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Alternative Treatments & Healings for Mesothelioma

[I was contacted by, and they wanted to write an article informing people on mesothelioma and alternative treatments. I found this interesting and informative. I am hopeful you will enjoy and even use this information to help someone you know. Much love, Lynn]

Article by: Ashley Stafford, Community Outreach Volunteer

What is mesothelioma?

Alternative mesothelioma treatments are non-conventional treatment approaches for mesothelioma. When alternative treatments and conventional treatments are used together, they form complementary treatments. Basically, most alternative treatments for mesothelioma are alternative medicines, integrative treatments or complementary medicine. Alternative medicine is any non-traditional treatment that replaces traditional medicine. Integrative treatment also sometimes referred to as a type of therapy refers to approaches like yoga, reiki and spiritual healing.
Complementary medicine on the other hand refers to treatment approaches that are used alongside traditional treatments to enhance treatment.
Here are some of the major alternative treatments that might benefit mesothelioma patients:
Ayurvedic Medicine
The basis of ayurvedic medicine is the traditional Hindu and Indian beliefs that the overall health of a person has a direct tie with imbalance. Although some mesothelioma patients have reported pain relief after using ayurdic strategies and supplements, more research is required to determine whether they are actually effective. Nevertheless, some studies have shown that ayurvedic medicine has minimal effectiveness when it comes to reduction or elimination of mesothelioma cancers. Generally, ayurvedic medicine includes advice on special diets, taking ayurvedic medicine, relaxation and breathing techniques among others. An ayurvedic practitioner suggests the most appropriate treatment depending on the health condition of the patient.
Herbal medicines
Herbs have been used to heal the mind and the body for many years. When backed by information and research, herbal medicines provide an important adjunct to mesothelioma treatment. In several cases, antioxidants have been proven effective in preventing and treating illnesses including cancer. For instance, mint tea helps patients with stomach issues. Chamomile enhances relaxation. Ginger on the other hand helps with nausea. Nevertheless, it is important that mesothelioma patients use herbal products cautiously. Unlike over-the-counter and prescription drugs, most herbal products are not regulated. Therefore, these products can cause harm when used inappropriately.  
Spiritual therapies
Being diagnosed with any form of mesothelioma can prompt patients to question their belief system or faith. Spiritual therapy focuses on supporting the patient’s belief as well as their individual right to evaluate and question those beliefs. Spiritual therapies for mesothelioma include religious ceremonies, rituals, counseling, engaging in different religious and spiritual practices as well as learning to be mindful and present. Spiritual therapy may require guidance of a pastor, rabbi, or priest. It can also be self-directed. This alternative therapy should be approached in a manner that is supportive and sensitive to the spiritual values of the patient. Although there are numerous studies on this approach to mesothelioma treatment, the topic has not been generalized since it is personalized to every patient.
This is a form of spiritual healing but patients heal through the management of body energy. The focus of this treatment is on the use of palm healing. Patients manipulate energies while lying on their hands. These energies are believed to contribute to their healing and overall health. Although reiki has not been proven effective in treating mesothelioma directly, it promotes relaxation thereby benefiting the patient indirectly and directly at the same time.
Alternative or complementary mesothelioma treatment options comfort patients while providing certain benefits. Understanding each alternative mesothelioma treatment before you try it is very important. It is also important that you talk to your doctor about the alternative medicines and therapies that you want to try in order to make the best, most informed decision to improve not just the health in your body, but in your mind, soul, and spirit. YouTube Channel: 


Raymond G said...

I wonder how many ailments can be cured with herbal remedies and avoid the use of prescription medicine? It would be nice if they were made available to us, but I guess the pharma giants wouldn't make any money that way. Cayce said that there would be healing centers we would go to in the future that would heal us using light and vibration. That would be interesting. Are the lights and vibrations he was talking about available to us now or are they in a spectrum we haven't learned about yet? Thanks, Lynn.

Curious Kat said...

Lynn, I was wondering if you could look into the benefits or possible risks of h202 therapy. There are many people who ingest 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in distilled water to flood the body with oxygen. The theory is the bad cells cannot live in such an oxygenated environment. There are many testimonies stating that it cures everything from cancer to AIDS to the common cold and candida overgrowth. It is also claimed to cure mesothelioma. On the flip side there are many in the medical\scientific fields (as well as the FDA, haha that should tell me enough) that say it's dangerous and damages good cells with the bad.
The "One Minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh outlines the protocol.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts you may share!

Bee E-lightened said...

The FDA isnt truthful and hides info. I can see why too much oxygen is bad but if our body is acidic, it may help. Lynn, it would be interesting to hear what you have to say about this.

Leonie Mahon said...

I find it interesting that the following statement is used ... 'Alternative medicine is any non-traditional treatment that replaces traditional medicine.'. LOL! Aren't the herbal, spiritual, diet remedies the 'traditional' medicine???? They have been around way longer than modern medicine! It should be the other around I think!! :)

Bee E-lightened said...

Ive always said that. Herbal/hime remedy is traditional. Not modern day morgue medicine

Judy Koons said...

I watch clients heal everyday from ailments they thought they would have to live with for the rest of their lives with foods, herbs and some high quality supplementation. There are many thoughts around health that have been twisted and it becomes more important that ever to learn how to trust in the bodies ability to heal. Loved Cacye's work and love Anthony William's work.

Kalamota Kook said...

Raymond G - such information is gaining ground. Look up 'Functional Medicine'. It is a growing movement, much of it by mainstream-trained doctors, which heals people who have chronic, debilitating, auto-immune disorders, and also targets the epidemic of diabesity, cancer, Alzheimers etc. It's all rooted in tackling inflammation and gut health using diet, environment and lifestyle factors. And it works! I guess this is what Judy Koons is referring to, or something very similar. The trend towards Paleo/ low carb eating is related to this as well. The labels don't matter as much as the underlying principles. The more people that have their lives turned around by this, the more unstoppable the information will be.

What is exciting is that this is not on the 'alternative' fringes that are usually disregarded. Medical schools and departments are taking this seriously, there are solid peer-reviewed scientific studies stacking up, and the wonderful thing is that people can make dramatic improvements simply by removing inflammatory foods from their diet (for example) and start to become well again within days. It feels like a miracle. It's also a huge relief to know what you can do to minimise the risk of developing some really common and frightening conditions in the future.

Anonymous said...

Raymond I remember reading the same about healing with light and vibration and it had to do with all aspects of health mental an physical. Also read an experience someone had that revealed information to them that eventually all learning will be done while we sleep. There will be no need for schools.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. I see healing as a spiritual and physical experience, and food / homeopathy help to guide us and put our 3D body in a more balanced state for that healing to occur. Great reading suggestions as well! Quickly on the H202, we don't want to be too acidic, and I'm not sure I see a good PH balance with this based on how it is metabolized (but always trust your gut and do your own research for what feels right to you).

Much love-

Raymond G said...

Thanks Erin and Kalamoto. I"ll check out functional medicine. It's hard to make progress when the doctors and big pharma are in charge of making the rules. But the rules they make are designed to protect their turf not improve medicine and if they deviate from 'accepted practices' you might get sued.

I have heard of learning in your sleep. Cayce said that if he put a book under his pillow at night he would wake up in the morning and be able to recall the contents of the book. That has not worked for me But I think that one day we'll put on headphones and 'download' Calculus and Shakespeare in our Minds then go to school, discuss what we learned and how to apply it. One time I had a dream and I was speaking to someone Angel...a Guide..I don't know. But we were somewhere in the astral plane and just before my dream ended, I remember remarking that 'wow, this is where you know everything'. I don't know if I was in the Hall of Records, but for a brief moment I knew that if I asked a question I would know the answer and the other person just smiled at me. Then I woke up, no wiser than when I went to bed.

Madhvi Sharma said...

Nice information provided for mesothelioma patients. I also read related to Mesothelioma Causes which I find very useful to share here.

Madhvi Sharma said...
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