Monday, October 31, 2016

American Horror Story Lost Colony

Happy Halloween!  In the spirit of Halloween, I thought this would be an interesting reading... 

Q. Interested in your thoughts about what is referred to as "The Lost Colony" or Roanoke in the 1500's. Apparently it just vanished. American Horror story on FX is incorporating it into this year's new season. It's intriguing.  Thanks, Lynn
A. As I tune into this I see a tribe of Native Americans surrounding this town.  They hide in the woods and just watch as this town gets built.  The thing is that this tribe moves in such a quiet and stealthy way, I hear they are "like whispers" in the night.  These townspeople don't do anything without being watched over by this group. And the townspeople are oblivious to their existence.

Back at this Indian tribe's base (for lack of a better word) I see the chief sitting around a fire. He is adorned in a feather headdress and smoking a pipe.  He is talking to what feels like the higher people in their society (there is a group of about 10) and expressing his concerns of the Europeans (they had another name that starts with a "c" but I cannot hear it clearly).  He does not want the land harmed, trees cut and their hunting ground thinned by these new inhabitants.  He sees them as a threat and feels he needs to take them out to prevent further destruction.  They decide to sit, watch and wait.  I also see this Chief believing that he will get some kind of "sign" when the time is right (they are very grounded with "Mother Earth").  

As the winter weather approached it looks like many of the townspeople became ill.  I cannot tell if it was due to some kind of virus, or if it was because of lack of nutrition (food was tough during that winter).  The natives knew that with a good majority of them ill and hungry (and they didn't want their food taken), it was a good time to act, but rather than an all out war with the Europeans with their "fancy" technology (for the time), it was better to pick off small sections to let their presence not be detected.  

It got to be where the Europeans thought the outskirts of their colony was haunted because if someone went out there, they didn't come back.  Food became an even bigger issue because they couldn't go to the woods to hunt, or they wouldn't come back.  Occasionally some of the natives would go into the colony, pick off a few Europeans and quickly return to the woods.  When I ask how they hid the bodies, or how did they keep the Europeans from realizing what happened, I get that the natives would take the bodies with them (and there was an element of cannibalism as punishment for taking from the earth without giving back) which further made these disappearances more mysterious to the town. 

Finally, by mid to late winter the townspeople are starving, weak, many ill and cold.  There were so worn down they could not fight back.  At that time the natives fought like nothing the Europeans had ever witnessed.  The natives took some bodies and left some behind as a way to deliver a message to anyone who might return.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond G said...

I think the C you heard was 'Croatan'. That was the name of the local tribe and it was carved into a tree when some colonists returned from the area.

That was interesting. Taking them out one by one and waiting until they were sick and defenseless to minimize injury to their own people. That was a smart Indian Chief.

Nova Rafael said...

Wow I loved this reading, it's indeed very interesting!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Did the natives incur any diseases from eating the colonists? There was a terrible plague that wiped out much of the local native population prior to the next influx of pilgrims. Karma?

JJ said...

Omg. This is what will happen to our colonists in Mars lol

Jacob Hollar said...

I thought feather head dresses was more of a plain Indian thing. Also I thought the colonist were walked two by two into the ocean by Andre Linoge for refusing him their children.

Craig said...

Did any of the colonists merge with the Indians, intermarrying? I have heard of blue eyed native Americans seen in that area by later colonists.

Rene Leighty said...

I found information that the indians called themselves Croaton (I think the spelling may be off). There was evidence of that particular tribe and people tried to put it together, but there wasnt enough evidence to prove that theory.
I thought you would like to know where the "C" came from. :)

Ralib Allen said...

Wow this was such a great reading. I am also curious about some of the questions people had above. Was it really the Croatoan Indians? What was the fate of this tribe? How come there was never any evidence found?

Raymond G said...

DaDa: Many of the Indians/Native Americans died from natural causes once they interacted with the colonists. The colonists had recessive traits for the Flu, Pneumonia, Small Pox, Polio...among other diseases. Anyhow, the colonists had a resistance to these diseases and the Indians didn't and it spread very easily. I think it was Thomas Jefferson that visited the Iroquois Indians in New York State and returned a year later to find 90 percent of them dead. That happened many times. It was just an act of Nature. I don't even think the colonists were aware of what was happening.

Supposedly, a UFO was tracked across the U.S. and crashed in Chihuahua Mexico in 1974. The Mexicans thought it was a plane and they died upon arrival at the crash site. I guess germs and bacteria are everywhere. There is more to the story, it's pretty interesting. Heck, it would be a good idea for Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: That could be. I couldn't hear it right, and it didn't sound like a common word I could relate to.

@Dada: They did have issues with this.

@JJ: Let's hope not.

@Jacob: I didn't see anything like that. If that did happen it didn't come across to me.

@Craig: Some women were taken as prisoners, and yes that did happen.

@Raymond: Thanks so much for the info. I will take a look at it.