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Abductee Stories, Discussions and Sightings [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering if this article was true about a man who from a young age was used by aliens to conduct mind control and shock treatment experiments in order to learn to separate the mind from the body and forget fear. This man remembers and describes his experiences with different types of aliens and their agenda, the NWO/Illuminati etc. Thank you so much for your insight!!
A. I do see this as being true.  There are programs and studies out there, and I get the real goal is to create a "superhuman."  One of the main things that can hold us humans back are our emotions, especially fear.  Without fear keeping us safe and analyzing decisions that help us make choices, we take risks and feel invincible.  The issue I see is that there are a lot of injuries (physical, psychological, mental and emotional) as a result of these intense brainwashing and even physical stresses.  The PTW (Powers That once Were)* want a force of humans to work like robots, and are trying hard to figure out how to tap into our complex systems.  

I cannot see these experiments stopping until they have perfected the process.  It almost looks like a new version of a military weapon (I keep seeing flashes of the newer show called Stranger Things.) We as fellow humans need to send positive energy to a higher source that can infiltrate and expose these experiments for what they are.

Q. Hi Lynn, I haven't seen a question regarding the book Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer. What is your sense about the information revealed in it by the Alien Aryl who was captured in the Roswell incident.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

A. I must first disclose that I have not read this book, but only know of it (you may want to read it to make your own intuitive interpretation). 

I do get that there is a lot of truth in this book, but it is not completely correct so it will really tug at you when you read it.  Some parts will awaken parts of your subconscious, while other parts feel very rejecting because it challenges our current paradigm.  The book has a strange energy, like it struggles to have a complete balance (creating a real pull between the subconscious and conscious mind).

Q. Hi Lynn can you please do my friend a favor and check this story?  Last year my friend Clara went fishing with 2 friends in a boat on a Sunday in May (back in 2015 the Sundays in May fell on 3,10,17,24,31 just in case its relevant to you).  They where approx. 6 miles upstream from the town of Itaituba (Pará state, Brazil) when she saw 2 big skinny humanoid ETs next to the shore (close to where the circled red X is marked in the attached file). The Tapajós was a huge stream and the ETs didn’t notice immediately that she was gazing at them. But then, after a while, the ETs realized it and jumped into the river. She was and still is very impressed about this experience.

The Locals who live next to this place, (marked with a circled white x), frequently report that strange things use to happen there (may or not be linked to what she observed).  Can you please disclose what is happening there? If it’s ET related, to which race do they belong? What are they possibly doing there?(see attached file).  Thank You very much!

A.  When I tune into this I get your friend did see two rather tall ETs.  They look like tall Greys (maybe 7 to 8 feet tall).  I see them as grey in color, but they have a bluish undertone.  I feel like I can almost see through them if they angled their body just right, but your friend had a full on view.  They also have a strange texture to their skin, and I want to use the word "octopus."

They do feel benevolent.  I also see there are in that location because they have a base in the "foot hills" (is the term I hear).  I also see that they have a "back door" exit that takes them into this body of water.  It looks as though they can enter and exit directly into these "foot hills" and also via underwater tunnel.

I'm being shown that they are there because of the energetic location.  It appears that the ground there is nutrient rich (not sure what you mine there or extract from the ground, but it looks like some kind of crystal or ground up crystal powder).  They are claiming this space on earth for when disclosure actually happens and view / feel this area as being "alive."

Q. Lynn! I just discovered this video made by Disney and broadcast on TV in only 5 cities back in 1996: Alien Encounters.  Supposedly, this video has been "banned" and seen no exposure since that time. As the narrative accompanying the video says, UFO's are presented in an extremely favorable light; Majestic 12 is mentioned; and the U.S. government is repeatedly referenced as "covering up" the existence of UFO's. The video was to herald the opening of the New Tomorrowland in Disney World--which lasted all of 3-4 minutes in an approximately 42 minute video. What do you see/feel about their production? What the heck was their intention?
A.  I get that Disclosure was supposed to happen a LONG time ago.  Out of fear of what would happen if the timeline for Disclosure wasn't met, this video was produced as a way slowly leak the truth out to a small portion of society and see what reaction the people would have.  After the release the PTW began to panic (due to the reaction from some religious organizations) and feared they would lose control and immediately pulled the video.  I get there is a profound amount of truth contained, but don't view it from a fear based attitude, but rather an objective and open-minded approach.

*Many times I refer to the PTW (Powers that Were).  At one time we used the term PTB, or Powers that Be.  Rather than give them power by projecting the term "Be" in the present tense, we are taking back the power and control by referring to them as the Powers that Were.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-



Alien Interview. (I read this book)

Lynn: a lot of truth in this book
Lynn: , but it is not completely correct

Question: what part is true? Is the interview true and correct?
Question: what part is maybe not true? The surrounding story structure (ie place & time)?
Comment: Personally I felt I understood "creation" for the first time as it was described. Thank you for "this subject".

The enlightened one said...

Regarding the book Alien Interview, I think it is highly unlikely that a simple army nurse would be assigned such an important task such as interviewing an extraterrestrial being.

The "editor" of the book is a sci-fi-author who has written several other fictional books. I think that reduces the credibility of the book quite a bit.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn! Wonderfull post!

They Live said...

I like the new name you used to refer to the Sociopaths at Large, "The Powers that Once Were" 😄

The enlightened one said...

How about "Powers that linger in Space Time Continuum, and in the array of temporal tenses"?

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn. If the PTW produced the Disney video (very worthwhile watching) as prelude/test to a larger disclosure that never happened, what were the consequences on not disclosing? And since this video is 25 years old, have any consequences occurred? Seems like whatever the PTW feared by not disclosing was not a real threat and that they are entirely free to keep the lid on.

0623011scr said...

Divine Love (Van?)

I'm with you on feeling like "I understood "creation" for the first time as it was described." The info by Aryl really resonated with me as far as being the most rational explanation. In fact, it has resonated so much that I find myself using it as a primary lens from which to view the Universe. I hope Lynn follows-up on your questions as they echo my own. I am actually the one that sent the original query to Lynn many months ago, so I was very surprised yesterday when I saw her post it. And to address 'The enlightened one' comment. It seems like you haven't read the book because if you had you would have understood not only the history of the Army Nurse, but also why Aryl would only communicate with her. Yes, Spencer writes fiction which is not to say he's incapable of penning non-fiction. The Roswell incident and the retrieval of some of the lifeless crew is not fiction. Aryl, the lone crew member who survived is the question mark. So my question to you Lynn is, do you have a sense that Aryl was or was not a surviving crew member who was interviewed? It's interesting Lynn that you perceived that "The book has a strange energy, like it struggles to have a complete balance (creating a real pull between the subconscious and conscious mind)." That has been my personal experience which is why I submitted the original question. As you inferred, It appears that to obtain a 'complete balance' between the conscious and subconscious, a paradigm shift would be required. Is it possible that that is why you sense that some of the story is not completely correct, and would it self-correct by making the paradigm shift? I read the book about 4 years ago and can't shake its influence. Any additional intuitive information you could provide would of course be greatly appreciated Lynn, and thank you for...despite your busy life taking care of your family in addition to maintaining your blog...finding time to post my original question. Namaste.

Charlie the Tuna said...

That UFO and alien stuff is out of this world. I am not sure what I would do if a UFO landed in my field. Just like there are good and bad people here on earth I am sure there are good and bad aliens in space. So since I do not know the aliens, I will treat them like strangers, down here where I live that means the shotgun is loaded and ready for action.

I would much rather they land in my neighbors field and I will watch with binoculars and see if they eat my neighbor. Then I can make a more informed decision. I need to convince my neighbor to make his farm more inviting to the ufo's.

Maybe I watched to much sci-fi when I was growing up.

Thanks Lynn great job with all this stuff.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!

I will say that I didn't read this book, but wanted to do an overall naive impression. I got that there was a lot of truth, or based on a lot of truth; however there was a disconnect too. As if the info were right, but maybe the people were fictional... ??

The Disney video was good. I get that the ETs are really putting pressure on the PTW to sort this out and get it in the open. The deadline is way overdue.

Buddhist Lady said...

Readers may find interesting the following exchange concerning Lawrence Spencer's Alien Interview. Hoax: Lawrence Spencer's Alien Interview. You might also find the questions posed here equally provocative. This posting is equally interesting; I have seen the McPherson tape on another occasion, and frankly, the tape appears far too real and petrifies me.

Eric T said...

I have an experience quite similar to that of Andy Pero (your link) until 2007. Some psychic abilities have gradually emerged through which I began to discover a part of the truth about ET. It seems that I must discover them and at the same time have to free myself from them. I tried to explain this experience on a blog, but this does not seem to interest many people on the old continent, which has often made me give up..
What do you think ?

sorry for my english...