. Still think stuff like this was the reason we went from analog to digital broadcasting. So these types of contacts could be avoided. Cronovisor was analog as well. Evidentaly picking up signals or waves from other dimensions is bad for common folk. Waves are supper important can't emphasize that enough... Ok, sorry got way off topic. I'll stop now, this indeed was a fun topic or distraction.

whitelite 1111 said...

AL233 - I came across this article that was interesting.

The enlightened one said...

I don't think it's entirely impossible that there are flat planets out there. But I don't think Earth is one of them, and I think you Lynn have to really carefully scrutinize the agenda and purpose of the force that has brought you in this direction.

How about weather forecasting models? They are based on a spherical Earth and would be rendered useless if Earth was really flat.

How about timezones? If Earth was really flat, the whole world would be the same time zone. People calling friends in distant countries would immediately notice this.

How about the sun, and the moon, which can actually be seen sinking below the horizon, rather than just getting smaller and smaller?

I think a flat Earth makes for a beutiful and poetical fiction though, and I think you would be a great sci-fi-writer, Lynn.

The flat Earth theory brings to my mind the technique used in some martial arts. Instead of countering your opponents force, with a superior force, you steer it in such a direction that it leads to your opponent's defeat. It's the same with the global awakening, and the search for alternative truths. It is so strong, that it can't be stopped or silenced. However, it can be steered in a detrimental direction of falsehood, by planting and promoting ideas that are actually false, but which are impossible or difficult for a single individual (especially one who lacks scientific training) to prove or disprove, making theories and hypothesizes appealing.

RFK Pope said...
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Robert Schoen said...

I for one completely agree with the enlightened one and think this topic is a HUGE Tar Baby that for whatever its merits, seems perfectly designed to be a divisive social polemic where two sides of the argument can equally be made with no definitive resolution except for each side to think the others are complete idiots. It is perfectly designed to divide and conquer and I bet the same think tanks that brought us McCarthy era communist sympathizers,white flight, abortion
Viet Nam, Isis ect. were laughing their asses off when they started this one. It is genius and worth the T shirt if you're a beer drinker.

What is definitive is that it will eat up huge amounts of your time and energy contemplating, will distract you from things that may be WAY MORE IMPORTANT, and as an added bonus, will completely discredit you when you express perfectly valid alternative opinions and then are asked, "Oh by the way, weren't you the one saying the earth is flat?" It's the perfect instrument to discredit and cancel out truthseeking.

I will say it was interesting to learn of the arguments and proofs for this theory, but it would take months if not years of intense study to come to anything approaching an informed opinion taking you away from more worthwhile pursuits. This topic strongly reminds me of the old philosophical debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

A perfect example of the scam is a youtube video of 200 proofs of a flat earth, supposedly by an American yoga teacher in Thailand that looks like it was put together with thousands of dollars of graphics in a slick production that would be hard to produce with what might be a negligible wifi available inside his beach hut. There is instinct and our own internal bullshit detector that should kick in when confronted by such arguments, why they are being made and what they negate. It is often best to go with the initial gut feeling rather than to let the "intellectual" rational mind talk you out of your inner truth. Lynn's first reading on this topic is worth a second look and she herself said in the comments yesterday she felt she was being messed with having these thoughts come up to her, and I believe that's exactly what happened.

RFK Pope said...

Lynn posted this very informative, short video link in the previous post which addresses some of the skeptical questions here such as how, with a flat earth, we could see satellites move at a constant rate and how we would be able to have time zones. Its worth watching.

DivineLuxurySoap said...

This is getting more interesting as time flies. Joao ...thanks for the time of the flights...I did the same research...(same sanity check).

Plenty folks do experiments with high altitude cameras...launch stuff with cameras...not fish-eye...and the curve is there.

BUT...go find it...(and you will)...unless you wish to sink into theories...They want your mind to be engulfed in the "possible BS" ...Which "The enlightened one" (make a comment)...said this is made to throw people off track.

Soon all the "previously" kept secret of UFO and Alien "realities" will be known....People will more easily "scoff" at this ... just like will eventually scoff at "the very false-flat earth". The "manipulators" are using A.I. come up with "large scale" BS (belief-systems)...based on the stuff they get from Face-Poop...and all ego-media-applications....fed into big computing centers...This A.I. does the number crunching..and comes up with theories that seem palpable to most not-scientifically-educated-folks ...They include...."semi-hard-to-disprove" theories. It takes alot of "effort" to disprove most of these ideas....and according to FB..most people..are just too lazy to "think & do reasearch" they argue about "nothing" to one another.

I am a science person..and not this scenario is "seriously" funny...and at the same time not funny at all. GO..ask for the truth...and get answers...or follow this BS-path which only "mixes up" your belief system.

Magicians do this same belief-crap...before they trick you into "not" seeing the slight-of-hand ... because they mixed-you-up in your noggin (head). This is now being done on a global scale....and 95% ..of those that even care about this silly theory ..of flat earth... are not aware of this "mix-up" process ...nor will they likely make the effort to check it out.

And when they is only for themselves...Because they don't own a radio station to announce to the world...the hoax. My "announcement" falls upon deaf-ears the "powers" don't even care. Their A.I. already figured this into the equation of " messing with the masses".... and you may very probably call me a name or two..and scoff..and laugh..and.....yet.."stay mixed up".

I do care for my planet and my indigenous-brotherhood and the fight to liberate us from the galactic-commercial-slave system...that has been there for many years. Lynn.... I understand your dilemma. And this would only make others laugh at you .... I will not laugh....since I know the structure of your visions ...and the structure of 3D concensus-reality (mental-astral-physical)...and individual-reality. You are tapping into a concensus-reality that an A.I. program put together that works. Very much like the 9-11 lie-belief system.

People still sleep...lucky for them..the watchers are on guard and when they wake up.... everything will be better. And bless their hearts. It is beyond their personal-power ...and it is not their fault ...they were "took".

Just ask them.."how are things going?'...They do have just enough say.."it stinks"..but they don't have enough personal power to wake up..and fight this shit off. It take guts, and fearlessness, and more of both... this "reality" is heavy-crap...and as """unbelievable""" as the "pseudo-flat-earth theory". It is a "different" theory...but just as shocking....but "different". Check out Corey Goode ..for example. Or other "ET" whistle-blowers ....SEE? ...just as weird. Good luck..and don't be upset at me. My love for all of you is very real....Good luck again. :)

The enlightened one said...

I think the big and real mystery is why flat Earth theory is so compelling to many, even to scientifically trained people. Perhaps the idea of a flat Earth gives us a feeling of safety, of a safe haven, with highreaching, protective ice-walls that protect us from the dangers of the outside world. It gives us the feeling of resting in the embrace of a protecting, loving mother, while the notion of a spherical Earth makes us feel exposed to the world outside. The human mind wants to have set and firm rules as a means of feeling safe. The idea that Earth is round, that there is no clear up or down, no clear beginning and no clear end, is probably psychologically unsettling to the human mind, which needs clear boundaries and set rules to feel safe.

Even though I think observational data proves beyond any doubt that Earth is spherical, I also think there is reason to seriously raise the question of whether or not our observational data is correct. The power of the mind to fabricate a false reality based on suggestions is almost infinite. If the Earth was really flat, and all observational data to prove otherwise is just mass suggestion, a collective fabrication of the mind. How would we know, really?

Trish said...

Reallly... this is one of the most interesting blogs! Thank you, Lynn, and Everyone. Just hearing all these wonderful perspectives (all of them) is very interesting and thought provoking.

Nick said...

I know I am posting a lot, and if Lynn requests I am being a hog she could let me know.

For what it's worth I TRY - not to form conclusions.
Nearly 4 decades of passion regarding, self awareness, knowing of the NWO, and investigations into physical / psychic health matters, I learned to make the mind like the parachute, that only works when it's open.
As soon as you say' I beLIEve' and have a finite mental box, you are limiting potential truth / reality.
Ipso facto At this flat earth investigation, I have the same attitude of aspiring to objectivity - in other words, I don't believe its flat any more than I believe NASA or Eratosthenes even existed.

Lynn, yes the NASA worldview / information, images and video's really and truly is;
The biggest points of this whole menagerie of knee jerk, pavlovs dog, emotional responses right along side:
Genuine, humble, comfort zone stretching truth seeking.
NASA followed closely by what we have all been taught about his-story.
Which I say, "Um so the authors of history had time machines and were / are pure, honest, moral reporters of facts?"

So the challenge to ourselves is to either ignore all this OR do some homework.
Think about exactly what, where and how you have come a conclusion - not only about the shape / movement of the earth - but everything.
The Blue Marble is a photograph of the Earth, taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17spacecraft, at a distance of about 45,000 kilometers (28,000 miles). It is one of the most widely distributed images in human history.
Did they just say most widely distributed images in human his-story!!
Hmm is it possible this beautiful photoshop creation is one of the many reasons behind our 'world' view?

Thank you whitelite 1111 I was going to post the same information - may or may not be true, like every thing, we should be secure in ourselves knowing life is a series of 'maybes'.

Nick said...

The enlightened one, This poetical model is one that was believed by many in the ancient world.
In case one thinks the ancient world was full of uneducated savages - could someone explain even 1% of the megaliths and mind boggling structures and how they were built around the planet?

The weather models at the moment - well for a start, weather is the result of the effect of a few variables, the biggest is hot / cold, involving ocean current, air mass among others.
However like SO many other things - we simply don't know, surely that's not a hard thing to accept.
Neither do the ex spurts otherwise we wouldn't hear the end of how science was fantastic because they had figured weather out.
I am a surfer - as such the weather maps in newspapers were always of great interest to me.
As an adult being exposed to Tell-a-vision - I became quickly of the opinion that those happy looking weather experts after the evening brainwa... err NEWS ( north east west south ) were fine telling us what it was like yesterday.
Do a google for 'how often are the weather forecasts wrong'.

Time zones are an arbitrary division of our plane (t).
The cyclical celestial events are the earthly clock.
Interestingly the word "hour" is suspiciously like Horus / horizon.
In Egyptian mythology there is Isis. ( hmm, International Space Station / Islamic State / dollar motif $ )
There is Osiris and Set hmm set what else 'sets' ..
Speaking of Pharaohs (fear rose), Akhenaten big lipped almond eyed Nubian, the first Pharaoh to make the sun(hint) into god, as the start of monotheism looks a bit like Obama, oops sorry got waylaid.

In case you missed it in the videos the sun does not rise or set, it moves around the disc in this theory / model - nor is it 93 million miles away, it is close.
As such, the sun simply moves away from us - of note is that it changes it's appearance from big to normal on rising / setting wherever you go e.g. desert or tropical.
Which of course suggest atmos-fear is a big factor.
Of this issue - optics, atmospherics, mirage like symptoms start showing themselves, and some revision of perspective -to realizing the eyes, ( Real eyes, realize, real lies) as well as unfortunately, telescopes are limited.

The trouble with going to Science is;
If you are to accept that the manipulation going back ( through out time ) to the Federal Reserve being privatized in 1913 - though to Bill Clinton saying "I did not have sax with that woman"
You are looking at partial at least, to possibly full deception.
The fact that folks who doubt man made global warring..opps warming are called "non believers' to me starts look like a new subtle form of religion - sy-ence.
Also look into the story of Immanuel Velikovsky OR Walter Russel to see how science treats mavericks.

So for proofs - send up the weather balloon with camera without fish eye.
Go to the highest place of view with a chance at seeing flat or curvature.
Ask the highest ranking scientist you can find to explain how water curves and stays on a ball?
Also ask the high priest how if we are going at 2.7 million miles per hour - how come the stars / celestial skyscape is the way it's always been unchanged ( Google Dendera )?
Find an actual photo or video of a satellite in space or being launched, or a planet OR the earth from space - Lynn found out for herself they are conspicuous by their absence.

Julie Sevilla said...

Hi Lynn and everyone! I'm happy to read this topic because I remember when I was young, I am joking with my siblings that the earth is actually flat and demonstrated on a plate how Ferdinand Magellan (from our Philippine history) voyaged the seas. It was funny and they were all laughing at me and telling I'm crazy. I just didnt expect that there was truth to that and I was telling it from my unconscious perspective.:)

I would like to share a blog from a mystic that will also prove that there's a truth to Lynn's reading about this topic. I am giving credit to the author Lisa Rising Berry and here is her blog. Enjoy reading!

Nick said...

Robert Schoen.
Eric Dubay, does not put slick videos together, they are like 90% of YT and why assume he has a stash o cash, and even if he did, perhaps inheritance, among other reasons.
You or I could make a video exactly like his ones.
he has taught English in Thailand, that sounds like a real job to me?
His videos consist entirely of footage he obtained from the net.
His narration is in part books he has - and his own hypothesizing investigation.
He appears to be articulate and organized, and if you think Yoga is easy, check out an Iyengar class that stuff is as easy as a casual stroll up Everest with a pack of iced beer on your back.

Remember the ol' saying "feet of clay"?
Remember the ol' saying "don't look at the finger look where it's pointing?

If you care, go to the ... hit Mr Dubay up directly with your questions, he is very approachable.

Interesting the words of Schopenhauer.
Truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

More of interest is the attention this whole thing has attracted, if it was a non event it would instantly die, gunned down by the empirical evidence alone, let alone the logic.
Remember it wasn't long ago that thalidomide, DDT, and other abominations were 'acceptable' by the system.

This is really not about an argument for or against a geological hypothesis.
This is about religion.
Yup, the religion called - The big bang.
Whose doctrine is summarized by 2 words.
Accident and Random.

Regardless of what our analytical conscious, ( so called ) rational mind thinks with words.
Our unconscious rules the roost.
It is also very easily programmed.
Tell-a-vision has 'programs' does it not?

So by running headlong into a fiery debate you can be rest assured buttons are being pushed and there is a reason.
So my own take on this is;
This is the debate tween - Accident consciousness ( big bung )
"In the beginning nothing exploded, ( big bang ) and somehow a thing called gravity condensed elements which also somehow came into being.
On a nothing rock in the middle of a meh galaxy some strange event involving the somehow sun with somehow bacteria evolved.
From there T rex came along followed by monkeys and then men then the Kardashians, cellphones, finally Pokemon".

Versus Divinity.
As every single one of us experiences with our love, and HEART / EARTH ( hint )
Can you see how subtle this question is?

Life is either Spiritual or it's not. :-)

mosmos said...

I think the earth is a sphere but it's like our mothership so maybe it can transform into a disc form when we as conscious collective learned to make it travel. just a theory =P

adriana. said...

WOW! my pendulum says the earth is round! My question is about earth,s magnetic field... the magnetosphere is depicted circling through the center of earth and reversing polarity. Any comments?

AL233 said...

I have seen somrthingnlike this before. Something about the challenger has always seemed off to me and this all just adds fuel to the fire. Thanks for the link :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for coming together and sharing so much great info! :-)

Conrado said...

So how a magnetic field abd gravity would work on a flat earth?

Basic things such these and others just doesnt add up

Why the earth would be flat when moon and sun are spheres?... many flaws "on plain sight" as well...

Serene said...

Curious...if the Earth is really flat, how does this affect the Astrological Movements? Doesn't this throw off the degrees and aspects?

Joao Gomes said...

Also just from watching Olympic games on TV, most US residents certainly will recall Beijing 2008 nights on TV, while the competitors where performing under the bright sun ! How does this add up with a flat earth model?

Astrolofting said...

I must admit, I thought you were wrong/off in your previous reading as Earth is always round to me. But this post really hits me, especially the animations. I had to reread everything. You could be right.

NASA is not the actual space program. It's the space program to make us believe what's the space out there that they want us to believe. (I was browsing earlier and saw my comment on your "Mona lisa on the Moon" entry so I don't think it's by coincidence that I have to mention it again.:p) Look at the NASA logo, it's a globe.

A flat earth map would place more emphasis on the grid lines. That's where the ley lines are so maybe PTW didn't want us to focus that.

I also recalled watching Hunger Games 2 and there was a scene where Katniss shot an arrow up into the sky, only to hit a dome shaped stratosphere with grid lines. That scene gave me the creeps as it reminds me of how she is trapped (or rather we are trapped under this 3D grid system)

Also another theory I had in mind was that Earth is shaped based on what we think. So if we think it's round, it's round. With the introduction of the globe, we started believing it's round. But if we go back to flat earth theory, it becomes a firmament (projecting the roundness) and now at least we have a chance of breaking it.

Now if the earth is flat, what about the other side? We have the moon (what we see), and the darker side of the moon (where the alien bases are). So what's on the other side of the Earth? Can u see? Is it Hollow Earth?

Nick said...

@adriana Our unconscious thinks it's flat ( and I am not saying it is ) and thats what moves the pendulum - I have done pendulum stuff myself - it is very tricky being objective.

@Conrado We are wrestling with some weighty ideas that we haven't just been lied to about JFK or politics.
We have been lied to about - and I say this with a straight face - EVERYTHING.
Not everyone has the time or stomach to wade through years of research and sort wheat from chaff.
The paradigm shift is rocking the casbah.

Start with NASA - search with google images or some such engine, for actual photos of satellites or real time footage of planets, or our own planet from space.

If you can see for yourself the doorway into the possibility of an information blackout that utterly challenges us and I wouldn't hesitate to say very scary - but as Lynn and anyone will tell you FEAR = False Expectations Appear Real.
It's psychological stuff we are dealing with here - not just a another wacky theory or a Hegelian, either, or.

If it really matters, and I think this really is the grand daddy of all shocks about the world and it DOES matter - try to be open minded and watch how you feel about what emotions and reactions you get.

If you think about what we think we know.
Just where we got this information - it is telling.
Not just about the shape of the earth, but of course given there is a globe in every classroom - and in the history class there seems an ubiquitous image of who did what and when.
Especially this greek fellah who measured the earth using shadows.
Have we got a time machine?
Do we really have to take the so called authorities word for .. anything??

So re the magnetic field.
I personally haven't measured it, I have seen a magnetic field with a little magnet and iron fillings atop a bit of paper but that's all.
"Scientists" are human beings who especially in the modern era have done university ( a word that means 'one word' ) at some considerable cost of time and money.
If they get the word from their funding agency or boss that there are no go zones that if they traverse will end their career - do you really think they with a squeaky high idealistic voice will say "Money be damned, I will tell the truth to the world"?

I am not playing the devils advocate or even really backing the theory of a flat earth.
I am observing as I always have the marvel of life, humanity, nature and most interesting of all to me personally - psychology.
I am also lucky that I never had a life and have done sufficient work on myself as to not have to fight through quite so many system installed filters, firewalls or belief systems.

Good luck to all of us - as my prediction is things will get weird.
This issue will get on the Tell-a-vision!
The puppets for the system will come along and do their little magic psychological tricks and NLP to 'prove' that its's a round earth and:
"Could everyone just please go back to sleep, keep working / consuming / watching sport and gossip on the Hell-a-vision".

Nick said...

@Serene I have been doing astrology since 91 - I know that it is a skill or gift when done properly is profound and sublime with what it can do.
That question you so rightly ask is one of the first things I thought of.
For my own opinion nothing has changed - in the same way when they tried to demote Pluto from being a planet OR saying there were thirteen signs because of the constellation arrangement between Virgo Libra and Scorpio.

I will direct you to a fellow who I respect greatly, not only is he articulate and knowledgeable but concise and funny to boot

It boils down to the same thing I have posted a few times now.
What we think we know - and how do we know it?

I can look up at the night sky as I have done since I was a very young child and see the marvel of the milky way / galaxy.
I can see in the east from my bedroom at dawn, the Sun / Moon / Venus and the rest of the planets rise and fixed stars - head nor east as they make their daily mission around Polaris / the north star.

I have experienced the reality of Astrology daily and don't believe anything, I KNOW it works.
Strangely what is going on right now is a very very powerful energy which actually explains this whole flat earth and it's subsequent vitriolic response in so many souls.

Neptune in Pisces which is a doozey in itself BUT:
As of the next few days Mars will square it from Sagittarius.( who happens to be the sign as part of the Galactic Center 26-ish degrees )


More telling than that:
Is that the ol' goat herself - Saturn - is also in the Archer coming up to exactly square Neptune.


Belief systems challenged.
Cages rattled.
World views rocked as the socialized filter tween the unconscious and the conscious gets weaker or thinner.
As Joy pointed out the other day a 'bleeding though'

To quote Confucius - "May you live in interesting times"
Uncle Nick says - "What you have believed all your life is intimately tied up with your sense of self or identity - hence when some jerk on the interweb says "Bro you were had! ha ha sucker, earth is flat, there are no satellites, NASA is a branch of Hollywood"
You feel like hitting the fellow with a large wet fish across the visage!!!

Where to from now?
The same old same old good ol' advice.
Self response ability ( responsibility ) self awareness, a determination that you are complete as you are - perfect.
When the feelings of insecurity, anger or FEAR ( False Expectations Appear Real ) just observe.
Don't fight with them as they just make you feel worse - just observe and the purity of objective awareness is natures healing. :-)

Nick said...

@Joao Gomes, watch the videos Lynn has linked to.
The flat earth team are suggesting the circular earth has a close sun above rotating around it.
There is a day and night cycle because when the sun is sufficiently a distance away it becomes dark where you are.

Folks should look at the vids - why not, is it so scary?

:D said...

If the earth is really flat...
What about the earth growing sideways?
What about the weather difference between the North and the South?
If it is really flat... the whole planet would have the same weather. Maybe the spherical shape is kind of flatter on the North and South but rounder on the sides.

Even if it is flat... What difference does it make to all of us?

:D said...

If the earth is really flat...
What about the earth growing sideways?
What about the weather difference between the North and the South?
If it is really flat... the whole planet would have the same weather. Maybe the spherical shape is kind of flatter on the North and South but rounder on the sides.

Even if it is flat... What difference does it make to all of us?

Nick said...

:D ..nice to see your smiling face. :-D
If you watch the vids, you will see explicit detail regarding how the North especially the arctic circle and the weather works.
There is a phenomenon knows as the Midnight Sun.
The north gets longer twilight that we do down under.
Where I live, it gets gets warm but doesn't stay warm.

Please watch the vids, images tell a million words.
The sun does a series of off circles that vary from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn, so we don't all get the same weather.
Implicit in understanding this model, one has to suppose all that goes with it.
Like the sun is not what we have been told it is - it is much smaller and closer.

If you think wacky theories are entertainment do your own experiments.
We have been told the moon is light reflecting off the sun right?
Well, here is something you can do with your own paws and peepers.
Get 2 thermometers.
Put one in one glass of water, the other in another glass of water.
Stick one out in the moonlight and one in the shade next to the other.

I will not tell you the result of this experiment, because if the flat earth theory is a generous helping of mule muffins and bovine waste.
It might then pay to move right along to your favorite activity and disregard this crazy idea.

If you want to see for yourself with your own eyes, and believe me it makes a BIG difference when you see with your own senses stuff being told to you.
Likewise do a search for satellites, or real time footage of planets, or earth from space, in a google images search.
If you can find me one single photo or even a video, I will personally email you a very expensive home on the coast with a great view of the flat ocean.

The difference that it makes to us all if it is pancake or oblate sphere is very important and utterly profound!

Inherent is the round image is an inescapable partaking of the rest of the established world view.
Which is;
Round earth spinning on it's axis at 1000 miles an hour, and when you add the speed of us going round the sun.
With the sun going round the galaxy.
With the galaxy moving as well, the high priests of science, cosmology and astro-gnome-ey tell us we are moving at a very pedestrian 2.7 million miles an hour.

The fairy tales don't stop there - why fairy tales?
Oh high priests, show us proof, but please not the red shift and Doppler effect.
There is a thing with a fancy name "Paralax" and we simply can not go somewhere other than earth to measure .... anything!

Also but more importantly for my own theory within this theory is the idea of a big bong, oops big bang and evolution.
IF you believe that theory then go well, be happy and healthy namaste!

However if you have some doubts that your family tree started as first bacteria.
Then a monkey, and now you?
Who is now having a most civilized enjoyable life.
Glad to hear you have doubts, most of us do.

Now the the reason may become clear as to why flat vs round.
Was it an accident - evolution?
Or is life spiritual? - I am not a bible basher.
Christianity is the bind ( religion ) most are exposed to in the West ( assuming you are in the West)
Yet ironically in Genesis you can read ooooooooorrrrrrrrrl about the firmament and flat earth.

There is a difference, pun intended 'worlds' apart, between spirituality and religion.
As there is a vast difference to our entire scientific, philosophical premise - between an accident and a 'intelligent design'. :-D

AL233 said...

Anyone else in shock that you are even thinking about this theory? I watched those videos out of curiosity and found them interesting. The past few years have really pulled the rug from underneath nearly all of my beliefs... Why not throw the shape of the earth onto the pile at this point???

AL233 said...

I meant to mention one thing I had thought of... I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I remember my mom always saying that they seemed to have stopped teaching kids geography... I don't ever recall being tested on geography. Perhaps too many curious eyes on the globe caused issues??

Nick said...

That shock you so perfectly and accurately describe - is exactly my point AL233!
I agree with the rug pulling you are describing.
This is not some silly back and forth childish argument like "Who is best, Beatles or the Stones?

That is what I am trying to do "Throw out all beliefs" see how you actually feel inside?
It is a full on consciousness revolution ( revolution means to revolve, so we have been here before ) of epic proportions.
We can't underestimate it enough - it's a game changer!!

Geography doesn't change anything as such, the reason that so much was removed from the old curriculum is - that our world is based on debt and slavery, the mission of school is to produce slaves for the parasitic system.
Folk that have a brain, critical thinking and free time are not as useful as a type of zombie called 'the working dead' :-)

AL233 said...

the past few years have brought me back to believing in God and my own instincts and mind. It used to be so easy, I left understanding and interpreting events to those "smarter" than I... Pundits, people on tv, PhDs, scientists, doctors etc. Then I saw the cracks and realized all I had was my own mind and instincts to figure it all out. I began to thank god for my mind and intuition... So here I am now attempting to figure out if this is possible, if it's a psy op or something else.... Little surprises me at this point!

AL233 said...

I guess if it was flat and powerful people went through all the effort to disguise it, there would be some reason for the deception that could mean something we dont understand now...

Nick said...

AL233 well said, perfect description of exactly how we lost what was obvious.
Let me quote from the wonderful Supertramp 'Logical song'

"When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.
And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily,
Joyfully, playfully watching me.
But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,
Logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
Clinical, intellectual, cynical."

The earth may or may not be flat.
But very powerful um ... possibly people? - certainly a type of person known as a psychopath can initiate the slaughter of millions and get a jolly good nights sleep because the part of the brain that makes us empathetic / sympathetic, is defunct.

This is a very deep rabbit hole, and not for the timid or feint of heart OR regular TV watchers.
In my own life experience and as such my opinion everything is connected.
Nothing going on 'out there in the world' is random or accidental.

Not only from a "ooh god I hope spirituality is real, because I feel alone and scared" so let me believe in a higher power, regardless that I haven't:
Seen / heard / tasted / smelled / touched this benign force.

But from the point of view of culture, world events, wars, and prolly even natural disasters and weather events.

So here is how I see it.
The way humanity is 'managed'.
To use an analogy of farming - the beasties are bred for docility, passivity and co operation, happy to stay in the pen, and if they see the glint of a sharp knife, they shudder and quickly look away - and also, they don't see the connection between the man shouting and that damn dog that keeps barking.

So to the reason they disguise - not only the flat earth, but without much exaggeration:
For what end?
No answer as such.
As for what we can see - if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.
Unlikely it will be an Axolotl.

Control my young friend.
Control over everything.
What is the biggest thing in controlling folk?
Data is king, just ask google ads.

EA RW said...

Yes, we are the live stock on the stock market so they can perform stock exchange. And there are the stock holders and the stock brokers. It is funny how much you can find.

This was quite interesting regarding the word "media" from the median empire.

Nick I think you hit the spot on many subjects. Matthew 13:16.

Serene said...

@Nick....thank you for your post, I am attempting to process it all albeit slowly. It is definitely a new idea in my consciousness. Makes me wonder, when folks hundreds of years ago thought the world was flat, how did it come into being that it was "changed" into being round? This must have been a huge turning point in history that has been overlooked. Much more to it than we realize. I've always said, there is much more history that we don't know about than what we do know! Thanks again Nick :)

Nick said...

Thanks EA RW :-)
Great article.
A very unprovable cool notion I have heard is the masks used on those ( so called ) Greek plays had an amplification device to help project the sound in the large amphitheaters.
Sona = sound
Persona = personality = mask.
Our personality in some astrological literature is sometimes expressed as the rising sign or Ascendant.

When we are out in the world such social intercourse takes place:
"How are ya mate?"
"Yea great and yourself"
You know like I know this is a social lubricant which might also be interpreted as an act or a mask.

So many things in our his-story I simply don't know how we can know.
For instance yes - you can see letters from Roman soldiers describing a birthday party involving girls and beer - like you can see Roman coins
Yes there are copper scrolls and codices and the remains of the Dead Sea Scrolls , list goes on.

But if we are to truly free ourselves, with much attentiveness and diligent awareness - we must keep asking how, why and who says so and why.
As per usual there is fact mixed with fiction to suit the farmer / bosses / victors.

The eye in that article EA RW as a Cyclops is a big deal.
Perhaps one of the biggest for it's linguistic image, eye / "I"
It's affiliation with motifs and "I"cons like the Eye of Horus.
There is the Pineal gland - look at this and tell me you don't go "aaahh oooohhh aaahhh"
There is the Hindu Bindi as 3rd eye.

There is the "I"dea that the universe is looking at us and we are looking back with our "I"s

Great bible quote on the senses.
Senses are at work in language as the "I" is.
Common sense.
Sense-ative etc, there are more but I can't remember them now LOL!
For my two "cents" .. this is a clue. :-)

Nick said...

Serene, don't be in a hurry to understand, and don't feel frustrated by any perceptible progress to understanding.
We are perfect right now, always have been always will.
We are as a bloke called Dada says Non local having a local experience.

As for the his-story, there is:
Going back to a potential fabricated his-story there is Eratosthenes and in more modern times.
Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Kepler etc
The latter being in the last 500 year started the ol' global model.
In modern times we have the sci fi NASA religion - google Operation Paperclip, Free Masonic connections with NASA.
There is a film going back to I think the 30's called Lady in the Moon which shows very familiar looking imagery and shuttle design and so on.

In other words if you want proof of NASA and it's malarkey do the image search for satellites and planets, or even the earth.
So the turning point in his-story has a couple of tangible stages.

Serene said...

Thank you Nick, you've given me a lot to ponder. Still trying to process all of this. Always good to share ideas, that's how we learn! Excellent information, thank you!! Warmest regards, Serene

Nick said...

No worries, Serene thank YOU, and happy hunting. :-)

Hey EA RW that etymology site is great stuff thanks, I just seen the funniest thing.
Einstein (n.)
as a type-name for a person of genius, 1920, in reference to German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955), who was world-famous from 1919 through media accounts of his work in theoretical physics. According to "German-American Names" (George F. Jones, 3rd ed., 2006) it means literally "place encompassed by a stone wall."

What the fuzz?
Stone wall ????
Generally when stone walled you get no information - and encompassed by one, may suggest a prison?
Well I did say he was essential part of the modern view of reality. :-)

Conrado said...


in science is not just the "word of the bosses or agencies". we are talking actually about a whole community that have been growing now adays and solidified many concrete knowledges by experimentation and so on.

If you think about the earth as a disc, who to explain the extreme cold temperatures of the north and south poles? Now they've became the center and the edge of this disc, so how to explain the frozen temperatures only at the center and the edge?

Moreover, not only the spherical form of the earth is responsible for the hot temperatures at the equador and the coldest at the poles, but also the seasons and its periodic changes are totally related to a sphere rotating around its axis and the sun....but if the earth were a disc, how it would "work" ?

And how to talk about Tides ? Even the time shifts we use to "unify" the measuring of time around the globe makes only sense if we are living on a spherical surface, not a disc...

I agree this whole discussion revolves about paradigms, but considering the earth as a disc is a paradigm much closer to others like considering the earth the center of universe and all of these were primely used during the middle ages, the lowest level of development of our civilization...

So, summing up, it's not only about saying "THEY HAVE FOOLED EVERYONE ABOUT EVERYTHING" or put on the table some random map supposedly from some monks that we can throw away scientific and solid knowledge....
even the greeks have calculated the diameter of the earth with good precision as we do today

My regards

Nick said...

Hi Conrad I have said in above comments about trying to throw out beliefs.
That is to say there is no point in believing it's flat, any more than round.
We are mortal, with limited senses, and one heck of a programmed unconscious mind, but the biggest hazard to being objective is the state mostly known as the - ego.

This idea of investment of self in beliefs is the very reason there is acrimonious name calling at best, and at worst bloodshed.
You know when there is an emotion that comes 'out of nowhere' a button is pushed.
This is the credence behind the possibly true story of the Delphi Oracle "Know thyself"

Nothing in life is simple.
One of the reasons I am here commenting is - it strikes me as this FE whole business is the healthiest thing I have ever seen!
For the genuine quality being expressed by some folks of asking - why, how, when, what for and more importantly, who says so?

The whole community you refer to is there of course!
In the computing world, altruism, and the love of sharing is manifest in the free programs geeks have created, purely because they could, and the most powerful of this idea is 'Open Source' (an OS or software developed by a community of geeks, made possible to access to code )
Yes these people are NOT paid.
Yes some scientists of all fields of life are caring human beings.

However when I say we are lied to:
I am not a rebel without a clue - trying to shock with throw the infant out with the cleaning fluid.
This is not some nihilistic stand for it's own sake.
It's because the depth of the deception is so ubiquitous - I just feel, how can I trust anything any thing anyone says not only about science, but an enormous question mark about his-story.

I can instantly think of 2 examples of science as an information war / firewall.
One is Immanuel Velikovsky, who had a best seller in the 50s, which challenged scientific view of the solar system, and was ridiculed by the system, and he ran into publishing problems.

Walter Russel, like Velikovsky was multi disciplinarian - he was an exceptional painter, sculptor, musician.
Such was his caliber that he painted the children of Roosevelt!
He then had a visions in the same way as Steiner.
He painted what he had seen, which was sacred geometry regarding the nature of matter and more importantly the idea that gravity as we understood it was wrong.
He sent his work to the biggest honchos of science of the day - needless to say, the reaction was quieter than a pin dropping.
No one knows of him, and rather than being a household name in modern art classes - nada.

Augusta Picard is another from a similar era to above examples - of whom there is no whisper from the systems books.

I am all for science!
As a kid I had chemistry sets, a microscope, a telescope a giant encyclopedia, built crystal sets etc.
A lovely song by quote Steely Dan encapsulates a common world view.
"I am not taken in by everything I heard, I just read the daily news and swear by every word"

To come to the points you raise, I not only will not argue for FE but will agree with you.
Issues like the tides, and the one I find mysterious is Aurora Borealis / Australis but many more.
The poles to me are pretty believable in the FE model.
The way the stars ( whatever they actually are ) remain in the same positions regardless of our 2.7 Mph sojourn is beyond me.
The claim the earths water not only curves, but stays on the planet is also beyond me?
We have to see unprovable BS ( Belief Systems ) before trying to solve the science if we even can!
That's why I have said start with the modern face of the globe theory. NASA.

Have you actually seen any of the videos Conrad?
This is not about a random map of some monks or throwing away accumulated knowledge.
No disrespect intended, this is not aimed at you, I don't doubt you are very intelligent, but the phenomena known as Confirmation Bias is alive and well in all of us - as I said earlier, the ego is a slippery customer.


EA RW said...

Yes it is great stuff. Thank you nick. Now I came across this regariding "flat earth".
Not based on believe systems but a sort of common sense. There was admiral Byrd person and another woman andrea who went to antartica.

Californication now what is fornication. The song from RHCP.

fornication (n.)
c. 1300, from Old French fornicacion "fornication, lewdness; prostitution; idolatry" (12c.), from Late Latin fornicationem (nominative fornicatio), noun of action from past participle stem of fornicari "to fornicate," from Latin fornix (genitive fornicis) "brothel" (Juvenal, Horace), originally "arch, vaulted chamber, a vaulted opening, a covered way," probably an extension, based on appearance, from a source akin to fornus "brick oven of arched or domed shape" (see furnace). Strictly, "voluntary sex between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman;" extended in the Bible to adultery. The sense extension in Latin is perhaps because Roman prostitutes commonly solicited from under the arches of certain buildings.

Nick said...

Hey EA RW, no thank YOU.
Yes regarding the chirping Mr Byrd, have a nosey at some of his 'details'

Glad to hear you have discovered a new word.
There is a bodacious and gratuitous feast of linguistic treats to be used to impress your friends at cocktail parties.
If you thought Fornication was a ripper - check out some of these other lascivious words, used in Shakespeare's time;
Strumpet, Punk, Cuckold.
Though the Etymology site only shows you Strumpet, google the other two :-)

Oh by the way, if you are only discovering the depth of surveillance - i.e. DNA and Facebook.
It is a scary rabbit hole at first - but try not to be scared, fear is unhealthy.
After all there are billions of us and only a handful of ... whatever they are, ( not that I have ever used FB ;-) )
Also this is nothing new, however the DNA is a more hardcore so needless to say, don't go there.

Conrado said...


I will take a look on these guys you've mentioned above, Piccard seems familiar though. Thank you in advance.

I agree about the "ego" and the misconception called objective reality. I myself use to think it is still a mystery to be unfolded on a 'not-quite-near-future' and eventually there will be a true understanding of matter and all sorts. I do have a strong intuition regarding sacred geometry related topics and they are supposed to play a big role on this scenario.

I personally (at least) try to see it all not as a BS, but I believe in maths and equations. So far I don't support this FE model for the math doesn't points towards it, unless the planet were built from the ground as a disc already by some hi tech alien species... well, we will see about that.

My regards

JJ said...

This video should deal with the Flat Earth issue once and for all.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the great info. Interesting topic for sure!

:D said...

Wow. I enjoy your posts. Life itself is an illusion as well as death. We came to this earth to fulfill a mission not part of this mundane world. Flat or not... it doesn't make a difference to fulfill that mission. It is interesting to read different points of view.

I have always believed that we are all living in a Petri dish observed and cared by the Almighty.
Once again... interesting ideas. We all must take what resonate with us.


Freestar said...

Working through all the sessions, u finally found one on FE. I am all about it. This is one of the best ones I've found on it. Dan is very rational and practical about it.

This is another that makes me think we may live in multidimensions and planes, but its also possible there are lands beyond lands, as outlines in these pictures in the link.

Freestar said...

Please look at the email from Globe Skeptic that I posted below. He really covers all the bases. Any attempts to debunk, including the footage he shows from outtakes of Earth from space, falls short. You can make up maths to fit your globe theory. Just think how all you need is for each member of NASA that actually needs to know the truth is a member of the Freemasons, and it's not hard to see how the secret can be kept. My eyes are now wide open.

Freestar said...

I like all your points 😆

Freestar said...

Please look at the email from Globe Skeptic that I posted below. He really covers all the bases. Any attempts to debunk, including the footage he shows from outtakes of Earth from space, falls short. You can make up maths to fit your globe theory. Just think how all you need is for each member of NASA that actually needs to know the truth is a member of the Freemasons, and it's not hard to see how the secret can be kept. My eyes are now wide open.

Humaun Kabir said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! Some really amazing features.

flat earth map

abhishek mane said...

The earth Flat Earth Map is Collection where you can find at EARTHMEASURED

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and info!