Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Simon Parkes

Q. This is very interesting.  Please let me know what your psychic impressions are on this man and his information.  His name is Simon Parkes.

I feel that this guy might well be on target, which is a very scary thought.  I have been reading things on the internet for the last couple of days about Russia launching military exercises that are supposedly the largest mobilization that they have had since the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968.  I also saw a video of American tanks in Germany being moved from one location to another (unspecified destination) which correlates with Parkes' claim that the Americans are moving their tanks into the jumping off position for an attack.  The U. S. has been moving weapons and missiles right up to Russia's border and they, too, have been having military exercises near Russia's borders.  Another item I came across on the internet was a posting by a retired military guy.  He says his contacts report that the U. S. airbase on Guam has now got so many heavy bombers there that they have to park some of them on the grass.  He also says that it is getting very hard to find a place on military transport for Europe (military retirees are allowed to travel for free on a space available basis on military transports).  

Here is a brief video by Simon Parkes that came out a few days before the one that I sent you earlier:

Here is a different video that purports to be put out by the BBC as a fictional account of a nuclear attack on the U. K.  It is says it is a prepackaged news report - what is a prepackaged news report???  I never heard of such a thing.  Does it mean they know exactly what will happen in the future? Or does it mean that it has all been planned out and this is what they will report to the masses when the ICBMs start raining down on our heads, even though the war started in a very different manner?  It takes a little over half an hour to watch.  It seems to be very well done and very realistic.  If you get any psychic impressions about who did this and why they did it, I would love to hear them.  

I find all of this very unsettling and wonder just what on earth is going on.  It is interesting to note that both world wars started in August, or close to it (the first war began in the first week of August and the second began on September 1). 
A. I get that in the big scheme of things Germany has been viewed poorly by much of the world since World War.  They are now the target for a much bigger agenda.  I see the refugees being part of the plan to destabilize their economy and create a strain within their society. Things have been brewing and I see that many countries are on the edge of breaking loose, and the US is trying to keep it contained until after the election (unrest now would just propel Trump, and the PTW are desperately wanted Hilary as she is much more controllable).

Russia is ready to strike against it's neighbors.  They are wanting to reacquire the land that is alongside their borders.  I see when the time comes they go deep into neighboring lands, and then they are forced to surrender, but the ultimate result is a net gain of land.  Russia views this as their rightful land that was slowly (and I hear the word) "stolen" over the years.

I get that China is awaiting the perfect storm of when the stock market declines.  They want to jump in and be the protectors and back the "new currency" that will rule much of the world.  China is working overtime accumulating as much gold as possible so they can prove their solvency when the time comes.

I also see some kind of deal in the works that if Israel and Great Britain help the US get a reason to be in Syria (for positioning and also resources), the US will help Israel get back the German area.  I looks like kind of master plan that is slowly unfolding.

As I look at the "pre-packaged" news report, I see they do this a lot.  What happens versus what they want you to think happened can be very different. (I see flashes of 9/11).  In the event of a false flag, they are preparing what they will tell the world in order to keep the agendas in alignment.

Don't live in fear, just pay attention.  Keep a focus on the greater good.  And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, August 27, 2016

What is Russia Up To?

Q. I read today that mars is conjunct Saturn beginning August 24th.  Mars is the planet of war, Saturn is the planet of hard lessons.  I also have seen that Russia is massing troops along the border with Ukraine and that the German government has (for the first time since the cold war) advised citizens to stock up on food and water in case of emergency or attack.  This is a worrisome combination, in my view.  I cannot help but think of September 1, 1939 when Germany started World War II by attacking Poland.
A. I overall get this feeling of times being very critical.  The US is handling external affairs (I get) in a somewhat delicate way while trying to buy time until they can get Hilary into office.  If the economy were to collapse (stock market) or if a war were to start that the US was pulled into, it would be much harder to make Hilary look favorable. A catastrophe would make the Democrats look bad, and one of Hilary's goals is to eliminate as much guns (and ammo) as possible, which would not go over well in a hostile situation. 

Russia knows the US doesn't want to get involved in a huge confrontation right now, and I get they are using this time frame (up to the election) to their advantage.  It feels like passive aggressive attacks from Russia are occurring now (and we aren't seeing it in the media), and these attacks will escalate.

Germany (because the communication is more open) is aware and alert.  The government is being honest with the people and telling them to prepare for the worst (and hope for the best).  

This big question is what is the higher importance:  The PTW getting Hilary into office to support their agenda, or allowing someone to come into office (maybe not even someone we even know of) that will work for the greater good of the country?  I get the PTW are working overtime to get her in...  The preservation of their agenda is too important.. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thanks you.  Love and light-

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is it Ascension?

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have been having issues lately with just feeling odd...for example my body aches more than usual, my body feels heavy and there are times when I feel off balance (actually lose my balance). I am healthy and have not changed my diet or lifestyle at all. I have been talking to family and it seems the same is happening to them. I came across this website and as I read makes total sense to me... it lists most of the symptoms that I am feeling.

I thought maybe some of your readers are in the same boat as me.

Thank you for all that you do.

A.  As I read the article, the words really resonated with me.  I do see the list of symptoms within the article resulting from the process of ascension.  As our spiritual self begins to increase in vibration, we are held back by our 3D body which can result in sensations we haven't felt before.  Our physical body is slower to respond to the energy and has to "catch up" with the spiritual self, which creates a need for "re-syncing."

In addition to the change in sleep patterns (waking frequently, waking early, etc) I get that it is common to wake at specific times (like 1:11 AM, 2:22 AM, 1:23 AM etc).  The time / number sequence feels like a pattern or of some significance (like a birth date) to you.  This is the Universe telling you that you aren't alone, and you are on the right path.

I also see that during this time people can be very sensitive to crowds.  Not only do they create an anxious feeling (at times), but they can feel very overwhelming because you are picking up on all the energy and vibrations around you (and this can leave you quite exhausted if you don't properly protect yourself).  

I get that the energy shift created with the ascension process can hit you in waves.  You will feel it wash over you (which can create sudden feelings of dizziness or falling) and then dissipate.

A few things can be done to help with these symptoms.  First, try to do what you can to keep your system detoxed.  Do your best to eat clean and drinks lots of filtered water. Another thing to help is to meditate and focus on moving the energy through you body (because when the energy hangs up it intensifies the symptoms).  I have included a link to a free meditation on YouTube and it can really make a difference.


(I did want to mention that I am not a doctor, so if you are experiencing health concerns please listen to your intuition because you may need to seek a health professional.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life Detective #1

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a new segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people in an attempt to humanize and understand what makes them do what they do... and maybe a little glimpse into who'll they'll be next time. (Just so you know, Lynn's going to be a supermodel next life -- again -- and Da-da's going to be a sea sponge. Damn.) 

Note that when Lynn taps in to each person, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of people that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they are today. I'm not going to say who the person is in the article, but I'll put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. Note that the lives listed will be in the order they came to Lynn, not chronologically. 

Here we go.

Subject A
Life 1: I see this person as a woman in the 1800s, wooden cabins, poor insulation, hand-pumped water. Looks like she's a teenager. She has three or four brothers, so she has to do a lot of household chores, while the boys work in the field and on the farm. She secretly resents it. She hates it. She wants to do what her brothers are doing. But back then she was in a role and that was that. Not a happy person. Never a smile. Did everything begrudgingly. No one really talked to each other in the family. They were very stoic, quiet. Conversations were all task-based. As she got older, close to 15-ish, it looks like her mom passed away, so she stayed and took care of the family. Later, when she got married, she moved her family into the same house, where she did the same job. An angry and dysfunctional life.

Life 2: I see this person as a woman, again. She's young. 16-17, really thin. Looks like she's in a wooden cage dragged by horses, taking her to a Roman gladiatorial arena. She looks like a slave who'd escaped but was recaptured. Looks like they traded slaves in the city. She was bought and forced -- again -- to do household stuff. The landowners treated her poorly. She had to sleep with other slaves in a barn, and they kept her alive and fed in exchange for the labor. Again, I see her not having a voice, or any power or control.

Life 3: Now, I see this person yet again as a woman in the early 1900s. I see her as a tall and beautiful brunette in a bright red dress. She's very fashionable, wearing a form-fitting dress. She's very cutting edge in her fashion choices. She wants all attention on her. Her family is very well-to-do. She's a debutante and used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Now I see this handsome Clark Kent-looking guy coming into her life, very handsome, but... she paid someone to poison his drink and kill him. Now she's walking around with this smug, entitled, evil look on her face about it. A personality trait of who she was during that time.

Future Life: This person isn't going to incarnate on earth next time around, but will be elsewhere. I see the next life as being lower-level ET-based. I see a typical gray male ET, starting at a lower vibrational level to work their way up.

Subject B
Life 1: I see this person as a man in Europe this time, when Christianity was really hot and heavy, transitioning from pagan to Christian. I see a big pile of boulders. He's standing on the rocks and he's got all these followers; he's preaching to the crowd about religion, and then he claims that he can heal people. But what he doesn't mention is that he's planted people in the audience to pretend to be healed. [Jeez, this scam goes way back.] Then he passes the hat around. An early church swindler.

Life 2: Next... we're still in Europe. This person is a boy, 7-8 years old. He's with his dad and they tend to the farm and gardens in order to sustain this enormous castle. He's a peasant. This castle has huge walls, but he and his dad work outside the walls. He's got a sickle and is whacking the grass down for the castle livestock. He stops for a second and looks at the castle and wonders what life would be like inside the castle. He has this infatuation with castles and being rich. He had all these pie in the sky dreams of living in the castle; he got that dream in his head and could not let it go. He never made it inside those castle walls in this life.

Life3: Next image, I see one of those felt gambling tables. I see this person as a man again, in New York in the 1900s when jobs were tight. He's got dark hair and is smoking a huge cigar, playing poker at the table. He's the organizer. Factories were nearby. He's a mobster who runs a gambling ring, loansharking, protection, etc. and he had his territory. He looks like a stereotypical, notorious gangster. He took over from his dad's gang.

FutureLife: I hear that, in this person's next life, he's going to be humbled... then I hear this chuckle. He'll be on earth in a 3-D body.
And that's it. Go here for the solution. It's a simple substitution cipher. Enter the key into the KEY box (the below key is the site's default) and the below Subject A/B code into the CIPHERTEXT box. Voila.
key: phqgiumeaylnofdxjkrcvstzwb
Subject A: eannpkwqnafcdf
Subject B: gdfpngckvox

If anyone has any trouble obtaining the names, let Lynn know. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Short Friday Q & A

Q. Greetings, Lynn,  This was just posted on Steve Olsen's YouTube channel:
Navy SECCHI Footage They Don't Want You to See, or Believe
A.  As I watch this, I get that this is ET (and ET craft) based.  I see that the labeled planets are far into the background, and this "force" as they describe it is much closer.  It looks as though there is a craft traveling, and the shield that is surrounding the crafts creates a "bubble" effect around the craft (that you cannot see through on the photos). 

When I try to see who this is and what they are doing, I get that they are fleeing.  Earth looks to be on a lock down right now, and they are leaving because they were able to escape (barely) through a portal.  The beings on the ship look to be tall greys and they are heading back to their home planet.  I get they have the samples and  have made the observations they need.  They are doing something to prepare for disclosure, but they need to go home in order to gather more ETs and prepare.

Q. Hi Lynn! I have a video submission. This guys seems to be doing telekinesis and his videos "seem" genuine. I wanted to get your insight. Is he really levitating this object?
A.  As I look at this I hear "that is a great magic trick."  Then I hear that telekinesis would have a more fluid motion in this type of experiment.  I get that there is some kind of magic string, and I am shown dental floss (but I get that magic string is more thin sort of like a hair and also a little stretchy). 

He did do a great job though and created a fun illusion. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  We had some weird weather today in New Orleans, mainly a strange looking tornado. However when I looked at the videos of the tornado posted online, I noticed these strange beams in all the videos. The funnel cloud was sideways and never appeared to touch the ground yet there were houses destroyed. Could you please give some insight into what these are? Thanks!

A. I get that some funnel clouds built up the strength to touch down, and others remained funnel clouds.  It feels like a huge energy blew through this area with hot and cold mixing with so much impact (like the two extremes slammed against one another) it created a vacuum feeling in the atmosphere as the energies try to stabilize.  

Love and light to these folks!  This feels very heavy and devastating. 

Q. Is this really an ancient computer and what did it do?

A.  I hear this was more of a tool than a computer.  I hear that you would set it up much like a sextant, and it was "programmed by the stars."  It had a wind up feature (I get) that would allow things to be put into motion and astrologers could predict things based on the motion of the stars. They predict weather patterns for food purposes, when it was "right" to go to battle, illnesses that had a probability of hurting their village, etc..  It was a very important tool, and i get there were very few of these (maybe even just one) made.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Voluntary Donation of DNA

Q. This is going to sound really weird, but I have had a nagging question in my mind and want to ask your opinion on what you get with it. There is a push in recent days with TV commercials and online ads from genealogy companies encouraging people to send in their DNA to learn more about their heritage and to shed light on what hidden ethnicities they may have. On the surface, this seems harmless and interesting to people who are into that kind of thing, or who have questions about their particular heritage.

However, I have a red flag in the back of my mind that I just cannot shake. I just wonder if this is a ploy to collect DNA from people to use it for "other" purposes of which we may have no idea, and no say. I have heard that there are secret underground bases and rumors that these are used in cloning experiments, and I wonder if DNA samples are needed to keep that program going? 

Perhaps I just have too active an imagination and sending off one's DNA to learn about their heritage is helpful for people and a harmless endeavor. Can you put my mind at ease with this? IS there an ulterior agenda behind the push for people to submit DNA, or am I just reading into things? I would love for it to be the former, and for this to be a worthwhile thing for people to do, if they wish.

Thank you for your time.
A.  As I look into this, I do see an enormous gathering of data from many sources.  This isn't unique to just DNA, but location (Facebook), habits (store cards, credit cards), and spending trends (credit cards, and partly why the drive to force everything to be electronic).It also appears that the collection of data is designed in such a way that the person volunteering doesn't even realize that there are uses for this information aside from providing entertainment or information to the volunteer  

I don't see people being "cloned" off this, but I do see the population being analyzed in respect to geographic locations.  For example, where are the population shifts and what effects do certain immunizations / spraying / chemicals have on certain population groups.  I also see a huge need for this in the marketing arena.  

Not all information gathering is bad, but sometimes that information is used by the government to know what areas may be tougher to control (and let them ponder what may need to happen in the event some social unrest were to occur).  It also allows the media to know how to treat a certain area, and gives marketing teams an edge when pushing their products.

In evaluating this, I see everything as a balance.. If you provide them with something they want, they will provide you with something you want.  Sometimes trading a photo with a location is worth the entertainment of sharing on Facebook, and other times you may want to keep things private  It is a personal choice depending on how you feel about the exchange. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flat Earth (continued)

This topic won't leave me alone.  Whether the earth is flat, round, or something in between, there is a force out there that keeps placing things in my path.  I wanted to share some of this with you (I had so much it felt worthy of it's own post), as I am getting a message very strong that "truth is hidden in plain sight."  The more I try to ignore it, the more the Universe seems to want me to "see" this...  Again, I am just taking in information (lots of interesting things get sent to me) and sharing it, but even from an objective point of view these are very curious. Take a deep breath (I know I did) and I hope you enjoy.  I look forward to the discussion.

I had questioned seasons, day/night and how that could be possible, until the following animated video was sent to me:   I could see how this motion could be plausible..  

I also notice the model showing how the firmament could be above us, and the theory is that the firmament is actually water.  As soon as I had that thought, I heard the phrase "as above, so below."  I could not get a clear confirmation, but the idea of water above and water below (oceans) made me think..

It was then brought to my attention that NASA actually means to deceive in the Hebrew language. (I keep being shown that our reality has many truths in plain sight.  As we understand these truths they cannot be used against us.)

I was also sent the following link in which a 1000 year old map created by monks was uncovered.  Note the disk shaped earth is drawn very similar to the logos I have attached below.

Lastly, the following logos were sent to me, which all have the common theme of a flat earth map as the main focal point of the logo... More truth in plain sight??

United Nations Logo

World Meteorological Organization

International Maritime Organization

International Civil Aviation Organization 

I would like to leave you with this interesting piece of ancient art.  I see this as a person trapped on our 3D earth, and learning to break through the firmament on a quest to ascend.  (My interpretation.)

And that is all I have for this post. Thank you for taking time to look it over, and I look forward to the discussion that follows. 

Love and light: 

Link to additional videos on YouTube: 
(Illustrates the movement of the planets in relationship to "flat earth.")

Link to previous reading: 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flat Earth... Sounds Absurd... or Does It??

I bring you this post because the Universe keeps nudging at me to discuss this topic.  The more I ignore it, the more it is in my face.  It comes in the most random ways from email, junk mail, clairaudient message or even a tv show.  To be honest, like most people, I have been programmed to believe certain things from the time I was a child.  It is hard to get a naive "true" read on this topic as I have always been trained to believe the earth is round, but I am able to get bits and pieces of information that provoke thought.  Even though I carry a lot of bias, I am able to at least open my mind and consider other possibilities, and from there this post is born.  I am hoping to share information, share some intuitive reactions and ideally have a really great discussion in the comment area.  Take a deep breath... I know this topic can be very challenging (it has taken me a long time to get here).  I could be ABSOLUTELY wrong, but I really need to get this off my mind and in front of people.

Dear Universe, this is for you: 

The first thing I want to address, is the phrase the plays over and over in my mind "The truth is hidden in plain sight." The very word "planet" has the word "plane" in it.  Much of our language gives off a vibration, and I have to really ponder that we are reinforcing that we could be accepting our "plane" to be truth, by calling it a "planet."  I also hear the phrase that "when you say something long enough, people will eventually start to believe it."

 From the time we are children we hear of people being mocked for thinking the earth is flat.  But, I also hear that "people are not stupid", and they got that idea from somewhere, even if they form that thought pattern from basic observations.  For example, theoretically, the earth drops so many inches per mile (north, south, east and west) due to the curvature.  Therefore, when observing a ship at sea we should see the bottom of the ship disappear into the "curve," but we do not.  The entire ship appears to become smaller.  At a far enough distance, light houses and ships should also appear to lean, or at the very least the base shouldn't be visible, and that is not true (at least based on things that have been sent to me).  I was sent the picture to the right, which really further supported this thought process.

Back to the phrase "The truth is hidden in plain sight" I was then shown the logo for the United Nations. This map illustrates the exact map that has been created by people believing in the flat earth. You will note that the north pole is in the very center, however, Antarctica (the south pole) is really the outer ring.  Earth could in reality be a disk shape instead of a sphere.  

Additionally, old maps that are hundreds of years old have been found to show that cartographers have actually been to and charted out different areas of the "circular" shaped Antarctica.  Based on our spherical map, we should only reach the icy land of Antarctica if we go due south, but these people have documented otherwise.  (Map attached)

Then as I think about our globe, I realize our globe was made WAY before we had the means and technology to travel to space.  It was made in the late 1400s, and hasn't had too (some countries have changed, and minor things) many changes with regards to geography, but yet we stand by that and put one in every classroom.  

I was then posed to think about why we never fly over the south pole.  Many nations of the world have claimed Antarctica is a "no fly" zone.  People are not allowed and military won't permit you there.  I used to think it was because it was the entrance to the Hollow Earth (I will get to that) and only the PTW were privy to that information, but now we have to wonder if it is because if people flew to Antarctica they would crash into an ice wall.   ???

We are guided by the north star, Polaris.  Then, I question if there is a true south pole, why don't we have a south star or constellation seen directly above the south pole.  We are surrounded by dozens of star systems, so it feels odd to me that we don't have a static south star or system.  If you look at the diagram of the flat earth theory, it would at least explain why that occurs.

The Bible (which I have done readings on certain versus / chapters in the past) I have always seen as stories recorded based on truth.  Some is accurate, some is embellished and some with alternate perspectives of what really happened, but the basis is truth.  Oddly, the Bible addresses the Earth being flat, and describes the "dome" covering it as the "firmament."  This is a similar effect of living in a snow globe.

Then I ask, How does the sun rise and set? and then I visualize the sun working like a flashlight above the clouds and sort of swirl from the east toward the west. The moon works in a similar fashion, and that is why they both appear to be about the same size. I then found the following YouTube that explains exactly what I am visualizing. Then today someone sent me a picture of star rotation above earth, and even though beautiful, it felt very odd. It does give me the feel of being spun on a plate rather than being rotated.  

Another source then sent me a question regarding Operation Fishbowl.  The PTW became aware of this firmament, and tried to break through.  A record number of nukes were sent into space, and all failed.  It appears they knew they were trapped (the Reptilians) and wanted free.  Additionally, around the same time Operation Fishbowl questions were sent a video found me for a movie that was released about a man who broke into the stratosphere, Piccard, and this is based on his story (Again, truth in plain sight??)

Admiral Byrd was involved in a very prestigious mission called Operation High Jump.  In looking at a video I was sent on another topic, this interview popped up in which Byrd explained how when he went to Antarctica he experienced the ice wall.  He described the vast amounts of resources available beyond the way, and what it was really like there.  He speaks intelligently and very frank during an interesting discussion.

I also do believe in the Hollow Earth theory.  I feel I have connected and been able to see what that is like and how it works (another reason this post really challenges me).  As I put the intent out there to ask for clarity, I get that just because Earth is flat, it doesn't mean it isn't thick, and there can still be an interior portion.  It is also possible that there is an opposing side connected by energetic portals.

And that is all I have for this post.  I am not a believer of coincidence, but rather synchronicities, and too many things have been put in my path to ignore.  I realized I have had too much influence to give a unbiased reading on the topic.  I at least wanted to share (what feels like compelling) evidence with you.  At this point I cannot say either way, but I can say that when I open my mind to alternative ideas, this topic now leaves me pondering.....

Love and light-

I know these videos are VERY long, but also informative, interesting and make you think.  I wanted to share them with you:

Three Interesting Videos

Please see the following three interesting videos that were shared on Coast to Coast AM.  Can you please share your thoughts?  Thanks.

A. When I tune into this, I keep looking at this statue and I could feel the energy and life as if this was a real person.  Then when the "statue" opened his eyes, I realized this wasn't a statue, but rather a person (like they were acting in a play).  The reason they could not detect a falsified film was because this was indeed a real film, but the premise was fake.

The person playing the role of "Jesus" did open his eyes, and I get this was scripted out for the intent of getting this footage.

Ghostly Activity on Security Camera Footage? (You will have to click the link and watch the video)
A. I do get a paranormal vibe from this.  I don't feel malicious intent tied to it, but I do get that this is more "nuisance" activity (not good, not bad, just there).  I see this spirit as a prankster, and they feel tied to the location (used to work there?) and they are just playing jokes to mess with people.  I can even hear him chuckle as people are startled or alarmed at the "jokes."

I also get that there are other events, noises and unexplained activities that have occurred there, and this is relatively mild in comparison.  I also look for more to happen as this spirit is enjoying the attention.

A. I see this differently than the article.  I get this is a species of wolf.  It feels as though it could be an undiscovered variety, but this does belong to the wolf family.  

I also see that this creature is about 100 years old.  It looks like what happened was he got trapped in this cave (I see falling rocks) and when he died he was preserved due to the environment.

I then hear that and see how it isn't unheard of to find cats that have had similar histories.  They (like the wolf friend above) gets trapped, pass due to malnutrition and their environment preserves their 3D body in a mummified state of being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Q. Hi all the way from New Zealand!

I just wanted to know something from a personal experience (and others have probably had this happen too).. I was Caribbean born and migrated to New Zealand with the whitest, strongest teeth.  Now I'm suffering from dematerialized teeth, sensitivity, whiteness loss, cavity prone teeth with tiny signs tooth decay.. It's like the environment is sucking the life out of me and I'm now working on diet change and different remineralizing techniques like taking fermented cod liver oil, warm sea salt wash and eating celery and alkaline veggies and foods, even grinding up eggshells and ingesting them.. I'm going to get my thyroid checked as well.. This happens to a lot of people here.. What is the best way to help remineralize teeth and strengthen tooth enamel for stronger and healthier teeth and gums? This would be a huge help not only for me but for others that I will tell and help.. How long will it take for the effects to start happening?..

Thanks so much :)
A. When I tune into this the first thing I get is that you have to eliminate the things in your life that are causing the teeth and gum problems.  I see those things as being refined sugars and bacteria (which combined look to causes plaque and also attack the enamel on the teeth).  The sugars feel easy to diagnose and eliminate, but the bacteria that lingers can be a little more difficult.  I see a technique called oil pulling as a way to rid your mouth (and other areas of your body) of this harmful bacteria.  The elimination of sugars and the oil pulling (done daily until symptoms improve, then can be done a few times a week) look as important as good brushing and flossing when oral health is concerned.

When brushing also pay attention to why type of toothpaste you are using.  I see that a concoction of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make an effective paste (stay away from fluoride as it can cause more harm than good and even leave white marks / spots on the teeth if overdone).  If you don't prefer the taste, infuse a few drops of peppermint essential oil into the paste.

Diet also plays an important role.  I get that since most foods we eat now come from the store and are "ultra washed" before we eat them (to avoid pesticides, herbicides, etc) we aren't getting the natural minerals from the earth that we once did.  Ideally, you would eat at least something fresh from a trusted garden each day that has had a gentle wash (enough just to remove the dirt), but if that isn't possible, take a daily trace mineral to replenish what you body is missing.  I also see vitamin A and D playing an important role (again, natural intake is better, but supplements can be used). 

Try to avoid acidic drinks, and if you are having a craving consider using a straw (I see someone drinking coffee with a straw placed as far back in their mouth as comfortable to keep it off their teeth).  After eating something acidic, a sea salt rinse / gargle can also help to reset the pH balance. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, August 5, 2016

Five for Friday #38

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #38.

Image #1: A Bite o'the Sun
This is the recent partial eclipse. Is that an ATMOSPHERE we’re seeing at the moon’s edge? Or something else?

What Lynn Saw
I get that the moon has this little left-right wobble to it, and this is just the camera catching this motion.

Image #2: Bit-o-Mercury
Mercury has an unusually fast orbit. Like Da-da, it must be extraordinarily dense. What’s its story?

What Lynn Saw
I get that it is extra dense. Compared to the earth, it's mostly all core. I also feel like it's speeding up. [Where did the core come from? A star?] I want to say it's made of some type of ore which has a foul sulfur undertone to it. I don't see it as a star, but more like a gigantic comet that got stuck in our system and the sun's gravity captured it.

Image #3: Tunnel City
These are allegedly prehistoric tunnels that have been found crisscrossing Europe. What beings used each size doorway?

What Lynn Saw
The taller walkway was for humans; it was used by soldiers, mostly, trying to stay out of the elements. The tunnels only feel a couple hundred years old. The smaller tunnels were for water, it seems, not beings.

Image #4: Blue Skies on… Mars?
Ok… is this really Mars? It's being pawned off as such. Does Mars have a blue sky? I have my doubts.

What Lynn Saw
I see Mars as red or at least reddish; I get there's a lot of iron in the soil and dust in the atmosphere. This is either a Photoshop of Mars, or not Mars (I feel the latter).

Image #5: Miami Skies
Recent pic of something above Miami Airport. Rocket exhaust test?

What Lynn Saw
I get the military was doing some kind of fuel test, and this was NOT supposed to happen. The military is trying to find something more lightweight for longer and faster space travel.

And that’s it. Join us in a fortnight for episode #39!