Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ability for Children to "See"

Q. Dear Lynn, my toddler grandson is being bothered by 'visitors' and his psychic mum and I can see them some of the time, but not to the extent he can. Can you give guidance, as a mother and psychic medium and RVer, of how we can guide our children through this passage when most of the time adults can't verify what the child see or indeed do much about them? Thanks for everything!
A.  I first get that it is great that you are validating what your grandson is seeing because many times out of fear or lack of understanding, adults will tell young children (who are very in tune because their rational minds aren't fully developed) that the spirits they see are "imaginary" or not real, when in fact they are very real.  Just because something isn't understood (spirit or otherwise) it isn't fair to the person experiencing it to be led astray until the concept is really analyzed.

I next get to talk openly.  Let them know to not approach this with fear, it is actually a gift.  Most spirits are here to help or are neutral, but occasionally you will have one that is bothersome in which case you need to set protection (through mental intent) and tell it to leave (mentally or out loud).  A spirit should never cause negative emotions or act in a negative way - That is grounds for you to tell it to leave immediately!!

Explain to your grandson that our minds are very powerful, and spirit will do what we tell it to do (as long as we believe what we are saying). We can set boundaries such as "you are allowed to be here, but you must stay outside of my bedroom." Or, you can tell a spirit to leave by saying "you need to go to where you are better served" (realizing that energy can be moved but not created or destroyed).  Try to keep phrases in the positive and use clear and concise language (avoid saying no, don't, shouldn't, etc).  

I further see this broken out like a list.  
1. Acknowledge what is happening
2. Embrace the gift and avoid fear or fearful language. 
3. Set protection (mental intent and envisioning white light is very powerful).
4. Determine if there is any harm being done (emotions or behavior) as a result.  If so tell it to leave IMMEDIATELY.  If not, you can set boundaries.
5. Keep an ongoing discussion and allow the gift to grow. 

And that is all I have for this reading. (I can address questions in comments.) Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

My daughter saw spirits as a toddler (she could hv barely talked) in my old apt. She will just look at one spot in the kitchen and will shy away or be afraid of staring at it too long. I felt it was negative because all of a sudden she was afraid to go in the kitchen by herself. I acknowledged she was seeing something that I cant. I read up and asked the spirit to leave nicely. I am not sure if it ever left bc I moved away from that place shortly after. They love children innocence and that they cannot express clearly what they are saying.

John Casey said...

Right on, sister! This entry is a perfect example of why I enjoy your blog so much, Lynn.

Bee E-lightened said...

I couldnt*

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn, very impressive, thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the kind comments. Much love- Lynn

Jacob Hollar said...

I find alcohol is the best antidote for numbing those pesky spiritual gifts, and allowing for quiet time.

A Man Called Da-da said...

If things become unhealthy, be sure to bring in a good local psychic or medium to assist, onsite. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to find the right person, but when you do... it's quite memorable. The voice of experience.

Buddhist Lady said...

I find this topic fascinating. I recently read about Indigos and Crystal children, who are likely quite psychically gifted. I'm sure perhaps even more gifted children are incarnating now. What wonderful treasures they are!!!

I'm kind of with you Jacob. Only I think tell these meanies to get the f*** out or, psychically, you'll punch them in the mouth. Which reminds of a description of the Zetas who are reknown, among many attributes, for "mental fencing." Hmmmm. Intriguing. Mental fencing. I've searched the web and found nothing. Absolutely nothing. I think human Angelics need to awaken to their great telepathic powers and abilities. You are reknown, of course, for your great wisdom and compassion which is why this sector of the Universe has been entrusted to your care. Take your cleansing and detoxing agents; keep yourself free from the accumulation of metals and substances drifting with the chemtrail winds; and learn how to mentally fence.

I know that I always enjoyed real fencing with a sword or rapier (now a dagger and rapier was even better!!). Great fun! Mental fencing must be even more fun!

Unfortunately, I'm great at emphasizing but no overt telepathic abilites!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful advice. So really helpful and instructive about moving energy on rather than trying to destroy it. Very profound and thoughtful. Thanks so much, Lynn!