Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What Am I Seeing?

Q. Hi all the way from New Zealand!  There seems to be this purple thing scientists found in the ocean floor and have no idea what it is..Would you have any idea?
A. I get this is a unique species, and it is somehow related to the octopus (if you were to trace it's family tree). I then kept getting references to geothermal products (sometimes things come through literally, and sometimes they are symbolic).  As I requested more information or better clarification, I got that this species can draw energy in from the environment and convert it into what it needs to live. I was shown that just as the pineal gland can take sound and convert it to light energy, this creature is able to extract energy it needs to live from it's environment (and not necessary by eating or physically consuming it) and also use that same energy to emit light which gives it a glowing appearance.

Q. This is a pretty popular viral video. But I noticed a strange light/orb that flew in at an angle then flew out of the shot at around 27 seconds. What I do know is that this dad can dance. What I don't know is what that weird flying orb thingie is ... Please let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks!! 
A.  First, yes, this dad can dance!  Kudos to him for getting out there with his girls!

As I tune on the flying "thing" I get that this is more than just an orb.  This looks like a protective fairy "being" that is protective and emotionally connected to these girls.  Specifically, this fairy (with an abundance of feminine energy) looks to be tied to the girls paternal side.  I am being shown that the dad has a mother (or mother figure) in spirit, and she sent this "fairy" to guard and guide over these girls.

Q. Hi Lynn, I was staying in a tent cabin in Yosemite last night and about 11 pm I saw  a beam of glowing green light, beam straight up like a spotlight from the top of someone else's tent cabin. There were shapes moving in the beam, mostly seeming to be going down as if into the tent. I watched it for a while trying to see if there was some reasonable explanation, but it just looked like the alien ship beams i have seen in movies. The light was still there at 3 am but the beam looked empty and a shade lighter. I did not wake up anyone in my cabin and I did not take a picture! Predictably, my family is laughing at me and my alien story. What is your feeling on what I saw? If you feel this was an alien ship light beam, is it a common occurrence in the area? And what were they doing? (the aliens).  Peace and light.
A. I do see that you did experience this (and yes, it is too bad you didn't get a photo, but I also sense that when you saw something this out of the ordinary it took you some time to even digest what was happening, and the idea of a photo didn't come though.  You also didn't want to distract or draw attention to yourself.  You were still processing it all)

I see that someone in that tent was ill.  It was something in their chest, like a COPD or breathing condition.  They were really struggling with it, and something from above was coming to provide a healing (like a protector or divine force).  I actually don't see it as an ET, but rather some kind of universal energy that was given to the recepient.  It feels very calming and serene of an experience, and just what this person needed (as if they were praying to something for help and guidance).

Q. I have an hour glass shaped mark on my nose that is fading as time passes. When I was in elementary school a girl my age at the time told me it was a Native American mark, as she had one as well. Is this true of those with Native American linage as I was told my family has the Black Foot tribe on my mother's side.  Many thanks for any thoughts you put towards this.

A.  I see this mark, as a mark that related to a past life.  At the same age in a previous life you were given this marking (looks like a hunting injury). In the past life you were in an Indian tribe, but I couldn't confirm if it was Black Foot. You also looked to have passed away due to an illness during that life, and that is why this mark faded on you (it began to fade at the same age as your death in a previous life). 

Many times birth marks or scars in our current life are related to a past life event.  Some notice these scars or marks to fade or heal completely for no apparent reason. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn very intresting!

They Live said...

Many many thanks for answering my question and giving me insight to one of my past lives, I truly am so thankful 😄💕💕💕 @Lynn

whitelite 1111 said...

These are all very interesting!!! I paused and screen shot the youtube video at 28 seconds and sure enough you can totally see the fairy!! The body and wings!!! WOW!! Ive got videos where orbs are swirling around my kids as well. One video i have of my kids has a bigger odd shaped orb close to the ground and goes across the screen. I love orb pics and videos! Thanks Lynn!!

Robert Schoen said...

Great read! I have heard others say that birthmarks are always vestiges of a past life, maybe marking an injury or other traumatic event. Which is pretty amazing proof our etheric life is even in our dna.

Anonymous said...

Love the different subject matter you get inquires about Lynn!

Link below is a website of fairy creations inspired by a real life encounter.

Wire Sculptures. They are so Beautiful.


Buddhist Lady said...

Dancing dad rocks!!

A propos the green beam--I was so touched by your analysis, Lynn.

"I see that someone in that tent was ill. It was something in their chest, like a COPD or breathing condition. They were really struggling with it, and something from above was coming to provide a healing (like a protector or divine force). I actually don't see it as an ET, but rather some kind of universal energy that was given to the recepient. It feels very calming and serene of an experience, and just what this person needed (as if they were praying to something for help and guidance)."

When I finished reading the Medical Medium's book, I felt so overwhelmed that beings, light energies, life energies, and consciousnesses from everywhere know the extremely difficult circumstances occurring on Earth at this time and have come, in every form and every manner, to offer assistance. The spirit which comes through Anthony William came specifically to introduce his very needed information and healing methods at this time.

Nothing made as much sense to me as Gene Nicolay's assertion in The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions that we are being bioinvaded at this point on Earth's timeline (because the "secret government" has accepted enormously powerful technologies from a certain ET species, which they have translated into what we see today via geoengineering/weaponizing the weather, scalar energy to trigger volcanoes and earthquakes, the vaporization of one of the 9/11 buildings, etc.).

However, when I see stories like the one here, I am reminded very forcefully that the love and unbelievable aid (absolutely unbelievable) directed toward Earth at this time has no parallel. I believe that we are being assisted from every dimension and every "place" within our Universe. Have no fear.

CC said...

Thanks so much for answering my question, Lynn! I love your blog. Your words always resonate with so much truth. :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the beautiful comments and kind words! Much love to you all!

AL233 said...

My six year old son thinks the fairy has a goldfish with her ( kind of like nemo). He said he can see the wings and the body and thinks he sees a high heel shoe. he really wants your input Lynn and wanted to make sure I posted this comment :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@AL233: Much love to you and your little guy. I'm not too sure I see it as a fish, but most definitely this fairy is flying and has a winged appearance. (Thank him for checking it out for me :-) Younger folks sometimes have even better clarity b/c they haven't had as much influence from society, media, etc.

Joao Gomes said...

about the fairy appearing in the video here's a frame pic I captured (http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14kwthv&s=9). Very Intresting! Thanks!

Hannon said...

I've got a question, does the dancing dad and the girls see the fairy? Do they know about it?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hannon: I get they didn't know about it until afterward when they say the video. They didn't see it happen as it was happening.

Joao Gomes said...

sorry something went wrong with my upload, here's the same frame-pic with another upload provider: https://s10.postimg.org/4stz0q6nt/a_elf_as_father_dances_with_daugters.jpg

regarding @Earing Crook comment: I wrote the author of the fairies immages and he shared the pic where he saw the elfes, very intriguing (in the mid of the pic sligtly to the left (https://s10.postimg.org/hdyb1dzyh/a_fairies_uk_and_us.jpg).