Monday, October 31, 2016

American Horror Story Lost Colony

Happy Halloween!  In the spirit of Halloween, I thought this would be an interesting reading... 

Q. Interested in your thoughts about what is referred to as "The Lost Colony" or Roanoke in the 1500's. Apparently it just vanished. American Horror story on FX is incorporating it into this year's new season. It's intriguing.  Thanks, Lynn
A. As I tune into this I see a tribe of Native Americans surrounding this town.  They hide in the woods and just watch as this town gets built.  The thing is that this tribe moves in such a quiet and stealthy way, I hear they are "like whispers" in the night.  These townspeople don't do anything without being watched over by this group. And the townspeople are oblivious to their existence.

Back at this Indian tribe's base (for lack of a better word) I see the chief sitting around a fire. He is adorned in a feather headdress and smoking a pipe.  He is talking to what feels like the higher people in their society (there is a group of about 10) and expressing his concerns of the Europeans (they had another name that starts with a "c" but I cannot hear it clearly).  He does not want the land harmed, trees cut and their hunting ground thinned by these new inhabitants.  He sees them as a threat and feels he needs to take them out to prevent further destruction.  They decide to sit, watch and wait.  I also see this Chief believing that he will get some kind of "sign" when the time is right (they are very grounded with "Mother Earth").  

As the winter weather approached it looks like many of the townspeople became ill.  I cannot tell if it was due to some kind of virus, or if it was because of lack of nutrition (food was tough during that winter).  The natives knew that with a good majority of them ill and hungry (and they didn't want their food taken), it was a good time to act, but rather than an all out war with the Europeans with their "fancy" technology (for the time), it was better to pick off small sections to let their presence not be detected.  

It got to be where the Europeans thought the outskirts of their colony was haunted because if someone went out there, they didn't come back.  Food became an even bigger issue because they couldn't go to the woods to hunt, or they wouldn't come back.  Occasionally some of the natives would go into the colony, pick off a few Europeans and quickly return to the woods.  When I ask how they hid the bodies, or how did they keep the Europeans from realizing what happened, I get that the natives would take the bodies with them (and there was an element of cannibalism as punishment for taking from the earth without giving back) which further made these disappearances more mysterious to the town. 

Finally, by mid to late winter the townspeople are starving, weak, many ill and cold.  There were so worn down they could not fight back.  At that time the natives fought like nothing the Europeans had ever witnessed.  The natives took some bodies and left some behind as a way to deliver a message to anyone who might return.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, October 28, 2016

British Airways Mystery Sickness

Q. Hi Lynn, I have a question about the recent case of a British Airways flight. Having taken off from San Francisco for London, it had to divert for emergency landing at Vancouver as all 25 members of the pilot and cabin crew fell ill simultaneously, though the passengers were apparently fine. They were checked over at a hospital but nothing seemed to be wrong with them. I have read that there have been similar cases but the cause is unknown. What caused them to become ill, was it by accident or a plot, and why were the passengers not affected (according to reports)? Thank you.
A. As I tune into this I get an image of the crew clustered together and they are mumbling about some kind of corporate policy, and about something they needed to do. Then, I see a woman in a nurses uniform show up and administer what looks like some kind of nasal immunization (like a flu vaccine). I get that everyone that participated in this (what feels like required) vaccine became ill within a certain amount of time. It started with a mild headache, and then progressed from there.  

I also get that it was highly suspected what really caused the illness, but they (company, pharmaceutical company, etc) didn't want the bad press. I see that around that same time there was another "mystery" illness caused from this, and the pharmaceutical company didn't want chaos or have this immunization put into question.  It appears that it was a bad batch, and the main stabilizing element was too concentrated.  Pharma knew this concentration wouldn't ultimately kill someone, so it was cheaper to let it ride than to pull or recall it (and have to explain why).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Body, Our Soul and Non-Physical Beings

Q. Can non-physical beings take physical form as living people?  Thank you
A. I get that all living things have ownership of the vessel they are given.  We may astral project or have "out of body" experiences, but we are tethered to our physical body.    Non-physical beings may want to take that physical body, but they cannot.  As a way to counteract that inability, that being may try to influence or control the owner of the physical body (like a remote controlled car).  

Setting boundaries, limits, rules and protection are very important when interacting with spiritual beings.  The mental intent of the person is very important.  Your will and what you believe will be your reality.  Be clear, concise and confident in your thoughts and language, and the non-spiritual being will abide.

Q. Since our body is the garden of our soul, can the soul dwell in a body that is chronically or terminally sick⁉️  Thanks for your time invested and sharing your gift with us on this site. Love & light as always‼️

A.  Your soul doesn't abandon your body even if it is ill.  There is a vibratory connection between your soul and your physical body, and that vibration is so intense it mimics the vibration of unconditional love.  When you body is ill your soul understands this and does what it needs to do to see you through. That may involve acceptance or reaching out to guides and other spiritual helpers to aid in your recovery (depending on the situation and your life path),

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ability for Children to "See"

Q. Dear Lynn, my toddler grandson is being bothered by 'visitors' and his psychic mum and I can see them some of the time, but not to the extent he can. Can you give guidance, as a mother and psychic medium and RVer, of how we can guide our children through this passage when most of the time adults can't verify what the child see or indeed do much about them? Thanks for everything!
A.  I first get that it is great that you are validating what your grandson is seeing because many times out of fear or lack of understanding, adults will tell young children (who are very in tune because their rational minds aren't fully developed) that the spirits they see are "imaginary" or not real, when in fact they are very real.  Just because something isn't understood (spirit or otherwise) it isn't fair to the person experiencing it to be led astray until the concept is really analyzed.

I next get to talk openly.  Let them know to not approach this with fear, it is actually a gift.  Most spirits are here to help or are neutral, but occasionally you will have one that is bothersome in which case you need to set protection (through mental intent) and tell it to leave (mentally or out loud).  A spirit should never cause negative emotions or act in a negative way - That is grounds for you to tell it to leave immediately!!

Explain to your grandson that our minds are very powerful, and spirit will do what we tell it to do (as long as we believe what we are saying). We can set boundaries such as "you are allowed to be here, but you must stay outside of my bedroom." Or, you can tell a spirit to leave by saying "you need to go to where you are better served" (realizing that energy can be moved but not created or destroyed).  Try to keep phrases in the positive and use clear and concise language (avoid saying no, don't, shouldn't, etc).  

I further see this broken out like a list.  
1. Acknowledge what is happening
2. Embrace the gift and avoid fear or fearful language. 
3. Set protection (mental intent and envisioning white light is very powerful).
4. Determine if there is any harm being done (emotions or behavior) as a result.  If so tell it to leave IMMEDIATELY.  If not, you can set boundaries.
5. Keep an ongoing discussion and allow the gift to grow. 

And that is all I have for this reading. (I can address questions in comments.) Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, October 21, 2016

Life Detective #3

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our newest segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people of note. Note that when Lynn taps in, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of the subject that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today, and where they might be in future. I’m not going to reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. Note: My questions appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Life1: "When I focus on this person, I get this Las Vegas thing come into my mind, old timey Las Vegas, back when it was first settled. It feels like early 1900s, when Vegas was just a dirt road and some saloons and brothels, boardwalk sidewalks. Not grandiose at all. An old seedy western town. I see our first subject as a woman. She looks to be in her 20s. She’s very voluptuous, attractive, and talented. She had a lot of skills. She was a singer and performer at a brothel that also had a large stage. Everyone in town knew who she was. Women at this time weren’t really respected, but she held a lot of respect and had lots of people keeping an eye out for her. She had bodyguards and was protected, never groped or abused. She was seen as very special as she brought in business, so they took care of her. She dressed in a burlesque-y kinda way, way before anyone else did. She was a trendsetter. She never got married or had kids, but she was totally taken care of where she was, had free room and board. She felt very special, with lots of energy and sequins and sparkle, lots of artistic skills going back even into several past lives. A totally different dynamic, wow." 

[Were there any more significant past lives for this person, or just the early Vegas one? Who are they in the future, can you tell? Are they still in spirit? Oh, and… what’s with the eyes?]

"The Vegas life is the one that really felt dominant. I felt it tied to his personality and similar life lessons/struggles. I will say that in that life there was some significance to the color lavender, and I see him/her holding a lavender colored crystal, and has he/she was holding it up to the light. It projected a beam out of it that almost felt magical… then he/she quickly put the crystal back in her pocket. I feel like he/she had some very spiritual experiences that were never discussed and actually repressed because he/she didn't know what they meant, who to talk to, and sort of feared them."

Life NOW: "I would say this person is still in spirit. I don't feel that they are in physical form just yet. I can't tell just yet who they're going to be (it isn't being shown), but I sense that, artistically, they don’t like what music is turning into. I hear something about "robot" voices and people not being authentic. This person knows that their look was extreme at times, but it could be replicated and duplicated and exploited by the music industry — in an artificial way, just to make money — but this person was the archetype for much of it; they were who they were — a real person with talent, not some photo-shopped construct with a computer voice." 

[When you’re psychically thinking of this person, are they AWARE of you thinking of them??]

"They did seem aware. Felt like I was talking right to them… they were super nice. Oh, when I ask about the eyes I hear 'all the better to see you with' and then hear a laugh.”

[A very cool individual.]

Subject B
Life 1: "I see this little boy. It looks like the life directly before his famous one. I’m seeing early 1800s. The boy’s look makes me feel like he’s from India. He’s got a cleft palate, and is terribly disfigured. Lots of complications with his birth and childhood. It was almost a miracle that he survived. It made him very introverted and self-conscious — but he was brilliant. He was kind of artistic and gifted, but he never got to do anything with it, as his parents didn’t give him much, like he was discounted by them, thought to be defective in some way. He has this lonely sad feeling, sometimes, but he was kinda okay with it at times, as he didn’t mind being left alone. Still, he was lonely. Introverted, but brilliant. He was a bit introverted in his next (famous) life, too, but this time he became known for his brilliance, and celebrated for it. In this past life I hear the phrase, 'disregarded savant.'"

Life NOW: "When I ask who he is now, I see a Rubik’s Cube spin so fast it looks like a blur. I get he’s Asian and young, maybe 18 or 19, and somehow involved with writing an algorithm for solving it, and has won some titles or championships with that knowledge."

Subject C
Life 1: "I’m seeing a monk, incredibly spiritual. He had a profound religious belief, but he had problems with some of the teachings. It was bothering him. He wanted to *know* what was real truth, instead of just accepting it. He had a bold way of thinking of things, and struck out on his own to find the truth, a spiritual quest. He went out into the world alone on a long journey over many many years. I see this shepherd’s staff and robes and he’s walking amongst trees in autumn… autumn turns to winter, to spring… I see seasons passing and passing. His beard grew long. He wanted to experience SOURCE in his own way, to reach enlightenment. He traveled far and long, over many many years. In the end he made it to this enormous mountain top. He’s sitting zazen atop this mountain top, facing the rising sun, extracting energy from the sun, letting it heal and regenerate him. Then I see this light go on above his head, as if he’d reached self-actualization: enlightenment. It’s really beautiful. The most perfect ending to the story of his life. He held on till the very end till he felt that SOURCE connectedness… and then he moved on."

Life NOW: "I don't get that he has reincarnated. He now resides (in a spiritual sense) with SOURCE."

Subject D
Life 1: "I see this guy. He looks to be in his early 20s, in a filthy uniform, like he’s worn it every day for a month, but never washed it. He works at the bottom of a castle, in the dungeons as a guard. I see all these dirt cells that are incredibly dirty and vermin-ridden. It stinks and is awful, repulsive, and yet this guy puts on his dirty uniform every day and LOVES his job! He feels proud to wear this dirty uniform and lord over the prisoners; he loves feeling superior to them, even though he’s kinda got mental challenges, like there’s something wrong with him. He likes lording over these dirty people in their dirty cages, serving them bug-ridden food you wouldn’t even serve to your pet now; he gets this sick, happy feeling, this sick satisfaction to being abusive to these people. I get this strong sense of mental imbalance. If you saw him today, you’d think he needed assistance and therapy — or you’d think he needed to be put in a padded cell. But back then, people in power used people like this to man these terrible jobs [sounds familiar], as they knew they’d do what they wanted and be loyal, like a little minion. Give them a uniform and make them feel important, then put them in charge of prisoners and they do what you want. The people in charge preyed upon the mentally challenged. This guy *enjoyed* being evil to other people... but he wasn’t of sound mind. His mental challenges were exploited. Still… ug, it makes me feel sick. [Sorry, Lynn!]

In his famous life, I get he was also abused and had mental challenges, too. It created a very angry and sort of mean person. He did torture people (much like in his past life). There was a lot of truth to what was said about him, and he looks to be feared. I wouldn't let kids knock on his castle door, trick-or-treating!"

Life NOW: "I think he is part of the monarchy, currently, but not sure specifically who. I just see the ‘castle' there.” [Makes sense.]

Subject E
Life1: "I was trying to figure this one out. I couldn’t get an image. Then I got this image of the earth, and I panned out... and I saw this angelic presence come down from the sky, come down to earth. In a previous life, this person wasn’t on earth. Were they an angel? They were… Pleiadian. But why sent here? It was a really big deal that this person incarnate here on earth at this key time, with this kind of influence. I hear that, “they were necessary to complete the story.” They were a key person who needed to be here, to be part of something big, to be exactly who they were, exactly when they were, sent here intentionally to fulfill this specific role. Wow."

Life NOW: "I get in this life she isn't famous. She's an elderly woman who works with children. Looks like an orphanage or organization with that vibe, in Africa. She’s a Caucasian woman, but the children around her are all Africans. She’s trying to introduce homeopathy to these kids and nearby community because the cost of natural remedies is much less than meds. Many are very thin, so nutrition looks to be a challenge. I would say she is a very private, modest and humble woman (and I don't feel she would want to be found and would run away from attention or fame)." 

[I’m surprised that this person is back here on earth. Is it by choice?]

"This person did feel to be here by choice, to serve a spiritual mission."

[I then bought up the fact that I can now… SPEAK with this person, but in spirit form, as I knew them loooong ago. Could this person have split their spirit, so they were part in the world, part out? I know that this sometimes happens with advanced spirits. Is this how I can “speak" with them today, despite them also being reincarnated?]

"I hadn't thought of it like that. I can actually see this person in human form, as I described, AND in spirit as they were/are. Sounds sort of odd, but it didn't feel odd. Interesting. They must be a split spirit, as you said."

And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, go here for the solution. It's a SIMPLE substitution cipher. Just enter the subject code into the text box that says, “Ciphertext” in the middle of the page, and hit the “DECRYPT" button. Note that I’m using the default encryption key on the site, so just enter in the subject code.

Subject A: gpsaghdtai
Subject B: pnukigiafrciaf
Subject C: npdcbv
Subject D: snpgceiaoxpnik
Subject E: opkwopmgpnifi


I realize that not everyone can do the "detective" decoding due to constraints of you viewing device, so for those people I have put the answers upside down.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Q. Dear Lynn, Please can you confirm that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is ok? Rumors are that the "dead man switch" has been activated, which means that he has been captured or killed and the switch has gone out to release what he has been holding. Is this true? Or, is Assange still holed up in the embassy he has been staying in?
A. I get that he is ok for the time being, but the Clinton campaign is doing what they can to try to gain access to him. I get that her campaign has even gone so far as to try to get to him inside the embassy to create an "unfortunate accident."  I do see a body double in play, but it looks more like something he (Assange) is doing to protect himself.  I get the body double believes in the cause so much that he is willing to risk it to keep Assange safe.

I hear that Assange recently got some information on a dirty deal made within the DNC, and he is using that as insurance.  He has promised to release it should something happen to him (which has the Clinton campaign terrified).  A "dead man switch" plan has been formed, but not activated.  

Q. Related to this, is it safe for you to see what Assange has that he claims will bring down HRC and the democratic party? What can we do to energetically bring that which is hidden to light?  Thank you

A.  He feels as though he cannot bring it to light because it is insurance for his survival.  He wants to be able to continue his work, and him losing his life does no one any good.  It looks like this information is tied to a dirty deal made between the campaign and one of her big donors (and the donor feels private like they want to remain anonymous).  I get if knowledge of who this donor was came to be known, it would shock the country and they would revolt.

The best thing we can do is offer love and protection to him.  When he feels truly safe and secure, I see this information being leaked. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chakra Removal

Q. What is your view about the removal of the chakras..? Some people say they are an alien implant and they're quite a few people doing a removal of their chakras... And what about the Jehovah seals?.. Some people also doing the removal of these seals...What are they?
A.  Chakras are a beautiful gift given to humans.  It is a way to connect our physical body to our spiritual / higher self.  They also serve as a buffer between the physical and spiritual self to prevent us from frying our human, 3D systems. Keeping chakras in balance and harmony will align our physical body with our spiritual body.  If something is off, we feel it, and it is our way to know what we need to work on.  

For example, if in this life you felt that your voice wasn't being heard or you needed to work on your communication, your throat chakra would eventually become out of balance.  It could manifest in chronic sore throats, coughing, neck aches, etc.. When you get in tune with your higher self to determine the root cause, do energy work or seek out help and determine you are off in that chakra, you have an opportunity to do something about it (which is most likely a life lesson you are here to address).  Without a chakra as a guide, you could have challenges and unmet goals on your life path.  You would be faced with putting "band-aids" on your issues rather than truly solve them.

I see these "Jehovah seals" as being tied to the Book of Revelations (you can correct me in comments if I am wrong).  Using this understanding of the concept as a focus, I get that many people somehow feel connected and scared of this, and by creating a disconnect, they will be saved and protected.  I get that if someone wanted to disassociate from the "seals" to feel safe, they have all the tools they need using their own mind, they just need to believe what they tell themselves.  You do not need to pay money or go through a ceremony (unless that is your personal choice).  A ceremony or something official may help to strengthen your intent, but you really just need to believe you are safe, protected and surrounded by light (and you will be).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Monday, October 17, 2016

Abductee Stories, Discussions and Sightings [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering if this article was true about a man who from a young age was used by aliens to conduct mind control and shock treatment experiments in order to learn to separate the mind from the body and forget fear. This man remembers and describes his experiences with different types of aliens and their agenda, the NWO/Illuminati etc. Thank you so much for your insight!!
A. I do see this as being true.  There are programs and studies out there, and I get the real goal is to create a "superhuman."  One of the main things that can hold us humans back are our emotions, especially fear.  Without fear keeping us safe and analyzing decisions that help us make choices, we take risks and feel invincible.  The issue I see is that there are a lot of injuries (physical, psychological, mental and emotional) as a result of these intense brainwashing and even physical stresses.  The PTW (Powers That once Were)* want a force of humans to work like robots, and are trying hard to figure out how to tap into our complex systems.  

I cannot see these experiments stopping until they have perfected the process.  It almost looks like a new version of a military weapon (I keep seeing flashes of the newer show called Stranger Things.) We as fellow humans need to send positive energy to a higher source that can infiltrate and expose these experiments for what they are.

Q. Hi Lynn, I haven't seen a question regarding the book Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer. What is your sense about the information revealed in it by the Alien Aryl who was captured in the Roswell incident.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

A. I must first disclose that I have not read this book, but only know of it (you may want to read it to make your own intuitive interpretation). 

I do get that there is a lot of truth in this book, but it is not completely correct so it will really tug at you when you read it.  Some parts will awaken parts of your subconscious, while other parts feel very rejecting because it challenges our current paradigm.  The book has a strange energy, like it struggles to have a complete balance (creating a real pull between the subconscious and conscious mind).

Q. Hi Lynn can you please do my friend a favor and check this story?  Last year my friend Clara went fishing with 2 friends in a boat on a Sunday in May (back in 2015 the Sundays in May fell on 3,10,17,24,31 just in case its relevant to you).  They where approx. 6 miles upstream from the town of Itaituba (Pará state, Brazil) when she saw 2 big skinny humanoid ETs next to the shore (close to where the circled red X is marked in the attached file). The Tapajós was a huge stream and the ETs didn’t notice immediately that she was gazing at them. But then, after a while, the ETs realized it and jumped into the river. She was and still is very impressed about this experience.

The Locals who live next to this place, (marked with a circled white x), frequently report that strange things use to happen there (may or not be linked to what she observed).  Can you please disclose what is happening there? If it’s ET related, to which race do they belong? What are they possibly doing there?(see attached file).  Thank You very much!

A.  When I tune into this I get your friend did see two rather tall ETs.  They look like tall Greys (maybe 7 to 8 feet tall).  I see them as grey in color, but they have a bluish undertone.  I feel like I can almost see through them if they angled their body just right, but your friend had a full on view.  They also have a strange texture to their skin, and I want to use the word "octopus."

They do feel benevolent.  I also see there are in that location because they have a base in the "foot hills" (is the term I hear).  I also see that they have a "back door" exit that takes them into this body of water.  It looks as though they can enter and exit directly into these "foot hills" and also via underwater tunnel.

I'm being shown that they are there because of the energetic location.  It appears that the ground there is nutrient rich (not sure what you mine there or extract from the ground, but it looks like some kind of crystal or ground up crystal powder).  They are claiming this space on earth for when disclosure actually happens and view / feel this area as being "alive."

Q. Lynn! I just discovered this video made by Disney and broadcast on TV in only 5 cities back in 1996: Alien Encounters.  Supposedly, this video has been "banned" and seen no exposure since that time. As the narrative accompanying the video says, UFO's are presented in an extremely favorable light; Majestic 12 is mentioned; and the U.S. government is repeatedly referenced as "covering up" the existence of UFO's. The video was to herald the opening of the New Tomorrowland in Disney World--which lasted all of 3-4 minutes in an approximately 42 minute video. What do you see/feel about their production? What the heck was their intention?
A.  I get that Disclosure was supposed to happen a LONG time ago.  Out of fear of what would happen if the timeline for Disclosure wasn't met, this video was produced as a way slowly leak the truth out to a small portion of society and see what reaction the people would have.  After the release the PTW began to panic (due to the reaction from some religious organizations) and feared they would lose control and immediately pulled the video.  I get there is a profound amount of truth contained, but don't view it from a fear based attitude, but rather an objective and open-minded approach.

*Many times I refer to the PTW (Powers that Were).  At one time we used the term PTB, or Powers that Be.  Rather than give them power by projecting the term "Be" in the present tense, we are taking back the power and control by referring to them as the Powers that Were.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Russia and Putin

Q. Hi Lynn,  This is from last July, but I thought you might find it interesting.  If you have any impressions, I would be interested in hearing them.
A. I see that tensions are rising in that area of the world, and Putin has had it.  He sees ISIS for what it is and also realizes that if things aren't put to a halt, and borders reestablished, all out chaos is going to break out (regarding the southern border of Russia and beyond). 

Many other countries (specifically the US) are trying to minimize the seriousness of what is going on with respect to how close war will turn physical versus passive aggressive (as it is now).  The goal is to get through the election process, survey the results, position key players / businesses (especially if the Powers That Were get their way with the election which they are working frantically to do) in money making roles and THEN the US will get more involved.

Q. I was doing my meditation today and trying to focus on what is coming up with Russia, if anything.  During this meditation, I got a picture of Russia's map with a focus on Leningrad (now called St. Petersburg).  I could not get any detail on what I was supposed to pick up on this location.  Later, however, I realized that Russia's great national museum, the Hermitage, is located there.  During WWII, when the Germans invaded and put Leningrad under siege for over two years, they took the priceless art objects out of the Hermitage and moved them to safer places deeper inside Russia until the threat was over.

If you don't mind, please focus your psychic abilities on the Hermitage.  If WW3 is indeed in the offing, I would expect that the Russians would be doing the same thing now, i.e., taking their priceless cultural heritage items out of harm's way and putting them in safer places, probably in deep underground bunkers.  If you can pick up on what is going on at the Hermitage, one way or the other, it should give us a significant insight into what is coming in terms of WW3 or peace.
A.  I cannot see where those items have been moved, but I do get that the military is ramping up and they are fortifying key buildings.  I also see that Putin is making arrangements to work ONLY from those buildings.  I do get that as things become much closer, items will be relocated (looks like the plan is to do it in the middle of the night through some kind of tunnel system, replacing items with "similar" forms of art) but Putin does not want chaos to break out (or the media) to pick up on his plan because he is smart enough at tactics to not reveal his play.

Q. The U. S. is forcing the issue in Syria.  They say it is for humanitarian reasons, but really it is about the fact that the Saudis want to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria that will compete for market share with Russia, which supplies a very large percentage of eastern Europe's natural gas.  In my opinion, Obama is getting frightened that he cannot pull this off before his term expires and I believe the billionaires to whom he pays allegiance are going to be most upset with him, as in perhaps severe prejudice.  As long as he thinks Clinton will win the white house, he is OK because she will carry on the effort on behalf of the same powers behind the throne, so he will not be punished. However, if Trump wins, it is game over.  Obama does not want direct combat between USAF and Russian jets over Syria, but he is running out of time.  Possibly, he will use Tomahawk missiles to attack Assad's forces, avoiding the use of American aircraft.  Russia will likely attempt to shoot those missiles down with their own missiles that are set up in Syria.  The big possibility looming ahead is that Putin will issue a declaration that any attack on Assad's forces will be considered a direct attack on Russia itself, and then it will be WW3 if the U. S. attacks with bombers, missiles, or any other means.
A.  I do see this as true.  I do see the US (along with Israel) is interested in Syria because of the natural resources.  As the dollar continues to be devalued it is critical to find natural resources that are in demand for the purpose of trade (and to use). I hear the phrase that "oil truly is liquid gold."

The refugee situation is also out of control (intentionally) and much of that looks to be a purposeful destabilization of European countries that could later be seen as a threat.  

Q. Putin's goal is to demolish NATO without firing a shot.  That way he can recreate the old Soviet Union with its vassal states in eastern Europe that will ring fence Russia itself, thereby pushing any future wars into the countries around Russia and saving Russian people and cities from destruction.  He is doing this by demonstrating that his rebuilt (and rebuilding) armed forces have reached parity with the west and that Russia can win a conventional land war in Europe even if it has to fight the U. S.  Europeans are starting to take notice, since the U. S. has not been able to dislodge Russia from Ukraine.  Also, the U. S. is beginning to position missiles on Russia's doorstep, ostensibly as protection from Iran nuclear missiles (however, they don't have nuclear warheads or any such missiles to deliver them).  Also, some in Europe wonder if the U. S. military fallen into decline while Russia's is modernizing.
A.  i get it has been Russia's goal to re position herself since Putin took control.  Russia is strong, and continues to get even stronger.  Many countries have underestimated Russia's capabilities, and yes they are becoming very modern as other countries fall behind..

Q. Both sides have been holding "snap" drills wherein their forces practice mobilization and movement on a moment's notice.  The recent, rumored civil defense drills in Moscow (and probably other big cities such as St Petersburg) are also practice for the real thing and they demonstrate to NATO that Russia is serious about defending against nuclear attack by the west.  Russia has been invaded twice in the last hundred years by the west and they are very suspicious about NATO.  In the meantime, the U. S. continues to pre-position equipment and supplies in western Europe for conventional warfare and install missiles on Russia's borders, thereby reducing Russia's reaction time to a preemptive strike to mere minutes.

I suspect that Putin feels like he is running out of time because of the NATO build up on his borders.  He believes, I suspect, that one day NATO will give him an ultimatum to become a U. S. vassal state or be destroyed.  Obama feels that his time is running out also.  Things seem destined to come to a head in just a few months or less.
A.  I do see this as true.  The time is getting close, and tensions are very much on the rise.  I see after the election, things will get volatile (unless the PTW lose control and Trump gets into office)..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thoughts and your Reality

Q. If it's true that what we believe becomes our truth.  If we were eating something unhealthy such as fast food every day but we believed it was super healthy and good for us, would it actually become healthy for just us?  Or does it really not work that way?
A.  I see that much of what we do is mind of matter.  Our thoughts do create our reality for the most part.  I get the important message to this is to remember that our thoughts are both conscious and subconscious in nature.  For example, if you are in a relationship that is not in your greater good, you can consciously tell yourself that things are good and things will get better, but if your subconscious knows otherwise (because it is in tune with your higher self), you are unable to tell yourself something that isn't true; therefore, your reality will be a result of what your subconscious and conscious mind need you to experience. 

In the example of fast food, you can have gratitude for the nourishment and tell yourself it is healthy, but your subconscious knows the real truth.  The attitude you take as you take in the food (happiness, enjoyment, thankfulness) can lessen the ill effects, but it cannot convert what is a less healthy option into a good and healthy option.

We can be dismissive of the truth, but we cannot hide from it. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,

Friday, October 7, 2016

Five for Friday #40

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special over-sized (bloated?) Five for Friday. Basically, we had a bunch of UFO pics burning holes in our inbox, so Lynn graciously agreed to look at ‘em. I must confess to a certain level of inertia when faced with a lot of these “UFO” pics, as they more often than not turn out to be either fakes or Julie Andrews (again). Anyway, I’ve momentarily overcome my paranormal ennui and dusted these off for Lynn’s insight. Enjoy.

Image #1: Atmospheric in Chicago
Here’s some kind of apparition that appeared over Chicago skies on 9-11-16, at the top of a “searchlight” memorial. Just a cloud??

What Lynn Saw
“Just a ginormous searchlight with some clouds at the top. Looks cool, tho."

Image #2: ‘Lectric in Lakehurst
Ok, why did the Hindenburg explode in Lakehurst, NJ in May, 1937? Sabotage? Accident? Bad knockwurst?

What Lynn Saw
"So… I first saw a lightning bolt, but then as I keep asking questions, I’m shown an image of static electricity leaping from the tip of the tower to the blimp. Some massive static charge had developed. [The same thing happens when helicopters land on navy ships; they have to ground the aircraft first.] The Hindenburg had developed a ton of static electricity and when it got close to that iron tower, the spark shot out and BOOM.”

Image #3: Hued in Houston
What caused this recent morning sky phenomenon in Houston?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I hear is that this is a legit pic, but I heard that it’s an Instagram filter on the picture. There’s a bit of something there, but the filter is making it more dramatic. What this is is an atypical chemtrail; they’re having a problem with some GMO crop and this is some kind of chemical spray for that (I want to say strawberries, but they don’t grow strawberries in Houston). Surprising that a bug even wants a GMO plant. Goes against what GMO is supposed to overcome."

Image #4: Anomalistic Over the Atlantic
I’d just been thinking of this a week-or-so prior to seeing it mentioned at American Kabuki  This is what’s known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, a region of magnetic disturbance centered in Brazil. What causes this? And is it getting stronger? Weaker? And are readings gaining in intensity because of the “New Earth” being created on another plane of existence? 

What Lynn Saw
“This is interesting. I see this originating in the ocean, off the coast of Brazil. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure; something seriously wants to erupt there, but... there’s some kind of protective, angelic energy like a giant heavenly hand working to suppress it. I see that when the New Earth is complete, and people have a new place to “go,” that this energy will be released and whatever this is will be allowed to take its natural course. I hear that the New Earth is coming in our lifetime [so start meditating on creating the New Earth, folks!] eventually, then some will start to slowly migrate onto the new path, while others will be born to it. Then the Old Earth/New Earth timelines will totally split. When the energy is allowed to be released, it feels ugly, like Tsunami worthy. Don’t be afraid, though, as the timeline is very far out there, and many of us will not be here physically, anymore. Still, there’s a chance some will see this, or their kids will see it in this lifetime."

Image #5: Angry in the Air
Is this UFO really destroying a chemtrail? Apparently, the chemtrail evaporated after the UFO did something to it. There’s video, too:

What Lynn Saw
“I get that these protective ETs are so upset about what we’re doing to our planet, what with the fake food and the chemtrails and the toxins and the radiation... they’re so disappointed. These ETs are not allowed to technically interfere, but they’re so upset about what we’re doing that this one ET pilot had had enough and decided to clean up someone else’s mess. Like picking up someone else’s trash at the park. They want us to know better, but they’ve come to a point where they’ve really had enough.” [Us, too. ETs officially have my permission to do what needs to be done.] 

And now… we have SO MANY UFO pics piled up, here's an alphabetic zoom through them:

A. Armada in the Aether
Recent pic of something large near the sun. Armada?

What Lynn Saw
“I’m not connecting much to this one."

B. Pokey in Popocatepetl
Weird UFO in Mexico. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
“It’s a weather balloon." 

C. Spoke-y Over Somewhere
Greenish tri-spoke, location unidentified.

What Lynn Saw
“This feels real. They landed nearby, in the desert, and this person caught the departure. The ETs were making an observation of something. A very scientific vibe. ETs see earth as an oasis that’s going to need to be fixed. This is really an amazing planet that is very much admired, and they want to know how much work they’re going to have to do to restore it."

D. Fake in Fayetteville
Whatever this is.

What Lynn Saw
“Fake. Someone took a picture of something in the sun and used Photoshop."

E. Old Over Ontario
Hexagonal UFO over Ontario, Canada.

What Lynn Saw
“Yes, this feels real. Though the only thing that comes through is someone saying, 'This is such old technology,' then I hear this laugh. Weird."

F. Flash in France
French UFO. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
“It’s from the camera flash. No UFO."

G. Secret Over Somewhere
SSP (Secret Space Program) cigar?

What Lynn Saw
"Yup. I get that this is a military man-made UFO, reverse-engineered SSP craft used for observation and surveillance. Most advanced govts have versions of this kind of thing.” [And the latest rumors have the SSP cooperating with the cabal on a massive kind of psychological false flag crash/sacrifice of one of these types of cigar-shaped crafts, pre-election, making it look like it was shot down over a major US city, perhaps in Florida, where the wreckage will then be used to stoke fear of an alien invasion (eyeroll). Jeez, if the PTW put even a tenth of their energy into doing the right thing...]

H. Ultra-Blob in the UK
Weird energy blob, UK.

What Lynn Saw
“This is just a pic of a drone, but the camera shake made it look weird."

I. Son of Ultra-Blob
Recent Colorado UFO blob.

What Lynn Saw
"Another drone, another camera shake."

And... that’s it. You asked for us to leave in the fakes, so… there it is. Join us in a fortnight for Episode #41!