Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Body, Our Soul and Non-Physical Beings

Q. Can non-physical beings take physical form as living people?  Thank you
A. I get that all living things have ownership of the vessel they are given.  We may astral project or have "out of body" experiences, but we are tethered to our physical body.    Non-physical beings may want to take that physical body, but they cannot.  As a way to counteract that inability, that being may try to influence or control the owner of the physical body (like a remote controlled car).  

Setting boundaries, limits, rules and protection are very important when interacting with spiritual beings.  The mental intent of the person is very important.  Your will and what you believe will be your reality.  Be clear, concise and confident in your thoughts and language, and the non-spiritual being will abide.

Q. Since our body is the garden of our soul, can the soul dwell in a body that is chronically or terminally sick⁉️  Thanks for your time invested and sharing your gift with us on this site. Love & light as always‼️

A.  Your soul doesn't abandon your body even if it is ill.  There is a vibratory connection between your soul and your physical body, and that vibration is so intense it mimics the vibration of unconditional love.  When you body is ill your soul understands this and does what it needs to do to see you through. That may involve acceptance or reaching out to guides and other spiritual helpers to aid in your recovery (depending on the situation and your life path),

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Talk about unconditional love....jut makes me overwhelmed with joy 😊🙏

Bee E-lightened said...


They Live said...

If spirits cannot take over people's bodies how would you explain possessions? Is it that the spirit cannot "kick out" the owner of the body's spirit and have a somewhat temporary double residence?
Many thanks for your wonderful readings and help!

Anonymous said...

Well Lynn it is starting.

The mraps and sound cannons just showed up at the resistance camp at the pipe line protest in ND.

Kettling, false charges, Arrests THEN coverage from ABC,NBC,CBS next just like you called it.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Don't forget: those with a body OUTRANK those without! Use your will. Incarnation is not as easy as it looks, esp for certain types of beings and certain times of year.

Alex said...


What I don't understand is if those spirits wanted a physical body, why don't they just reincarnate?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments.

I did want to add that we take precedence over our body. If a possession is more like a spirit trying to reside in the same space, and to some extent the person has to allow it.

Due to karma and lessons, a incarnation (as Dada said) isn't always that easy or that fast. Many spirits don't want memories "wiped" to come back either (and much of the time that cannot be avoided).

joy said...

I don't know for sure if this is true,.....I have observed from experiences with a close relative,....that drug addicts and alcoholics can be possessed by filthy, evil, violent spirits, and it seems that the possessing demon can and do actually kick the human consciousness out of the body.
When this happens, the person becomes the devil incarnate. Family, friends, associates, strangers NO LONGER recognize this person because everything he does, is anti-humanlife...We read of addicts killing their parents, raping and killing their children or whoever is around, and other unspeakable crimes that an ordinary human would never do. It seems many families involved recognize the psychic dimension of this situation, but they don't know how to protect themselves.
What happens to the human consciousness after it is locked out of the body....i simply don't know. Any ideas.....? :)

They Live said...

Many thanks 💕💕💕

They Live said...

It seems, from what I've observed, the drug addict/alcoholic person's vibrations are extremely low allowing for this take over to occur. I think the true owner of the body takes a back seat while the intruder spirit takes the wheel.
The show Supernatural showed this in an episode. Lucifer took control of one of the character's body after the character gave his consent to Lucifer to do so. They showed the inner workings of this take over where both Lucifer and the character's spirit co-existed in the same body; with Lucifer in control of the body while the character sat distracted and comfortable watching television, he had not a care that his vessel/body was completely under control by another.

joy said...

They Live..Thanks.

I was more thinking on this phenomenon of "WALK-IN". In this instance, when the SOUL is done with what it wanted to do on Earth, instead of killing the body, it will enter into an agreement to give the body to another non-physical entity, and the soul-aspect leaves completely. . So, the physical body, is kept alive by the new occupant.The new occupant takes care of the remainder of the original person's karmas, and gets to do what it intends to do, for the rest of his agreed tenure. I have seen few angelics come into this physical plane that way.

The negative entities have a DIFFERENT way of doing the same thing....they force the occupant out by violent ways, (without the consent of the occupant), it is possible, black magic. In the case of my relative, he became very violent and was always threatening everyone to cut us up into pieces. The devil in him was very active. There was no indication that the original consciousness was even inside.He was NO LONGER HUMAN.So, I suspected that he was no longer in his body that he was LOCKED-OUT...If that is possible...(well, he was later killed by a fellow addict, bless him)

Buddhist Lady said...

Oh, Joy...I've read about "walk-ins." Apparently, you are correct. The arrangement works well for both souls and, if I understand correctly, cannot be accomplished except by completely unfettered and willing agreement by both "spirits." The soul who walks kind of chills out doing other very cool things in the big U.

Erin--you wrote: "The mraps and sound cannons just showed up at the resistance camp at the pipe line protest in ND.... Kettling, false charges, Arrests THEN coverage from ABC,NBC,CBS next just like you called it."

I just saw a YouTube video. I'm heartbroken. I'm equally heartbroken for the U.S. You cannot...I cannot bring huge tanks with massive police force to bear upon peaceful protest without incurring devastating karmic consequences. The correct course of action is to sit down and discuss the concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux. A compromise is always possible. Always. I continue to find fascinating that so little coverage is given to the fact that Bismarck was widely bypassed by this pipeline, obviously, because of their clout. NPIOB! No pipeline in our backyard!!

Joao Gomes said...

@ Lynn! Does this mean that spirits who kind of feel that they have to help humanity prefer incorporating into mediums for some hours, in order to heal people? For example in a visit to Switzerland some years ago, John of God incorporated the spirit of king Solomon (who died quite a while ago (931 BC to be precise)) (!

Joao Gomes said...

The day before yesterday there was an internet rumor: "John of God had passed away", yesterday he recorded this short vid with a young toddler on his knees in order to prove that he's still with us! (Y)

(This woman from the FB page moved to Abadiania (GO-Brazil) many years ago in order to work with JoG: she receives the english and french visitors in the Casa and translates what they wanna tell the entity).