Friday, October 28, 2016

British Airways Mystery Sickness

Q. Hi Lynn, I have a question about the recent case of a British Airways flight. Having taken off from San Francisco for London, it had to divert for emergency landing at Vancouver as all 25 members of the pilot and cabin crew fell ill simultaneously, though the passengers were apparently fine. They were checked over at a hospital but nothing seemed to be wrong with them. I have read that there have been similar cases but the cause is unknown. What caused them to become ill, was it by accident or a plot, and why were the passengers not affected (according to reports)? Thank you.
A. As I tune into this I get an image of the crew clustered together and they are mumbling about some kind of corporate policy, and about something they needed to do. Then, I see a woman in a nurses uniform show up and administer what looks like some kind of nasal immunization (like a flu vaccine). I get that everyone that participated in this (what feels like required) vaccine became ill within a certain amount of time. It started with a mild headache, and then progressed from there.  

I also get that it was highly suspected what really caused the illness, but they (company, pharmaceutical company, etc) didn't want the bad press. I see that around that same time there was another "mystery" illness caused from this, and the pharmaceutical company didn't want chaos or have this immunization put into question.  It appears that it was a bad batch, and the main stabilizing element was too concentrated.  Pharma knew this concentration wouldn't ultimately kill someone, so it was cheaper to let it ride than to pull or recall it (and have to explain why).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


wendy tascione said...

Lynn what's the real reason trump picked pence?

Raymond G said...

That's a shame because it could happen again but next time, the crew and passengers might not be so lucky. They might not be able to get down in time or make a critical error while they are still in the air.

Thanks Lynn !

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Lynn, for answering that puzzle. I think this story was unnerving because we all have to have a certain faith in the safety of flying and our obvious reliance on the crew. When the germanwings pilot flew into the mountain, for instance, the possibility of a suicidal pilot wasn't a thing for most people, until it was suddenly real. Scary. Likewise I hadn't considered the possibility of ALL the crew on an aeroplane falling ill at once. 'Pharma knew this concentration wouldn't ultimately kill someone'. Unless pilots become so incapacitated that they can't, like, fly the plane!

I wonder what pilots and cabin crew are saying about this in their own circles and forums.

Robert Schoen said...

What do you think of the two planes with engine fires and Pence's plane skidding off the runway, all occurring in two days? Coincidence or an engineered setup for setting the stage for something worse?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for covering this topic. What is your take on mandatory vaccinations by either presidential candidate? I signed the anti-mandatory vaccine petition but as we know, groups are required to have vaccinations (healthcare workers, teachers, flight personnel, etc.) Any insight on the endgame regarding this topic? IE: our DNA becomes so corrupted that there is a decay of the human population?
(The petition came back with a no: )
Thank you Lynn! Warm to regards to all.

Alice Liu said...

@massilou -- I wish we could make the infant vaccine schedule mandatory (at adult doses) for all lawmakers pushing mandatory vaccines. I bet they would backpedal if they were subject to the same thing that they are pushing on the rest of us.

Buddhist Lady said...

Kalamota--you wrote: "I wonder what pilots and cabin crew are saying about this in their own circles and forums." I bet they're privately scared as hell but cannot voice any complaint or appear in anyway deviant to the common, overriding culture for fear of losing their job.

Remember...if the CDC passes their current proposal, any flight attendant, worker at the airport, etc., could detect a "sick" cough from you and have you involuntarily quarantined, with no redress, for a period of several weeks.

Alice--the vaccination "schedules" for enfants is horrifying. Absolutely, abjectly horrifying. We compound the tragedy by financially rewarding doctors for vaccinating as many babies as possible and as fully as possible.

I find quite peculiar that my state, Nevada, has now begun a campaign for every senior citizen to "step up to the plate" and fully immunize themselves with every poison conceivable...the vaccinations they propose are ridiculous given the country in which we live. They sound like vaccinations for a third-world country.

I am now fully suspicious that the vaccinations carry an agent of some kind which is antithetical to human life.

I grew up with a father in the Army. As a child, I endured vaccinations from the time I was a baby (he was stationed in Germany, Austria, and Italy directly after my birth in '48) through his tour of duty to Taiwan in the mid '50's...which necessitated every vaccine imaginable. Cholera which blew my arm up like a dummy's bright red from the injection site to the tips of my fingers. Thyphus which created a huge sore. Small pox which caused huge inflammation and scab. I'm amazed that I'm still here. One good result...I would never have been attracted to any activity with needles...which I loathe. I'm with you--let lawmakers of every level stick that needle up their own damn butt.

Charlotte Bailey said...

I know there are a lot of varying opinions about when does a child create their own antibodies. A lot of MD's seem to agree its around 6-12 months of age. Government is heavily rewarding docs to have all their patients vaxxed, inc infants. I did some research, and found SIDS death rates steadily increasing as the amount of vaxx's increased, as well as varying spikes in the graphs relating to how old the child was. There was a SIGNIFICANT correlation to the times the vaxxes were/ are scheduled!! People seem to be so predictably and easily manipulated, including new parents who want to do what's best for their babies. Just doing a little bit of research would reveal there is NO need or benefit for vaxxes at least before 6 months!
So what's the real reason to give harmful chemicals to a child during their Lowest ability to create antibodies combined with decreasing antibodies from Mom to fight off intruders?! I'm really hoping the "100th monkey" will occur and parents will stop this madness!!

Theres such a huge accusatory movement that puts people like those airline employees who got sick in the horrible position of not being able to talk and get the word out. Thank you Lynn for shining a light on this!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments. This is a serious topic (vaccines in general). I need to compile a list of questions and focus on that alone. I think it would make for a good reading.